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Check Out This Explosive New ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Concept Art!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has roared its way into theaters worldwide, and is topping the current box office charts. While most here have likely seen the film, perhaps more than once, there is still plenty of new content to look forward to from the movie. Perhaps one of the most exciting things is the chance to see the concept art, which shaped the final look of the film over the many years of pre-production.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have some exciting new pieces of art, showcasing beautiful early or alternate versions of iconic scenes from the film! Check them out below:

While this piece of art has been shared before, now that it’s available in HD one thing is for certain: that isn’t Justice Smith in there with Claire. Perhaps this was an earlier attempt at drawing Franklin before he was cast – however, I have another theory. Recently Colin Trevorrow said he humored that Lowery’s character be in the film, and later replaced him with Franklin. Could this art reflect a version where Jake Johnson’s fan favorite character was set to return?

This shot showcases the bunker before trouble breaks out, and lava rains down. While it may have simply been an exploratory piece, it does seem to imply we might have spent more moments with Franklin and Claire as they killed time and helped Owen from afar. One of the things Fallen Kingdom was lacking in my opinion was slower character driven moments to pace things out, but perhaps this art indicates they did exist.

This shot is reflective of the scene where the movie pulls a Dues Rex Machina, with the Tyrannosaurus playing hero and killing the Carnotaurus before it attacks Owen and the others. It seems earlier ideas featured less of a fight, and more a hunting sequence while lava and destruction flowed around. The abundance of lava with the fiery red sky is beautiful, and something I would have loved to see the final film explore.

A shot straight from the trailer, but the dead dinosaur in the right corner was replaced with an Ankylosaur. Sadly, that dead Ankylosaur was cut from the final film, as were most of the corpses, bones, and destroyed gyrospheres which can be spotted in behind the scenes pictures and footage.

The parks ruins – a beautiful piece art, which was almost exactly translated into the scene in the final film.

The very same Ford Explorer from Jurassic Park sits nestled beneath the tree it fell over 25 years prior. In the final film, the tree itself is no longer present, and it seems the vehicles location has shifted over the years. EW reveals a similar scene was almost in Jurassic World, but replaced by the visitors center.

The inside of Lockwood’s mansion, with its beautiful dinosaur displays. EW reveals that the dinosaurs in the diorama are indeed stuffed taxidermy animals, and not statues, meaning they are all early InGen creations. This is a huge expansion of the Jurassic lore, and raises some very interesting opportunities in the future.

A shot almost directly reflected in the film, from the first 5 minutes. The intention was to play with dramatic lighting, and keep the Tyrannosaurus Rex in and out of the shadows, setting the impactful and suspenseful tone.

All the art above is only a microscopic look at the troves of concepts waiting to be shared and uncovered from Fallen Kingdom – with any luck the artists, Blu-ray, and perhaps even an art book will reveal more in time! What’s your favorite piece of art, and are there any rumored cut scenes you would like to see concepts from? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for the latest news!

Source: Entertainment Weekly


23 thoughts on “Check Out This Explosive New ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Concept Art!

  1. You know, if nothing else, at least this movie had some nice sets, effects, and visuals. And music. Can’t forget that either.

  2. I wonder why they didn’t maintain the location and position details of the destroyed Ford Explorer? It was there in the concept art. Surely it wouldn’t have been a huge financial issue to put in a prop tree that looked like the JP tree. The position of the car is also different and there was no concrete wall down which Alan and Lex climbed down. All in all, it didn’t look like the same location from the first film.

      1. Also, who’s to say Rexy didn’t go to the explorer while Tim’s scent was still in there in another attempt to search for him, nudging and moving the explorer in an attempt to get some food.

  3. In before all the whiny “the cgi was better in 1993, if it’s not exactly the same as Jurassic Park, it sucks” babies hijack this post too.
    These are great pieces of art. If I’m not mistaken we get these with one of the 4K Blu-ray sets right? Also, I thoroughly enjoyed Fallen Kingdom so much. Seeing it again this weekend!

    1. Do you hurt yourself with all that edge pizza cutter?

      Lost world was lazy cash in on 90s action flicks, three was pointless, world was a garbage set back with massive asks of the audience to not question the nonsense and fallen kingdom continued that. There have been no good sequals and they current batch looks like trash because they are trying too hard to shoehorn in “memorable” Dino’s with blue raptors and transformers enemy type super genetic Dinos.

