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The Jurassic Park Trilogy is Getting New Blu Ray Covers So Bad We Thought They Were Fake

The Jurassic Park name means something – whether it’s the seal of quality only Spielberg can bring, pushing the boundaries of visual effects, or the iconic dinosaur designs. It’s a mega franchise running over 25 years if you count the novels, and its name is synonymous with quality. So why does the franchise seem to lack any real quality control (or at least the budget for good Photoshop artists)?

Welcome, to B-movie quality cover art park. To truly appreciate the travesties on display above, you should first look at them at full size and resolution, because the compressed picture just doesn’t do it justice. Snarky jokes aside, those covers just are not good – and for more reasons than poor photoshop skills.

First up, Jurassic Park – conceptually it is a great cover (they all are – in concept), and Alan Grant and the Ford Explorer do look fantastic. Unfortunately, they look more like a previs concept. The Tyrannosaurus stands out of place, featuring a strangely modified male Tyrannosaurus head from The Lost World, not the female from Jurassic Park (plus it’s just poorly composited). In fact, the head used here is the bizarrely malformed head used on the 2015 Jurassic World products.

Wait. Is that a thumb on the Tyrannosaurus!? A moment ago we were going to point out Alan Grant wasn’t looking at the Rex, but now that issue seems Compsognathus sized. That’s not the only issue at play – the Tyrannosaurs right leg and foot are larger than the left, meaning they should be in front – however, the rear left leg has been photoshopped to land in the front.

The Lost World cover is plagued with just as many issues (ignoring the ugly logo, which would be an issue on its own). First off, the photoshop composition is just bad – which is frustrating, as the base image used (above) is a great choice. Of course the Stegosaurs pictured are far too large (even by The Lost World’s standards), but the idea behind the cover is fun. However, as Jurassic Park teaches us, intention doesn’t overrule execution.

The other issue is the two Stegosaurus’ on display aren’t from The Lost World: Jurassic Park – they’re the drastically different design from Jurassic World. In fact, the two renders on the cover are from Fallen Kingdom, and have already been spotted on early merchandise images. At least this can answer the raging question – do Jurassic World Stegosaurs have beaks like TLW and the real animal? Apparently not.

The Jurassic Park 3 cover is easily the least offensive. The composition of the overall image looks good, the Pteranodon is mostly accurate to the film, and it captures the feel of the movie. It’s just stuck with an ugly logo, and a really poorly photoshopped Billy Brennan face on the cover (perhaps he’s reacting to the other two covers).

Minus the logo, this one at least looks like a professional film studio released it, even if it’s a bit sloppy. Though we have to wonder – why is it Billy on the cover (or wait – is that actually Nicholas Cage)? Further, why not the Spinosaurus? Those aren’t really issues, but the choices stood out as discussion points none the less.

It’s not just us scoffing at the new covers and initially questioning their legitimacy. In fact, the whole community seems to be having the same overall reaction:

For more community reactions see our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter comments plus this Reddit thread.

So, how exactly did this new cover lineup pass quality control? While we can’t answer that, we can say it’s not the first time something like this slipped by for Jurassic Park. In fact, it’s not even the worst. The worst would be the 2013 Jurassic Park 3D IMAX Poster.


Art is subjective, but when it comes to meeting the quality and established designs from the base material, the line is crossed to objectivity. To be blunt, the poster and covers above are just not good. In fact, they’re awful, and a poor representation of the source material. This isn’t a case of a fandom entitlement complex (which is a real issue), but simply a poor look for the films overall. When talented artists put out better unofficial work on a daily basis, there is a big issue.

While the above artwork looks like it came from the studio that brought you Sharknado, the next point is something more subjective. The Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary key art looks more like a child’s coloring book cover than the celebration of the longstanding legacy of the film franchise.

The cartoony art style for the fossil backdrop is nothing at all like the visuals on display in Jurassic Park, nor does it mirror or celebrate the artwork used in 1993. 1993 used simple black backdrops, or the iconic jungle sunset motif. If they must insist on a fossil backdrop, at least go minimalistic and inspired by the pillars in visitors center (and actually illustrate dinosaurs depicted in Jurassic Park).

Though, as we said prior, this one is subjective – at least the artwork for Jurassic Park 25th looks professionally done, even if it does seem out of place. At the very least, it’s not another case of Velociraptor toys being released without sickle claws.

Nor are they the frog faced, green Jurassic Park 2011 Blu Ray statue (the original female Tyrannosaurus is brown, and certainly doesn’t look like this):

In the 2010’s the Jurassic brand hit an awkward stride, with products and images that don’t reflect the brand they belong to. With 2015’s Jurassic World, most chocked it up to rapid growing pains – but over two years later, the excuse seems a little less genuine. Perhaps a lack of a visual style guide and story bible has led an inability to properly vet creative outputs (but that doesn’t explain poor composition – that simply looks cheap and rushed).

This isn’t meant to be an attack piece – Universal Pictures releases some of our favorite films, and their offices are filled with talented, kind, smart, and enthusiastic people. This isn’t personal – just an observation of the some of the high profile Jurassic misfires. We digress. Rant over.

The Blu Rays are listed on, and judging by the back covers are simple releases of the other standalone Blu Rays, with no new content. Considering the cover art, these are easy skips, unless you’re an absolute completionist collector. If you’re on the market for Jurassic Blu Rays, be on the look out for these – they have great covers, and the same content:

This begs the question – if there is no new content on the Blu Rays, will Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary get its own release with new content in the coming months? The demand is there for a 4K release, and the 25th anniversary would the perfect time!

Sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you think of the covers! If you’re a photoshop wizard, perhaps you can take a stab at making your own custom covers and share them with us. As always, stay tuned for the last news – with the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer coming within a month, things are sure to get exciting soon.

