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Opinion: Who Should Direct Jurassic World 3?

It’s official: we now have a release date for the third film in the Jurassic World franchise! Set to be released on June 11, 2021, this third film has fans everywhere excited. However, the announcement of a third film begs one very large, very important question:

Who’s going to direct it?

Who can bring about those classic Jurassic Park sensibilities and inject those intense elements that fans love so dearly, while still putting their own mark on the film? By no means is directing a franchise of such a large caliber an easy job, but there are many directors out there who have proved that they are more than capable of reining in a few wayward dinos (and a few more wayward actors).

But, it takes something special to create a truly unique film that appeals to everybody, and with the clear sign that diverse movies sell well, it’s high time that the directors and stars of a franchise as big as Jurassic World change to reflect the vast fanbase.

So, we present (in no particular order), a list of five diverse, talented people I believe would serve the Jurassic franchise well:

(Source: IMDb)

Ava DuVernay

Arguably the biggest name on this list, DuVernay is one of the spearheads of a new era of Hollywood blockbusters: those that are diverse, and tell diverse stories. And that’s exactly what the Jurassic franchise needs. While we’ve always had women at the forefronts of these tales, and they’re certainly not just there to look pretty, bringing someone like DuVernay in could open up endless opportunities to put people of color in the spotlight in one of the biggest film franchises in history. From the success of films like Black Panther, it’s clear that diverse films sell, and it feels like it’s time for the Jurassic franchise to catch up.

Projects like Selma prove that DuVernay has the determination and the intense ardor needed to create a great film, as well as tell a story that it is far more than what it seems to be on the surface. DuVernay is devoted to creating a n entire experience within her films – an admirable quality that gives her a seat at the table of Hollywood’s best contemporary directors.

And of course, the director’s previous work shows excellent examples of the whimsy and nostalgia that everyone feels when they watch (or rewatch) the original Jurassic Park – just look at what we’re expecting to see from A Wrinkle in Time. DuVernay tells very human stories while balancing it with the magic we all want to feel, and could bring something totally different to Jurassic World 3 that would change the game entirely.

(Source: IMDb)

Karyn Kusama

Having won awards from both the Cannes and Sundance Film Festivals for her films, Karyn Kusama certainly has the experience necessary to helm a Jurassic film with the poise and determination it takes to make a great film.

Her work on the horror-comedy Jennifer’s Body is highly underrated, and like DuVernay, Kusama is a woman of color who could bring a much-needed lens of diversity to the film. (When making her debut, Girlfight, she insisted that the protagonist be Latina rather than whitewashed to become a white actress’ star vehicle.) And, in addition to that, Kusama’s roots in horror with works like Jennifer’s Body and The Invitation can lend an unsettling quality to the Jurassic films – one that could bring the grit back around that Crichton’s original novels offer so effectively.

Kusama’s work with female-centric works like Girlfight, her breakout film, and the all-female horror anthology XX, also indicate a perspective that the Jurassic franchise could use. The idea of strong, independent, Sexy Lamp Test-passing females has been a staple of the films for the past twenty-five years, but we could always use more. Third film’s the charm, right?

(Source: IMDb)

Ana Lily Amirpour

Amirpour is perhaps best known for her 2014 vampire drama, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, as well as 2016’s The Bad Batch, a post-apocalyptic story featuring Keanu Reeves, Jason Momoa, and a one-armed Suki Waterhouse. She’s straight and to-the-point with her storytelling – there’s no creatively masking violence or insecurity, and the directness helps to build the brave new worlds her characters exist in and interact with.

Her work is delightfully bizarre, but also carries with it a heavy sense of sharpness and honesty that few other filmmakers can display in such intense genre films. She tells compelling stories using the bare minimum amount elements, and it’s clear that she knows exactly what she’s trying to achieve with each new project.

Amirpour only has two feature-length credits to her name – plus a directing credit on an upcoming episode of Legion – but other franchises have had clear success pulling directors from small, indie film backgrounds (see: Taika Waititi’s successful turn directing Thor: Ragnarok) and Amirpour’s style is perhaps exactly what the franchise needs. A bit strange, more than a bit dramatic, and pointedly different.

(Source: IMDb)

Sarah Adina Smith

Sarah Adina Smith is a woman known for her off-the-wall takes on the human psyche and the human experience. These tales have won several awards, including multiple Best Film awards for 2014’s The Midnight Swim, the story of three women unable to let go of the death of their mother. Off-the-wall is precisely what the Jurassic films need to continue pushing the envelope of the sci-fi genre, so why not put Smith in the driver’s seat?

Like Amirpour, Smith is also directing an upcoming episode of Legion, suggesting her propensity for stretching the limits of audiences’ imaginations to create an unbelievable world of sci-fi and fantasy – much like Michael Crichton did when he originally published Jurassic Park.

