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Jurassic World 2 adds Oscar Faura as Cinematographer

Jurassic World 2 has added a crucial player to the team: the incredibly talented Cinematographer, Oscar Faura. Oscar has previously worked with director J.A. Bayona on The Orphanage, The Impossible, and A Monster Calls – all of which are beautifully shot films. This news come straight from J.A. Bayona himself on Twitter.


Cinematographers work with the director to define the visual style of the film, and are in charge of the camera operation. Faura is a newcomer to the Jurassic cinematography family, which includes Dean Cundey (Jurassic Park), Janusz Kamiński (The Lost World), Shelly Johnson (Jurassic Park 3), and John Schwartzman (Jurassic World). Each of these talents brought a unique look to the franchise, and Farua will certainly provide an incredibly striking refresh. There is no doubt in my mind his inclusion will lead to one of the best looking films in the franchise.

Jurassic World 2 begins filming in Hawaii and London March 2017, and releases June 2018. More crew and casting news is surely around the corner, so stay tuned!

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5 thoughts on “Jurassic World 2 adds Oscar Faura as Cinematographer

  1. I just hope they shoot on Film and not go the digital route. Jurassic Park deserves the richness of celluloid texture, colour and contrast. Also, this is the best opportunity to shoot on IMAX 65mm film with a vertically large aspect ratio that almost fills a real 15/70 IMAX screen or an IMAX laser theatre.

  2. Why do they keep calling this Jurassic world 2? Didn’t the director already say its the fifth chapter in the saga? Why not just all it Jurassic park 5? Jurassic world was not a stand alone spin off.

    1. The next film will retain the ‘Jurassic World’ branding, not Park. While it’s the fifth film in the franchise, calling it Jurassic Park 5 doesn’t really work.

      Expect the sequel to be called something like ‘The New Epoch: Jurassic World’.

  3. Yes! I was REALLY hoping their partnership would continue with this movie. I didn’t like Jurassic World’s cinematography at all, so this is a massive step in the right direction and a huge relief. With JA Bayona directing and Oscar Faura handling the cinematography, this film is going to look absolutely beautiful, at the very least.

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