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There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom to feature a Volcanic threat!

Hold on to your butts – months of speculation has just been confirmed by Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom producer Frank Marshall. Frank casually took to Twitter today, corroborating the rampant fan theories that the upcoming sequel will feature some eruptive action. In a rather fun, laid back way, he humored the fact that two projects he was working on featured the magma ridden mountains:

We first began to speculate about a volcanic threat when one of our team members caught an image of a volcano on, although the image was quickly removed. Coupled with domain purchases such as, and Colin Trevorrow saying that the upcoming sequel would focus around mankind’s responsibilities to their creations the plot clicked into place: Fallen Kingdom will revolve around Isla Nublar in peril, with a mission launched to evacuate as many dinosaurs off the island as possible.

Early Jurassic World concept art

As we previously speculated, if the dinosaurs are in peril there may be some heavy resistance from the public regarding a conservation mission:

It stands to reason that after the Jurassic World incident, not only has the park closed, but the fate of the island may be in question. We have no doubt that that world will be a little less fond of having an island full of escaped, breeding dinosaurs – the threat of them becoming free in less isolated ecosystems is nothing short of hazardous. Invasive species of the non extinct variety already threaten the delicate balance of the food-chain in the real world: letting these creatures loose could have longstanding effects, creating the very chaotic butterfly effect Ian Malcolm predicted in 1993. So, again, after the Jurassic World incident it would not surprise us if the governments of the world are humoring their destruction for the ‘greater good’.

Thus sparks the debate: would a mass euthanization be ethical? Do these extinct animals have rights, or are they simply dangerous corporate property? As this debate likely rages on (and for good reason, we’d be pro-dinosaur, but it’s foolish not to consider the danger they present to the natural ecosystem) certain more empathetic parties will wish to take action, to protect the animals. Those who had a hand in their creation (such as Claire Dearing) have all the more motivation to get their hands dirty in protecting them – and of course Owen Grady would have more reasons than most to protect their livelihood, due to his relationship with Blue the Velociraptor.

This resistance seems to come in play via another tweet from Frank Marshall, which showcases a grassroots “We Can Save Them” fundraising operation. If the world was happy to help, surely they wouldn’t be starved for cash to save the dinosaurs? Just what has happened to Masrani Global and InGen post the Jurassic World disaster? Our bets are those companies are all but extinct, and are in no position to officially intervene once the threat of an active volcano comes into play.

While the concept of a volcano on Isla Nublar may seem to come out of left field, the idea has been around for some time. The movies never touched on it, but the novels made mention of active geothermal plains on the island with volcanic caused steam vents, which is where the escaped wild raptors made their nests. InGen utilized geothermal power to run Isla Sorna, and the Telltale Jurassic Park game said the same was done on Isla Nublar. The films never actively acknowledged the volcano, but it can be seen on several park maps, and was confirmed to be called Mount Sibo on

Why the volcano has become a serious threat after so much time remains unknown – it stands to reason John Hammond wouldn’t have built Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar if he thought it was a serious threat. Perhaps InGen did utilize geothermal power, which destabilized the natural volcanic ecosystem, and after Jurassic World closed, the system collapsed, leading to a surge of activity? I do hope the film answers these questions, because as much as I love the concept, it is strange this is the first we’re hearing of it.

There are a lot of questions that now come into play: how does Dr. Wu fit into the picture? How does the rumored “Indoraptor” come into play? And just what is Benjamin Lockwood’s role in all this? Odds are those questions won’t be answered until the film erupts into theaters, and I cannot wait until that happens.

As always, stay tuned for the latest news, and sound off in the comments below!


20 thoughts on “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom to feature a Volcanic threat!

  1. Lockwood will probably turn out to be a Dodgson type character. Those early pics of a dino museum are probably his mansion too.

  2. It could be sn interesting idea.. or a massive over-the-top-transformers-like-movie full of explosions. Bayona did great in the impossible, so i have faith that it will be handled properly. And i really hope the hybrids have nothing or very little to do in this movie

  3. I’d rather have a volcano-based plot than a weaponized dino-based one. If anything, it must account for the hell of viual spectacle, if well made. Besides, the Jurassic franchise needs to explore other grounds. Come on, how many times can people visit the island, end up trapped there for a reason and end up running away from ferocious dinosaurs until someone rescues them?

    I’m all into the direction the franchise is taking. Heck, I’m happy the franchise is taking a direction at all. After being disheartened so many times during the fourteen-year wait between JP3 and JW, especially after countless times Kathleen Kennedy said they’d better let the franchise rest for posterity and not tamper with it any longer, this new trilogy has been both a surprise and a great treat for me.

