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JA Bayona Teases ‘Bond-like’ Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Opening plus Terrifying Second Half Featuring a Secret Dinosaur!

Today the latest issue of Empire hits stands and included is a brand new article about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom featuring this new exclusive still from the film.

In the above new still we see the Carnotaurus looking into the Gryosphere where characters Claire Dearing and Franklin Webb, played by newcomer Justice Smith, are taking cover. The Carnotaurus has long been a dinosaur that Jurassic fans have wanted in the Jurassic films, especially after it having a role in Michael Crichton’s The Lost World novel. In the novel, the Carnotaurus has the camouflage abilities of a chameleon and as Twitter user jaros428 mentions in the tweet below, the Fallen Kingdom Carnotaurus appears to have the eyes of a chameleon.

Now this doesn’t mean we will see the Fallen Kingdom Carnotaurus with the ability to camouflage as that trait from the novel was given to Jurassic World’s hybrid, the Indominus Rex. However the chameleon eye appears to be a nice homage to the novel Carnotaurus by the filmmakers.

Of course, the article contains more than just the new still, including some great new quotes from director J.A. Bayona about the direction of the film. Where Jurassic World was lacking an inciting incident akin to those seen in past films, it sounds like Fallen Kingdom will bring it to a new level:

“We are starting with a massive action piece that feels like a James Bond prologue”, teases Bayona. “And in the center there is the biggest set-piece ever done for a Jurassic movie”

The article continues to say that after the ‘big set-piece’, which is clearly the volcanic eruption on Isla Nublar, the story will head back to the mainland for the second half of the film. The second half of the movie will receive Bayona’s horror style will make the film feel more claustrophobic. The article asserts that Bayona’s experience with ghost stories will pay off with a mysterious new dinosaur (Indoraptor?), but he’s mum on details:

“You will see,” the director laughs. “Every movie has its star dinosaur, and this is the one people will remember.”

Be sure to pick up a copy of the latest Empire issue today to read more from them! What do you think of the new official Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom still and information? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums!

Special thanks to “Red” for sending us the link to Empire.

Source: Empire


23 thoughts on “JA Bayona Teases ‘Bond-like’ Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Opening plus Terrifying Second Half Featuring a Secret Dinosaur!

  1. I love this! I feel more excited and reassured and clarified than ever before towards Fallen Kingdom 🙂 I cant wait — what an awesome idea. First half is this bombastic adventure filled half, second half is this close, claustrophobic, Indo(or)aptor portion…

    Kinda reminds me in the best way possible of a certain other dinosaur film, think it came out in 1993…what was it called again…:D

    1. Casper? Oh wait… That wasn’t a dinosaur film….hmmm….what else came out in the early 90’s? Oh! That’s right! Hocus Pocus! I totally forgot about that movie!

    1. It looks AMAZING. What you’re looking at doesn’t exist. A computer created it. Actually think about that for a second rather than shouting FAKE. Hell, go back to the original raptors in the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park and take off your nostalgia goggles so you can realise how far this technology has come, rather than being an armchair critic who knows sod all.

      1. Hey just wanted to say u are my hero! I couldn’t agree with u more my friend. Also no one said its eyes could look evrywhere so no clue where this guy is pulling that from. Oh and in real life a rex would be very quiet, it would make giant booming noises when it walked or ran, thats movie fiction. Rexy would have no problem making suprise attacks

  2. You do know most lizards have eyes like that right? Unless this critter can move its eyes independently of each other I’m not convinced

    1. From how I see it, the Carnotaur’s eyes look like those of an iguana, not a chameleon. Chameleon eyes are essentially the whole eyeball jutting out with a scale covered skin over them. Since you can clearly see the upper and lower eyelid around the eye itself, it looks nothing like a chameleon.

      1. Well, that’s unfair on him, as how could anyone know what it would (or wouldn’t show)

        While the trailer didn’t show much at all (while showing too much re: Carnotaurtus), quotes from the filmmakers in the article mixed with that video paint a pretty obvious idea about the structure of the movie.

  3. I haven’t watched the behind the scenes featurette. Nor have I seen where it was released (did Jurassic Outpost show it?).

    Anyway, at first, even though I was excited at seeing the trailer, action-packed as it was, I later became disappointed, thinking that FK would be too much like TLW (the film). Now I’m a lot more relaxed, after the comments by Bayona and Trevorrow. Can’t wait for FK. Really. Can’t.

  4. I just farted and couldn’t finish reading the article. It was one of those nasty hangover farts. Even the cat looked up, shook his head and went in the other room.

  5. I think the ‘bond-like” prologue might be someone on Nublar being taken out by a Dino while simultaneously discovering Sibo is going to explode. Could even be Wu returning to retrieve something.

    1. “Could even be Wu returning to retrieve something.”

      Well, you say that…




      There have been rumors that [redacted]

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