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Glen Powell Auditioned for Jurassic Park 4 in 2004?!

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, up and coming actor Glen Powell – who stars in such films as The Great Debaters, The Expendables 3 and The Dark Knight Rises – revealed that he once auditioned for a Jurassic Park movie, long before it was Jurassic World.


Worst audition: “I auditioned for a new Jurassic Park years ago, way before it was Jurassic World. And there was an improv section where I was being attacked by a Pterodactylus.”

While we don’t know when this was, it’s likely that it was around 2004, when the studio was preparing for the John Sayles script to head into production. This is speculation of course, but through various sources we know that this script reached the point of Hasbro designing the toyline, and now we can assume that it also reached the casting stages.

If you haven’t already, check out the 2004 John Sayles script for Jurassic Park 4 which is available for download here. The script opens with a little league game being attacked by Pternosaurs, which could relate to the audition scene that Glen described.

We have reached out to Glen Powell for more information!

Source: THR


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