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‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Almost Featured Dilophosaurus but Don’t Expect the Deleted Scenes to Be Released

Hold on to your butts.

At long last, ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ will roar into US theaters and most other remaining major territories. After making its overseas debut over two weeks ago, fans have been eager to avoid spoilers and see the film firsthand, finally joining the conversation with those across the pond. To commemorate and promote the release, the cast and filmmakers have been continuing their rounds doing interviews with various outlets to talk about the film.

Speaking to Collider, Fallen Kingdom director JA Bayona shared some interesting information about the latest Jurassic Park sequel – most tantalizing was that it almost included a much requested fan favorite dinosaur. Collider’s Steve Weintraub prompted the question by bringing up the Mattel toys and how they featured dinosaurs not from the film, asking if any were almost included, in which Bayona responded with the following:

“Uhh – there was a scene with like a couple of Dilophosaurus, and we – we cut that scene. So we cut the Dilophosaurus from the movie in the end.”

Intriguingly, a scene with Dilophosaurus was not part of the shooting script, nor were any sequences shot during principal photography as far as I know. I’m uncertain if the scene in question was cut before filming even began, or if it was a late addition much like another sequence in the film featuring two dinosaurs fighting in the middle of the film. I would typically default to saying hopefully the release of the Blu-ray will answer these questions, but the interview with Collider goes on to say it is very unlikely.

When asked how long the first cut of the film was, JA responded that it landed around 2 hours and 45 minutes, corroborating what Daniella Pineda recently revealed in an interview. Some of this footage can be glimpsed in trailers and featurettes, though JA Bayona says that nothing very meaningful was cut – perhaps implying it was simply establishing shots, scene extensions, or inserts, and not major sequences nor character moments. The film itself certainly doesn’t need more action, in fact I believe it could do with a little less, and those cut scenes could have provided some much needed characterization and breathing room.

Whatever the cut scenes may have included, don’t expect the Blu-ray to reveal their secrets. Sadly JA Bayona confirmed that it was decided not to include them in the home entertainment release:

“We talked about it, and I think that because, with the – there was nothing really meaningful out of the film that we decided not to put deleted scenes in the Blu-ray.”

While the Blu-ray won’t include deleted scenes, I’m hopeful it dives deep into the making of the film, featuring long extended looks at the hard work that went into bringing this Jurassic World to life. The Blu-ray for 2015’s film felt lacking in deeper content, putting the focus on YouTube ready bite size features, rather than the material the fans want – but thankfully fans made their voices (and money) heard, and I’m optimistic this one will deliver where the last did not.

Circling back, while the Dilophosaurus may not have made the cut for Jurassic World 2, I feel confident we’ll finally see this beautiful but deadly dinosaur return in Jurassic World 3. It just has to, doesn’t it?

Sound off and let us know if you wish the Dilo was in Fallen Kingdom, and what you hope to see on the Blu-ray release this fall – and as always, stay tuned for everything Jurassic.

Be sure to give the full interview a watch at Collider


78 thoughts on “‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Almost Featured Dilophosaurus but Don’t Expect the Deleted Scenes to Be Released

  1. Dissapointing and ridiculous… it was the only interesting thing I was looking forward for the home release… the movie sure isn’t.

  2. Good, leave the dilophosaurus as a lone exclusive to the original. The next sequel should include new creatures… and new thrills- enough pandering to nostalgia.

  3. Isn’t the Dilo re-extinct? Personally, I love the extra info from the DPG stating that many of the animals just couldn’t keep up with the changing ecosystem and disease. I really, REALLY want it to be added to the third film to add some much needed in-film closure regarding Sorna.

    1. Yeah, it’s almost certainly re-extinct by omission – they did say they had eleven species captured and we saw well over eleven, so it feels like a stretch to throw them into the next film.

      I’m so disappointed they were cut.

      1. Well over 11 may be going too far! I just had a brief think about it and it was probably over 11, but still.

        1. My count is fourteen at the Lockwood Estate, plus Mosasaurus. I can’t quite recall if the estate had compies, in which case we hit fifteen there and sixteen total. I’d call that “well over” eleven, but to each their own.

  4. Jurassic World is my second favorite Jurassic film, followed by The Lost World. Fallen Kingdom is hands down the worst. I am heartbroken by the movie – the script was stupid as all hell, and the action comedy tone lost everything that made Jurassic special. This was a Transformers level movie. They do not get it.

    Jurassic World 3 is screwed unless a new writer is announced.

