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Colin Trevorrow Teases a Jurassic Sized Reunion For Jurassic World 3

If there is one thing the Jurassic franchise has drilled into our skulls, it’s that “life finds a way.” In 2021, Jurassic World 3 might just find a way to bring new life to some of our old favorite characters. In a recent interview with MTV, Colin Trevorrow hinted at a return of some classic characters like Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler.

Trevorrow spoke a little about the return of Ian Malcolm in Fallen Kingdom, saying “We felt like this was [Ian] Malcolm’s return, this was his moment…let him have his moment.” He followed up with some comments on whether or not we would see appearance from other classic characters, explaining “I feel that way about everyone, especially Laura [Dern] in that she never got to have her own movie. That, I identified as being something that’s important. And this moment with Goldblum, because he had this very clear set of ethical questions that he was able to pose for everybody, we just wanted to put the spotlight on him [Goldblum].”

It seems pretty clear that Trevorrow has strong feelings about the old characters, Dr. Sattler especially. When MTV asked him if he thought it would be unfair to fans if the original characters did not make some sort of return, he simply stated “I totally agree with that. I would feel robbed too, yeah.” With Jurassic World 3 still three years away, that is probably about as clear of a confirmation as we’re going to get. The video of the full interview can be seen below.

While Dr. Sattler and Dr. Grant seem to be at the top of every fan’s list for a return to the franchise, another classic character has been popping up in the spotlight in some Jurassic circles. Ariana Richards, who played Lex Murphy in the original Jurassic Park, has been making the rounds lately. Richards attended the Hollywood premiere of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on June 12, 2018. She also was spotted raptor wrangling with the Blue animatronic and riding the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. At this point, all we can do is speculate as to whether this is just coincidence, promotion for Fallen Kingdom, or a hint at the return of Lex Murphy. Richards, now 38, has a thriving art business so only time will tell if a return to the big screen is in the cards for her.

What role do you think Lex could play in the world as it was left at the end of Fallen Kingdom? What other characters would you like to see return to Jurassic World 3? As always, sound off in the comments below.

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61 thoughts on “Colin Trevorrow Teases a Jurassic Sized Reunion For Jurassic World 3

  1. I’m delighted by Collins comments on Laura, she has a great presence.
    I don’t think(storywise) Grant returning would be so unbelievable either.

    Indo-nald Gennaro?

  2. Didn’t he said he didn’t want to shoehorn the characters in the new franchise for nostalgia sake? Look who’s backtracking now…
    A lot of the talk about the new dino film has focused on fan demands to bring back the likes of Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum. But Trevorrow is thinking differently. “I respect those actors too much to shoehorn them into this story for my own sentimental reasons. Jurassic Park isn’t about the bad luck of three people who keep getting thrown into the same situation.”

    1. The man basically created a modern remake of Jurassic Park- his film contained similar plot points, characterizations & was loaded with visual references.
      To then say he doesn’t want to shoehorn actors in for nostalgia is beyond silly, his film relied heavily on just that as a pillar.

    2. Saying he wouldn’t ‘shoehorn’ them is different though. The story could involve them naturally, especially with them on the mainland now and no longer on an island out of reach.

  3. It would be cool if somehow Tim and Lex play a major role in this new movie, with them trying to find a way for the dinosaurs to live peacefully away from man, and respecting the dreams of their grandfather.

    And it would be nice if Grant got to meet Blue. That would be cool as well.

    1. I totally agree with the return of Tim and Alex and the meeting between Grant and Blue. I would see Grant handing over to Blue with her raptor resonance chamber seen in JP3 and teaming up with her.

  4. At this point, I don’t think Trevorrow is concerned about how contrived it would feel to shoehorn the old characters in the upcoming film. JW2 was as contrived as it could be.

      1. The execution is the problem. The script was just awful and has the events play out terribly forced and the lasertracking nonsense with the Indoraptor has stepped into Resident Evil territory. This has nothing to do with Jurassic Park and is merely a bastartization.

          1. So what? Those were comics and not how the original film or the novel began.
            The Aliens and Predators also crossed over first in comics and I guess you know how those films turned out.

  5. Considering pretty weak script from FK I doubt Colin Trevorrow is able to include those characters in clever and satisfying way with enough screen time for them. We would have had a lot of characters to show. Owen, Claire, Maise, Blue, Alan, Sattler, Lex… Plus obligatory villan characters. I’m affraid Alan, Sattler, Lex will be cameos like Ian Malcome and no one wants that. Knowing Universal it would have spoiled all scenes including JP1 characters like it did with Ian Malcome.

    Oh, marketing team responsible for promotion of FK have to be fired. They spoiled 95% of the movie. It was scandalous.

    1. You should know by now that all film marketing shows too much before release, they shouldn’t do it, but it’s your responsibility to not watch every thing that comes out before seeing the film!
      I only watched the 3 main trailers, I knew anything more would be showing too much. There were plenty of surprises for me. Both in terms of individual moments, and major elements of the plot.

