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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Chronicle Collectibles Will Distribute Iron Studios’ 1/10th Scale Jurassic Park T. rex

Last December at CCXP in Brazil, Iron Studios revealed their first official Jurassic Park collectible item – a huge diorama statue based on the T. rex breakout scene. The statue included a section of the main road including the security fences, both Ford Explorer tour vehicles, the infamous Lady Rex, Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm, and even Tim and Lex!

The separate pieces in this diorama statue were initially only going to be distributed in Iron Studios’ home country of Brazil, however thanks to a deal with Texas-based company Chronicle Collectibles, the statue will now see distribution worldwide!

The 1/10 scale T. rex is a limited edition statue, hand-painted and crafted in polystone. Based on the main road sequence from the 1993 film, where the park’s main attraction breaks through the fences and attacks the tour group, this huge piece will distribute at the end of this year and is now available to pre-order through Chronicle’s website.

While this is a limited edition piece, the exact number count has not yet been decided, but if you are wanting to purchase this item then I wouldn’t wait around!

She measures 44cm in height and reaches 85cm end-to-end! As always with Chronicle, multiple payment plans are available to help you break down the cost, with the full price sitting at $649. With the weight estimated to be around 20lbs, this truly is a whopping collectible – made even bigger with the additional pieces!


Not only can you now purchase the T. rex from this diorama, now the 1/10 scale human figures are both available for pre-order too! Dr. Grant and Dr. Malcolm are available for $89 each, a modest price considering the colouring and detail!

Also shipping towards the end of the year, these collectible statues will come on a unique based featuring the Jurassic Park logo and weigh roughly 8lbs each.

These statues will look fantastic on their own, but if you’re keen for the whole diorama piece then more items are set to be announced this year with pricing and sizing info. For now, Chronicle have released this info:

This initial offering from Iron Studios represents just a small piece of a much larger complete diorama set that will also eventually be distributed by Chronicle Collectibles. Iron Studios, in coordination with Chronicle Collectibles, plans to release new pieces of the diorama over time, culminating in a complete 1/10 scale “T-Rex Attack” diorama once all pieces are assembled.

Iron Studios spared no expense when announcing this diorama piece at CCXP, with a full size T. rex statue towering over their display and a screen accurate tour vehicle available for photos ops. Their display was surrounded with foliage which makes the diorama piece really stand out.

Read more on CCXP by checking out our write-up from last December, and head to Chronicle’s official website to pre-order these items!

What do you make of Iron Studios’ officially licensed Jurassic Park collectibles? Will you be adding this diorama to your collection? Let us know in the comments section below.


14 thoughts on “Chronicle Collectibles Will Distribute Iron Studios’ 1/10th Scale Jurassic Park T. rex

    1. I change my mind about Ben, he’s a swell guy. I actually met up and had a cup of tea with him. We talked about all things dino’s and how we both totally agree that life will not find a way for Jurassic world fallen kingdom.

    2. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions. It’s not like I’m trolling… Much. Best advice is not to take comment sections on the internet too seriously. It’s just a bit of bonus fun to fill in 2 minutes a day. It’s not like anyone who can influence the films or products read them or even care what the fandom thinks.
      So relax.

      Besides, you don’t know how many Ben’s there even are posting here. Not even I do. You’ll never get us all…

  1. Rexy looking majestic, grand, and terrifying all at the same time.

    What a beaut!

    The Queen has never looked better!

  2. I’m so torn. To buy this, or not? I’m buying undamaged explorers 04 and 05, but I have a feeling that these items will be rare. Iron Studios wants all preorders for this rex in by the end of March, and that’s it! That’s how many will be made. Imagine if only 50 are preordered in all of North America.

    The explorers are at the top of my list, but CC is also making more JP items that I would like to buy, like the night vision goggles, rex in the rotunda, Parasaurolophus, etc…

    Oh and Iron Studios is making raptors in the kitchen too.

  3. I absolutely love this whole set.
    The detail is amazing but honestly as much as I’m obsessed with Jurassic, it’s a little dorky to have this in my home.
    It’s super pricey for the whole set but I wonder what kind of appreciation it would get in 10-15 years?

  4. I’m picking my battles. My focus is on getting my hands on the LEGO. These statues are going to have to find other homes.

    1. I have a bad feeling that that set will become extremely hard to find extremely quickly. I’m seriously expecting to have to fork over $500+ on ebay.

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