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Be Sure to Stay Until the End of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s Credits

This week, the park is in the past as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens in overseas countries starting June 6th.

While its global release schedule in frustratingly staggered thanks to the World Cup, and will not release in some countries such as the United States until June 22nd, we are now beginning the roll-out of our film companion pieces. The first of which pertains to the subject of an after-credits scene, a staple the Marvel Cinematic Universe films have cemented into the expectations of audiences when it comes to tentpole franchises.

Though none of the past Jurassic Park films have featured a post credits scene, including 2015’s ‘World’, Fallen Kingdom upsets the trend adapting to the modern studio cinemascape. Not only do you want to stay seated through the credits to experience more of Michael Giacciano’s phenomenal score, and to see the names and duties of all the hardworking filmworkers who made the latest entry possible, but also to experience a stinger with a little extra dinosaur footage.

It’s worth noting that the scene in question does not set up the sequel in any way the footage before the credit roll did, nor does it include any surprise cameos and thus this addition to the film will perhaps spark debate among fans online. The scene is harmless in its contribution to the story, and the conversations about its necessity and impact or lack thereof will surely be frequent.

Personally, while I often believe if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it, I also do like the concept of the Jurassic films being less predictable in their format of storytelling. Although he stinger itself doesn’t have the impact of the epilogues in Chrichton’s novels, it is a small scene fans have wanted to see from the franchise for quite a few years.

What are your thoughts about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom featuring an after credits scene? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned for the latest news!


75 thoughts on “Be Sure to Stay Until the End of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s Credits

  1. Here’s hoping that something big survived Isla Sorna. And that it’s the Spinosaurus! Anti-hero treatment is long overdue.

    1. On the DPG it said that the spino was taken from Sorna to Nublar to be an attraction, and 3 years later it said the spino was extinct during the events of Fallen Kingdom, along with the metraicanthosaurus, stracosaurus, and others. So…

        1. If they want to keep the franchise alive they better not. Don’t they know by now that anything the SJW types touch turns to crap?

  2. I won’t spoilt the post-credits scene, but I’d say it was unnecessary from a filmgoer’s perspective. It does, however, make you sit through until the end to see the names of all the incredible people that contributed to the production of this fun and thrilling film.

    And that, in my mind, is well worth it.

  3. The movie is so great, no doubt it is the best one since Jurassic Park.

    I like where the story is going.

    The Indoraptor is really scary and beautiful, Bayona and the team did a magnificent job!
    The photography is amazing, some scenes are trully breathtaking!

    I don’t want to say too much, but I think you all will be loving it!

    But so gutted I didn’t stay for the post credit scene. I saw this article too late!


    The only bad side for me is that I didn’t really get any surprises. The trailers and TV spots showed wayyyyy too much! It shouldn’t be allowed to show this much.

    1. Just curious…do they show the dilophosaurus in this film, besides the sculpture in the museum? And any reference to the second or third film, such as mentioning the San Diego incident?



        No dilo in the movie, exept the one in the Lockwood Estate.
        And I don’t think you will get to see one in the third movie.

        And no references to the Jurassic Park franchise. Only the events of JW.

        1. You do hear it in the opening sequence if I am not mistaken. During that sequence when the guy is attacked by the T Rex. Something startles him before Rexy appears and it us the sound of a Dilo. But sadly you never see what it is.

  4. One review in my country says FK lost itself in a pile of references to JP and that’s all. So far, that was the only “specialized” review that’s been published here.

    Do you guys have any others?

    1. JW1 was a pile of JP references.

      FK is absolutely not. It really is a film on its own.
      There are one or two references, but they are awesole.
      I’m especially thinking about one at the end of the movie, and it was awesome, really subtle.

      I really fell in love with the movie, the photography is magnificent.
      There is a slow-mo sequence at the end of the movie, damn, it was beautiful!

