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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to air multiple TV Spots during Super Bowl LII

Are you ready for some……Dinosaurs?

Deadline is reporting what has been long expected, we will get another look at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom during Super Bowl LII on Sunday February 4th on NBC. Though according to the report, Fallen Kingdom will have not just one TV Spot during the big game, but “multiple” spots.

Universal, whose sister network NBC is airing the game this year, has continually had a footprint during Super Bowl, and this year they’re showcasing their June 22 summer sequel juggernaut Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom as well as the Dwayne Johnson July 13 action pic Skyscraper from director Rawson Marshall Thurber.’

‘Deadline is informed that both Fallen Kingdom and Skyscraper will run multiple spots.’

In 2015, Jurassic World aired a 1 minute TV spot right before kickoff during Super Bowl XLIX. Check out that TV spot below.

TV Spots during this year’s Super Bowl are being purchased by advertisers for roughly $5 million per 30 seconds. Though since NBC is part of NBCUniversal it could be argued that the air time for the Fallen Kingdom spots are going to be at a bit of a “discount”.

It is our guess that while Jurassic World ran one 1 minute spot in 2015, Fallen Kingdom will likely air two 30 second spots sometime during the game. Since these are commercials for a major Summer blockbuster, look for both of these commerials to air during the first half of the game and not the second half. Super Bowl LII will have its opening kickoff at 6:30PM ET, but we recommend tuning in before that in case the first spot airs before kickoff.

Are you excited for the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom TV spots that will air during Super Bowl LII on February 4th? What do you hope they show in these new looks? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums!

Source: Deadline


57 thoughts on “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to air multiple TV Spots during Super Bowl LII

      1. I think the problem is the dinosaurs act more like cartoon monsters, and people just attribute it to bad CG, where it’s just not great artistic direction.

        1. That is my problem with the latest Jurassic films. They no longer have the Dinosaurs acting like animals, but rather they act more like movie monsters or as if they’re following a script.

          In JW, Rexy never should have acted the way she did around Blue after their fight together. She would have tried to intimidate Blue even though she was wounded because that is what animals do. They do not regard each other as warriors or partners. It was absurd. There is no honour among beasts. Rexy’s only previous encounter with Velociraptors was violent and painful. That would have ensured a very different reaction to Blue than what we got.

          I despise the whole concept of such and such vs such and such or ‘what giant dinosaur do you want in the new films?’ or ‘what dino will fight who’… That isn’t Jurassic Park, that is Transformers. Bigger and louder is Micheal Bay, not Jurassic Park. The entire premise of JW was a disappointment to me because I WASN’T tired of regular Dinosaurs and I WASN’T after bigger and louder. I don’t think any Jurassic Park fan was.

          1. I’ll chime in here – I agree the anthropomorphisation has only worked against these films, both in their themes, and my enjoyment.

            I truly believe it’s harder to empathize with the dinosaurs as animals in the ‘World’ films – turning them into ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’ only makes me see them come off as monsters, and not something that’s part of nature. I really do believe it’s especially working against Fallen Kingdom’s core themes, which wants to be much more than a creature feature, but doesn’t take the steps to earn the audiences belief and understanding.

            However, we’ve only had a brief glimpse into what the second Jurassic World film has cooking, but the Rex/Carnotaurus and Stampede scenes don’t bring back the ‘Park’ trilogies dinosaur traits which I truly appreciated and loved.

            Turning Jurassic into a monster film is very antithetical to the core concepts Jurassic Park was built on. (But yes, I still do enjoy World – I just want more from future sequels). Monster movies and over-the-top blockbusters are too common, but Jurassic Park offered something different – I just really want the World films to realign with Parks driving forces.

          2. @ben
            Chill man
            It’s a movie.

            A groundbre-aking CGI movie at that but you’ve got to admit it makes good Entertainm-ent

          3. Man, you are so funny. writing this:. “”Rexy never should have acted the way she did around Blue after their fight together”” LOL, you meant you saw real dinosaurs and you know how they act like? Dont be stupid. You think that animal, which is old and was saved from death by another animal will be fighting or intimidate against it ?wounded and tired after battle? Your serious or just stupid troll?

          4. @Maloun

            Well, you’re right that I have never seen a Dinosaur. But I know what Birds and Reptiles behave like in similar situations. And it doesn’t involve nodding to a fellow warrior in an unspoken moment of mutual respect… Not even close.


