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We spent a day at Frontier Developments in Cambridge and played Jurassic World: Evolution!

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Updated: First look at Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard & Justice Smith in costume from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom! (Spoilers)

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom may only have a few days left to film, but we just now have our first look at Chris Pratt as Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing in the highly anticipated sequel! The following pictures come from The Daily Mail, and were photographed during filming at the Hālona Blowhole in Hawaii.

The pictures are fairly exciting, though we must warn you – they may showcase scene spoilers, so turn back now if you’d like to remain spoiler free.

The scene in question showcases Owen and Claire struggling to emerge from the water on what appears to be a remote, Isla Nublar beach. They’re both donning their full adventure gear, with Chris Pratt sporting a similar outfit to Jurassic World with a Henley and leather vest. Bryce Dallas Howard see’s the biggest wardrobe switch-up, wearing tall outdoor boots, green khakis, a olive tank, and what appears to be a form of a green combat jacket – talk about a far cry from her white wardrobe in the last film!

Take a look below:


Be sure to hit Daily Mail’s website for more more images, and a quick video of the two in action!

A few days past, while eager fans waited near another Hawaii set in hopes of meeting Chris Pratt and the other stars, Pratt quickly came out to greet everyone, and posed for a few photos! Instagram user Marypou17 was one of the lucky few, and she’s shared another full look at his outfit gear, only not soaked from the ocean:

Owen is looking fairly familiar, and while we wait for better pictures of Claire in her outfit, I think one thing is clear: she looks entirely baddass, and is going to make one hell of a toy. Step aside, Owen Grady (hello Sarah Harding 2.0).

Update: Thanks to our friends at The Bryce Dallas Howard Network, we have fantastic, high quality images of Claire in her outfit! Also pictured are some new shots of Chris Pratt, and most excitingly, Justice Smith in costume as his character Franklin! Be sure to check out all 54 images at

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is the fifth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise, and is expected to wrap principal photography any day now! Stay tuned, as more news is surely around the corner.

Source: Daily Mail


14 thoughts on “Updated: First look at Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard & Justice Smith in costume from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom! (Spoilers)

  1. By Sarah Harding 2.0 I certainly hope you aren’t referring to the bumbling moron from The Lost World. That Sarah was an idiot compared to her novel counterpart. She did manage to kick a little ass during the King Kong tribute final act so if Claire ends up going that route I’m alright with that. Just please no TLW act one and two Sarah please.

  2. God, I thought Owen was incredibly bland and I just didn’t care for Claire very much in Jurassic World. But listen, I want to be optimistic here and I really want to feel differently about them in this next film. I’m afraid of being disappointed again, but maybe I’ll be surprised? I don’t know. Also, bit random, but this is the first time I’ve actually thought, “Huh, Owen and Claire are REALLY goddamn attractive.” Maybe it’s The Lost World vibes I’m getting from their costumes, but I’m digging what I see. At the very least, maybe I’ll be able to appreciate the eye candy from these two if the characterizations still disappoint, which is something I couldn’t manage during the last.

  3. I’m dying for a trailer or some still images.
    Jurassic world had magazine exposure almost as soon as they started filming in Hawaii. Why are they holding back???
    A lot of people have no idea they’re making another movie.

    1. Well, we did get the first teaser for the previous film back during December of 2014. Perhaps they’ll time it the same way with JW:FK.

  4. I hope this movie is great Chris and Brice, the last movie I saw blew my mind . Please take care of Rexy and the whole gang . Also can’t wait to see Mr Goldblum in the movie .

  5. Just a little more than four months for the first trailer (or maybe five). I can wait for that. Just hope it is a more finished product than JW’s was. They have time and expertise for that.

    1. Even if it had issues, you have to admit that Jurassic World was some amazing fan wish fulfillment XD also how can you not love that they made Rexy the hero of the story? She diserves the spotlight! True, she would turn around and eat any one of them in a heartbeat if she wasn’t battling for territory, but it was still badass 😀

  6. It’s interesting how the first pic alone is reminiscent of the JP fan fiction story I’ve recently finished. The main characters in my story swim to shore after escaping from an aerial collision with a lone Pteranodon. Though I don’t think that’s the case here with the talks of an underwater scene, but I presume something intense must be happening before Owen and Claire get to shore.

  7. Guys, this might be a scene that we already know from TLW book. Sarah Harding is getting pushed overboard by Levis Dodgson while they move to Isla Sorna by boat but she manages to get on the island even if it’s a tough thing because of the big waves and stuff … So maybe they’ve changed a bit for JWFK and now there are Owen and Claire in the scene. #Hypetrain

  8. Huh. That’s a great theory. I Hope your right. I thought it may have been another Zach & Gray cliff Jump or something. Your theory is better though because they changed the Lost World movie so much. They might want to add another book scene.

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