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Jeff Goldblum Officially Reprising Role of Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World 2!

Life, uh, finds a way. It was just confirmed by Hollywood Reporter that Jeff Goldblum will make his return to the Jurassic Park franchise in 2018. Goldblum’s much beloved chaotician Dr. Ian Malcolm was first introduced in the original film, and later returned to star in the 1997 sequel  ‘The Lost World’. Now, nearly 20 years later, he’s back, and we couldn’t be more excited.


Eagle eyed super fans probably spotted the Malcolm easter eggs laced throughout Jurassic World, with his picture appearing on the fictional book ‘God Creates Dinosaurs’. Perhaps they were trying to tell us all along that he would be back! Now the big question is what story elements will spark his return, and what role will he play?

While one would think two brushes with death amongst dinosaurs would be enough to keep him far away, his personality is much like a moth to the flame. He wants to be there, to tell people they’re foolish, to try to convince them to take another path, and ultimately, to tell them “I told you so”. It seems fair to assume that as much as he wants to stay away on a baser level, he has an attraction to chaos that he cannot deny – and chaos certainly rules after the Jurassic World incident.


I personally could see his character returning to be the voice of logic, less enamored by the dinosaurs, viewing them in a more negative light. In a way, I imagine he’ll be a bit of an anti-hero, as we the audience find ourselves rooting for the dinosaurs to survive – he’ll probably be less sympathetic. Let’s face it, while we all love the dinosaurs, they pose a huge threat to natural ecosystem of the world, and if they ever were introduced outside of the islands the consequences would be dire.

Producer Frank Marshall had this to say about Jeff’s return to Slashfilm:

“I’m excited to have him back. The world has changed a lot since Ian Malcolm went to Jurassic Park and we need his point of view now more than ever. He told us about chaos theory, he was right.”

However he returns, I believe he’ll help keep the science part of science fiction going strong in the upcoming sequel – something I found lacking from the main protagonists in Jurassic World. Jeff Goldblum joins Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, B.D. Wong, Daniella Pineda, Justice Smith, Toby Jones, Rafe Spall, Geraldine Chaplin, Ted Levine and James Cromwell in Jurassic World 2 which releases June 22nd, 2018.

jeffgoldblumidrJeff Goldblum – Independence Day Resurgence (2016)

Sound off in the comments below and tell us how you think Dr. Malcolm will return, and be sure to stay tuned for all the latest news.

Until then, listen to our latest podcast where we discus this news along with the mind-blowing Lockwood/Hammond reveal!

Source: Hollywood Repoter


34 thoughts on “Jeff Goldblum Officially Reprising Role of Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World 2!

  1. I have mixed feelings about this. Forrest and foremost: I wonder whether he was only approached now, two months after the beginning of production, or today’s news only means they were keeping it a surprise for fans for as long as they could. If the former hypothesis is true, then I’m exceedingly worried: it must mean they are changing/rewriting the story as they shoot it, something which may lead to inconsistencies in the plot or clear signs of the puzzle they put together during production.

    Last, but not least, my utmost fear of them bringing back such brilliant characters as Dr. Malcolm or Grant is that they come up with poor excuses to throw them in the mix again (as they did with Grant in JP3). They’d better not just throw Malcolm back to the franchise with an excuse that will insult the character’s intelligence.

    Other than that, I’m glad to see another 1993 familiar face in JW2.

      1. I’m confident as well about the fact that he was part of the project since day 1, and this is kind of a “surprise gift” for the fans to tell it now.

        I’m thrilled to see the amount of good (and some great) actors for this film!
        I hope Bayona can bring some depth in Chris Pratt play, to give us a new iconic character in the JP/JW world.
        I’m so happy the Goldblum is back, and I really hope Sam Neill can come back as well. He’s always been my all time favorite!

        News are coming from all parts in recent days, I like it!
        I hope they will develop the same viral promotion for JW2 as they did for the first one.

  2. Sorry about the mistake in the first line of my previous comment. My keyboard exchanged “first” (in “first and foremost”) for Forrest. Go figure.

  3. I am thrilled to hear that he is coming back. I do find it odd though that so many people are asking on Facebook “is he playing a different character?”. Do people really not get the Jurassic World was the fourth film in the same series? Lol. I mean people really think that universal would bring Jeff back to play anyone other than Ian Malcolm? People genuinely don’t realize Jurassic World is a sequel and not a separate series. I truly am ecstatic to hear about this news though. I was really hoping he would make a return.

  4. I agree with What Frank Marshall said, gowver i myself had that thought and myself wondered he has to be back if you take a look at the movies that they need him bacm to be fhe voice of reason and logic, and if Alan Grant were to return he would probably had died or wouldn’t go anywhere near dinosaur’s if you look at him as well, so it was bound to happen

  5. Both Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly said that the basic story of the three films is already done, so I assume that Malcom was there all along. Let’s just see what they are going to do with him, sice this is now the third appearence of the character in the franchise, making him the one of the original cast with most number of movie appearances.

  6. I’m astonished. Jeff goldblums Ian Malcolm is certainly my favorite sci-fi character, so I’m excited to see him again despite never thinking it’d happen. That said, I thought Henry Wu’s reprisal in JW was extremely awkward and plastic relative to his appearance in the first one. I hope Malcolm doesn’t come across so stale. Unfortunately I’m not holding my breath :/

    1. Totally disagree. When someone is allowed to ad lib a couple lines it would seem his performance was a bit organic.

  7. Hell. YES. Listen, I realize we’re only going to get a five to ten minute appearance, or fifteen to twenty if we’re damn lucky (and I don’t think we will be), but I will take it. Why do I also feel like Bayona had a hand in making this happen?