            Once upon a time (probably before yours), the Jurassic films were the epitome of realism. Hybrids of adventure, action and documentary-quality animal behaviour. The Dinosaurs did things that animals would do. There were no ‘sides’. No good vs bad Dinosaurs. Rexy played with that explorer in JP like a puppy plays with a Doll. She followed that flare like a Cat and chased Malcolm simply because he ran.
            Now she only does whatever the mindless masses expect her to. Sparing all the good guys along the way…

          5. @Maloun
            I’ve seen real dinosaurs! In fact, I saw a small songbird just this morning.

            Anyways, I have to agree with you about Rexy and Blue. People who assume Rexy would just straight up attack a dangerous animal after having a nearly fatal territorial battle with a rival her size are the ones truly characterizing them as monsters. Rexy was tired, wounded, and has a lot of new territory to mark. Wasting energy on attacking a sharp little predator that she has bad memories towards is literally the last thing any animal would do.

          6. @Ben
            you dont know how T-rexes was behaving like. You can only quess and compare to todays animals, but you will never know how it was i real, you undestand?
            Sorry, but how can you even think that Rexy after fight, in wherein she almost die, would like to attack animal that saved her life? Oh, you probably think that Spinosaurus in JP 3 was how dinosaurs would really behave? chasing couple of small humans all around island? …

            Exacly. Some people detached from logical thinking probably wanted to see Rexy to chase Owen and rest after that fight, and after eating animal that saved her life 2 minutes ago, lol.

          7. I think a lot of you are anthropomorphising here too. Have you ever rescued an animal that has been hit by a car or attacked by a Dog? No, I suppose you haven’t. Be it bird or Snake. They want to KILL you! They don’t want you anywhere near them. Though they may be laying there dying, they will still try to fight you off. And they certainly NEVER thank you for trying to help them.

          8. @Ben
            They want to kill you etc. because they are afraid, angry etc. They dont know what happened to them. But after all some can remeber you and will not injure you if it recognise you later. You really wanted to see Rexy attacking Blue after that fight?. You know it is stupid. You dont know how dinosaurs were thinking. You can only quess and thats all.

  1. I just hope they don’t reveal too much, like they did in 2014-2015. That TV spot for Super Bowl XLIX revealed way too much about all aspects of Jurassic World.

    I mean, they showed shots from almost all of the Indominus rex scenes, and it was supposed to be the “new, scary dinosaur that will terrify you in the cinemas”. Yet everyone already knew what it looked like before the film even came out.

      1. My issue is the first trailer left me feeling so pessimistic I desperately want to see something new that makes the movie actually look good.

        1. The first trailer is simply more evidence that these new films are not targeted at the original fans. They are pandering to an audience of low attention spans and a desire for cheap thrills. Something to make them feel alive for an hour and a half rather than get them THINKING.

          1. When the writer confirms the island rescue is only the first 50 minutes of the film, you really can’t make that statement. Most of the film takes place off the island is expecting to show off Bayona’s horror directing to the extreme.

          2. Let’s just say I will be surprised if it doesn’t simply entail jump scares and paraphrased dialogue we’ve already heard before. But so far…

  2. Exciting! Hope they all have an air of mystery and show no spoiler-y action scenes and are just all-around-JURASSIC quality!

  3. I hope they will not spoil entire movie by those TV spots and we will not know what Indoraptor looks like till the premiere.

    During promotion of Jurassic World they revealed so much that you got to know entire plot except for the final battle at the main street of the park. I disliked that a lot.

  4. I want new footage that leaves me feeling optimistic about the movie. The trailer killed it for me.

    Though I also feel like I’ve seen too much.

    I do not think this movie will be good. They need to being in writers that are actually more fit for this franchise. =(

    1. No, they need to end the franchise before it gets beyond ridiculous. JW 3 is to be the end of the end and I hope it is. There is literally nothing more they can do with it.

      JP 1993 is my favorite movie and I will remain a true fan of it, but its sequels have been shit. JW was terrible and the dinosaurs were just awful.

  5. Will this trailer be good? Or at least include music that doesn’t make John Williams music sound god awful? Whoever did that last trailer should be demoted, lol

    Am I the only person who thought the new dinosaur designs looked really derpy this time?

  6. Can’t wait! It’s so refreshing to be unaffected by the pessimism others feel over this movie. Some put the franchise on a lofty pedestal it cant possibly aspire to. I just love dinosaurs and watching them do their thing. You should try it guys you might smile more.

