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“Getting Ready For The Journey” J.A. Bayona Shares New Jurassic World 2 Photo!

It’s always fun waking up to news, and with the Jurassic World sequel’s production offices now based in London, there’s a stronger chance that I’ll actually catch the news as it’s shared.

News on the sequel has been quiet with only some casting information dripping out, but now director J.A. Bayona has shared his first photo for the sequel – which shows some scratched/dirty Jurassic World worker hardhats!

The image is captioned: “Getting ready for the journey.” and the image itself indicates that the production team are finalizing the props for the film, which begins shooting next month.

The hardhats are not from Jurassic Park but we know from reference images that they are the same as the ones that the Paddock Supervisors wear, mostly seen around the Indominus Rex paddock.


The difference in the photo Bayona shared is that they have the full colour logo instead of the stencil logo. The full colour logo is seen on the white hardhat in Jurassic World that Zach and Gray find in the jungle. It is also found on the Masrani Global website.


Our friends at Reel News Hawaii have also weighed in, suggesting that the hats could also be the orange Jurassic World construction hats that were used while the park was built!


What are your thoughts? How do you think these hats tie into the story? Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to give our story speculation article a read!

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9 thoughts on ““Getting Ready For The Journey” J.A. Bayona Shares New Jurassic World 2 Photo!

  1. The hard hats make me think we are going to see a flashback to before Jurassic World. Maybe workers building the park or perhaps even further back in the timeline. Either that, or we may see workers rebuilding Jurassic World (which everyone would think is foolish and crazy), sparking the All Creatures Have Rights plot line. Speculation, obviously.

  2. I wonder if we’ll see efforts to go collect assets from Jurassic World (as in dinosaurs, DNA, equipment, etc) from multiple parties, legally and illegally. That sounds like The Lost World, but I imagine it handled in a different way and possibly a smaller part of the movie…since we’ve already been told the story is “getting off the island”.

  3. I think these will be seen during the Isla Nublar rescue mission. I also think it’s important to remember that this mission may or may not be a good thing and might even serve as a prologue of sorts used to jump-start the film. If it’s a mission with good intentions, I can see it involving the rescue of people left behind on the island, where the rescue workers then stumble upon something nefarious, or it involves the extraction of dinosaurs (including Blue). On the other hand, it might be a “rescue” mission involving a corrupt corporation (like, say, BioSyn?) who want to get first-dibs on cashing out on Dinosaurs post-Jurassic World.

  4. I am getting the chills thinking about an idea that might support what will happen with those hardhats. I think this might be the opening sequence.

    Imagine – Nighttime, Isla Nublar recovery mission. Dinosaurs are being captured, reigned in. Construction crews working non-stop. Their eyes always on alert. SOme are a bit tired and resting, but with eyes open. Anything can happen anytime. These are not creatures of our time, they are reminded. However, the salvage crew remind themselves of the responsibility to protect the assets at any cost. Somehow it seems, their lives depend on it, one way or the other. The dark skies are partially cloudy, there might be rainfall. A warm earthen gust blows, shaking the palm trees in the dark jungle. They stand like powerful, yet mute observers of time; time which seems to be running out.

    How was that? It’s the kind of mood I’d like established in the prologue scene before the title cards hit the screen with the ominous soundtrack.

  5. I see 4 types of hardhats here. In my opinion the black ones are for Paddock supervisors, the white/grey are for builders/construcors. That would mean such possibilities:
    – just symbol of starting work on the set of new movie
    – flashback showing the construction of Jurassic World – this would be cool to see, since it would be a chance to fill some plotholes previous movies had (especially for period between JP3 and JW). However, considering there were never any flashbacks in the franchise, I find this possibility as not valid
    – securing the Park infrastructure just after the JW incident. Considering, that Jurassic movies always took place in the year of the movie premiere (1993, 1997, 2001 and 2015), I also think this to be not very likely to have. However a good motif for video game to explore
    – disassembling the park buildings and setting the words of Hoskins in motion: “Tommorrow Park will go Chapter 11” – InGen, just like in the second book, got bankrupted and now the company is forced to dismiss their infrastructural, system and science assets. Also pay a lot of money to the people harmed during the incident. What will happen with the animals – this is the topic of upcomning movie. And this is my pick for meaning of helmets

  6. I was thinking, that a cool way to set up the plot for upcoming movie would be a court scene. InGen representatives (Claire, Owen and their colleagues) are being questioned and all the facts from previous movies (original Park, San-Diego outbreak) along with those mentioned only during viral marketing (Hoskins capturing JP3 pterosaurs, building the Jurassic World, scavengers stealing dinosaurs from both islands) are brought up as accusations. There is a public demand to deal with the Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. Malcom and Grant are summoned as witnesses. Then the verdict determines, that all dinosaurs should be destroyed and after this the movement of “Dinosaur activists” is on the rise.

    Also, a good choice for strenghten the characters is a dialogue between Wu and Biosyn considering past events that took place on the islands.

    Just thinking.

  7. Looks like some personnel will be wearing them during an operation involving dinosaurs. Interested to find out whether the rest of the outfit will be like in the previous film or if it’s for a specific task.

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