      It’s ok to like a movie for being popcorn fodder but don’t get so cunty when people point out they are terrible films.

      Furthermore no one complains that it’s not exactly JP. The problem is they try so hard to copy all the beats of JP. World and fallen kingdom try so hard to remind you of the first one they just come off as pathetic.

  4. Well if any art was to convince me that I should be doing photo&3d collages with some paint over paint, these would be it. The jungle image is the so beautiful.
    I am REALLY hoping for an art book!

  5. In going to work on 20 pictures of the Jurassic dinosaurs even with different colors and backgrounds than in the screencast .com all of the movies! I’m naming my display Jurassic art display!!

  6. The fact that they did concept art for the Explorer that kept it where it landed from JP, but didn’t shoot it like that, really bothers me. JW and FK both tried to root itself in nostalgia for the first film while moving the story forward, but when it came down to the most important part of evoking that nostalgia-showing parts of the old Park-they dropped the ball.

    The Visitors Center was well done but I had an issue with how the location was done, namely when Zach and Gray see the doors. It looks off. But we got to go inside, and see the Jeep garage, so I can deal with it.

    The Explorer was out of place, which wouldn’t have been so bad, but how hard would it have been to include a 3-5 minute scene of the team discovering the Paddock road, the other Explorer, and maybe the wrecked bathroom with Gennaro’s remains? Then you can have them go down the wall to find Blue.

    There’s only 3 main parts of the Park that have any significance: Nedry’s Jeep, the Visitor Center, and the Rex paddock(you might be able to make an argument for the Raptor pen). We got one in JW that was pretty well done. If you’re going to close the book on Nublar for good, spend more time on the actual island showing us what we want to see before you destroy it. They took the time to sneak in sound effects from JP, and reuse shots from JP, and talk about Hammond and the start of InGen, but spent the least amount of time on what really mattered and what we all wanted to see.


    1. Agree! well argumented! Just a shame they didn’t spent more time and discover the location where Blue lives.

      Ivan, Belgium

    2. Well. They did finally show the East Dock. That is where they loaded the dinos onto the ship. And where the last Brachiosaurus dies.

  7. I have not seen the film yet. I’m holding off until I take my wife to universal studios after our military move to San Diego. I’m just curious, seeing the comment that the scene from the trailer of the vehicles driving by the corpse was cut from the final film (why???), and the comment that most of the bones scene in the behind the scenes footage also does not appear, do they show the skeletons seen in the behind the scenes footage at all? Or did they completely cut those out? What about the dead stegasaurus you can see in one of the images? Did they take all of that out? Seems like a bit of a waste honestly. I heard the pacing was way too fast in this film, and that it could have benefited from more scenes being left in. That they cut over 30 minutes of footage, I can’t help but wonder what we didn’t get to see that was originally supposed to be in the film. I’ve seen plenty of movies come out that are roughly 2 hrs and 30 min long, so I don’t see why it was deemed necessary to cut so much. Especially for such a big blockbuster. I really wish they would include at least some of this footage in the home release. I also agree with others that it seems odd for the concept art to so beautifully and accurately show the ford explorer and it’s surrounding area, but for the version in the film to not include the tree it fell out of, or any sign of it ever being there, and to not show the wall that lex and grant climbed down. It would have been so cool to see that scene as depicted in the artwork, with it clearly being the same location but with the remains of decrepit dinosaur bones among it. Would have been really haunting. How did the director deviate from such a haunting image? Kind of a shame really.

  8. Almost certain you did see the Ankylosaur skeleton in the movie. I remember that moment quite distinctly. Are you sure you didn’t see a slightly different edit to us? HAHA or maybe I’m going mad. Can anyone else remember seeing the skeleton?

    Also, beautiful images. I would love for them to release a book.

    1. What about the other skeletons seen in the behind the scenes pictures people took of the set. You could clearly see the skeletal remains of the dinosaurs killed by the I-rex in the fourth film. Did they take those scenes out?

  9. In one of the trailers, it showed the Indoraptor seemingly being pulled OUT of Maisie’s window… Complete with her claws raking the wall and everything. Wonder what that was about?

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