    1. You said it! So much hate to be ignored. Everyone thinks their opinions are the only ones that matter. I especially love the one who said they aren’t making these movies for the true fans, because this true fan is as excited as ever!

  7. I fully realize that these trailers will be targeted at the masses and not Jurassic Park fans. The Jurassic Park fandom need not watch any of them if they do not want to be disappointed. At this point, I doubt we will EVER again see a deep and philosophical discussion over Chilean Sea Bass. Never gain will we simply see animals being animals. It will be this monster vs that one and this explosion trumping that one.

    In fact, the more I sit and meditate on these new films, the more I hate them. My first reaction after seeing JW was major disappointment. Guilt made me go back a second time and force myself to like it… But in reality, I only like the first trilogy. As soon as the credits rolled on JW, I knew that my time had passed and that this was designed for a new world that it completely alien to me.

    1. @ben
      Dude chill out. They are just movies, not a life or death thing. If you didnt like JW at all just don’t go to JWFK. Stop throwing sh*t at this movie while its not even out yet because there are people who like the world movies a lot and youre ruining the fun and anticipation for them. I also liked the first trilogy a lot and I also liked JW a bit less but still I liked it a lot in a different way and I’m excited for JWFK. But you trash this movie a lot before its even out and before you have even seen it. There will never be a movie like JP again because if there would, it would feel like a total replica and than THAT will enrage the diehard fans of the first film, like you. So just be glad that they are moving the franchise in a fresh direction that a LOT of people and new fans these days like and that keeps the franchise alive (because it was dead for years after JP3). Or stick to the old trilogy (btw, JP3 was the most awful to me and also has a beast that is way more like a movie monster than an animal remember? The bloodthirsty, chasing-people-for-90-minutes Spinosaurus.)

      1. For some reason, modern society claims to appreciate personal opinion to the point where comment sections are free for all, yet can only handle the opinion if it is positive…

        1. Except that you didn’t even say anything. You just moped around about how “it was better back in my day”. People appreciate it when you have points and arguments, if you just come to a Jurassic Park website to complain about Jurassic Park then people will react negatively.

    2. Well said. I hate seeing people force themselves to like something they known deep down they really don’t like. JP fans and JW fans are different people, in my opinion. JW fans will never know what it was like being a kid when the first JP movie came out. JW was so disappointing and didn’t feel like a Jurassic movie.

      Maybe JWFK will surprise me and actually be good.

      1. Not speaking from reference, but I don’t think you know what it’s like for a kid watching JW for the first time. This “back in my day” stuff is silly, No?

        1. It is naturally going to be different, Creeper.
          You aren’t going into World with the memories and mind set that Park gave you and set up. You aren’t going from a Lamborghini to a Ford Focus like we did. Sure, they’re both great cars in their own right, but the Lambo just had that extra magic.

          World will be to you as Park was to us in 20 years when they release a new sequel that lets you down after growing up with World. Of course, your experience with World isn’t objectively better than ours with Park considering Hasbro’s fail…
          Those toys… Man, nothing beat waking up Christmas morning and peeking at your big present to see the familiar red, black and yellow packaging of a JP toy… Pure magic. The whole marketing time for Park was a special experience to go through itself.

          1. I am actually. Was introduced to JP via a VHS copy on Christmas 2001 when I was either 2 or 3, alongside some Re-Ak-Ataks. I’ve grown up basically my whole young life with Jurassic; it’s my rock for lack of a better words. Waited for JPIV like everyone else. I was pleased with how the film turned out, it’s got it’s odd parts but it’s a fine watch. I think kids now still feel that “magic” you once felt over seeing the first one, regardless of a lack of great toys or merchandise. They may be disappointed like you say by some future films [more likely a reboot than a continuation of this franchise realistically] but that doesn’t mean they should look over at the new fans and assume they just don’t get it. At the end of the day, kids liked the original film because of the dinosaurs and how they were brought to the screen; JW delivers that for the youth of today. But what do I know; I wasn’t there…

  8. So much negativity here! Chill out! Some of you are making the Last Jedi haters seem tame! At the end of the day, it’s not like a major Hollywood blockbuster is going to give you naturally-acting dinosaurs for the same reason no blockbuster is going to give you naturally acting animals – it’s just not as interesting. It may be so for you, heck it would be for me too, but trust me when I say we are in the minority.

    Just be grateful that we have a major dinosaur film coming out. The first one has it’s critics, but at the end of the day a huge number of people had their interest in dinosaurs ignited or even re-ignited, and that’s how people get into doing their own research, and find out what they were really like as animals.

