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Jake Johnson Not Returning for Jurassic World 2


It looks like everyone’s favorite booth operator will not be seen dealing with dinosaurs in Jurassic World 2. When Jake Johnson was asked whether or not fan favorite character “Lowery” would be returning in the Jurassic World sequel, he responded:

Even though this may sound unfortunate to some, as Lowery was considered one of the highlights of the film to many, his character would have no place in the sequel based on what we know of the next movie. The Jurassic Park franchise has never been about shoehorning side characters into sequels, and oftentimes features an entirely new cast.

With that in mind, as the start of production nears, it is only a matter of time before more casting news begins to emerge.

Source: Jake Johnson


5 thoughts on “Jake Johnson Not Returning for Jurassic World 2

  1. That’s kind of a bummer after Lowery said “Someone has to stay behind” now seems to be two fold.
    I like how his character added to the film. Lowery did stood out among the other employees with the mind set of a true fan of the first park sporting his t-shirt and toy dinosaurs collection, which most can identify with.

    Maybe the t-shirt will make a return.. in mint condition!

  2. how did he have access to that jurassic park shirt that he wears in the movie? i mean according to everyone Jurassic World is the first film. its not like its the fourth film to an already existing franchise or something. the connection would have made sense if jurassic world was a sequel. i mean by definition it fits the definition of a sequel in everyway…except it isnt one. somehow.

    1. Jurassic World is a sequel, and Lowery mentions that he got the shirt off of Ebay. I guess some of the construction workers or lab assistants smuggled some merchandise off the island.

  3. Yeah, I sort of figured as much. Always figured he’d be a one-movie character. Shame, though, since he’s just about the only person I actually liked.

    Still, I’m getting anxious about casting news. That’s always one of my favorite parts when it comes to movie development!

  4. I liked his character too. Plus, he’s got plenty of charisma. However, I do understand Lowery would have no part to play in the sequels. What would he do?

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