The indie director says that her approach to film is not intentionally unconventional – in an interview with Daily Dead, she said that “it’s all about listening and seeing what [the] movie wants to be, and letting the movie have a life of its own, and letting it dictate where it wants to go, and being less controlling about the process”. What would happen if she were made head of a large film like Jurassic World 3? Perhaps the story would go in a direction that no one ever imagined it could go, slipping down a rabbit hole that could reinvigorate the entire franchise with something fresh and different.

(Source: IMDb)

Julia Ducournau

Many of the women on this list are those who work in horror and have no qualms with getting their hands dirty to make a good film. Julia Ducournau has perhaps the dirtiest, bloodiest history of any of these directors, diving straight into body-horror with her first film. But, that type of blood, sweat, and tears in her work betrays a true, deep humanity that could lend incredibly well to the characters in Jurassic World, making them more than simply characters in an action film.

Her breakout film, Raw, examines the human condition through a very inhuman lens, taking the audience to new extremes to discuss something very close to them. Ducournau’s narrative of a teenage cannibal at veterinary school deconstructs the way people – specifically women – are looked at and how society treats them, turning a genre film from simply something that makes viewers faint to a dark commentary on social politics.

Cannibalism and dinosaurs aren’t exactly the same thing, but Ducournau’s method of storytelling is one that could apply well to the Jurassic franchise. The politics of genetic cloning and animals rights are being hotly debated in today’s society, and offering someone like Ducournau the opportunity to take the reins of a big budget sci-fi franchise could take audiences down a yellow brick road of genre horror – replacing the glitter on the audience’s ruby slippers with a bit of blood, of course.

What do you think? Who are your picks to direct the third Jurassic World installment? Let us know in the comments below!


162 thoughts on “Opinion: Who Should Direct Jurassic World 3?

  1. Cringe. No diversity in your “options” for director, and based on your tweet you’re proud of that. Probably the worst article ever published on this otherwise great site. Before you think of writing another opinion piece, grow up and stop demanding others embrace diversity while you exclude certain groups yourself. The guys who run this website would be smart to remove you as a writer before viewership disappears like with every “diverse” film besides your only example of a successful “diverse” film: Black Panther. Most don’t want a Jurassic film to flop like your Ghostbusters remake. Lol.

      1. While there is a certain nobility to the stated goals of feminism and directing skill to some fo the women mentioned by Maggie I have to agree. Forcing diversity is never going to make it natural and is merely a vehicle of the opposite extreme. No identity politics please, that’s one thing that the franchise definitely doesn’t need.

        1. I agree with your post. I was disappointed when I read this because I knew what the comments section would devolve into. Perhaps like others that visit this site, I come here to escape nonsensical articles and posters taking anonymous shots at each other online. I love this franchise and probably also like many people want to see the final installment in good hands. With that being said, when one of your primary qualifications for this new director is diversity instead of the ability to tell a story that holds the important elements of the franchise as priorities, it makes me thankful that the author isn’t in charge of JW3 (I also recognize that some of those elements were included in the article as well). I don’t care who makes it – as long as it’s a great movie. I’m sure that there are people on the above list that would like to be recognized as a great director without requiring the preceding “female”. In any event, JW3 is a long way off and I’m really looking forward to Fallen Kingdom.

      2. So when people bring up diversity, it’s “tumblr politics”, as opposed to an important topic that should be discussed? I’m not familiar with tumblr, but it sounds like a good place if this is what they cover.

        You know what, just be honest and say you’ll only be happy with a male (preferably white) director, and call it a day. At least then you’re being straight up.

        1. It’s people like you that I’m talking about. I have no problem with a woman/person of color directing a movie like this, however, when you deliberately exclude other groups from your lists and call it diversity you’re doing it wrong. It’s the principle of why the article was written, not the content.

    1. Wow. You seriously give Jurassic Park fans a bad name.

      “Probably the worst article ever published on this otherwise great site.”

      Nah, the article is fine; your comment, however, warrants that statement.

      1. I give Jurassic fans a bad name. And yet it seems many Jurassic fans seems to agree on this fact. The article is in fact the worst I’ve seen on this site, and I’ve read every article for several years straight. There is zero logic or reasoning behind it, these are all nobody directors and the only warrant for handing them our franchise is “diversity”? Doesn’t work.

        Regarding your above post at someone else where you defend the merits of “Tumblr politics”, perhaps you should follow this “writer” there and this franchise should be left to actual fans. I haven’t heard anyone call for a white male as you claim, this is a complete fallacy and it failed. Most of us are happy with JA Bayona who is clearly not white. Emily Carmichael just became co-writer, she’s a woman, and we haven’t complained. We are all taking issue with the fact that this SJW Tumblr wannabe-writer threw together 5 nobodies on the basis of “diversity” and then closed the list, being sure to exclude anyone with actual merit and qualification. Maybe when you realize that you’ll be able to formulate a real rebuttal. 🙂

        1. Ever heard of the phrase “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”? I guess not because you were never taught that phrase at a young age.

