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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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First Look at 2019 ‘Jurassic World: Dino Rivals’ Toy Line from Mattel!

Since Mattel made their debut with the Jurassic license earlier this year, they have spared no expense bringing quality items to stores, and most importantly, fans and collectors. While the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom tie-in line is wrapping up this Fall, the toys are not going extinct – in fact, they’re just getting started.

Take a first look at just some of the upcoming 2019 ‘Dino Rivals’ toys from Mattel, all only from the upcoming “Spring” wave (some of which are hitting shelves as early as THIS year!):

Attack Pack Assortment

Get ready to continue the thrilling action and adventure with Jurassic World: Dino Rivals! these attack pack dinosaurs are inspired by the movie and are known to herd, hunt and attack in packs. Each attack pack dinosaur figure includes five points of articulation, realistic sculpting and authentic decoration. Choose from Velociraptor, Dracorex, Rhamphorhynchus, and many more!. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

Savage Strike Assortment

Be a part of the Jurassic World adventure with the ultimate in dinosaur rivalry and battle action! These smaller-size dinosaur action figures capture the ultimate movie action with their Savage Strike™ attack moves iconic to their respective species. Play out movie action scenes with Savage Strike™ attack moves like biting, head ramming, wing flapping and more. Just press a designated area on the dinosaur action figure to make it move (each dinosaur activation varies). Figures also include articulated arms and legs, realistic sculpting and authentic decoration. Get ready to battle it out—Savage Strike™ style—with these fierce action figures! Each sold separately, subject to availability. Each dinosaur comes with a cool Dino Rivals™ collector card detailing the dinosaur’s key battle stats and attributes. For more dinosaur fun, download the Jurassic World Facts app (Android and iOS) to scan and watch each dinosaur come to life, learn attack facts, compare stats and more!

Battle Damage Assortment

Get ready for thrilling action and adventure with Jurassic World! These Battle Damage dinosaur action figures have a spring-loaded damage panel feature that snaps back on impact to reveal the battle wound! Kids will love battling it out again and again to see the results. Just reset the Battle Damage action figure to play out favorite action battles from the movie again and again! Choose from Battle Damage Plesiosaurus, Battle Damage Pteranodon and many more. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

Tracker ATV Set

Get ready for thrilling action and adventure with Jurassic World: Dino Rivals!Hit the road to adventure with this Jurassic World-inspired ATV vehicle with cool features! Front of the ATV transforms into a capture claw that you can use as you drive around to capture dinosaurs. Set comes with ATV vehicle, Owen figure, knife and gauntlet accessories, Dracorex dinosaur and card with dinosaur facts for complete storytelling play!

Mega Dual Attack Assortment

Experience Jurassic World dinosaur battle play in a whole new way! Jurassic World Mega Dual Attack dinosaur action figures come in a larger size and have dual-button activation for fierce battle action! Push the two buttons on each dinosaur to activate different battle features, such as tail strikes, head strikes and massive chomps! You can also press both buttons at the same time for dual-striking action! These dinosaur action figures have movie-inspired sculpting, an articulated head and tail, authentic color and realistic texture. Recreate all the epic Jurassic World battle-action scenes with these Mega Dual Attack dinosaur action figures! Choose from Stegosaurus, Suchomimus, Amargasaurus action figures and more (each sold separately, subject to availability). Each dinosaur comes with a cool Dino Rivals™ collector card detailing its key battle stats and attributes.

Bite ‘N Fight Tyrannosaurus Rex

Experience Jurassic World dinosaur battle play in a whole new way! This larger-scale Bite ‘N Fight Tyrannosaurus Rex has articulation and dual-button activation for fierce battle action! Push the back button on the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the tail strikes; press the front button and its head lunges forward with biting action and turns approximately 90 degrees. The harder you press the front button, the stronger the bite force becomes! You can also press both buttons at the same time for dual tail and head-striking action! This fan-favorite character has movie-inspired sculpting, an articulated head and tail, authentic color and realistic texture. Recreate all the epic Jurassic World battle-action scenes with this Bite ‘N Fight Tyrannosaurus Rex—but watch out—this Tyrannosaurus Rex has a huge BITE and swinging tail STRIKE! Comes with a cool Dino Rivals™ collector card detailing the dinosaur’s key battle stats and attributes.

