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‘Jurassic World 2’ will be more connected to ‘Jurassic Park’; filming in March 2017!

Jurassic World, the fourth Jurassic Park film, was a fresh start for the franchise in a lot ways. While it certainly had many direct references to the classic film, they did not steal the spotlight, nor require knowledge of predecessors to enjoy the new installment. Featuring a mostly new cast, Jurassic World was the perfect new entry point for audiences.


However, some diehard fans have since lamented the omission of the original cast (other than B.D. Wong’s Dr. Wu who did return), and hoped the upcoming sequel would bring some of them back. While anything that drastic has yet to be confirmed, director J.A. Bayona gave some hope speaking with Cinema Blend:

[CB: will the new movie be more Jurassic World 2 or Jurassic Park 5?]

J.A. Bayona: “That’s a good question! I think somehow it’s both. It’s a very good question, and what we’re doing is a sequel to Jurassic World, but it’s definitely the fifth chapter of a longer saga. It’s very interesting. It’s always tricky, but you need to find a balance in what people expect to find, and the new stuff you’re bringing to the story. And I think the story is looking for a connection between Jurassic World and Jurassic Park — more than what Jurassic World did.”

While speaking with us in the past, Colin Trevorrow has said the upcoming film will structurally and tonally share more in common with Jurassic Park than Jurassic World did. If you haven’t listened to that already, be sure to get on it! Colin Trevorrow also confirms more animatronics, a scarier movie, and promises not to make ‘Jurassic World War’. Those similarities aside, the new quote from J.A. Bayona seems to attribute itself to direct story references, rather than feeling more akin. While time will tell what he really means, if an original cast member does return my money is on Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm.

The news doesn’t stop there! While speaking with Comining Soon J.A. Bayona confirmed the upcoming sequel will begin filming in March 2017 – this aligns with the previous reports we heard of a late February kickoff in Hawaii. Now the question that presides is will we be given the official title and logo before that start date?

As always, stay tuned for the latest news, and sound off in the comments below! Also, if you’re hungry for some more Jurassic discussion, take a listen to our latest InGeneral Podcast episode where we talk about the casting of Toby Jones and Rafe Spall!

Source: Cinema Blend


18 thoughts on “‘Jurassic World 2’ will be more connected to ‘Jurassic Park’; filming in March 2017!

  1. Interesting. Jurassic World literally took place right next door to the original Jurassic Park and even had several scenes within it’s remains, along with all the callbacks and refrences and the concept of the park finally being open. I wonder how the next film could be more connected than that? I smell some extended cameos incoming.

  2. Jurassic world had very little connection to Jurassic Park in my opinion. Yes it referenced the old movie and took place in the same location, but these were ultimately superficial connections, more of a nod to the existence of the original. As far as tone is concerned JW was virtually a stand alone movie. Even Dr. Wu seemed out of place and out of character.

    I don’t know what they mean when they say the new one will be more connected to the first one but I’m not holding my breath. Spielberg/Lucas said that Indiana Jones 4 was gonna be closer to Raiders, which is laughable. Filmmakers say stuff like that a lot and I just don’t think the evidence is there to back up the idea that JW2 will somehow be that much closer to JP. I guess it just depends on each individuals personal barometer too. But I seriously doubt there will be anything much in the way of old characters returning. It just wouldn’t make any sense.

  3. Yes, BioSyn and Lewis Dodgson should come back (albeit played by a different actor this time). Hi role should be large enough to make him the villain. Dodgson’s BioSyn can buy off the crumbling InGen or make a deal with Henry Wu to steal InGen’s research like in the two novels by Michael Chrichton. I’d like to see Dodgson getting eaten by a Spinosaurus or a T-Rex. I would really like to see the Spinosaur come back, like a hero this time, than a villain. I’d also like to see the Original Version 1 quilled Raptors with bird-like eyes from JP3. They looked really beautiful and scary, plus more intelligent.
    As for the old cast, I can see either Grant, Malcolm or Sattler give a lecture on their subjects in a university. What they say, gets one of the new key characters intrigued.
    -I’d love to see Grant get to interact with the Raptors once again, but i don’t think the filmmakers will be going in that direction.
    -Malcolm’s chaos theory can run as a motif for JW2, but I can’t see him being physically present for the entirety of the film, except a cameo.
    -As for Sattler, again, she is somebody I can see being involved in a major way. As an out-of-luck botanist hired by BioSyn and she offers them advise and helps in their research without knowing about their nefarious plans. Once the job is done, Dodgson could try and get her killed. That could be an interesting sub-plot. Of course she won’t die.