      As for the script, you must have been chatting too much during the film and missed alot of it.
      There was great characterization, a nice balance of humor without spoiling the overall tone of the film, contrary to what the fools are saying. In short, a beautiful, awe inspiring story, that was masterfully executed in film.

  6. It would have been shoehorning before now but Jurassic World 3 presents a whole new scenario: the dinosaurs have come to us on the mainland.
    Instead of finding excuses for familiar faces to end up on distant islands, our old favourites are likely to stumble across a dinosaur whether they like it or not!
    I’m happy to hear this, it sounds like a good way to end the series at this point.
    Allan, Ellie, Lex, maybe Tim… Heck I wouldn’t mind seeing Billy again to be honest. But not the Kirby’s. Just sayin’!

      1. Kirby should be shown in some way, selling his tiles in a shop (I think that’s what he did?) and seeing news about the dinosaurs on tv or in the newspaper

        In reality, the dinosaurs would most likely get taken out by the military

    1. I personally would love to see the Kirby’s…. eat by a group of Dinos….
      they were the worst part of Jurassic Park series.. I would’ve taken dino human hybrids over the crap storyline of the kirbys… however this is my opinion only..

      I did like Billy and Alan, also the story would’ve been better if they would’ve had Alan and Ellie together working as a team…
      Even if they would’ve

  7. I don’t know… Of course it would be awesome, but also I want these movies to be Owen and Claire’s. Let them have them.

    1. I do like the fact that we are getting steady characters in this Jurassic World… Owen and Claire have a great story and I love how their characters are evolving from when we first met them.

  8. As long as it’s an enticing and intelligent screenplay, I’m in. I don’t care for them being cast just for the sake of being there.

  9. I thought that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was a very well-made family type of movie, and the Indoraptor was comically like a Disney villain with a sick humor and many tricks up his sleeves. Overall, this film has gotten many negative reviews, and I think it is because the trailers and the TV spots bad all of the other promo videos really gave away pretty much every scene. I’ve seen the film now twice already, and it is actually quite funny, and had a different feeling all together that sets it apart from the other Jurassic films.

    1. When the word you use to describe the movie is funny than it means it has failed as a Jurassic Park film. As a matter of fact beside the opening this didn’t feel like a JP movie to me at all, at times it became a parody.

      1. Because every film should have exactly the same feeling, and be restricted to a certain few similar styled events. Parody? Are you in the “if it makes me too excited, I can’t enjoy it” crowd?

        loads of Dinosaurs, some of the most spectacular scenes in cinema history, great story that is affecting in many ways: exciting, moving, poignant, masterfully executed. What do you want from these films?

        1. You speak complete rubbish if you seriously think that this movie is a masterpiece. Time will not be kind to it unlike the first two films.

          1. It will remain exactly as it is. Timeless, beautiful.
            A masterpiece, indeed.

  10. Since Jurassic World 3 might be the final movie end of the franchise,Trevorrow should consider having all of the surviving old charactrers from Jurassic Park,The Lost World,Jurassic Park 3,Jurassic World,and Fallen Kingdom to all return in this final sequel of the franchise.

      1. Fallen Kingdom was already cheesy and had countless errors in its forced story but you think it’s the second coming of Christ, pathetic.

    1. I totally agree with the return of Allan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Tim, Alex, Ian Malcom, Sarah Harding, Kelly and Nick Van Owen of The Lost World, Billy Brennan, and maybe Charlie the son of Ellie Sattler seen in JP3, and Barry of JW.

  11. ”The Jurassic Franchise comes to an end with Jurassic World 3 as all of your favorite characters unite to prevent the Indo-Thanos from collecting all the Infinity Bones to wipe out humankind”

  12. I’d actually prefer if Ellie Sattler was back as the lead somehow; as much as I have enjoyed JURASSIC WORLD and FALLEN KINGDOM, I feel like Owen and Claire’s story is now done. I certainly have no interest in seeing Blue again.

    In my perfect world, JURASSIC WORLD 3 would be more like JURASSIC PARK 4; existing in the same world as the first two JURASSIC WORLD movies but bringing back Sattler as the lead in her own storyline. If you ask me, FALLEN KINGDOM is a set-up for a whole new world and I just don’t know if we need to follow action-man Owen or Claire again.

    1. Owen and Claire’s story is now done you say? They were directly involved in the events proceeding this next installment, and have just adopted the child that is actually the hero that saved all these Dinosaurs that are loose, and you think that somehow Ellie Sattler is more relevant to this next film?
      Ellie Sattler just appears out of nowhere and voluntarily throws herself towards these Dinosaurs!? The film begins “And now ladies and gentleman, Ellie Sattler” then you have a shot of the car that Owen, Claire, and Maisie were seen in at the end of the Fallen Kingdom, in front of the camera, before speeding away with a cartoon sound effect, as Ellie steps toward the camera.
      Write a fan fiction, man.

      You don’t wanna see Blue again? Well, you are going to 🙂 I’m glad we all are.

      What churns the thoughts in these minds? It never fails to shock me. If this is the logic of people that are complaining about the new films, I think the creators can breath a sigh of relief that it’s only those of the “funny” variety that are displeased. People talk about fan sites being observed by the people who make the films, and it influences them, tell me about it! They learn quickly what not to do, and who to ignore!