      As a true fan, the only bad point for me are Brice and Chris. They are pointless, they absolutely lack presence and personnality.
      If they had chosen someone like Sam Neill, Laura Dern and the Goldblum for the lead roles in JW, it would have been massive.

      But anyway, the dinos are really the stars of the show this time!

      And also, Pineda and Justice are good 🙂
      And no annoying brats this time!

      1. They had so many dinosaurs on-screen this time but still there are many from the JW website and toyline who do not feature. Instead they showcase a bunch of new ones you never even knew existed in the park before. Where did they even keep these animals while the park was operational?

      2. I would say there are a ton of JP references in FK. But in contrary to JW they’re a lot more subtle. Without going into spoilers, just look at the poses of many dinosaurs. They mimic a lot of really iconic shots from JP and LW. There are also references to the kitchen scene and when Zia (who just as us fans is ‘an expert who’s never seen a dinosaur’) sees a dinosaur it mimics JP to the max: its a brachiosaurus. No spoiler there as that was already in the trailers.

        Great fun overall, really liked this movie!

    2. I don’t mind reviews a lot. Those are personal opinions of that person and everyone experiences movies in their own way.
      So, go watch it yourself. I did yesterday and I really loved it!

  5. Saw it last night – amazing, I personally loved it. I’m enjoying the direction the franchise is going in. I didn’t feel it was cluttered with nostalgia for the sake of it either, just a few nice nods here and there. Critics seem split, with some REALLY dragging the film through the mud. I’m not sure what they went in expecting to see, but I got exactly what I paid my money for – and I loved every second.

    The post-credits scene was very short indeed, worth waiting for once if you’re a massive fan, just so you’ve seen it, but I won’t be staying for it a second time. It was cool, for what it was, but I can think of things I would have preferred to see in a post credits scene.

  6. The movie was great guys, i think im going back this sunday! It was a jurassic park like weve never seen before felt like a totally different movie, but yeah it wouldve been 5x better if too much of it hadnt been shown in advance in trailers and clips.

  7. Thanks Mowice, Rico and a1, for replying to me. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely be watching the film. I already have a ticket for an Imax showing for June 17. Here in Brazil the film officially premieres on June 21, but they are having pre-showings starting June 14.

    I’m a die-hard fan since JP. I was 12 when the first came out. I would never not go watch a film from this franchise regardless how bad critics said it was. I mean, personally, nothing they do can be as horrible as JP3 and I still watch it when it’s on TV. I watched JW at theaters 6 times. I’m counting the hours until June 17 so I can watch Fallen Kingdom and already can’t wait for JW3.

    I just asked about your opinions because I wanted to hear from the JP/W fan family. Again, thank you for your replies. I’ll let you guys know about my opinion after I watch FK on the 17.

    1. Have fun and enjoy the ride!
      I think you’ll like it!

      Personnaly I couldn’t resist, I’m seeing it again tonight!

  8. Long time reader, first time poster.
    First I want to thank the team working on this website. You information service is fast and the articles are a good read. Thanks for collecting all the Jurassic intel and summing it up! Keep up the good work.
    I am 35, Jurassic Park was one of the most compelling, life-changing cinematic experiences of my life when I was young. It was one big step for me on my way to become a filmmaker myself. That being said, I was very disappointed with JWFK. I loved JW in 2015. It was plain fun. JWFK throws it all down the vulcano… Don’t get me wrong, the visuals are all there… yet everything feels so small scale. The film is set in a mansion mostly. Yes, there are many dinosaurs, but the they are in cages and except for Rexy and the Indoraptor, even Blue is very underused.
    The dialogues are aweful… and I mean aweful and boring. The characters are stereotypes. And most of the setpieces could well be taken from a Marvel films. The human characters are superheroes who survive all impossible and absurde situations.
    Where the protagonists in the first three films were simple people trapped on islands filled with dinosaurs, here we have superheroes fighting dinosaurs. It takes away so much of credibility from the film. The music is so generic. There is no theme that sticks out. Yeah, the CGI is almost perfect. And it is fun to see the dinos back in action (especially Rexy and Blue) but if it was not for them, the film would fall apart completely.
    Sadly I was looking so much forward to this film, and no, I had no expectations, avoided all TV spots, have just seen the trailers…
    It’s not as bad as JP/// but damn close to it.
    4 out of 10 stars.