    1. What utter nonsense you write.
      What was stupid about the script? Explain. I could do with the laugh. Action comedy tone? I don’t think so. I’m bored of reading people say there was too much humor. You must be way too over sensitive to any comedy if this film felt like it had too much, in other words you must be a bore.
      For anyone that hasn’t seen the film, please don’t be suckered by this kind of talk, it’s just not true. The humor is not overkill at all. There are some genuinely funny moments between certain characters and in some situations, but it is not constant or detrimental to the films atmosphere and tone. If someone wants to sit through a movie that has absolutely no light moments, or any humor and all characters with deathly serious faces every second of the movie, they must be a dull person indeed.

      1. Hm no, there were no funny moments that you haven’t seen in trailers. The “tech guy” is just plain annoying and not funny at all, same for the (lesbian ? feminist ?) “strong” woman that tags along as the veterinarian, what was here role in the movie anyway ?

        This movie sure did have 98% of the time action in it and it shows that Bayona is a gifted director because it was beautifully shot without becoming an ADD version like Transformers .. the CGI is top notch and there is dinosaur abundance so you don’t hear me complaining on that front. Btw, I’m guessing if you’re a 10-12 year old that some dinosaur scenes are genuinely scary but I’m a 40-year old fart and was more focused on the movie theatre being too cold and some people constantly yapping in the background 😉

        The scenes they used in the trailers didnt give away that much at all so dont worry about that and for the after-credits scene ; its really not worth the wait, it lasts 2 seconds and doesnt show anything you dont already know by the end of the movie.

        Score : I didnt like Giacchino’s score in JW 1, it was too bombastic and slow and just lacked that certain je-ne-sais-quoi (goes to show how difficult it is to come up with a catchy tune that’s exactly right for the atmosphere of the movie). In this movie however there is soooo much action, Giacchino didnt even get the chance to mess it up, its just background noise that you dont notice.

        Another thing I noticed : probably my biggest complaint of JW 1 was that you never got a sense of it being a HUGE themepark on a HUGE island. Well, now you do.

        Oh and in case you were wondering, how can a volcano swollow up / destroy a whole island and all dinosaurs on it ? It doesn’t, at least not in this movie as far as I could see, watch carefully during the volcano scenes and you will see that only a small part of the island is affected and minutes before the blast, you get to see a map of the island that shows where all dinosaurs are (scattered all around as to be expected). So what I’m trying to say is that more than enough dinosaurs should have survived the volcano blast … then : why go through all this trouble to rescue them in the first place ?

      2. Since my comment apparently wasn’t saved?

        What was stupid about the script?

        Talking. A lot of talking and not enough doing. For the first 20-30 minutes they TALK about wanting to save the dinosaurs, but they don’t show it! In fact, the mercs under Mills’ employment specifically state that they were on Nublar for several days, capturing dinosaurs: FUCKING SHOW US THAT AS OPPOSED TO A USELESS SCENE OF CLAIRE VISITING LOCKWOOD!

        The villains were caricatures, even beyond comicbook villains. Mills was a hair’s breadth away from being moustache twirlingly evil, and the main merc actually WAS moustache twirlingly evil!

        The Lockwood “Shyamalan twist” was unneeded as wel, as a matter of fact, ALL of the Lockwood stuff could’ve been thrown out to make space for BETTER things.

        Franklin Webb should’ve been cut entirely and replaced with Lowery, which actually would make fucking sense since Lowery loved the dinosaurs and would DEFINITELY want to help out to protect them, he knows the park probably better than someone who had never been to Nublar in the first place and would probably be less fucking cringy to look at/listen to.

        It played too much on nostalgia and things from previous movies to try and please the blind fanboy base. For fuck’s sake, they were on Nublar for 20 minutes and DARE to use the Brachiosaurus to try and tug on our heartstrings. You. Can’t. Do. That. As much as we know Nublar and we love it, you need to make us actually care more about the dinosaurs that are featured, as opposed to going “Yeah, just throw in a dying Brachiosaurus and give it the iconic pose, that’ll please them.”
        No, just no. This ties in with the whole Claire thing from earlier: Had we been on Nublar for a longer time/actually seen the rescue operation, we might actually start caring for the dinosaurs that we’re seeing. Now, we don’t. We only saw Blue being captured/putting up a fight, but that’s not enough.

        The amount of plot threads was ridiculous as well! Lockwood and his “granddaughter”, the exploding of Nublar, rescuing the dinosaurs, Mills’ plan to sell the dinosaurs, the Indoraptor, Blue’s whole story, why Claire and Owen broke up, Claire and Owen getting back together… Seriously, this should’ve been the Nublar Rescue in the first half (as opposed to being relegated to the latter half of the first half of the movie) and then the Lockwood Manor Breakout. Two main threads as opposed to about 4 or five.