          1. Ha. “Damnit, they’ve got a point. Guess I should belittle their right to any kind of criticism whatsoever.”

          2. Opening up the question “could this list of women direct Jurassic?” Is not a bad article. You’re comments speak volumes on your prejudices. Apart from Speilberg… who else do you think should direct? This was a GREAT article.

    2. Your condescending reply is reprehensible and disgusting. The “LOL” was unnecessary and your call for “the guys that run this site” to remove a writer because you don’t like what they have to say is pathetic. I’m afraid that, even though you’re hiding behind a keyboard and screen name, you’ve shown what you’re really like. If you’re going to continue acting like that, stick to reddit and 4chan where that shit is accepted and encouraged.

      1. I have no need to hide behind anything, clearly the larger majority of fans agree and took this same issue with this “writer” and their SJW-tier discriminatory views. In fact, it seems to be only you and “Will” defending this laughable post. And yes, it is laughable, hence the LOL being completely warranted. The bottom line is that NOBODY wants the Jurassic franchise to become a virtue signaling SJW-fest like Star Wars is becoming except for you, this “Will,” and a purple-haired Tumblr poster “hiding behind a keyboard” (as you put it), who nobody in the fandom has otherwise heard of.

        1. Can you say anything else than SJW? You’re the same type of person that thinks Star Wars is ruined. But, I get it…nobody is more disenfranchised that males. You’re a sad, sad child.

          1. Star Wars has been ruined. Don’t know if you’ve been paying any attention, but Last Jedi is probably the worst received film in the franchise, and now that the original 3 are all dead, good luck selling Rey, Finn, and Poe as legit action heroes to anyone who cared about the franchise. The new characters aren’t interesting. They’re stereotypes of the worst kind. Even if Disney left their sociopolitical garbage out of the movies, they’d still suck because the stories aren’t original and there isn’t anything particularly interesting about them. You’re free to disagree, but I for one will be waiting in line to watch Jumanji instead of Episode 9 in a couple of years. Now that was a reboot done right.

        2. So now they’re not a writer? You need to calm down. If you don’t like the article, that’s your opinion. I’m a massive JP fan and you do not speak for me.

          Check your privilege.

    3. Agree, whats this bullshit with all female directors ? The only female director I know and is fit to direct an action-packed JW sequel is Bigelow (Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman was boring and not worth the – feminist surrounding – hype at all).

      For male directors : Joe Dante has experience with animatronics. The problem with young directors nowadays is that they THINK in cgi scenes while cgi should be an added value, not the core of dinosaur movies so thats why I select Joe Dante.

      1. Typical reply that I expected to see – someone states that they disagree with the views expressed in the article and you cry “racist/misogynist”! Come up with a real argument and keep your drivel out of it

  2. I personally don’t care who the director is just as long as thay do an amazing story, great characters, cool dinosaurs and feels fresh.

        1. Lol I find it funny that I always need to point out that the original film was Jurassic Park. Everyone considers JW to be a spin off rather than a sequel.

  3. I would honestly wait on thinking about this until after seeing Fallen Kingdom. I want to see where Colin and Bayona leave off from so that we all get a sense of what’s to come and maybe what’s at stake for the characters and the dinos. That way, we can see which directors out there are suitable for carrying on whatever story is planned to cap off the end.

  4. Idk and i wouldn’t want them, for me it gotta be the guy who begged Micheal C. Or Guillermo DeTorro or JA.

    But foe the music i want is Stephen Edwards

  5. The writer seems to put an emphasis on diversity and how it’s needed in Jurassic. Seems unessecary when you think of all the other problems people have with the Jurassic World trilogy.

    1. While some of the concerns of feminists are understandable, being a skilled artist/director should never be hindered by identity politics. Man or woman, black or white, the visionary minds that the JP/JW franchise needs simply know what they’re doing and won’t let said politics affect their judgement. Nuff said.

          1. Sad to see such self-hatred. Perhaps you should grow up and think for yourself rather that just following the crowd. I know it’s a tough concept but if we can do it you can too. Instead of taking the easy way out and telling others to “check their privilege,” maybe you should grow up and realize that you’re the one who’s triggered here. We are simply saying “diversity for the sake of diversity and excluding others” should not be the argument for a director with no merit. And don’t be mistaken, based on this “writer’s” tweets, that’s the only reason she wrote this laughable piece.

  6. Well I must say. Back in 2005 when it was rumor that David Fincher was set to direct JP4 I was HYPED AS HELL because of his work on Fight Club – Same thing when Christian Bale was cast as Batman because of his work on American Phsycho -.

    I’m not so sure of Fincher any more for the JP Saga. It could work though

    All of these directors sound very good but I’m more inclined to say that if Bayona knocks it out of the park – pun intented – then… why not for the end?