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38 thoughts on “The Jurassic Park Trilogy is Getting New Blu Ray Covers So Bad We Thought They Were Fake

  1. I was initially thinking these have got to be placeholder art images, but it looks like they’re not.

    Hoping the 4K release of Jurassic Park next year, first of all, happens, and secondly, features better, premium art.

  2. The comic-style Blu-Ray steelbook cover is the best cover of any Jurassic Park media release, second only to the original logo/all-black background of the VHS. Shame it wasn’t included here as it sets the bar pretty high.

  3. Thank you for pointing out Universal’s lack of brand uniformity for this franchise. Whoever is managing the overall look of this brand is not doing his or her job.

  4. Pathetic and using a deleted scene (TLW) as an artcover and then not offering any of them on the bonus section. Boo on you Universal!

  5. I know these are just Blu-Rays to movies that are already released on that form of media. But you would think for the 25th anniversary to a 90s classic that made dinosaurs become mainstream would be treated with the utmost respect and not just cobbled together with a poor photoshop job. Like the article states, these new covers look more like monster B-movies than Jurassic Park. Because of this I am now nervous to see what Universal will treat the new film like. These covers try to make Jurassic Park look like some monster/disaster films, when they’re not. The same problem occurred with Jurassic World. I just hope Universal doesn’t try to taint the reputation of the franchise.

    This may just be me over analyzing poor Blu-Ray covers, but if this is how the franchise is going to be treated, then I don’t like the new direction.

  6. Do not kill me…but they look alright to me. The thumb on the T.Rex is bad, yes but…they look okay…do not kill me pls.

    1. The concept isn’t bad, but if they’re going this route, they should have someone just draw some ‘concept’ art of the scenes they’re using, and have it as a wraparound style, like some PS4 reverse-insert art.. That way it doesn’t look terribly photoshopped, and they can just say that the covers are artistic interpretations of those scenes. Would look way cooler than this.

  7. why cant they just leave the original design? what is that necessity for changing it all the time and make it worse? the original covers are iconic and easily recognizable by the public when they see them in the stores.. I really don’t get why all this poor taste

  8. I can forgive the colouring in book cover, it looks like it’s for kids, but the whole series is kind of targeted towards kids and young teens, but the bluray covers look like cheap $2 store knock offs. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Universal though.

  9. Dear God, these look like Universal handed the job over to whever the hell does the cover art for Asylum films. We JP fans (Parkies? Parkers?) demand nothing less than Hammond-level graphics! “Spare no expense!”

  10. Ok,I’m taking a risk here,but please hear me out.when I look at this cover art, I got a different message. Perhaps it’s due to my age or preferences throughout my life,but what I see is paperback artwork from the 70’s or earlier(and yes, I’m aware that dino’s looked different back then,that’s not my point).My immediate impression was how much they looked like covers to the Hardy Boys mystery books or Classic Comics by Whitman(or Gold Key?).Perhaps the artists were going for that look.I’m not arguing that this is above scrutiny, or up to todays standards,but perhaps an explanation by the artists is in order.

  11. I once saw a steelbook edition of the first Jurassic Park at walmart with some amazing 1960s style film poster artwork. If I find it, I will post a link here!

  12. Is anyone going to notice that Nick’s whole body is just hidden behind Ian in the Lost World cover art? Nothing about these is good.

  13. These covers don’t even acknowledge the 25th anniversary, do they?

    There has to be someone we could talk to at Universal to submit better ideas for these covers.

    I’ve said it before, recently. I think the best thing we fans can do for these BluRays is to NOT buy them.

    As for any possible 4K release of all the films, I hope a 5 disc set will be available by the time Fallen Kingdom is released. Or near Christmas time.

    1. I really doubt it. These crappy covers are probably all we’re getting. The 25th anniversary is not about the movies, its about how much unneeded merch they can slap that 25th Anniversary logo on. Anyone seen any plastic lunch boxes yet?

    1. It’s actually a little better. If they’re gonna make a joke out of the series at least go all the way like you have done here. The toilet paper is a nice touch.

  14. Yeah…I think I’m good with my JP 4 movie blu ray collection. It’s simple and has movie stills as the slits for the discs, representing some of the memorable scenes from each film. Just the way these new covers were edited is uneasy to the eyes. Home media covers should be able to win me over again for that particular movie after having watched in the theaters. For JP, it would be the menacing jaws of the rex. For something like The Hunger Games, it would be Katniss with the fiery mockingjay behind her and when its a MCU movie, something that captivates the energy of the film, such as the latest Captain America confronting Iron Man. With how JP is being treated for re-releases, its underwhelming and disappointing. I even personally think that the blu ray cover of JW should have been more than just the velociraptors and Chris Pratt.

  15. They need to go back to the original theatrical logos, none of this weird tall W in The Lost World or the yellow JP3. And man I wish they moved away from the grey and the smoke for Fallen Kingdom, it’s textbook gritty reboot stuff, dull.

  16. i have the jurassic park ultimate trilogy, which has the first three films, and hours of bonus features. it opens up, then opens up again, until it’s the length of 4 dvd covers. when you take out a disc, under it is a bunch of pictures from the movie that fade into each other. on the front it’s got the JP logo, on top of a metal backround. (no scres, no dents, just metal) and under Jurassic Park on the logo it says ultimate trilogy. it is not cartoony at all, just awesome. also i have the regular JW dvd

  17. The covers look cool but aren’t really accurately depicted for Jurassic Park. I think that JP25 would get its own release each month with new content like behind the scenes.

  18. Forget quibbling about the covers, did they ever improve the HD transfers? The initial blu ray release is notoriously bad, I can’t believe Spielberg approved it.

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