        Do I need to continue? Because I can continue. Let’s continue!

        The finale made no sense either! What? A total count of about 20-30 dinosaurs maximum is going to create a “Jurassic World”? Are you fucking daft, Trevorrow? Yeah, there’s a bunch of Pteranodons flying around, but any farmer with a shotgun can easily take out those things since they’re about as sturdy as a papier-machée kite! As for the rest, with the amount of gun owners in America, I’d be surprised they’d make it through the damn year, considering Blue got taken down with one (point blank, but still) shot from a fucking 9mm gun.

        How about the deconstruction of Henry Wu’s character? How about that can of worms? Wu used to be a good guy trying to show the world his genius, but in Fallen Kingdom he’s teetering on becoming an evil scientist trope! He’s not conflicted about what he’s doing, he’s just like “I’MMA MIX THIS AND THAT AND MAKE SOMETHING NEW, HAHA, HEHE! I’M SO EVIL! GIMME MORE MONEY!!”

        Owen doesn’t even feel like the Owen we’ve seen in Jurassic World! Fuck, in Jurassic World, Owen struck me as the guy who’d swim to Nublar to save the dinosaurs! Here, he’s fucking refusing to even go until Blue got brought up! And even then it’s “Yeah, I raised her, so I have to save her I guess.”

        No. You don’t do that. Here’s some Owen quotes from Jurassic World:

        “They’re dinosaurs, wow enough.” -> Implies he thinks the dinosaurs are amazing creatures, someone who thinks that would definitely go and save them no?

        “Look, I get it. You’re in charge here, you gotta make a lot of tough decisions, it’s probably easier to pretend that these animals are just numbers on a spreadsheet. But they’re not. They’re alive. You might’ve made them in a test tube, but they don’t know that. They’re thinking, I gotta eat. I gotta hunt. I gotta…” -> He doesn’t consider them assets, he considers them living, breathing creatures. People like that (me included), would jump at the opportunity to save creatures from extinction, especially if you’ve lived with them on an Island for God knows how many years? Don’t tell me Owen never just went to the Herbivore exhibit to watch them graze, or hung around Rexy’s paddock to marvel at her.

        Owen cared about the dinosaurs of Nublar. We saw as much in Jurassic World. Why wouldn’t he be the first on the boat to Nublar to help relocate the dinosaurs then? What, because he and Claire broke up? Wow, didn’t think he’d be that much of a crybaby, but okay movie, if you want your male lead to basically be a whiny bitch, then good on you!

        Now let’s focus on the “Big, Bad Dinosaur”, the Indoraptor: It’s. Fucking. Lame. The Indominus was even more threatening than the Indoraptor! It’s just there as a plotpoint, not something that was hyped up as a “super predator”. I mean, come on, the Indominus’ escape was less contrived than the Indoraptor’s escape. It’s a shame I can’t post spoilers, but if I could, this entire post would probably be double as long if I go into depth on WHY the Indoraptor was about as inconsequential as a fucking Compy!

        On the topic of humor, some humor is good. Some humor is needed. But humor during something that should’ve been an IMMENSELY INTENSE SITUATION, is something you don’t do. Because that completely negates the intensity of the situation and makes you go “Oh yeah, he’ll live no sweat since the scene is played out for shits ‘n’ giggles”. You know which one I’m talking about.

        As for the other humor, it’s fine. I loved Stiggy’s scenes, Hell, it was the ONLY scene that got me somewhat interested.

        This movie was horrendous. Absolutely. Horrendous. The only good things in it were Bayona’s excellent cinematography, but other than that? Even Jurassic Park III stands above it, head, shoulders and torso.

        1. Well, there is one scene, towards the very end where Claire & co have to make a life-saving decision – you know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen the movie – and what happens then just .. I mean, the decision taken by the protagonists who went to that island to “save as much dinosaurs as possible”, it just blew my mind and didnt make f*cking sense at all. Also during the 2nd half I sometimes thought to myself “pff get it over with already”, it’s like the_raptor_pack already explained there is too much going on in just one movie. I dont think you can blame Bayona for this, while I used to think directors are the bosses on set I now realize its the producers, so Bayona just had the unfortunate task to cramp all these storylines in a 2.10h movie and make it look spectacular (which it is).