    Now in my opinion I will suggest the following:

    (In no particular order too)

    A) Gore Verbinski

    B) Sofia Coppola

    C) Patty Jenkins

    D) Matt Reeves

    E) Alfonso Cuarón

    F) Alejandro G. Iñarritu (Very unlikely)

    G) Ava DuVernay

    H) Kathryn Bigelow

    I) Michael Bay ( I’m Kidding – Not in 65 million Years!! Not Ever!! )

      1. But if you wanna win the Olympic 100m sprint, and aren’t from Kenya or Jamaica… You’re gonna have a bad time.

        That and Aboriginals had 40,000 years to develop technology beyond a sharp stick, but didn’t.

        I’d say there’s strengths and weaknesses that are based purely on genetics.

  7. I for one would choose Dan Trachtenberg, the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane. He showed in that film he was able to create fantastic character-based tension, direct fantastic performances, create dramatic atmosphere, and a lot more. It’s his only film so far, but I have a feeling he can continue to show a lot more skill if given a film like Jurassic.

  8. God, is this Huffington Post?
    This article is extremely unnecessary. We don’t need more “diversity” in the Jurassic Park franchise. It’s worked the way it has very well for a very long time, so please stop shoving your liberal politics down our throats.
    I thought this was supposed to be a site for Jurassic Park franchise news and hype, not opinion pieces.

        1. They don’t know what my ethnicity is. They just assume I am based on the nature of my opinions. Seems like pushing a political agenda to me, and somewhat discriminatory.

  9. Looks like my comment wasn’t approved by moderation to be posted, even though I didn’t break any guidelines and simply was posting my opinion on this article.
    So, political posts and censorship? Wonderful.
    I’d like my comment approved so my opinion can be out there. I believe this post is too politically charged. I believe that this version of “diversity” excludes other groups. I believe that this kind of attention isn’t what this franchise needs. That is my opinion.

    1. Dude, what are you talking about – your comment was approved before you made this second one. I approved it myself last night.

      We only bin comments if they go too far – not on the opinions expressed, even if we do not agree with them, and even if their tone is more hostile than constructive. However, comments need to be hand approved – if nobody is online for the site, there will be a wait period.

  10. See now this. This is what I fight against. How very typical. Not one male. A token black chick and this whole article written by a female no less.

    SJW virus incoming. Star Wars has already succumbed… Looks like the sights are now set on Jurassic World!

    1. LOL you hate women yet you are attracted to them according to your name and that you are a guy. You really are something, you know.

      1. Stop trolling. Anyone with a lick of sense can see this article for what it is: Sociopolitical garbage. No one cares if a woman directs, but it needs to be the right woman ( or man ) for the job. Is that too hard to comprehend? Just get the right person and leave identity politics out of Jurassic Park.

  11. How ironic… What a coincidence. An article written by a woman causing controversy and discord. A bad article that no one seems to like. Oh dear…

    1. You are so angry over this that you’ve had to do multiple posts. It’s almost like you’ve been…triggered. The good news is that you seem to have a few friends in this thread. The bad news is you’re all really sad.

  12. Uhm….who are these women? X)

    Not the type of directors I would want to direct films about dinosaurs.

    Maaaaybe Kathryn Bigelow could do it.

  13. We don’t need diversity aka no white men or men in general because it’s “in” to promote it now, we just need a good director. Not bringing a man to direct will not make it “fresh”. This “article” is a SJW’s Tumbler post.

  14. What a mis-named post. Seems like diversity for diversity sake. I’m all for it, but diversity is also about inclusion, and making them separate from other directors misses the point.

  15. I honestly feel like it’s WAY TOO EARLY to be thinking about JW3 just yet. Sure, we know SOME stuff about JW2, but the movie HASN’T EVEN COME OUT YET! Though, to be honest, these choices ARE a little interesting…

    …for some reason, though, I think it’d be interesting to have a Native American director direct a Jurassic film. I guess I’m kinda going through a phase where I have an obsessions with anything Native American. Oh well… 🙂

  16. I find it sad that there are a handful of keyboard warriors that are so triggered by an article that they call for “the guys that run this site” to remove it. If this is you…I find you sad and pathetic.

    1. That was me, thanks for sharing your opinion. 🙂
      You should stop misrepresenting what everyone says, though. I stated that it would be wise to remove this divisive woman as a writer in the future. as the consensus is clearly that the fans disagree with her. Her opinion piece clearly reflects the interests of zero percent of the community and fans, and therefore should be retired to the dark recesses of Tumblr. This “handful of keyboard warriors”, as you put it, seem to make up the majority of this comment section. Then there’s you and “Will” who defend this article, misrepresenting what people take issue with. One has to wonder why only you two so rigorously defend this flawed opinion piece by attacking others. Forcing a nobody “director” onto this franchise for the sake of so-called “diversity” with no options based on actual merit will be harmful to the franchise. I dread the day that any of these nobodies get their hands on our beloved franchise. To break it down for you again so that you don’t go using fallacies and misrepresenting the words of others, nobody is calling for a “white male”, just someone who is qualified and isn’t just selected on the basis of “diversity”.