Colossal Rex (re-release)

Get ready for thrilling action and adventure with Jurassic World! Based on the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex from Jurassic World, Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex is approximately three feet long with realistic detail and decoration. Large figure features articulated arms and legs, and extra-wide jaws that can open and close. Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex can swallow up to 20 mini action figure dinosaurs whole (sold separately)! To release the dinosaurs, open the door on the belly.

This is just a small sampling of the items that will soon be available in stores – the entire 2019 Dino Rivals line boasts 16 entirely new species joining many new versions of previous dinosaurs. Exclusive assortments likes Battle Damage (Walmart) and Legacy Collection (Target) are continuing to expand, and should provide many fun surprises in the future.

Some of the upcoming toys not pictured here, but revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2018 are the Colossal Brachiosaurus, Mega Dual Attack Amargasaurus, and Franklin Webb human action figure. Be sure to keep your eyes open, as more pictures of the Dino Rivals toys are likely around the corner!

While the other items have yet to become available, the Attack Pack’s are already available to order on Amazon (with many more pictures): Dracorex, Rhamphorhynchus, Coelurus, Protoceratops, Velociraptor, and Herrerasaurus.

What are your thoughts on the revealed items, and what else do you hope the new line of toys bring? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for the latest news!


83 thoughts on “First Look at 2019 ‘Jurassic World: Dino Rivals’ Toy Line from Mattel!

  1. Not really a fan of keep repaiting older releases, especially when they’re still not movie-accurate (looking at you, Velociraptor) while the claws remain unpainted. That only gives me bad flashbacks to the Hasbro era, when the only thing they did was repainting the JP3 line for over a decade.
    However, the new sculpts look interesting. Coelurus, Dracorex and Plesiosaurus look quite lovely.

    1. Well we got to remember, Even Kenner did quite a few repaints when they made the toys. These repaints don’t really bother me since half of them are also retools, but I do understand what your getting at here

    2. I’m willing to overlook the unpainted claws – since that really seems to be the only major recurring paint issue, compared to other problems that could and have existed before.

      I’m still not sure why no one else is marveling at the fact that Mattel is painting the actually ball/bending neck joint pieces so that we don’t see bare plastic when we move a Dino’s head – see attack pack stygimoloch for example.

  2. Many other figures weren’t shown, and there have been rumours of a Nedry and Hammond. Also look out for Amargasaurus, Brachiosaurus and Quetzalcoatlus.

    1. Seeing as we only had one figure of the female JP3 Raptor, i’m hoping Mattel will decide to release it alongside the male JP3 Raptor. Parasaurolophus wouldn’t be a bad choice, either.

  3. Lots of non-canon dinosaurs here like the Herrerasaurus.

    I have Two colossal Rexes already. Wake me up when they release a big Brachiosaurus.

      1. Proof? And it must come from the films, not some Telltale point and click adventure… Also no old, retconned maps. Show me the footage of the Herrerasaurus.

          1. Colin trevorrow has stated that he believes the events in JPTG by Telltale to be canon, but some specific events were different canon wise. Also Ben telltale is going bust. Please SYM about how Telltale did such bad jobs on the games they made; they honestly don’t deserve it. And yes, Herrerasaurus is canon; it was on all the promo maps for the first movie. I actually like JPTG but my question is… WHERE IS GERRY HARDINGS MUSTACHE???