    1. Did you enjoy the editing? This is the first Jurassic film to really do a lot of intercutting between scenes of different action. Especially that Stiggy/Auction sequence which makes great use of editing to drive home a theme. Not just straight forward linear storytelling. I appreciate the shift into more complex filmmaking.

      1. The editing was good. The cinematography was probably the best in the series. The practical effects were awesome. CGI was mostly great. What really spoiled it was the poor plot, acting and the underwhelming score (music was always one of the strong pieces of the franchise, even when the film was weak).
        It’s such a shame that they wasted so much behind the scene talent for such a poor script.

    2. Totally agree with your review. Just saw it, did not like it at all. No jp1 vibe at all, lame/boring story. Maybe even worse than jpIII. Big disappointment

      1. Such beautiful imagery brought in by Bayona, but unfortumately just such a cartoonish story and script. That scene with Owen and the lava is so cheap and cheesy.

        1. Exactly. The characters are not credible. Take the situations they find themselves in. Not a single one is credible.
          Compare it to JP, TLW and JP///, where everyday people were forced to survive extraordinary circumstances. Take the sequence with the Ford Explorer in the tree, or Sarah’s rescue in TLW. Those scenes were not exaggerated and palpable.
          Take Owen’s lava dance, the Gyrosphere underwater scene and pretty much everything that follows… no real person would survive this. That dive alone would kill even the toughest diver, those were like what… 30 meters? You would die instantly. Owen would never even survive that vulanic cloud btw. So why put characters in situations which are not touchable?
          Look I know those are films, they are supposed to be fun. But it worked in the past without those Marvel style exaggerations. Why can’t it work today?

          The best scenes in the movie are with dinosaurs. They could very well leave those character scenes out and noone would even notice.

    3. I too am 35 and love the first film to death and, sadly, agree with everything you have said. JWFK entertained in places but is a different breed entirely to JP 1-3 and not only that, but felt like a TV series squashed into a movie. I saw JW three times at the cinema, I don’t feel the need to see FK a second time.

  9. After the credits clip: a few dimorphodons land on the ‘Eiffel Tower’ in Vegas, which hints that yes…we’re going a bit Jumanji.

      1. The problem with this movie is that the trailers and TV Spots have already spoiled everything except one thing. If you watched the trailers and so then you already know exactly what happens on the island and with the Indoraptor at the mansion… including the climax! So no real surprises. Plus the thing they dont show you, you ind of see coming from a mile away. Terrible writing.

    1. There is a bit more rexy bit blue and the Indoraptor are stars of the show.

      In fact all the dinos are, and it’s a good thing because Claire and Owen are totally “insipide” (I can’t find the right word in english, so I use a french one).

      I think rexy is very beautiful in this movie. That’s a big difference in comparison with JW1.

    2. Hi Nate, the answer is ‘marginally’: there’s the scene you know about on Nublar, where it stops the carnotaurus from getting Owen and roaring with the erupting volcano as a backdrop; there’s the scene in the truck where Owen and Clare are fetching blood from her, which you know about already from the trailers; there’s a tiny shot of her being tasered in her crate, which you’ve already seen in a trailer; she serves a bit of justice up when they all break free from Lockwood’s; and finally, you see her go roar at the lion, which you’ve already seen in a trailer.

      Anything else?

      1. For the first time ever in my life I did not watch the trailer to a film I was very much looking forward to seeing, that I’d been waiting for, that I’m a big fan of… and thank God I didn’t because, as I think you appreciate, having watched the trailer after now seeing the movie, so many things are ruined by it. I mean, did we need to have it revealed that Owen gets double-crossed and Blue gets shot? Among other things. Lesson learned ther: will avoid more trailers in future. This is the way the world is going, all hyperbole, sensationalism, and goodbye to subtlety, playing it smart, originality and surprise… Sad times.