        1. Are you the judge of righteousness? I see people frustrated by the use of the word “diverse”. Now if the title of the articles was “Which of these female directors would you most like to see direct JW3?” then maybe the response would have been different. Why isn’t Colin or Bayona in the conversation? Why not Del Toro? Or are we not allowed to talk about men directors now for consideration? The article is extremely biased and intellectually dishonest. Throw some female directors at me, but call it what it is: a list of female directors. It’s certainly not “diverse”. That’s a joke. That’s identity politics and it really has no place in Jurassic Park. Personally, I don’t care who directs as long as it’s the right person for the job. If the goal is to turn Jurassic World into a sociopolitical preaching vehicle like Last Jedi then I pass. I don ‘t need millionaires lecturing me on feminism.

  17. I don’t care who directs as long as they are skillful and won’t abominate the Jurassic franchise. oh and I want Speilberg as exclusive director. Like, I won’t sleep unless he is.

    1. Agreed; we shouldn’t be nominating a director because he’s purple, but because he’s shown to have skill fitting for a particular franchise. I’d rather JW3 not repeat the mistakes of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters.

  18. Speaking to the “diversity” part of the article:

    As someone with an extensive, formal journalism background, I certainly appreciate and support the message and intent of the writer on this topic. However, from a writing standpoint, I think the writing simply isn’t clear enough to state that this is an editorial piece, rather than an informational piece. In an editorial, a writer can say whatever they want. The writer of this piece is 100 per cent entitled to that. That said, the lead doesn’t match what follows. So, I can understand everyone’s confusion here. The onus is on the writer, whether they want to take ownership of the minor (on paper), yet large (in terms of context) error, or not.

    Message aside, give me Patty Jenkins or bring Steven Spielberg back as the final director!

  19. To further my comment, yes, it says opinion. However, the whole lead up to the actual choices give zero indication that this is actually an opinion piece! Everything else to follow is gravy – it’s their opinion.

  20. It’s rather telling that we’ve had many opinion pieces in the past, and this is the first to be met with such ire. It’s an opinion piece. Everyone needs to calm the hell down, and maybe read the article again to better understand why it exists in its state, and why it’s important to the author (and others).

    Diversity is incredibly important. It’s important to push forward, sometimes aggressively, to break the societal norms that often muzzle it.

    Finally – as the trilogy has been pegged as Claire’s story, a female director for the closing chapter makes total sense. I personally like quite a few directors on this list – if Colin Trevorrow got Jurassic Park 4 after Safety Not Guaranteed what makes them less qualified?

    Conversely, for those curious, my personal top pick is Alex Garland – after seeing ‘Ex Machina’, my immediate thought was ‘that felt like an intense Michael Crichton sci-fi akin to Jurassic Park movie without dinosaurs’ – his new film ‘Annihilation’ is also supposed to be fantastic.

    See how opinions mixed with maturity work – I can enthusiastically support this article, yet suggest at least one director who contrasts against its theme.

    1. In today’s world, there’s a fine line. Simply having a woman do this or that is fine, IF they’re qualified and skilled enough. The problem arises when it’s done simply to pander. Look at Star Wars. Look at Doctor Who. Mass Effect. Subnautica. Bake the Cake. Gamergate… Whenever pandering occurs, the medium is occurs within suffers. And often free speech and basic rights suffer too. No rational person can deny that there is a movement, a war if you will, to shoehorn gay/trans/females into whatever they can to force people to accept/praise them. The thing is though, however it makes the individual feel, not everyone HAS to accept them. America is awash with this kind of trouble lately. Even Universities have become battlegrounds instead of places of learning. Ideas are suppressed and the more ‘oppressed’ a group is, the more righteous and special they are treated.

      If Jurassic Park became the next pedestal for bigots and fascists to stand upon and ruin. Well, that would be horrible. And more often than not, these SJW/feminist/LGBTQ types do indeed act just as bigoted and fascistic, many times even more so, than those they fight against.

    2. As a subject, diversity is a complicated, double-edged sword and a considerable number of people who try to debate in it’s name do not necessarily understand all of it’s nooks and crannies. That’s why blind debates often begin and lead nowhere. From my point of view diversity means equal opportunity for both genders and all races, NOT equal outcome. Excluding/subverting that opportunity in a group for any self-serving reason isn’t really supporting diversity regardless of if it’s men, women, black, white, etc, who are doing that. It’s a difficult balance to reach with such a considerable number of folks trying to snipe each other with the scapegoat stamp and ignoring loopholes that allow them to behave so cheaply towards each other in the first place. Simply disagreeing with an opinion of a person of any authority is not an attempt to erase them or their group, at least not for all of us. It is criticism and criticism itself is very much a necessary evil to productive everyday activity. In a truly equal, free and brave world we all have the right to criticism. Walk the talk and take it in return.

