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Bryce Dallas Howard Teases Dino On Jurassic World 2 Set

Jurassic fans have been fortunate enough to have Jurassic World star Bryce Dallas Howard on social media this time around for the sequel. Bryce has been sharing snippets from the set everyday that she is filming and this has been giving fans an obscure view of the production. Not only are these little glimpses fun to see, but it may also give us an idea of the order of which the scenes were filmed when the sequel is released next summer.

Yesterday was no different as Bryce took to her Twitter and posted a 9 second video. While initially this seems to be another obscure post featuring a video of the ground, it is the sounds you hear during the video and what this could mean for the sequel that have fans very excited.

As you will hear in the attached Twitter video below, Jurassic World sequel director J.A. Bayona is apparently getting the actors in the right mood for filming by playing dinosaur sounds on the set in Hawaii.

It is obvious those dinosaur sounds are of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and they sound very close to the sounds used in the original film ‘Jurassic Park’. Most notably around the 1:30 part of the clip below from the breakout scene.

In addition to the dinosaur roar, there are the sound of air blasts which is more even more intriguing and what makes this video really stand out. It could possibly be the sound of fog machines or even the hydraulics of an animatronic. All of this is assumption and can’t be verified at this time, but it is fun to speculate.

While this is just another small on set tease from Bryce, it is still enough to get fans excited. What do you think the air blasts were? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and on our forums.

Source: Bryce Dallas Howard on Twitter


8 thoughts on “Bryce Dallas Howard Teases Dino On Jurassic World 2 Set

  1. I’m hyperventilating, waiting for an official logo. One year to go and this title is still locked! It’s just words, how bad can it be to show it?

    Just give me the title and I promise to sit quietly until they decide to release a trailer. Even if it’s a week before the film release.

  2. Well its really nothing – it could have been any dinosaur sound from the JP library and it tells us nothing about the film other than someone’s playing dinosaur sounds. I only say this because surely the bigger news/info recently, came from Frank Marshall who teased some big news is coming soon! Title/logo is my bet!

  3. I may be reading (listening) into it a bit too much but does it sound like two different dinosaurs to anyone else here? Obviously one is Rexy, but the second sounds different, could be a large herbivore? Possibly after an epic battle!?

  4. Both sounds are clearly and definitely a Tyrannosaurus rex. The second sound it makes is definitely more TLW-style, but still completely Tyrannosaurus.

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