        1. That is one BIG fact: no more trailer in the future. They gave away the entire movie.

          Just one thing. The scene when the security guy gets caught by the Indoraptor while calling the radio is a bit different in the movie, i don’t know why…

          1. You forgot about the scene where Rexy gets transported into the holding cell underneath Lockwood Manor… with a sort of funny callback to JP1 ☺

  10. I am quite disappointed that they left out a whole lot of dinosaurs which the franchise markets heavily in their toyline and other media.

    Also… that auction scene… the buyers go all crazy bidding on the Indoraptor after it is presented to them as this dangerous carnivore… but just a minute ago they are shown the Allosaurus which to me seemed just as aggressive and bloodthirsty. Physically I felt the Allosaurus (even the Baryonyx) was just as impressively dangerous as the Indoraptor.

    And also… I really wish they had given the Indoraptor a stronger motivation for going after Maisie. Like… why chase after the little girl running away when the two adults are trapped under some rubble right in front of you??? Would have made more sense if somehow Maisie was targeted by that laser gun that initiates the Indoraptor’s attack.

    And finally… the whole volcano thing is actually completely ridiculous! I had hoped that maybe somehow the volcano was activated by the bad guys dunping nuclear bombs in there or something to create a situation to destroy the island so they can get the animals off. But no… the volcano is sincerely an act of nature… which remains completely insane that anybody would have built a park as sophisticated as JP/JW on the site of a volcano. Surely they would have calculated the risk of the eruption??????

    Ok… my very last nit pick… in the opening sequence with Rexy grabbing onto the ladder of the helicopter dangling over the side of the Mosasaur tank… why did the Mosasaur not jump out to catch Rexy but instead go for the guy on the ladder? Surely Rexy would have been the much more satisfying meal?

    Hoping to finally see the Dilophosaurus, Suchomimus and Metriacanthosaurus in JW3… but there were actually so few animals left by the end of FK that I wonder how it will go in the next film. I mean… as far as I could see there was only one sauropod left, a few triceratopsids including a baby trike, maybe 2 stegosauruses, a pair of gallimimus, 1 carnotaurus, 1 allosaurus, 1 stiggy and 1 ankylosaurus (the other one got sold off). A bunch of compys and 4 flying dinos. So not much of a real threat to the world. These animals can easily be rounded up. The biggest threats remain the T Rex wandering free and Blue will need to eat something as she is running free! Of course the most dangerous of all is the freed Mosasaur which I suspect will simply have to get killed off in the third film. There is no way to keep that animal in sanctuary anywhere. Hope they do more with her in JW3.

  11. Ps. My favorite shot of any of the dinos is when the baryonyx is airlifted onto the ship and snarling and snapping at everything as it dangles in the air. Just thought that was so funny. It shows how fiesty this animal is. Loved that bit of character.

    And Stiggy! Everything with Stiggy was awesome! Easily the best new hero dino of the new generation! Apart from Blue, of course ☺

  12. Oh, I forgot. Also fell in love with the Carnotaurus at the end! The final interaction with Rexy shows just how scrappy and tough this dino is. She takes big chances! Lol

  13. I can’t wait to see the third, especially after the bad aftertaste left with Fallen Kingdom (it’s JP after all, so I still enjoyed it, but I expected more, coming from JW wich I absolutely LOVED).

    I’m glad Bayona won’t return, and we’ll have Trevorrow again.

  14. Just saw it here in London and god I really wanted to enjoy it. I really tried. To me it didn’t feel like a Jurassic Park/World film, and in reference to this article I agree with everyone else that the post credits “scene” was pointless.

  15. Im watching it now and IT’S AMAZING i don’t want to be dorky and ruin it but real fans from the first one will understand scenes and it will bring back memories. GO SEE IT !!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED I PROMISE !

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