  4. The only way that I want to see another hybrid in the Jurassic series is if it is completely separate from the island and not on Isla Nublar (they should just let the dinosaurs be).
    I’d like the idea if perhaps Wu has a lab somewhere and people, maybe some government forces go after him and he has developed some ‘guard dog’ type hybrid that attack them.
    I don’t think any fan really wants to see more hybrids running around on the island again.

  5. I may be too deep here, but, from what I’m seeing here, Jurassic Park and Jurassic World might as well be regarded as two separate franchises based on their underlying themes. The first 3 have consistently showed that the sheer force of science and nature at their prime are not be taken lightly. But entering this new era, science has evolved. Political ideas have kind of evolved. But despite the environmental factors that change nature every day, I think this new franchise looks to ask us, is nature really worth caring about? Are dinosaurs, for that matter, worth fighting for? The latest in-movie characters view the dinosaurs as mere zoo animals and make nature more corporate. This especially ties in with the neglect for the sciences and the environment in US government. The hybrids would fall in line with that corporate greed. So, with a volcano in mind, Fallen Kingdom could question where humans went wrong with treating nature and how we can save it. So not to sound too cliche, it all starts with one dino at a time.

    1. I think u hit the nail on the head and personally I think it’s really going along with the ideas in the books

      1. Oh yeah, I know it’s all one franchise. What I really meant is that movies 1-3 and 4-6 tackle unique themes for two separate “eras” within the JP/JW universe.

  6. If it were anyone other than Bayona, I would be really worried about the state of this movie, but after seeing A Monster Calls, I genuinely think he could make this about intelligent talking raptors trying to integrate into human society and it would still be the best movie in the series.

  7. I just watched the impossible last night. It was so beautifully shot and I’m excited for what bayona has to offer. He is the perfect director!

  8. It’s amazing how upset people are about hybrids. If anything they are the most realistic thing the franchise has ever done and very in line with the books which i gather many people have not read. In the book Dr Wu even talks about making hybrids to an extant. The idea of fallen kingdom is perfect and I have a feeling that the original author would love it. The books are all about humanity failing to take any account for the rape of the natural world whether it’s corporate greed or science. Unfortunately there are to many political morons out there that completely miss the point of any of these movies.

  9. I was afraid of this. Fire-bombing would have been a better idea. But a volcano!? The article writer is correct and I was thinking the same thing, how on earth would that go unnoticed and unplanned for on a 24+ year old amusement park island? Were they just going to wing it if the mountain ever erupted? Hope for the best? Kinda dumb at first thought. I really hope they have an explanation.

  10. “We have no doubt that the world will be a little less fond of having an island full of escaped, breeding dinosaurs…”
    Hmm makes me wonder “what about Sorna?” I think that statement should’ve read “…less fond of having a SECOND island of escaped, breeding dinosaurs…” But seriously, that statement and all the public buzz about dinosaur rights and saving them makes me also question: what are the public’s thoughts on Isla Sorna by this time of events (if it is still the ecosystem it was left as in 1997)? And if the dinosaurs are rescued from Nublar, is Sorna their planned destination? So far I’m liking the direction of the franchise: bringing the affairs of the outside world into play on a larger scale and with public opinion.

  11. We may be moving from being afraid “of” the dinosaurs, to being afraid “for” them!

    I wonder if the Mosasaurus will be mentioned at all in Fallen Kingdom. It’s probably long since died of starvation (no one around to feed it), but trying to rescue something like that would be an even greater undertaking than any of the dinos. And where would you put it?

  12. A little offtopic,but I just watched Jurassic Park again. But, man, we will never reach the same feeling again for a Jurassic Park movie. Damn, I’m getting all emotional thinking about it…
    That movie made who I am today and no matter how much I loved all the movies that came after it, the feeling I got with that movie, I can’t even explain…
    The raptors for example, the eyes of them said it all. No emotions, just pure natural prehistoric instinct. The T-Rex, same story… All the movies after it, it just didn’t reach the same effect….
    I miss all that in the movies after Jurassic Park. And don’t get me wrong, I love all of them, but I just don’t get the feeling.
    Now that Bayona is in charge, I have little hopes, because he promised us more links to Jurassic Park and above all that, he promised us more tension and suspense, and that was something Jurassic Park had, so maybe… He can light the fire again. I really, really hope he will deliver.
    Excuse me if my English isn’t all correct, but it’s not my native language.

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