          But by all means go see it, I wasn’t disappointed and actually really want to see what they have cooked up for JW3. When JW1 ended I was like “yeah so what” because the only cliffhanger Trevorrow threw at us was dr Wu escaping with some specimen but this movie had Ian Malcom to explain to us the upcoming sh*tstorm we can expect 😉

        2. Ok, The_Raptor_Pack, let’s get started.

          If you want to argue that the script is stupid because there is too much talking about wanting to save Dinosaurs and suggest that they should have been showing the Dinosaurs being caught instead showing what you say is “A USELESS SCENE OF CLAIRE VISITING LOCKWOOD!” I suppose your script amendment would show Dinosaurs randomly being caught with absolutely no context at all? So your version of the film would of opened with 30 to 40 minutes of Dinosaurs being captured with no narrative and dialogue. That’s a strange method of storytelling you have there.

          As for the villains, they actually represented very real types of people. To be honest, if they toned it down more they wouldn’t have personified what these people are actually like. Again, I have to give Colin and friends a great round of applause in creating villains that represent real types of evil people in this world, and then giving us the great satisfaction of seeing get them get exactly what they deserve! Anyway The_Raptor_Pack, how exactly do you want your villains? Mild? In your script, would the villains have wanted to capture Dinosaurs for twisted reasons then changed their minds and decided to only go half way, like, sell them, but only to responsible owners? Mild villains in your script it is.

          So you say the whole Lockwood section could of been thrown out for “BETTER things”. Well considering your suggestions so far who knows what that entails. Lockwood was a great setting that provided a unique and enchanting atmosphere, and lots of great set pieces. Maisie was delightful.

          Franklin was funny and he was a nice guy. And he saved Zia’s life! He was a hero! Give him some respect!

          And I have to differ with you on the farmer with his shotgun. Any farmer that taken on a Pteranodon with a shotgun has a shot at successfully committing suicide!

          As for Wu, what made you think he was a good guy to begin with? We never seen that much of him to know. He just explained a few things in a lab in the first movie. I’m sure he would be touched by your faith in him, but then experience a sense of guilt at how he is gonna break your heart when you find out he is corrupt. That being said, it’s ironic you say what you do, considering he actually expressed some distaste for what was going on in this film. But yeah, he was always just after the cash and behaved with no responsibility. That’s Henry Wu. Get to know him.

          As for Owen, I guess he was just in a different state of mind when Claire approached him. Yes he cares for the Dinosaurs, but doesn’t mean the story can’t allow for a moment that expresses some conflicting feelings and some concern for what danger he might face on the island. I think the scene was meant to show how he was in pain over the situation, trying to hide his real feelings, but ultimately facing up to his responsibility.

          The Indoraptor looked awesome, and you are so wrong about it’s escape. The idea they came up with for it’s escape was very clever and perfectly reasonable.

          So, let’s recap your script so far. first 30-40 minutes of Dinosaurs being captured with no dialogue or narrative explaining what’s going on. Then Lowery turns up out of nowhere, we have no idea why he is here, but he loves Dinosaurs, and is clearly familiar with his surroundings. Then we have mild villains deciding they are gonna be nice and help the Dinosaurs and maybe pour a cup of tea for Lowery. So, with your comments about the plot threads taken into account, that sounds like your whole script is complete. Wow, That’s an abstract film.

          1. No, it wouldn’t be “30 to 40 minutes of dinosaur capturing”, that’d be even more stupid than what this movie did…

            The opening scene would largely be the same, with minor changes for logic (like not making it an iPad that opens and closes the Mosasaur paddock, but a key you have to keep turned in a certain direction order to make it open and close, a “manual override”) and after the logo, it’d open with a 2 minute montage of news reports that explain the situation at hand (Nublar’s about to blow up, dinosaurs in danger, Dinosaur Protection Group and Claire Dearing stepping up to save dinosaurs, DPG getting backed by estate of former Hammond collaborator Lockwood).

            After that, we’d arrive on Nublar with the DPG and Mercenaries, readying everything for the Rescue Op. Then we’d get a scene that’s similar to the “Hunters Rounding Up Dinosaurs” showing them catching multiple of the Nublar Dinosaurs and shipping the first batch off to “Sorna” after Zia checked up on them.

            We’d get brief exchanges between Claire, Lowery and Wheatley about the operation and the big Raptor in the room: Blue, that they’d need Owen to capture Blue, where it’s revealed that Claire was the one who refused to take Owen along.

            The second day of dinosaur catching commences with Claire leaving to find Owen, whom is doing everything he can to get onto Nublar. They catch up and Owen is flown over with Claire at the end of the second day.

            Third day of dinosaur catching starts with Owen, Wheatley and co going after Blue while others start Operation Rex to catch the biggest prize of them all. While Rexy is captured, Blue still manages to evade the Mercenaries.