  4. I’m down for Nedry, Hammond, Tim and Lex humans. Also, we need an Eli Mills for JWFK. Also, we need ford explorers and I can’t wait for the massive Brachiosaurus

  5. still waiting for those playsets and more vehicles like the ford explorer. but these dinosaurs look good and verry exited about that GIANT BRACHIOSAURUS. but in it all verry good mattel

  6. What about the coolest dino of the entire movie the biggest baddest and the only dino that absolutely could never be outmatched she had only 2 cameos in the latest film the MOSASOUR

  7. Perfect Blue Character of the Jurassic Collector Series, all the details, such as the size of the feet and the head, are highly respected. I hope so much that they will do the same with the t-rex from Jurassic World, The Lost World and JP3, and also with the JP3 male velociraptor, where they will simply have to change their color, change their heads and add thorns. or protoplums behind the head.

  8. Loving that little ATV set though I really feel like it was a huge missed opportunity for a great figure of
    Omar Sy’s Barry from JW… who needs another Owen?!!

    Those concepts are great, hope they pan out in some form

  9. Aww, I will definetly be picking up Dracorex, protoceratops, ceolorus, and ramphyrinchus! The gray dracorex is so cute! Also the tapejara. But the plesiosaur looks like something out of an animal planet dinosaur playset… and so does the new pteranodon. I might also buy the dimetrodon. The dracorex looks like the one from JW Evolution, and she’s so cute! Please Frontier Games, add these dinosaurs to the game! They are so cool! Especially smaller and large pterosaurs, aquatics, and non Dino’s like dimetrodon. I just LOVE that gray Dracorex! ❤️

  10. It would be great to have a non-legacy collection Spinosaurus so we can actually find them in stores and not just from ebay scalpers. And a better color scheme on it wouldnt hurt. More and larger dilophosaurs maybe without the frill would be nice.

      1. Target sucks right now. I ain’t goin there until they restock; they lost one more customer until they fix their issue.

  11. I just want to see these all actually get released here in Australia this time. We’re still waiting on half the figures from the last lot. We still have no Mosasaur, human figures, Battle Damage or Legacy Collection stuff yet. Can Mattel finish distributing stuff from the first round to all markets before moving on to the second round, please?

    1. Yep, it’s utterly ludicrous. And as someone with a bit of insight into the backend of supply, it actually makes me quite angry.

      The only thing left in stores over here are RC Gyrospheres, the skeletons, and a bajillion of those silly rip-runs. When we were getting supply of the other products, we couldn’t keep stores stocked because it moved so fast. I’m just so so worried that the buyers for major retailers will pull a JP3 and refuse to order anything past 2018, thinking that the demand has gone dry (when I can tell you, it hasn’t. And that’s not fan-talk — I work in a position where I field queries from people borderline BEGGING for the rest of the line, and restocks, and new merch, and I still get asked about this almost daily). Someone from a rival business told me they were having the same experience. It’s even escalating, because people are starting to look for this stuff leading into Christmas.

      And I can tell you a thing which makes it just so much worse.

      Buyers for one retail chain here in Aussieland were trying their damndest to get from Mattel the things people actually wanted (i.e. the figures, in an actual reasonable quantity, and not the gimmicky junk). Mattel only wanted to send what we’ve now got way too much of, and dragged their heels on almost every other request. Now, that stuff they insisted on sending instead of the things that were being asked for is sitting on store shelves gathering dust. What I can’t understand is WHY. Just… why?

      Beyond the launch lineup, I have seen one box of wave 2 blind bags come in at a local store (which was probably a miracle in and of itself), and they were gone in less than 24 hours. One shipment of wave 2 basic dinos. One shipment of wave 2 roarivores. And then there’s Kmart getting the exclusive on the basic Indoraptor, and not having anywhere near enough to keep up with the demand. They were cleaned out so thoroughly it’s not even listed on the site anymore. I’ve seen nothing new for some time now, meanwhile other places have Battle Damage, Legacy figures, wave 3 basics, human figures…. list goes on.

      The Jurassic market here isn’t dry and it isn’t weak; there are people scratching and clawing for these toys but we can’t sell what we can’t get. It’s really, really frustrating.

      Sure, I can probably organise a group-buy with some friends to split the fees and get something shipped from overseas. But that doesn’t help all the people I talk to right here in Australia who can’t find what they’re looking for.