  4. i know they won’t bring back any other classic character but like said on the post ” my money is on Dr. Malcolm” well maybe he will but i highly doubt any oof those famous ones would come back

  5. They do seem to be going in the BioSyn direction, or something comparable.

    I think the reopening of the park in the first place was such an odd overcomplication of the story. It seems like there was a very realistic, more nuanced direction the story could’ve gone. ie the whole world knows there’re 2 dinosaur populated islands, so thrill-seekers would almost certainly sneak in and take eggs or even capture infants, not thinking seriously about the consequences of their actions. Back on the mainland, probably most frequently in Costa Rica, eggs would get lost, infants would escape or outgrow their owners. Give it a decade or 2 and you could do a story about a small Costa Rican town that lives with a small but ever growing dinosaur population. How to deal with that threat, what it means for the rest of the country. Almost treat it like an epidemic. Or focus on the plight of a family/farmer living in that town. Either way, if there were 2 barely-controlled dinosaur islands then the animals would 100% get off the island eventually just by default. You see it in the natural world all the time.

    1. As far as I remember, the open park motif was suggested by Crichton before making JP3. And in the end Spielberg sustained this idea. What I missed was a context in the movie itself. We all know what happened between the movies from viral websites, not the Jurassic World movie. I hope the sequel addresses this in better way.

      As far as I recall (please correct me if I am wrong), Jurassic World as a theme park was made, because public knew about 2 islands with dinosaurs and there was lots of situations like in JP3, that ended up in tourists getting killed. So, considering, that there is a demand of seeing live dinosaurs and that people are forgettable and forgiving, Masrani decided to fulfill John Hammonds vision.

      I think there are lots of plotpoints of original trilogy, that could be referenced in the next film:
      – breeding dinosaurs in original Jurassic Park
      – aftermath of Nedry’s can situation
      – fate of Venture ship crew in TLW
      – pterosaurs flying loose on Isla Sorna (TLW and JP3)
      – creation of Spinosaur
      – fate of 3 Pteranodons from the JP3 ending (yes, I know that Hoskins captured them, but this could really be at least mentioned in the dialogue)

  6. I wouldn’t get my hopes up about the original cast having appearances in the film since in the past Trevorrow explicitly stated that dragging those characters to the same involvement over and over again wouldn’t make sense in the larger scope. The franchise needed a breath of fresh air which also meant a new cast of people.

    So what Bayona means is probably a different kind of connection with the first movie. Maybe we’ll get to meet Robert Muldoon’s family tree? We still might get to see Wu too although there hasn’t been any confirmation of B.D Wong being in the film. I also wouldn’t be against someone like Tim Murphy coming back to assist someway since Joseph Mazzello is still an established actor.

  7. Collin said about MAC vs PC. We have ingen and BioSyn both competitors. This has to be how JW2 is linked with JP1. I don’t see any other way. Unless they try and bring in a classic character. To be honest JW2 has opened a much wider door for a classic character to return event for a cameo than JW did. Bringing in a classic character for JW would have been cleche i think. what would we get a cameo of their opinion about they knew the park wouldnt have worked? I think JW2 could bring in a classic for even a supporting roll if they really wanted to. This is something we never seen before I think there is a lot to play around with if they really wanted to bring a classic in they could. And Byosyn is def going to play a roll in JW2.

  8. I don’t get how people don’t understand this: it’s all part of the same series, the one that started with John Hammond’s dream to have a theme park with living dinosaurs. In the middle of the way, the franchise evolved from Jurassic Park to Jurassic World. It’s quite understandable in the sense that, within that universe, Jurassic Park (the park, not the film) was destroyed, “lost”, associated with death, tragedy and legal lawsuits. Masrani (wrong spelling probably, but you all know who I’m referring to) bought the brand, the island, the park’s remains and the technology and changed its name to Jurassic World to dodge problems with the image of the decayed Jurassic Park. It happens everywhere. So, it’s obvious it’s the fifth film in the series, but how can they name it JP5 if the fourth installment changed the name to JW, period?

    I could never digest the third movie being called Jurassic Park III if there was never a II to begin with! I mean, the third movie was ridiculous and unimaginative from it’s very title.

    To wrap my opinion up, I highly doubt Bayona’s film will be called Jurassic World II anyway. I’m sure it’ll be something in the likes of the second movie: a new title the subtitle “Jurassic World”.

      1. Depending on the script, that would be a very nice idea! ; )

        And then, why not wrap up the new trilogy with just Jurassic World III?


  9. By the way, on an unrelated topic, two years ago tomorrow (November 25) we were surprised with the premiere of the first Jurassic World teaser trailer on youtube. I know that is impossible to happen with the second installment, which is yet to begin shooting. But wouldn’t it be amazing if the disclosed the new film’s title tomorrow?

    Ok, I’m done with that. I sound like a stuck record going round about the official title/logo. But that wouldn’t hurt! ; )

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