            On the fourth day, shit gets turned up to 11 as Mt. Sibo finally erupts. Owen goes after Blue on his own while Wheatley and the Mercs go after other dinosaurs. During all of this, and unguarded Claire tries to contact the Sorna outpost to see how the introduction is going, revealing that the dinosaurs aren’t being sent to Sorna. She doesn’t find out where they’re sent to though, as she’s found out by Wheatley.

            Both Claire and Lowery are locked up in a cage off the beaten path as the Mercs await Owen’s return. (while the Claire/Lowery thing is going on, we cut back to Owen who manages to regain Blue’s trust).

            Owen and Blue return, being greeted by the Mercs. Owen is oblivious to their intentions, until Blue’s behaviour tips him off that something’s not right as Blue runs off into the forest, revealing the cage Claire and Lowery are in. Owen is knocked out, Blue is captured and Zia is taken hostage as Mt. Sibo gives out and erupts.

            Claire manages to pick the lock on the cage, stating she wasn’t always as straight laced as she seems, and they manage to wake up Owen. However, all seems lost as the ship has departed and lava is coming in.

            As luck would have it, however, one of the lifeboats is drifting near the coast, giving Owen, Lowery and Claire an escape. What’s also revealed is that “Lockwood” is carved into the lifeboat, giving the heroes a destination and showing them that they have an ally on the ship.

            Then we get the whole Brachiosaur scene and a small time skip to Owen, Lowery and Claire disembarking after being rescued at a port in Costa Rica and going over their plans, with Claire and Owen being adamant to go to the Lockwood Estate to find out what happened to the dinosaurs and Lowery being somewhat apprehensive about the whole idea of storming a probably well guarded place, but agreeing to go along.

            The second part of the movie goes somewhat along the same lines as Fallen Kingdom, but it changes some key elements. For one: No Maisy and Benjamin Lockwood. Mills is the “owner” of the Lockwood Estate, revealing that they are in deep debt and that they’re selling the dinosaurs to avoid bankruptcy, with Wu creating the Indoraptor as a new possibility for a militarised cash flow (I’d rather take out the entire “Dino’s in the Military” thing, but it was set up in Jurassic World, so it needs pay off).

            Along with that, we get the reveal (during the boat ride to the Lockwood Estate) that their ally is none other than Eddie Carr’s son, who managed to get into the Mercenary group thanks to a family friend of his: Nick Van Owen. Carr and Zia go over their options, with Zia deciding that she’ll play along for the time being and Carr keeping his cover up.

            The selling of the dinosaurs gets done much quicker. Two to three shots, mixed in with both teams (Owen, Lowery and Claire, and Zia and Carr) trying to figure out a way to get word out or save the dinosaurs.

            The two groups meet up just as the Indoraptor gets revealed (there is no “Stiggy” scene). The Indoraptor seems passive, just staring at its cage, not putting up the grand show it did in FK. Lowery and Carr comment that they must’ve drugged it, but Owen recognises the behaviour but too late: The Indoraptor opens its cage after inspecting the locking mechanism and figuring it out. It escapes as Owen and the others try to get down there to save people (we hear horrendous sounds coming from the auctioning room) but when they get there, they’re met with a massacre. Seeing as it’s PG-13, we don’t see the corpses, but the characters’ reactions to what they see say enough, but the Indoraptor is nowhere to be seen (Wheatley and Mills are dead).

            Realising that it must be looking for a way out, Owen and Carr load up and go hunting after the Indoraptor while Claire, Lowery and Zia have to get to the mansion’s security system to lock the place down.

            What we get after this is something I’d describe as Ridley Scott “Alien” type of atmosphere, with Owen and Carr stalking darkened corridors while hunting the Indoraptor and the rest trying to get through the mansion without bumping into it.

            Owen and Carr meet up with some of the remaining Mercs and Carr manages to convince them to help catch and kill the Indoraptor (they’re just disposable fodder though) and it ends in the holding room where Owen and Carr have a stand-off with the Indoraptor.

            Meanwhile, Claire, Lowery and ZIa manage to find the control room with a remorseful Henry Wu inside. We get a scene that mirrors the Hammond/Ellie scene from Jurassic Park between Claire and Wu, explaining that Wu only sought to show the world his brilliance and that he never wished for any of this to happen.

            On the monitors, Lowery sees the predicament that Owen and Carr are in, and releases someone who might be able to help from her cage: Blue. The battle commences, with Blue being thrown around like a ragdoll but still being able to fight and bullets not having a lot of effect. Wu reveals that the Indoraptor’s skin is designed by using the genes from several well armoured creatures, making it almost impossible to pierce, which gives him an idea: If you can’t pierce it, crush it.