      1. As if anyone would take you seriously when you think that the JW films are better than JP.
        But keep making a fool of yourself lol.

  13. I hope in JW3 the world became a natural environment full of dinosaurs, not a JPII or III, please.
    The story must reborn with the come back of Tim as an expert in dinosaur biology. And the inclusion of some thriller scientific questions, like Extintion, Chaos Theory or even better, Transhumanism. Cloning people is one of the 3 goals of Singularity U, based on Super Skills.
    JW trilogy is on the way to make a great memory to MChrichtom, the father of this great idea.

    1. Bizarre ideas I’m seeing now. You want to see the lead characters be replaced by ones that have had nothing to do with the recent events in the films, and return out of nowhere. Ok, I’m aware I might be sounding like a broken record, but when you see peoples ideas, you see why some people have jobs making films and some don’t.

      Transhumanism? YUUUUUCK no way. It’s bad enough people are pushing for it in real life, dont spoil fiction with it. Thankfully, I’m sure we will see nothing like that.

      1. Transhumanism is okay to call yuck? Good to know. I’m trying to learn, as a free man, what I can and cannot criticise. It’s all about not trying to offend anyone right? That’s the gist? Except Nazis and Christians of course, right? Man! This is so hard!

    2. They DID say no more hybrids, so I think that might include human clones. It did surprise me when Maisie was a clone.

  14. Alan Grant coming back will feel the most natural. He’s a top Paleontologist whose knowledge of prehistory, raptors and experience with InGen dinosaurs on Nublar and Sorna would be sought by the authorities trying to track the escaped dinosaurs, dinos rescued from those buyers in JW2. And Alan should have a scene with Blue, the most intelligent and empathetic Raptor, he’d ever know.

    As for Ellie, her knowledge about plants that dinosaurs consumed would have her advise the authorities wondering what to feed the caught herbivorous dinosaurs.

    There should be no problem reintroducing these two characters. Their scientific background would help them be part of the JW3 story.

    1. I completely agree with the return of Ellie Sattler and Allan Grant and his meeting with Blue.
      I would see Grant handing over to Blue with her raptor resonance chamber seen in JP3 and teaming up with her.

  15. Want to know;
    What happened to Sorna and all the dinos there, for example the 3x rexes?

    Want to see;
    1. All the diliphosaurs, in the reports from InGen there should be many of them!
    2. Grant, Ellie, Malcolm

    Don’t want to see:
    Owen and Claire

    1. I really hope Owen, Claire, and Maisie return. Sam Neil or Laura Dern would be nice, but I feel like Pratt and Howard bring more to the table. Neil and Dern might have a minor role or cameo, and I could imagine a kinda post-appocoliptic world where Dino’s run free, and the government finally tries to do something and put them on an actual island sanctuary, as well as recapture the ankylosaurus, allosaurus, and baryonyx among others that were bought by buyers at Lockwood Estate. I could also imagine this being the last Jurassic Movie, since it would be a good way to end it. I also hope Blue or Rexy doesn’t die. This is just my thoughts on Jurassic World 3.

      1. I totally agree with the return of Ellie Sattler and Allan Grant, and also that Rexy, if it appears, and Blue does not die in Jurassic World 3.

    2. Dilo might be extinct. We don’t see it caged in Fallen Kingdom. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t, but there might be no survivors. Sorna was apparently evacuated. This is all very confusing. Who knows what is going on in the franchise anymore. It’s a mess.

      1. It’s not a mess at all. The problem you and others are having, is that you are thinking about so many different things and expecting them all to be addressed in every film that comes out, whether those particular points are of relevance to the story the film is telling, or not. Just because a complete defining break down of what happened on Sorna, and what state it is in now, was not in the movie, doesn’t mean anyone has screwed anything up.
        Unless something is explained, and then contradicted, or something is settled on, all of these things are open. It’s fiction! It can go any way it’s written, so wait and see what happens.

        1. I agree with Luke. Check out the DPG website if you’re confused on the lore. Also klayton fiorti on youtube.

          1. And what when the websites are shut down at some point? What about the people that watch the films in 20 years and see all the inconsistencies in the new movies? And Klayton is pretty biased, he said he doesn’t see anything wrong with FK despite the many errors this movie has.

      2. True. But it might be too dangerous to sell or even capture. Besides, there was going to be one in the first part of the story, but it was cut. Remember how the guy with the iPad was startled by something in the bush before rexy? That was a dilo, leftover from the cut scene. Still, we don’t see it running with all the other Dino’s away from the volcano though.

  16. Lex should be based on her role of Tim Murphy from comics where she already designed in secret as a fam lot buisiness thing.. a resurrected Jurassic Park on the mainland except it’s not in the city and is heavily

  17. See…I always felt she could’ve been the lead in the new trilogy.
    How bout shakes a return as some kick ass dinosaur hunter and everyone thinks she’s after Chris Pratt’s character (including him) but she’s really into Bryce Dallas’…

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