  12. So here are the new species we know of in the line:

    1. Plesiosaurus
    2. Dracorex
    3. Coelurus
    4. Rhamphorhynchus
    5. Styracosaurus
    6. Tapejara / Tupandactylus
    7. Concavenator
    8. Nasutoceratops
    9. Amargasaurus
    10. Quetzalcoatlus
    11. Albertasaurus
    12. Brachiosaurus
    13. Indominus Rex *
    14. Parasaurolphus *
    15. ???
    16. ???

    * = strongly rumored

    1. I would love to see a thrash and throw indominus rex, and I do believe everything you’re saying on there is going to be in the new line. I would also love it if Mattel would take everything Hasbro crapped out for 16 years, and just redo it all, and also since they’re continuing the legacy collection, I think next year they should continue on making stuff from the first movie, but make more things for The Lost World (human figures, repaint of thrash ant to throw in bull rex green, the trailer, ect.), cause I would love to see a new age Dieter Stark figure with his tazer prod, his gun, and two compys would be awesome, it would probably be $10.00, but it’s worth it. That will be all.

  13. I’d also really like a super articulated T-Rex like what they did with the Indoraptor.

    I’d also like:
    Jungle Explorer
    Mobile Command Center
    Lex and Tim
    Sarah Harding
    Articulated Raptors

  14. I really think the Indoraptor’s nickname should be ‘Hot-rod’ instead of ‘Ripper’… I mean, he has a hot-rod paintjob and Wheatley even says he’s ‘some kind of hot-rod’.
    He doesn’t do much ‘ripping’ but he sure does look like a hot-rod Dinosaur…
    But hey, I don’t have a Youtube channel so pfft, what do I know?

  15. I hope Mattel will produce more products because in the Philippines we don’t have wave 2 and 3 human figure, super colossal t rex wave 2 roarivores, playsets and legacy collection

    The toys that are available here are so expensive so I can’t even buy one 😭😭😭

      1. They’d still have to base that opinion on evidence. Which there is none for feathers. But that makes me wonder, why add feathers in the first place if there was no evidence for them??

        1. Phylogenetic bracketing. When you have no evidence either way, you default to the closest relative where that information is known (which at the time was Yutyrannus). Now that we have evidence for T. rex to be scaly, all Tyrannosaurs closer related to it than to yutyrannus are to be assumed scaly until evidence shows otherwise.

          1. I am still skeptical with the Yutyrannus, I accept that it MAY have had feathers… But you have people turning it into a literal fluff ball… Talk about getting carried away!
            Though I find modern Paleo-art to be quite over the top at best and down right cringey at worst. Everyone’s trying to make a name for themselves. Everyone is letting their imaginations run totally unchecked. It backfired hilariously with the T. rex… We’ll see how the rest turn out.

          2. I am certainly no ‘creationist’. But I am a strong skeptic of feathered Dinosaurs. The evidence I have seen being mostly assumption and wishful thinking. And the places where these animals found usually being Liaoning, China. Now we all know China is the home of counterfeits. And has even been caught faking feathered fossils before now. I see no reason to trust them. I also see no reason to keep covering everything pulled out of the ground in feathers just because there’s a tiny amount of evidence that it’s relative may have had feathers of some form…
            The truth about the Tyrannosaurus just cements my views even further. Everyone was so keen to redesign this creature with fluff. They even attacked JP for years over it. And now… NO FEATHERS! There never was evidence for them anyway! Just biased assumption! No, it will take far more than the little we have now to convince me of feathered Dinosaurs.

          3. I’d recommend reading a book or some papers every once in a while, being educated on a subject is the best way to avoid looking like an idiot (something you seem to have a problem with).

            You’re skeptical that Yutyrannus has feathers… despite there being several skeletons with full coats of feathers preserved? I assume you’re also skeptical that ducks have feathers, and you must be furious that people draw Dodos with anything other than scaly skin! That is, if birds are even real in the first place (I personally believe they’re just surveillance robots designed by the chinese, can’t trust them as far as you can throw them).