    It’s funny, because before Jurassic World was released, I was firmly of the opinion that the remaining films should focus on fresh perspectives and leave the old characters to the past. I wasn’t even sure I liked the inclusion of Wu, even if it did make quite a bit of sense story-wise. AFTER Jurassic World? Give me Alan, Ellie, Sarah, Lex, Tim, and even Billy Brennan. Unfortunately, the reason for that isn’t the greatest, mostly because it’s a negative one due to my huge dislike of Owen (I still don’t understand how the writing could fail so badly that a character portrayed by Chris freaking Pratt could turn out to be so goddamn outdated and Boring with a capital B) and mere tolerance for Claire (though I have hopes she might improve, mainly because I can acknowledge the untapped potential that was present throughout the fourth movie which Bayona might be able to utilize here with his directing skills).

    This also makes me happy because it increases the chances of Alan and/or Ellie making an appearance in the sixth chapter.

    Despite my complaints above, I’m super stoked to have Malcolm back; I’m so grateful that my short, talented, gay Spanish father that is Bayona is in the director’s chair because he’ll make due with whatever Trevorrow/Connolly dish out; animatronics are making a real comeback; the supporting cast is made up of some incredibly charismatic people who might give us some of the best characters we’ve had since the first two regardless of the writing; and the tidbits we’ve gotten regarding the story actually sound really interesting.

    As a hardcore fan since the age of five (1995), it feels damn good to be excited for a Jurassic Park movie again.

  8. Ah, hell. I just realized that they’ll probably have Ian and Sarah separated. I really loved them together in The Lost World. Oh well, I survived the Alan/Ellie separation.

  9. Finally it is confirmed! I always knew he would come back, it totally makes sence as I think Colin Trevorrow already wrote this a few years ago to go with the story’s sequal. The chaos theory and his point of view would make you think twice and really sets the problems in place. But no stupid one liners like in Independence Day 2 please. But sarcastic AF comments wich are also scientifically accurate, just like he was in the second book would be awesome!

  10. His presence could be deducted from hints of information, but now we have full confirmation.

    Now, where is Alan Grant?

    1. Taken up Accountancy business after his dear old hat was lost and later found in a rotten state, floating in the Hudson river.

  11. I guess they will be using the Ian Malcolm character in this sequel the same way they used the T-Rex in the last one – only revealed in the end to do something heroic to tie in with the nostalgia effect. I bet they are leaving Grant and Sattler for a climactic JW3…

  12. 2 thoughts that both don’t feel good:

    – It cannot be a small cameo because they would keep that a secret
    – It cannot be a big role because why would malcolm get involved again. On the other hand, maybe they thought up something genius…?

    I am very excited about this news though! A real connection (Wu was a far smaller one) with the first trilogy!

  13. Everyone is sooo hyped up about Ian Malcom lol.
    I love the idea of having him back. I think he will have a significant role and we see now this has been planned for years.

    I really hope they don’t turn this into a love story like in JW. The kiss on be Main Street and the baby talk with Clair and her sister. Ick. Not what I want to see.

  14. I am excited to hear that Ian Malcolm is coming back to JW2. I see most people feeling uneasy about him coming back whether it be for a cameo or a main role but I agree with the outpost because they didn’t believe Chris Pratt when he told them the dinosaur they made was pure chaos and full of destruction, now With Malcolm back, I think he’ll be more convincing plus if they get into any trouble like JW, he’ll be the one they turn to. Regardless of he is good or bad this should make all fans want to check out JW2! Really really excited to see it!

  15. Dr. Ian Malcom is brought back to serve as a mentor to Owen and Claire as they now have to deal with Dinos out of confinement. In an epic battle, they find themselves in a power plant. Malcolm gets on a catwalk suspended 50ft in the air above vats of toxic waste. On the other side of that catwalk is JP1 Raptor who got stuck in the freezer and is out for revenge. They meet in the middle and just as it looks like Malcolm and the Raptor have come to an understanding about their species co-existing, the Raptor pulls out a light saber and thrusts it through Malcolm’s abdomen. Malcolm looks at the raptor’s face shocked and gently caresses it before following over the side into the vat of toxic waste. Owen and Claire scream, “Nooooooooo!!!” and Owen blasts the Raptor to pieces with a plasma rifle invented by Dr. Wu. In a post credits sequence, Malcolm emerges from the toxic waste really pale and twisted and looks into the camera and says, “Wait till they get a load of me.”

  16. It does make sense to bring him back since he was always the voice of reason that nobody listened to. Perhaps now, after the JW incident at Nublar, he will finally be taken more seriously by everyone save for those who have it too deep in their heads to stop before it’s too late. Henry Wu and InGen, I’m looking at you.

  17. Just yesterday I said “there’s no way Ian Malcolm is coming back” because Jeff Goldblum was spotted in Sydney Australia filming yesterday. And then I awoke to this!!!

  18. Im SOOOO Excited too. When i saw the trailor ( like when it came out) I almost screamed. oh wait. According to my pet raptor i did scream. Jeff Golblum iz Back y’all!!!!

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