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This Fan Art Brings the ‘Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom’ Allosaurus and Baryonyx to Life!

The ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ trailer roared online in December of last year, introducing fans to a plethora of new characters and dinosaurs. For those in need of a refresher, check it out below:

As fans dissected the trailers frame by frame to get a good look at the new species in an attempt to identify them, some artists began to try to recreate them. Two of those dinosaurs, the Baryonyx and Allosaurus, have been brought to life by artist and Jurassic Park fan Tuna Kaan Koç, and his work might be our best look at these dinosaurs yet!

First up, is his Baryonyx:

Since the trailer made its debut, I’ve wanted a close up profile view of this dinosaur to really take in its design. While this art is not official, so the real design my vary, it really scratches that itch. As far as I can tell this is one fantastic and accurate rendition!

His Allosaurus rendition is no different, capturing the look of the dinosaur in a way that screencaps from the trailer could not:

Studying the dinosaur of the trailer reveals a lot of subtle coloration, from cream and yellow stripes, to the faded red on the crest near the eye – and this artwork fully realizes that complexity in detail! I didn’t fall in love with Allosaurus design in the trailer, but this artwork has sold me on it completely.

Check out the evolution of his Allosaurus artwork in this fun progession gif:

You can follow Tuna on his Instagram and Artstation accounts – so be sure to give him a follow, and check out the rest of his portfolio!

Is there fan art you’d like to see featured on Jurassic Outpost? Sound off in the comments below, and of course stay tuned for the latest news for everything Jurassic!


15 thoughts on “This Fan Art Brings the ‘Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom’ Allosaurus and Baryonyx to Life!

  1. This fan art is absolutely beautiful. I love the attention to detail. The Allosaurus art really “Scratched my itch” when it came to seeing the allosaur head from the side. Overall, great work, kudos to Tuna, and I hope he considers doing art of the Indoraptor. I know we don’t have much to go on, but from the jaw in the trailer, using the build of a raptor, and filling in the missing details with the Indoraptor’s counterpart the Indominus Rex, I think Tuna could make a decent painting. If you’re reading this, Tuna, please consider my idea!

  2. This will shut people up for a while. I hear all this people going “Ew, what are these creatures on my screen right now; This isn’t Baryonyx, This isn’t Allosaurus”, when we’re barely gotten good enough glimpses at them in the trailers. Like people, there’s such a thing as unflattering angles for dinosaurs, too.

  3. These renditions of the new Fallen Kingdom theropods look absolutely fantastic, the Baryonyx in particular looks incredible! It would definitely be great to see more fan art on Jurassic Outpost, I’ve put down the links to the artist’s websites.

    1. Hey thanks for mentioning my deviantart here!! That’s so nice of you! Glad you like my arts. 🙂

      Antoni a.k.a. Jurassicworldfan

  4. This sequel to Jurassic World looks totally awesome. I sure hope that they don’t kill T-Rex. He is my favorite dinosaur. I hope that Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard survive too. It was awful to see Vincent D’Onofrio killed in the first Jurassic World. I am really looking forward to this in June.

    1. Wow, you’re kind of rude. The fan-art is based on the official Fallen Kingdom designs. If you think fan-art doesn’t bring the franchise to life, then you are severely misinformed, my friend.

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