      The bottom line, as already stated; what ultimately matters is the skill of the visionary in the director’s chair, not the pandering of any specific political group’s entitlement through high film-making status just because(or any other high status for that matter). Folks, never confuse the two. As long as the opportunity for creative narrative application in movies exists so will good storytelling. That made Jurassic Park/World what it is and it should always be the case.

  21. Oh yes this list is very diverse, I applaud this list. Since a majority of Jurassic fans are women, a woman should definitely direct a Jurassic movie. Also please fill the movie with SJW greatness.

    If they choose to go the way of Star Wars and other SJW garbage filled series… I will stop in every single way supporting Jurassic. I will remain loyal to the 1990s stuff and close my wallet to anything they release. I hope this site won’t go down that path either.

  22. “if Colin Trevorrow got Jurassic Park 4 after Safety Not Guaranteed what makes them less qualified?”

    Trevorrow wasn’t qualified, and the film suffered greatly from it.

  23. I need to say something…

    To those who are saying directors should be chosen based on their skill and not their gender/race, you are losing sight of the point. Yes, that is how directors SHOULD be chosen, but that is rarely the case. If directors were *truly* chosen based on their abilities, and not their race or gender, then we would already have FAR MORE female directors and people of color. Instead, we mostly have white, straight, male directors putting their hands on everything, regardless of their abilities (let’s face it, many of these directors flat-out suck and have no creative vision). Several of the females listed above deserve a chance at directing a Jurassic Park film more than Colin Trevorrow ever did. And it’s a damn shame he’ll likely be returning to the directors chair for what could very well be the final installment we ever get in this franchise. Pathetic. But you guys keep pretending directors have always been chosen based on their ability and y’all keep crying when people think outside the box and challenge outdated norms. The world is evolving, you can either get with it or enjoy the dust.

      1. A simple question: just how exactly is talent/lack of talent gender specific? The opportunity to express talent exists for both genders and all races. Some people are talentless while some aren’t, man or woman. It’s an individual thing. With all the due respect, Will, only brainwashed people with a skewed perspective(or trolls aiming to rile up the sensitive) would absolutely specify talent as an [insert ethnic group here] issue. Nuff said.

  24. Everybody’s clashing over a director for a film that isn’t even out yet, and a list of what-if directors for said film,

    and here i am hoping for a R Jurassic Park.

    Coincidentally, I already have ideas for one.

    By the by, let us see how Bayona’s touch affects JW:FK. Hold your Hadrosaurs, people, we haven’t even gotten to the second film.

    Anyway, I’ll be waving my R-rated Jurassic Park Film banner. Anyone is free to join me.

    (Man, I should’ve made some popcorn for this comment section!)


    1. rated-R Jurassic Park??

      Who the Fuck do you thing you are?

      That is the most retarded thing I’ve ever read!!

      Don’t ruin the legacy Steven Spielberg made for us as Kids! I hate people who say Jurassic Park should be a rated-R movie! It is a dinosaur movie! Its target audience are Adult Fans and little kids!

      1. Ever…….read the book?

        Suit yourself. Fallen Kingdom seems to be at least inching along that line.

        I guess I’ll do a fan film. 😀

        In reality, I don’t think an encounter with a Deinonychus or a Tyrannosaurus would be PG-13.

        Different Strokes for Different Folks.

        Have a nice day.

        Let’s agree to disagree, shall we?

      2. I agree with TheFeatheredDragon. Read the books. Get educated. Know the signs for when you are having a brain bleed behind the keyboard. I hope it’s not too late.

        1. They were thinking about making the original an R rated film because of the book. I think it was also when James Cameron was interested in directing.

    2. We talked about this a bit in the facebook JP group. While I and others that are more involved with the book canon were all raving about how awesome it could be, there’s still that core group who were introduced via the movie, never read the books, and got to introduce their kids to dinosaurs with JW. These people are kind of like baby boomers, in that maybe, if we’re lucky, they will go extinct soon, and we can finally have the true to Crichton hard-R Jurassic Park we deserve.

  25. It’s just speculation. The article’s title clearly states it’s just an opinion. It’s fine if a female fan of the series wishes for a woman to direct a Jurassic movie. If there’s a female director in 1 out of 6 movies in the series, that’s no big deal.

    Maybe all this site needs is for someone to write an all-male wishlist of directors, to balance things out. If you do, please no Michael Bay or Zack Snyder.

  26. Based on his filmography I think Bayona is a terrific choice for the sequel, and the one potentially tasked to wrap-up the trilogy.

    If there’s any negative views on Fallen Kingdom I suspect it will stem from Trevorrows scripting & plotting issues.

  27. True Jurassic Community(Understands that this is an opinion piece and that the writer also used diversity within there post to explain there selection, (all be it by lacking diversity since only women where included) and suggesting directors that would actually make sense > Tumblr Politics / ApacheHelicopters?

