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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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First Images and Details from Jurassic World Battle at Big Rock Revealed!

Battle at Big Rock has finally been announced and is headed our way this Sunday on FX. Jurassic World and Battle at Big Rock director Colin Trevorrow recently sat down with Collider writer Steve Weintraub to answer some of the burning questions we have all been wondering since rumors of the production started circulating.

The new short film clocks in at eight minutes long and features a star-studded cast of André Holland and Natalie Martinez, as well as new child actors Melody Hurd and Pierson Salvador. The film is set at “Big Rock National Park,” a fictional location Trevorrow says is about 20 miles away from the Lockwood Estate from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. The film will also star some new dinosaurs as well, including the much anticipated Nascutoceratops, a dinosaur Trevorrow describes as “a beautiful herbivore that feels like a Texas Longhorn.” We will also see a fully grown Allosaurus, promising some large scale dino skermishes! The coolest part? We will be getting a “massive animatronic” to bring us right into the action.

Much like we expected, Battle at Big Rock was shot in Ireland last winter in a redwood forest outside of Dublin. It was written by both Colin Trevorrow and newcomer to the Jurassic franchise, Emily Carmichael. This is the same team that is writing Jurassic World 3, so Battle at Big Rock should really set the stage for what we can expect to see from the new film in 2021. Battle is set to air immediately after Jurassic World on FX on Sunday and promises to be released online right after it airs. New music was specifically written for the film by Amie Doherty and composed at the famous Abbey Road Studios. Cinematographer Larry Fong was tapped to work on the project as well.

Since originally publishing this article, new details have become available. Read on for the latest!

BATTLE AT BIG ROCK will premiere exclusively at 9:50pm on FX on Sunday, September 15 following the broadcast of Jurassic World (in each respective timezone). The short will be available for streaming immediately following the West Coast broadcast on FX at 10pm PST on, Jurassic and the official Jurassic World social media channels. That means it will air on the east coast 3 hours before it releases online – so use your DVR’s!

Will you be tuning in for Battle at Big Rock on Sunday? What kind of story are you expecting and how are you hoping it will set the stage for Jurassic World 3? Let’s hear all your comments, questions, and story speculations in the comments below!

Source: Collider


40 thoughts on “First Images and Details from Jurassic World Battle at Big Rock Revealed!

  1. A massive, terrestrial and invasive predator roams mainland North America for an entire year, going unnoticed by anyone until now.

    A massive, terrestrial and invasive predator, WITH a microchip based on either still in-use or at least easily reproducible technology, goes unnoticed for an entire year.

    After the first Compsognathus ate it’s first baby in a crib, the U.S government would have organized and succeeded in the immediate eradication of every, single animal that SHOULDN’T be roaming around the continent.

    1. It is harder for large animals to become established in a new environment, but smaller animals such as compsognathus could become established very quickly and once they do they they would be nearly impossible to eradicate look at feral hogs, zebra mussels, cane toads etc.

      Plus the whole Jurassic franchise requires you to suspend your disbelief not only in that dinosaurs could be cloned but that an island the size of either nublar or Sorna could support dinosaur life. Thanks to Island Biogeography Theory put forth by E.O Wilson and Robert MacArthur, we know that most if not all the dinosaurs would have gone extinct very quickly.
      I don’t remember how we got to Island Biogeography Theory but here we are.

      1. Yes. I think this is why we saw no Brachiosaurus in TLW and only two Mamenchisaurus. Though they’d still have stripped the island by the time they got that size. It was also a good thing we only saw Two large carnivore species, the Rex and Raptors. Makes sense that they COULD form some balance if they don’t explode in population. The JP3 ruined that idea. But I suppose now JW has corrected it by claiming they DID in fact go extinct… Still. Nothing will ever make me hate the first Two films.

    2. that is not entirely true there are many animals that go unnoticed Even though they are supposed to be extincted. Example it is the Tasmanian Tiger.

      1. I’m an Australian, and as far as the Tassie Tiger goes, there are Two possibilities my countrymen believe. Either it IS or recently WAS still down in Tasmania and the government keeps/kept it quiet to continue logging operations. Or it’s gone.
        Some people claim to see it on the mainland. Look, anything is possible, but these people who “believe” it’s still out there only care because of the mystery of it. Many other species have gone extinct and no one claims they see those. You know? It’s romantic, wishful thinking.

    3. The US government hasn’t done anything about people getting randomly murdered by AR-15s. What makes you think they want to do anything about dinosaurs?