    1. Oh yeah, I saw that. I had my own celebration when this came out. I told all my friends and my science teachers. I love the fact that the trex had scales skin. I would have been fine with feathers, honestly. But Jurassic Park dinosaurs somehow getting scientifically accurate is a win for the fan base and for my childhood. I used to be like, Feathers? Overgrown chicken? Boo! No! Never! Hiss! but now I am honestly ready to accept any scientific development the paleontologists throw at our faces, after what happened with the spinosaurus. This makes me happy that JP movies didn’t do what they did in JPIII and give feathers or quills to the trex as well as the velociraptors. Universal and the franchise would have looked really silly now. At least they have canon reason for the feathers in JPIII now. Before it was like, Lets throw different stuff in your faces and just pretend you won’t notice! We don’t need to explain anything. Feathers are just there, and you don’t need to know why! I find that dinosaurs couldn’t stick out their tougns as funny, but this might change with more development. I can’t spell tougn. Honestly it makes sense how an elephant doesn’t have much hair but shrews do. But the wooly mammoth had hair, so why is that an issue? Honestly, we will never know what dinosaurs really look like until we invent time travel, and nobody is visiting our past selves to keep us from making mistakes, so that will probably be never. But Ben do you think that small dinosaurs had feathers then like the Compsagnauthus and Velociraptor, utahraptor, and deinonychus? They make more sense then on a big animal like a trex or tarbosaurus. And I wonder. What was the evidence that they based feathers on? We never found a mummified trex like that no dosage last year, with the skin and feathers on it. We never found a feather fossilized next to a skeleton or a feather trapped in amber. It was just assumption because small dinosaurs had feathers so why not larger ones? My thinking is that the trex chicks had down like chicken chicks do today, and lost their downy feathers over time as they got larger and grew up. Yknow, to help with body tempature or something. To find out they were completely scaled as babies would be something. Who knows? Maybe we will find evidence someday, but my thinking is that movies, books, tv shows, and paleo artists should portray the trex as scales. Maybe somebody should write a book called Trex a journey through scales and feathers, so we can explain 40 years from now whenever we have definite proof that we weren’t exactly stupid to think it might have. I garuntee people in the future will either say, They thought is had feathers? Pfft, people used to be stupid, or they will say, Pfft, scales? That’s just weird. People used to be stupid. Either way this goes, Humanity is really dumb for fully embracing feathers OR scales without concrete evidence. In my opinion, a scaled trex looks more cool and appealing than a killer bird. Ben I dare you to type a comment longer than this one lol this took forever to type. And yes, I admit that I shouldn’t have accepted feathers without concrete evidence. But I won’t fully accept scales either, just in case this changes.

      1. When I said no dosage I meant ‘Nodosaurus’ sorry it was that one that was preserved so well. It was in a National Geographic magazine.

      2. Expect Jurassic Park Dinosaurs are still not scientifically accurate. As for what they based T.rex having feathers on? Phylogenetic bracketing. Yutyrannus, a 8 m long Tyrannosaur had them. Feathers on Raptors are however definitve, as we got fossils of feathered raptors and also quill knobs on Velociraptor itself. And if you think feathers are silly, you clearly never have been attacked by a bird.

        1. Yeah. The thing is, they decided to go along with making a stygimoloch for the 5th film. Jack Horner already said that it was a baby pachycephalosaurus in his TED talk. This is another error. And I agree. Peacocks are beautiful, but deadly. At my zoo, they had to helicopter me out of there because I was pecked to the brink of death. 😏

  16. a comment longer than this one lol this took forever to type. And yes, I admit that I shouldn’t have accepted feathers without concrete evidence. But I won’t fully accept scales either, just in case this changes.