            He opens up one of the other pens, with an Ankylosaurus stepping into the fray. Blue, Owen and Carr back off as the Indoraptor and the Ankylosaurus have a ferocious battle (the Anky’s eye is taken out by the Indoraptor), which ends with the Ankylosaurus ramming the Indoraptor into a wall, crushing it and the control panel behind it. Red lights turn on as all doors open, with the draft of fresh air enticing the dinosaurs to run out. All of them escape, with the exception of Blue, who stays behind with Owen (Rexy eats the Indoraptor’s corpse as she walks by).

            They all meet up, with Wu explaining the practices that the Lockwood Estate had been conducting for the past two years: Taking dinosaurs off of Sorna and selling them while the dinosaurs on Nublar were under observation since the Jurassic World incident. Wu agrees to help out the DPG (Owen, Carr, Claire, Zia and Lowery) in tracking down and recapturing all the dinosaurs that had escaped or been sold as a way to redeem himself, and we leave off with Dr. Ian Malcolm giving his whole “Jurassic World” speech as we see several of the dinosaurs (the JP III Spinosaurus and several Dilophosaurus being part of the shots) either in the wild or in captivity.

            The end.

            That’s how I’d do it.

            Now, why I think Wu is misunderstood is because I based my views on Wu on the actual Novel, where he actually is a good man and not a caricature “evil scientist”).

            And no, I wouldn’t want “mild” villains as you put it, as you could probably read, I want villains with actual motives and not one dimensional scum. I didn’t go into detail here since in my plot they’re kind of there as just a catalyst for the events, but their main driving reason (both Wheatley and Mills) is money like in Fallen Kingdom, but not to “gain more money” while already being filthy rich but to get out of the crippling debt that the Lockwood Estate is in. This is called a “relatable villain”.

            I’m 100% certain my Fallen Kingdom would probably have around 70% Critic score and 80% audience score as opposed to Treverrow’s measly 50% and 61%.

      1. The fact that it isn’t in the movie. Not complicated or confusing. That was a dick move. You could have left the spoiler out of the headline.

        1. And then being accused of having clickbait titles.

          The presence or lack of Dilophosaurus has no relevance to any scene in Fallen Kingdom. Revealing the movie does not feature them is not a spoiler, nor is revealing that there was a point in time where it almost happened.

          1. When he originally complained I thought, that’s hilarious! Peter, you should be grateful, you wont be disappointed. Peter, by your standards I’m about to give a spoiler: Allosaurus doesn’t get a major action scene. It looks great, you get some great moments where you can marvel at it, but no particular big attack scene. I wouldn’t have minded someone telling me that before I seen the movie, I would rather know than get my hopes up for something not there. Anyway, yeah, I love the moments you got with Allosaurus and I can’t wait to see it in the next film. It’s probably gonna be in it considering the way the film ended.

  5. I don’t care what dinosaurs it has, I just wanted a good movie. I didn’t get that.

    Then I wanted good special features. It doesn’t sound like I’m getting those either?
    Can someone else take over Jurassic World please.

    1. I’d welcome a new script writer with opened arms in JW3. Treverrow’s general idea for trylogy is facinating, but execution is lackluster to put it mildy.

      1. There are a million ways these films could of completely sucked. After the huge wait between Jurassic Park 3 (which itself is saved from being total garbage strictly for some great Dinosaur moments) and Jurassic World, I was in suspense waiting to see if it was gonna satisfy. Then coming close to the movie in 2015, I was pretty confident before going in that it was going to, and when I seen the movie, it was certainly to me the greatest movie in the saga yet. Fallen Kingdom is as great, or greater to me. With Colin being a huge part of these films, I have to offer him great appreciation for the choices he has made putting these films together. I don’t understand what people want exactly. I think they will never be satisfied, because to them, if it wasn’t exactly what was in their heads before going to the cinema, it’s trash! And for the mentally troubled folks, they also fuel themselves on all the mad fan theories that are laughable, and they are left disappointed when none of this stuff their deranged minds put together happened in the film!