    P.S thank you mods for not taking any sides

  28. Oh Jesus Christ give it a rest!

    Why in the Hell are you bringing Feminism into Jurassic Park??

    I hope you get fired from this website.

      1. Wouldn’t mind if a woman directed Jurassic World three
        I just think that everyone trying to be politically correct has really been getting under my skin.
        Other then that Chris I actually am a huge fan of what you guys do here. It just set me off.
        Sorry I won’t complain again.

  29. There is enough diversity in these films, we don’t need any forced ones. Don’t force the Jurassic franchise to change to satisfy people.

  30. I don’t have an issue with the article. I think the author’s tone about why she wrote it, evidenced by her tweet(and other tweets) is silly, but hey, it’s an opinion piece. Whatevs.

    My only issue is Ava Duvernay. She’s seriously overrated. Can we stop acting like she’s the second coming of Kubrick?

  31. You do plan to have diversity in your diversity list do you? Hello?

    Kidding aside, all the writer had to do was label the list “five talented women” otherwise it comes off as an exclusion list as opposed to a diversity list.

  32. I’d be all for Guilmerro del Toro or even a Peter Jackson Jurassic film. Any of the directors for the recent Apes trilogy would be fantastic choices too.

  33. I might not fully agree with this article (Julia is a great choice 👍) I think people are over reacting way too much (on the offence and defense) I just can’t but help feel sorry for Chris and everyone at Jurassic outpost who reads and put up with this warzone of a comment section. Keep up the great work 🙂

  34. I kind of wonder if any of the original actors/actresses from the original films would be interested in directing one of these if they were interested in the directorial route.

  35. I don’t have time to read all the unnecessary negative comments and reply but I don’t understand them. No one made them read the article or comment about it. If they knew anything about this site they would know it’s not all done by one person. It’s run by a bunch of people and they all have different opinions and perspectives with one exception, they are all fans of Jurassic. Have some respect for ALL the people who work TOGETHER on the site.

    Speaking of…

    Thank you for the interesting article. I’ve seen both of Amirpour’s films, that would be an amazing choice, she’s really great, that Jurassic would be insane. I’ve also seen DuVernay’s Selma and that could be really great too and heartfelt for a Jurassic swan song. I’ve seen Kusama’s Jenifer’s Body, wasn’t a fan but I’d give her another shot and see another of her’s to judge. The other 2 I’m not familiar with but makes me interested in seeing there movies knowing they are working on Legion and this articles descriptions of previous work. I saw a comment suggesting Dan Trachtenberg, the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane, I could see him making some pretty good tension in a Jurassic too. Of course Spielberg would be the dream. I’m really more curious where Fallen Kingdom will leave us and warrant the 6th film story. Time will tell.

  36. Maggie, great article. You drew my attention to a number of artists I had only heard about in passing, and, sadly, hadn’t yet thought of for one of the JP/JW films. I hope whomever earns the role is someone with vision and an ability to make the film something special for everyone from kids to seniors.

  37. When all is said and done. You know, there’s maybe Twenty different directors out there that could make an awesome Jurassic movie. And in a perfect World, all Twenty would get a shot at making one and we, the audience could choose our favourite. There are styles and scenes only certain individuals could dream up that we miss out on because only one person gets the opportunity.

    Example, I often wonder what kind of film we could have had if Some one else directed WWZ… Maybe it would resemble the source material. Maybe it would give us goosebumps in places. What we got was awful. A truly wasted opportunity because the wrong man directed it.

  38. It’s incredible to me that an article with all women has cause such an argument. If the list was all men would their be such furor? Nope.

    And the argument that diversity means “excluding white men” ummmm… white men have directed Jurassic films. How have they been excluded? Also, it’s an Opinion Piece. It’s not like men aren’t being considered.

    Peoples comments are very telling of their own prejudices and justification to keep them.

    I hope the ‘final’ installment is directed by someone who does a great job. I also would love a Tv show. I know the rumors aren’t true but how good would a HBO show be? Anyone?

    1. A tv show would degrade the quality of the dinos. It would just be humans talking and have man to man fights. Doubt it would get the Game of Thrones touch.

    2. Alright josh, now that you’re done running around telling everyone to check their privilege, I’m going to give you something to think about. Since you wanted to make the childish argument that “if the list was all men nobody would be mad,” consider this. The author of this trainwreck tweeted “whoops there are no men on this list and I have no regrets.” If your scenario happened and the list was made up of all men and the author tweeted “whoops there are no women on the list and I have no regrets,” you would be right here in the comment section screeching like you already are, but calling the author a mysoginist and discriminatory. So before you launch another attack on people based on your emotions and a desire to virtue signal, think about this and realize that you are being very one-sided. I hope this made it simple enough for you to comprehend, as we are only complaining because of the intentionally divisive and discriminatory attitude of the author. So yes, I will agree with you, the article is very telling of the author’s prejudices and your comments are very telling of your prejudices. Hope you can see that now.

