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Jimmy Kimmel Footage from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Shows Off An Animatronic T-Rex!

Our queen of Nublar, Roberta Rex is back in full animatronic glory, and oh man, it’s glorious!

This is what fans have been waiting for! Jurassic World brought Lady Rex back to the screen, and Fallen Kingdom is continuing the tradition – and has made her look glorious!

Due to various set leaks during the filming of Fallen Kingdom, many have known of this particular shot for a while, but seeing it in action and looking as good as it does is good news for fans who have been aching for more animatronic action. Neal Scanlan’s team have done a great job with what we’ve seen of the practical dinosaurs so far and it falls directly in line with Stan Winston’s work with the series.

The Rex is looking fantastic, and yes, it’s “going to be awesome”. But let’s examine the footage.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard’s characters Owen and Claire will be directly interacting with the Rex. As we see in the footage, the two open up a cargo truck or container that houses the sleeping Rex. We then see Owen standing closer to the Rex than any character has before. He appears to look surprised or afraid of what is happening with her, especially since the Rex is looking more awake than the previous scenes.

At this point the Rex wakes up and we get a glorious close-up shot of her eye opening and focusing on Owen.

While context is key, especially during trailers, when Claire and Owen open the cargo truck containing the fallen Rex, they have an expression of concern or shock of seeing such a beast up close without being in immediate danger, especially for Claire given her heroic actions at the end of Jurassic World.

Perhaps the idea of being so close to the animal without being in danger is awe inspiring. Or maybe they are shocked to see what another party may have done to her.

While the plot could go either way, the cinematography of these shots seems to be showing more intimate scenes with humans and dinosaurs, just as Bryce Dallas Howard eluded to in her bit with Chris Pratt on Jimmy Kimmel.

This evening, Chris Pratt hosted Jimmy Kimmel and brought the tease for Thursday’s trailer to the show (starting at 11:10 into the video below). To see his fun comedy with Bryce Dallas Howard on the show, just look below. There’s no doubt that the two have chemistry and we can’t wait to see more of these them together!

The marketing continues today with a new tease – a “run montage”:

With a mix of fan favourite characters and dinosaurs being thrown into the mix, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom could be shaping up to be the most exciting entry in the series to date. What do you think of the footage so far? What do you hope to see during the full trailer? Let us know in the comments section below!

And make sure you check out our InGeneral Podcast for in-depth discussion and analysis. Stay locked to Jurassic Outpost and the InGeneral Podcast as we’ll be having new content daily leading up to the trailer on Thursday.


24 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Footage from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Shows Off An Animatronic T-Rex!

    1. Seriously!? At least we have animatronics and BTW animatronics really aren’t that important, they cost a CRAP ton of money, they only good they do is for the actors. Its nice to see animatronics but in the end id doesn’t matter.

      1. CG is oftentimes as expensive, if not more expensive than animatronics – the things animatronics really cost is TIME – they need to lock designs in early, and commit to scenes. It’s why they often prefer CG, the ability to change on the fly and to make things happen quicker.

    2. I think you guys are already paranoid about the CGI or animatronic issue… if there is doubt, it’s a good sign. let’s try to enjoy the experience of this new movie and forget about what it is made of. they are real animals of course!

  1. My God, she looks GLORIOUS! After how shoddy some of the animatronics in TFA looked (admit it, while most of them were top-notch, some looked even cheesier than some of the animatronics in the original trilogy) I was skeptical, but seeing Rexy (I refuse to call her “Roberta”; if she’d eaten Muldoon, on the other hand… :P) up close like this just blew that skepticism out of the water.

    1. Yeah, Roberta is just not a nice name for her. Plus if we start calling rexy “Roberta” then we’ll have to call The Big One “Kim”, because that’s what they call her in the storyboards.

  2. Rexy is back! I have a thing about the eye, it’s sweet when it’s still but it looks kinda cartoony a little tho. Apart from that it’s pretty Lost World looking I’m getting numerous vibes from each teaser:
    Teaser #1 Skull Island and Flock scene from Jurassic Park.
    Teaser #2 The Jurassic Park Game
    Teaser #3 The Lost World

    you guys should discuss these teasers, I love listening to your podcasts.

  3. Storyboard names are just that, storyboard names. Unless they’re spoken in the movie, they’re non-canon. End of discussion.

    So there’s no reason to call Rexy that humiliating “Roberta” name. It sounds like a morbidly obese, flower dress wearing, racist speech slurring, drunk-ass redneck woman.

  4. I think this looks amazing. we haven’t had the T-rex in animatronic form since TLW. actually, please correct me if i’m wrong. I know we had shots of the animatronic Rex in the JPIII trailer, but they never made it to the actual film (is that right?)

    anyway, i think this is amazing. the dinos look so much better than JW, and I’m loving the tone of the movie – so glad they got Bayona on this one.

    and on another note, to each their own – if you wanna call her ‘Rexy’ that’s fine, if you wanna say ‘Roberta’ that’s fine too………and especially when it’s the owner of the site – who devotes his time to getting us news – come on lol (without this site, we wouldn’t have much)

    1. Actually the JP/// infamous T-rex vs Spino fight was alternatively shot with CGI and animatronics. The T-Rex animatronic being one from TLW with a new paint job.

      1. Also when spinosaurus turns around and grabs rex’s neck, the camera is above the animatronic rex, and I believe they used the cgi Spinosaurus to bite it. At one point I heard Stan Winston say they used an actual animatronic Spinosaurus to bit the animatronic Trex and that the animatronic ripped the head off by accident or something which is why they had only limited screen time for it.

        The end shot where you see rex dead on the ground close up is also the animatronic.

  5. I’m getting a Lost World vibe from this movie so far.

    Claire’s organization is working to save the dinosaurs, InGen is also there trying to poach a few for their own nefarious purposes, hinted at the end of JW. Maybe InGen got their hands on Rexy and the above scene is Owen/Claire finding her. I’m thinking Malcolm is involved with Claire’s group, and maybe Cromwell is still involved with InGen and is the shadow figure behind all of InGen’s activities.

    1. She was genuinely scary in the first movie. Now – in Owen Grady’s words – it’s “awesome” to see her and she’s lying incapacitated in a container. It’s like how the killer in a slasher franchise eventually becomes a running joke. It’s such a shame.

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