    There you go. Dare completed :p

  17. I’m glad to see some functioning brains regarding the feather issue.
    The so called “evidence” amounts to some marks on a fossil maybe looking like a feather, some black mess around some skeletons, that could not be called feathers even by the desperate scientists who frothed at the mouth trying to find feathers, so they just went ahead and called it “dino fuzz” and somehow managed to keep a straight face. Then someone comes along and reasonably points out it’s most likely nothing more than some preserved collagen! Well, that explains why it was hard to try and pin it down to anything that could reasonably be called feathers. They tried though.

    Alot of these paleontologists have been desperate to try and make you believe that Dinosaurs are birds, with or without evidence, they want it, and you must believe them! They have good salaries and titles, don’t question! These guys also seem to not only not have an interest in other reptiles, but even dislike them, and are also totally clueless about them. They say ridiculous things like “we think Dinosaurs were fast and active, more like mammals and birds!” spoken like someone who has never been around a reptile in his life. They are still relating to the world with the old ignorant mind set of scientists from hundreds of years ago, that even thought reptiles were cold and slimy! Because they were just going off peoples ignorant perceptions. Whatever they were knowledgeable about as scientists, they were certainly ignorant in areas, and so are these new guys.

    And yes, the paleo art of today sucks big time. It’s a bizarre freakshow for the most part. I agree with Ben on this. Give me the old illustrations, like John Sibbick. Even very old art from way, way, back is more appealing than 99% of what gets produced today.

    The Jurassic World films are some of the only good portrayals of Dinosaurs in this day.
    It made me laugh when J.A Bayona responded to the question about whether they considered putting feathers on the Dinosaurs in a recent interview. I wont try and quote the exact words because I can’t quite remember them now, but what’s important is, he said the word never three times in his answer! HAHAHA! Well done guys. Bravo!

    1. I like going through Jurassic Park comment sections, it’s fun seeing people so deep in their denial that they’ve regressed 50 years just to defend the multi-billion dollar media franchise they’ve imprinted their formative years and dumped months worth of salary onto just for a chance to grab onto that child-like joy their minds made up to keep the depression away for another day. Just accept that you like monsters instead of dinosaurs and go buy another $20 hunk of plastic in an attempt to fill that ever growing void in your heart.

      1. I will freely admit that I love JP’s brand of Dinosaur over the real versions of them. Reality, I am afraid, could only disappoint me.
        Still, Tyrannosaurus rex had no feathers so ner…

      2. Rude. I don’t buy the 20$ hunk of plastic. I buy the hunk of plastic WITH SOUND for 30$. Boom. And I buy it on sale so it’s only $37.95 BOOOOM. That hunk of plastic was so rare, you wouldn’t believe. And I got it on sale! What a bargain!

        In all seriousness, I’m sure fan bois like me don’t all have depression. I don’t buy the hunks of plastic too often. I only buy ones I like or ones on sale that are cheaper. I only have a Baryonyx, a Herrerasaurus, and the little Dino figures that are in the bags. The mini ones. I really wanted a Spino, but I’m in the USA, so target thinks they are too good to listen to mere CUSTOMERS. And I love all versions of dinosaurs, scales or no scales, feathers or no feathers. I actually like scientifically accurate ones more than JP. It’s cool to think, wow they lived in our world at one time or another. How cool is that? JP dinosaurs are more like, ok so they’re dinosaurs but they aren’t really real. Sometimes they can be imagination like dilo spitters or man sized VELOCIRAPTORS. I honestly like real life better. I don’t think JP is always cooler. (With the exception of the spinosaurus of JPIII.)

  18. hi today heres a sneek peek of what the concavanator looks like first the concavanator has dark green skin and a red sail its arms are thick and more sneek peeks the amargasaurus i think looks ike the one from jurassic world the game how it has tan skin and a purple sail

  19. he i’m from the Netherlands and we have almost nothing from mattel JWFL toyline we only have dinosaurs a jeep and thats it the other cars the humans have’nt come hero and what is even worse we don’t have all the dinosaurs no store here has the FREAKING MOSASAUR !!!! so you people from the US or UK are very lucky

  20. Does anyone have any idea when the plesiosaur will be released for sale? I have been checking daily and it just shows out of stock.

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