  2. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Those Compies alone would be a state emergency at this point. They’d be raiding garbage bins in surburbia and eating babies as they sleep at night. But in no way is the Jurassic World franchise going to actually deal with the realistic consequences of it’s plot… Kids will always be immortal and Dinosaurs will evade every hunter, government agency and freelance poacher to the point they thrive and every autistic 12 year old gets the Dino-pocalypse they’ve been dreaming of since Godzilla ’98…

  3. i hoping she is a Latina because their is a lack of Latin Americans in movies and plus since it is California might as well have her to be one
    (Real Californian)

    1. Did you even read the actors names? What doesnt sound Latina/o about Martinez and Salvador, and mexicalli bra?ok mexicalli is fake but the first two are two real last names!

    2. An actor should only be given a role based on their ability as an actor and NOT on their gender or the colour of their skin. You can focus on diversity OR you can focus on QUALITY. Choose.

        1. Why do both? There are already plenty of good actors that happen to be coloured. And plenty of amazing actors that are female. More up and coming every day.
          But going out of your way for diversity, to tick a box, to the point you get poor talent in, will only hurt whatever film they appear in.

  4. Eghh. We saw literally every dinosaur that escaped Lockwood Manor and Nasutoceratops was not one of them. Tough sell for a retcon there. How does this get explained away? Straying from plainly laid out canon REALLY bugs me in these kinds of franchises.

    1. Especially since it’s just for merchandise reasons. I could get behind the new dinosaurs seen in Fallen Kingdom, as we didn’t see the entire park in the first film. But any new dinosaurs introduced after Fallen Kingdom don’t really make any sense (unless there somewhere locked up after being cloned by one of those companies at the auction, though that would still be stupid)

    2. They don’t care, gawk at the cool dinosaurs! Though to play devil’s advocate maybe Trevorrow didn’t know Nasutoceratops wasn’t at Lockwood Manor and it’s just a mistake that got past him too late like last time.

    3. J A Bayona said that we only saw the dinosaurs he pointed his camera at… besides, with all those other companies getting their hands on living dinosaurs, who knows what they could have cloned.

    4. The same way there were suddenly Compies, Sinocertaposes and Carnotauruses on Nublar in FK despite them not being featured in any Jurassic World attraction.

      1. @Sreer My personal theory was that creatures like Sinoceratops and Carnotaurus hadn’t been fully integrated into the park setting yet, and were being kept in an isolated area before they decided which attractions to introduce them to.

        As for the Compies, I just assumed they were always on the island to begin with.

        1. Compies reached Nublar the same way they reached the mainland in the novel. They stowed away on the ships that docked between the two islands.

    1. We can’t make a proper judgement based on one photo. We’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

      But yeah, that is a great shot.

    1. I agree Aaron Owens! Eight minutes is barely enough time to even introduce characters. I’m skeptical if it’ll be that impressive in such short time. But I’m trying to be optimistic!

  5. Yeah, I was expecting a 15 min runtime tbh, but still looks great!

    And I don’t know, Is anyone wondering about the possibility of an Alan Grant cameo?

    Maybe this is too much out there, but think with me there could be a dig site in this fictional Big Rock national park, or maybe one old retired Alan Grant is just living in a small town next to it. And maybe, just maybe, after all the s**t went down the family could report what they just saw in the wilderness and word gets out to a good old dinosaur expert aka Alan Grant, who sets out to investigate what really happened.

    I expect that the Lockwood incident was kept under the public radar, so those rumors about dinos in the mainland would be a compelling reason for this beloved character return.

    Also think about it, if Sam Neil is in the next movie (at this point we can all expect him to be) he will be all over in the advertisement of the movie to get the old fans engines grinding. So for sure we can expect him to show up in the teaser for the next installment, but what better way to get him back to the franchise than a small cameo in this short film? And it would be really awesome plain and simple.

    I think that after the secrecy arround Battle at Big Rock nothing is impossible, but then again this could be very much out there and I’m just too optimistic.

    Whatever the case may be, I’m excited to see what they have in store for us on the 15th.

  6. Just watched it. All I’m going to say is if every single predator is NOT hunted down and killed within the next SIX MONTHS, I call garbage on the new films. It’s just not realistic in any way that large carnivores will be allowed to survive.

  7. NOPE! I’m done. I’m done! I’m going back to JP and TLW. Everything else is just… No more excuses. JW especially is just BAD! And the ending to Battle at Big Rock? PURE GARBAGE! I’m out.

  8. That scene with the crossbow is WORSE than Kelly kicking a Raptor out a building! I can’t believe they topped that! Also, what crossbow fires two bolts in rapid succession?
    Then they grab random YouTube videos everyone has seen and photoshopped Dinosaurs into them! LMAO!
    These films are DEFINITELY not catered to me. Would a little realism hurt? Kids don’t save the day, they cry and die.

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