        1. I can forgive the script a lot if something is explaing why sth happens. Like heavy anthropomorphism of Blue. It was explained and I bought it. The main problem I have with Trevorrow script is illogical in some places, it did not allow to create interesting villans who are just cartoony in FK. Comic relief character, Franklin, is simply annoying and why was he suppoused to be comic relief to begin with when you have Chris Pratt on board, who started his carrier as a comic actor. (tho, it’s good the movie had a serious tone) I felt that Owen character didn’t evolve between JW and FK and I was really surprised that Colin wanted us to believe there is close bond between Owen and Blue, but script didn’t show that well enough. I really counted on Owen’s outburst when Claire brought Blue up saying that he care, but no. In the bar he didn’t care at all about animal that saved his and thousnds of people’s life. If he did, his face didn’t show it. Movie used too much scenes from Jurassic Park 1 and instead of enjoying the scene I thought.”Yup, that’s from JP1″. It’s high time for JW trylogy to make its own as memorable scenes as ones from JP1. Granted, there are 3 memorable scenes in this movie, opening, surgery and the last glimps of Isla Nublar.

          I appreciate Fallen Kingdom as brave step forward to expand, evolve franchise and as a final good bye to “running from dinosaurs on the island” plot. Don’t get me wrong, I still highly enjoyed my time in the cinema, tho I can see movie’s flaws.

  6. What’s way more interesting than the Dilo is something the Indoraptor did during one scene. I am sure many people will notice it too, or else I’m going crazy and seeing things…

  7. Was originally planning to get the home release for the deleted scenes, but now they ain’t getting my money, that’s for sure.
    Colin really needs to be booted off the Jurassic franchise. He is not a good director or writer.

    1. What a brat.
      Your mom would have to give you the money anyway, and she’s too busy picking up the toys you just threw out your pram.
      Just for fun, please tell me how you would of made the films? My guess is your clueless.

        1. If they didn’t realize they watched a classic, I have to let them know of the faults in their perception.

          1. It’s not a classic, it’s a mediocre film. If you liked it, good for you. But stop bothering people.

      1. Luke Wilkinson (Lone Akita)-
        Judging by your behaviour, you’re more of a brat than I supposedly am 😉
        Why should I spend money on something that I don’t want? You tell me. Because apparently not wasting money means you’re a brat.

        Attacking other people because their opinion is different than yours is totally a mature thing to do.

        If you think you watched a classic, I will unfortunately have to let you know the faults in your perception.

        How I would’ve improved the film?
        – Get rid of ninja rex that comes out of no where to save the day, Colin’s just beating his dick to how many times Rex can steal the spotlight at this point, Eli’s death could’ve easily went to Carnotaurus.
        – Extend the Nublar sequence, at the very least stay a night on Nublar, would’ve made for a nice Dilophosaurus/Carnotaurus night scene.
        – Actually do stuff with the new dinosaurs, other than Stygi and Indo, the rest (Allo, Carno, Sino) do jack shit in the entire film.
        – Tone down the anthropomorphism of Blue

        But oh wait! This is my personal opinion that you might disagree with! Better start typing up your essay on why my PERSONAL OPINION is wrong 😉

  8. I saw the movie yesterday (got an early screening), and I was a tad disappointed. However, in the opening scene, you can hear one if you listen closely. It’s probably just a leftover from the scene, but it was something I thought noteworthy nonetheless.

  9. What is it with the Jurassic franchise and its hang up with not showing us deleted scenes? Most other franchises get tonnes of content, even alternative cuts, and we get told “nah mate it’s not important”. It’s up to us to decide whether we think they’re important, you just show us the goods!

    1. Sometimes I think these other films make scenes with the intention of cutting them out just to use them on the Blu Ray and DVD, which is pretty cheap to me. More integrity if you shoot what you believe is gonna be truly best for the film, rather than making scenes for what adds up to marketing later on. But as for the decision not to release these scenes, trust me, I would like to see every second of film shot, including outtakes! But I respect the artists decision. If they feel they don’t want to show this, or not show that, I can respect their feeling.

  10. The single reason I liked the Extended Editions of the Hobbit movies so much is because of the extended scenes and the crap ton of hours of BTS. It really pains me we’ll probably not end up getting things like that for FK. Let’s hope they will release the 2:45 long director’s cut!

    1. You did. We all did. You can hear the Dilophosaurus run through the bushes in the intro scene but that’s about it.

  11. It kind of makes me upset that they cut that scene because it was “not important.” Maybe it wouldn’t have been meaningful to the story, but it would have been meaningful to fans. I believe it is in their best interest to release an extended cut. Between this scene and Zia’s reveal, it sounds like there scenes of quality that fans would want to see. It does them no good to just dump out these scenes and let them go to waste. However, releasing an extended cut would be more money heading their way.