    1. Fact: the movies are now under the “Jurassic World” banner, not the “Jurassic Park” banner. The new movie won’t be called “Jurassic Park: something”. It’ll be called “Jurassic World: something”, so calling it Jurassic World 3 for now is perfectly understandable.

  39. For the Comment section: Well, better grab some popcorn for this.
    Article in question: I have never heard either of these directors, I’m more familiar with Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Ron Howard and George Lucas.

  40. The problem with this list is not that it only presents us with female directors as choices. That in itself is fine. The problem is that the writer did not make this list with the scope of finding the best directors out there who, in her own view, would most benefit the franchise. Rather she made an effort to look for only female directors who could helm the project. That is not the point of diversity.

    The point is that we should strive to not exclude certain groups of people when having to choose, not to force other certain groups of people, just because they are less represented in this field.

    It would also be less contentious if these were proven directors who helmed great projects succesfully. I actually did not know any of the directors on the list so I looked at what they have done so far and I am not impressed. Note that I had the same reservations for Trevorrow and I still think he was not the right choice, despite loving his one and only previous film. Inexperienced directors are not good news when they have to helm a huge project for several reasons, including the fact that executives will certainly weigh in far more with a director who hasn’t proved themselves, yet.

    The writer of this article went the extra mile not to include any male directors, for political reasons, not because she thinks that her choices are better than most others. And this is plainly wrong. She just searched the net for modern, young female directors, because I seriously doubt that she happened to follow the work of all these mostly unknown directors. I may be wrong, but that’s what I gather from her presentation; that she is not all that familiar with their work. That, despite the fact that there are quite a few very well known female directors who have helmed really solid films, like Shrek, Frozen, Deep Impact, Look who’s Talking, Mamma Mia, and so on.

    Now, it’s not that Hollywood doesn’t give big projects to women all that often. The ones I mentioned were all huge at the time. Most male directors are also left out of the loop. It’s 20-30 big names that get all the projects and for good reasons -based on the corporations’ perspective; they have proven themselves to be bankable. Production companies are corporations, not charities. They know that these 20-30 people can return their investment and so they are more hesitant to be experimenting. They mostly try out new directors on smaller projects.

    That there are more big budget white male directors has to do with… well, the fact that there are more of those available. Remember that most of them are past their fifties and it was far less likely for women or non-white males to be directors at their time.

    Tl;dr, if you think that a female perspective is what the franchise needs, develop your argument around this. If you only exclude men for political reasons, please reconsider your viewpoint and remember that we live in the 21st century. There was a time, a century ago, that certain things had to be forced if anything was to change in practice. Fortunately, we don’t need that anymore. You are just being divisive for no good reason.

  41. Diversity is important in movies, but it doesn’t need to be forced in there. JA Bayona was a great pick for director and he’s seemingly included people of color without shoving them in there for no reason and having them contribute nothing to the plot. Ava DuVernay is an amazing director but I think that this stuff just isn’t for her- she’s either more grounded (Selma) or fantastical (Wrinkle in Time). I don’t really see her as a gritty, darker action/sci-fi director. I don’t know any of the other directors, and that’s the problem. Random people shouldn’t be picked to direct a movie just because they made a good diverse movie that’s in a completely different genre. It would be great to get people of color in bigger roles in the Jurassic movies, but forcing them in and picking a director who can’t make an action movie isn’t helping anyone.

  42. YIKES. The only Diversity that the franchise needs is making sure that new Dinos are introduced every time to keep the story fresh and exciting and bring back some oldies from time to time. Sheesh. Jurassic Park is not a story of pushing a diversity soapbox; diversity is already inherent in the story; just look at the characters in all four films so far!!! Pushing the politically correct soapbox would CONDEMN the franchise in the twilight of its fading years! Don’t beat something to death that is already there in the plot or you KILL THE STORY in its final lap. Fans like Jurassic Park because there is no politics; THERE IS ONLY THE LAW OF NATURE AND HUMANS BANNING TOGETHER; Ray Arnold & Muldoon, Kelly Ian & Sarah, Nash & Udesky, Owen & Barry, Alan & Ellie, Paul & Amanda, the diversity is there and its in their adversity that makes it so relatable and universal to ALL fans. The franchise doesn’t need political rabble rousers soiling it at its reentry into the Universal atmosphere… It would be who of J.O. admin to preread with a fine toothed comb before giving the green on any opinion piece and I say this not out of criticalness or ignorance but out of love for the franchise, its story, its fanbase, and the people who have worked so hard on this website, lest we become divided on something we should already love together. As one fanbase.
    augustus – out

  43. Why are people still commenting on this article? We already know who is going to direct JW3 and it is Colin Treverrow. It’s over. Case closed. End of discussion. Just let it go.

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