    1. “Some people are making The Last Jedi haters seem tame.”

      Lol there’s no way that’s happening in the Jurassic community. I’ve never seen more hate from any fandom, than I’ve seen come from Star Wars fans and transformers fans.

      1. Aye. As sceptical as I am regarding JWFK, I don’t think anything can be more tragic for the original fans than Disney’s Star Wars…

      2. Huh, never really associated myself with the Transformers community, in fact I was always under the impression that, given the consistent lack of quality in ALL of those films (as opposed to the varying quality of both Jurassic and Star Wars films), that those fans wouldn’t care what happens to that franchise.

        Not that I’m directing that at all Transformers fans, just talking about the films.

        But yeah, fair, I think in hindsight I was getting ahead of myself by comparing the two (SW and JW). But this complaining about the lack of dinosaurs behaving like animals is silly, because dinosaurs acting like real animals just isn’t in the public interest. I know it was shoe horned in to justify the outdated looks, but Dr. Wu’s comments about people wanting dinosaurs to look and act a certain way is flat out true.

        Don’t get me wrong though, I wish it was.

        1. “But this complaining about the lack of dinosaurs behaving like animals is silly, because dinosaurs acting like real animals just isn’t in the public interest. I know it was shoe horned in to justify the outdated looks, but Dr. Wu’s comments about people wanting dinosaurs to look and act a certain way is flat out true.”

          Perhaps not the MAJORITY of the public… After all… I never NEEDED an Indominus rex to thrill me… All I wanted to see was Rexy in her habitat and the majesty of the large Herbivores. I wanted to see the attractions.I wanted to see more of the park finally being open.More behind the scenes of running the place. And I was disappointed when Frankenstein tore it all down in the first twenty minutes… I never wanted bigger, louder and more teeth. Never. That is not what Jurassic is about.

          Consider that the majority of the public is ignorantly screaming for feathers… Can you honestly say you would want Rexy to be re-designed as a puff ball?

          1. No one is saying that want to see Rexy a puff ball. No one is saying they want to see any original/first cloned dinosaurs to magically have feathers. What some of us wouldn’t mind seeing are the NEWLY cloned dinosaurs to be a little more accurate, and THIS is what many people are not paying attention to. I for one wish they would feather up the raptors. The 4 JW raptors are by far the worst looking in the series. I was rolling my eyes, if not laughing, at how stupid they looked.

          2. Sure, feather new Raptor versions if it fits with the story. But everyone is carrying on as if even Triceratops was sporting something to shame a Peacock… VERY few Dinosaur remains have been found with feather indentations around them. In fact, most of the skin samples we have discovered are leathery/scaled.

  9. I do want to chime in once again –

    I’m damn excited for these new TV spots! Criticisms aside, there’s a lot to look forward to. JA Bayona is a great director, and I imagine is bringing a lot to the table with this film.

    1. I wouldn’t watch them comrade. These spots are made to target mainstream and It’ll reveal the best parts of the film. I highly recommend you stay away from any other trailer, it’ll make your experience in the theater much better trust me.

  10. I hope they release a bunch of teasers a few days before the Super Bowl to hype things up, like they did with the first trailer. I am worried, though. Jurassic world’s tv spots showed entire SCENES unfold. That really upset me because when I saw the movie, I felt like it was just tying together the action scenes I had already watched in the tv spots. I hope the tv spots for JWFK aren’t like that.

    1. Yeah, thanks to the trailer of the Helicopter exploding. Masrani’s death came as no surprise, though it was intended to be shocking. I knew as soon as that Helicopter lifted off that it was going to come screaming back down again.

  11. For the record I’m seeing new reports that JW:FK is simply getting one extended 90 second spot.

    Also for the record I have been a fan since the Original and I am very excited for Fallen Kingdom. Even the first trailer made me very excited, especially how the dormant volcano comes to life. I’m not certain that anyone would know how dinosaurs would react in any given situation, the screenwriters job is to make the scenarios that tell the story both exciting and believable.

    How the dinosaurs move and act during the Pyroclastic Flow/Eruption/Dive into the sea moment…stuck me as highly believable given the circumstances. In fact those underwater moments actually made me very concerned for the dinosaurs- truly had an impact.

    So whatever the case on Super Bowl Sunday I’m looking forward to the new footage provided and hope the Jurassic series of films continues to inspire and amaze!

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