    1. Yeah I don’t get it. I can’t imagine there wasn’t a few key scenes in over 30 minutes of movie footage. Multiple dilophosaurus wasn’t worth keeping in? There are many movies that run past 2 and a half hours. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was longer than that. Even the Muppets: most wanted had an extended home release version. As did Almost Famous. They couldnt do the same thing with a Jurassic Park film? It seems there are some odd unwritten rules for this franchise: never be R rated (ok I get this), never allow a film that is more than a few minutes past the 2 hr mark, never show another dilophosaurus. The dilophosaurus seems to be the most requested return and yet it has never been allowed to make another appearance. I think it would have been awesome to see more than one. Or a bigger one.

  12. I just don’t think its possible for the dilo to be in JW 3, because if it was we had to have seen it in JW:FK, again, they didn’t show us ALL of the dinosaurs that were auctioned off. but IDk.

    1. They cought 11 living species, dilophosaurus wasn’t in that group. However, who knows if Dr.Wu still have its genome. We saw a case with dinosaurs DNA, maybe someone will good idea will stop the name.

    2. Dunno about this, but it appears that the volcanic eruption didn’t effect the southern side of the island. Since the tracking system showed animals practically throughout it’s entire surface it is still possible that the smaller species may survive longer than the big ones. We still probably won’t see them knowing that Nublar won’t have a part of much importance in the following movie, though.

  13. Saw the film last Sunday. It’s my third favorite JP film. Lots of flaws and not what I expected from Bayona (which, I believe, is due to writing, not to directing skills). But still enjoyable. Opening scene is awesome. The best so far.

  14. I’m actually a bit baffled and frustrated by these revelations. First of all, I find it a little hard to believe that there was no footage of value within over 30 minutes worth of footage. Multiple dilophosaurus? That wasn’t worth keeping in the film? That is worth making an extended cut or even a few deleted scenes for a blu-ray? I’m pretty sure alot of Jurassic Park fans would feel otherwise. I’ve been hoping to see the dilophosaurus return ever since it failed to make an appearance in the first sequel. They couldn’t bring it back for the third film, Jurassic World was the perfect opportunity to bring it back but they still didn’t (aside from a hologram), and then to find out they actually filmed a scene with multiple dilophosaurus for the fifth film only to cut that scene out? They know this is a dinosaur fans have been wanting to see return. Second, how much time and money was wasted filming over 30 minutes that never made it to the final film? That is ALOT of footage to cut. Was it really cheaper to film a scene with multiple dilos only to cut it? Third, why is it so unreasonable to release a Jurassic park film that runs more than ten minutes past 2 hours? This is a major film with a massive budget. How many films come out now that run over 2 and a half hours? Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was longer than that. Avengers 3 and numerous other films. It is not that unheard of for a big blockbuster film to be around 2 hours 30 minutes. I could understand them deciding that 45 minutes past the 2 hour mark to be a bit long, but they easily could have kept it at the 2 he 30 min mark. From what I have heard the pacing would have benefited from having some breaks between action. And it doesnt seem like it was just merely some moments of dialogue that was cut, but scenes that fans would have appreciated. Would it really have hurt the film to keep at the very least the dilophosaurus scene in? I highly doubt it will appear in the (sorry I refuse to call the sixth film the this film) next movie. This was the last real opportunity to include it in a way that was credible. It won’t happen now. I wish we could petition for an extended cut. If we can get an extended home release cut of the Muppets most wanted and Almost Famous why not this? Lol

    1. The part where Owen says to Claire “we know you love a dummy”, they cut out that line.
      Also in the trailers the bar-scene was somewhat romantic, in the movie it isn’t at all. Bayona simply didnt have time for character development.

  15. Aaron: the dilophosaurus sequence was never filmed therefore was not cut from the film.

    Also to everyone: The dilophosaurus IS in Fallen Kingdom. The opening sequence with the guy in the yellow raincoat: you hear the dilophosaurus chirp and the bushes rustle. Yes, you do not see the lovely creature but the chirp is unmistakably the dilophosaurus.

  16. We don’t care if the cut scenes aren’t substantial, we still want ‘em.

    And Chris, or anyone who’s approving this comment, I’ve been avoiding spoilers. How do you know that a fight scene was a late addition?

  17. It is still confusing why, to this day, they haven’t brought the ol’ Spitter back to any capacity. I suppose it is due to them simply not figuring out what meaningful context to use it in outside of being a venom spitting stand-in for the Velociraptors(which is totally good enough for me). I did appreciate the “tease” at the start of FK and the hologram in JW, though. Here’s hoping that they still got it’s DNA lying around somewhere if Wheatley’s crew didn’t capture specimen from Nublar.

  18. there is the SLIM possibility that the dilos were captured, and escaped while we were focusing on mills under the car. we can always hope.

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