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‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Releases WORLDWIDE – Share Your Reviews Here!

At long last J.A. Bayona’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has released worldwide and fans across the world can now openly discuss their thoughts on the fifth entry into the Jurassic Park franchise.

We asked on our social feeds how you were celebrating the release – whether you were dressing up, hosting a Fallen Kingdom themed party, or just seeing it with your friends and family, and we were overwhelmed with the responses to our hashtag #MyFallenKingdom!

Check out some of the wonderful responses below!

And some of our own Jurassic Outpost team:

We loved all of your responses and one thing is clear – the love for Jurassic is huge!

The follow-up to 2015’s Jurassic World has been met with mixed reviews and while there is a lot of love to be given for the sequel, the movie has torn audiences and has landed a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 253 reviews.

The audience score is slightly higher at 62%, but comparing it to Jurassic World’s score shows the love for sequels is not boundless.

But what do YOU think? Share your reviews in the comments section below and discuss your thoughts on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom with others! Please be sure to stay respectful to other people’s thoughts and opinions on the movie.


76 thoughts on “‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Releases WORLDWIDE – Share Your Reviews Here!

  1. I have to say, I really like it, for me it’s better than Jurassic World, and I can see why some may dislike it, but those things really don’t bother me, hope everyone had a great time watching it!

  2. I would call it a bit of a mess, there are a few beautiful poignant moments yet those don’t hold up to the cliche’d second half with cringy villain characters “24 millionsss!” and over the top cartoony action ‘Stygi’. The screenplay is the problem here, you can have all the nice sets, animatronics, cgi and good actors. If your script is bad it is going to show.

    The opening and ending were strong… yet all the stuff in the second half was pretty forgettable. Geraldine Chaplin is great but wasted, Jeff Goldblum and Isabelle were very good too… but apart from them I didn’t care much for any of the other characters. BD Wong, Rafe Spall, Tobey Jones, Justice Smith all have too many cringeworthy moments.

    The part on the island was the strongest with the Volcano and the Gyrosphere while I kind of was expecting that for the second part. It feels like they cut a lot from the island part.

    We left the cinema kinda deflated.

  3. (British so I saw it some weeks ago with plenty of time for reflection). As I’ve written elsewhere, as a long-term JP fan (I saw the original film at the cinema in 1993 aged 5) I’m washing my hands with the mainline franchise at this point on the back of this film. Dreadful. Utterly dreadful. Universal can now no longer bank on my nostalgia to bring in the money. This entire franchise needs to die, quickly. I think the JP franchise, in its original spirit, will now continue, for the time being at least, in alternative media – video games, novels, fan created content and other media. The mainline franchise is dead at this point as far as I’m concerned. If this badly directed, horribly written, appallingly plotted, lazy, dull, mess of a film is the best the franchise can produce at this point; I’m afraid I’m out as far as the mainline film-franchise is concerned. Shockingly bad. I can only hope in a decade or so we get a proper, well-thought out, sensitively made reboot of the franchise; perhaps taking us back *before* JP (1993) to further explore the development of the original park, or something similar.

  4. I liked it overall, the island part was solid. The 2nd part of it felt a little too simple but left me wanting more. JW3 should be moved up provided it’s a solid story.

  5. I loved it, though I do think they should’ve had more dialogue scenes to give more personallity to some of the new characters. Maybe a few minutes of seeing the hunters capture some dinosaurs TLW style? One thing I really didn’t like was the reasoning why Franklin went to Nublar, you could really see he didn’t want to be there and his part of the mission didn’t look like something only he could have done.

  6. I really liked it, I think that it moved a bit fast and that extra 3o minutes would have been nice.

    I give it a 9-10

    or 8.4 idk yet, I’m seeing it a second time to solidify my thoughts.

    I wore my Jurassic world inflatable t.rex costume. to the movie. I took it off while watching tho.

  7. The movie was enjoyable and fun but was kinda a slap in the face to Jurassic fans.
    The lack of farewell to nublar sucked.
    I didn’t see enough of the Island for the last time.
    I wanted to see the Main Street get burned up or the old visitor center get covered in lava.
    This movie is made for a new audience and generation. Doesn’t feel like a Jurassic movie anymore

  8. I saw this movie with a few friends yesterday, and we all loved it. Here are my thoughts.

    1.The dinosaur roster. Seeing Baryonyx, Carnotaurus, and Allosaurus finally make an appearance in a Jurassic film was awesome. It’s a shame that they weren’t utilized more.
    2. The Indoraptor. Best. Hybrid. EVER. I thought the Indominus was okay as a villain dinosaur, but Indoraptor knocked it right out of the park.
    3. In a tear-jerking kind of way, that one scene with the Brachiosaurus after the volcano erupts. As the cloud of ash consumes her, a brief flash of lava lights up behind her, and she rears up on her hind-legs…almost exactly like in the original film. That was the moment when it hit me…”The Park is Gone”. For the next five minutes I couldn’t stop repeating that in my head. It might be the first time I’ve teared up in a movie theater. 🙁
    4. Maisie’s origins. People kept saying that the trailers spoiled everything, but MAN, I didn’t see THAT coming. It’s a bold new part of the genetic engineering story that nobody ever thought would crop up in Jurassic Park/World, and I’m glad to see that their expanding what might be done with it.
    5. The ending. For the past four films, there’s been all this carnage with these dinosaurs, but the survivors always leave knowing that “at least they can’t get off the island”. Not anymore. Now they’re in the wild, and nobody (or at least, anyone living in California) is safe. They’ve taken away the last shred of security that anyone might have felt would protect them from the dinosaurs. I, for one, think it’s the best ending that the Jurassic Park films have ever had.

    1. Was it really necessary to have Blue run off into the wilderness again? It’s gonna make her inevitable reunion with Owen in JW3 seem a little bit redundant.
    2. I didn’t like how Wu escapes death AGAIN. Seriously, can they just kill off that jerk already?
    3. My biggest problem with the film is that it just felt too fast. I felt that the stuff on Isla Nublar was way too short, and that they focused too much on the auction stuff. Really, getting the dinosaurs off the island and escaping the volcano could’ve been JW2, and JW3 could be all about the “now what?” part of it.
    4. I think they should’ve portrayed Claire as a much more controversial figure in the eyes of the public, with some people calling her an “eco-terrorist” for wanting to save the animals which have already taken so many human lives, and adding further burden to her character.
    5. Owen initially wanting to leave even Blue to die. Seriously, what was THAT all about?
    6. Something just feels a little…off about Blue being the only Velociraptor left in the world.

    Hopes for JW3
    1. The pitifully underused Allosaurs in this movie would play a larger role in the sequel, maybe even as the main antagonists (Rexy is more of an anti-hero).
    2. If JW3 has a human villain, they should have a bigger motivation outside of greed, like legitimately wanting to protect people from the dinosaurs. And if the heroes can come up with a solution that doesn’t necessarily involve extermination but also ensures the surviving animals’ survival without destroying human society, the “villain” should be reasonable and actually consider it.
    3. I really hope we get to see what Zach and Gray have been up to all this time.
    4. Owen and Claire officially adopt Maisie. Seriously, the three of them would make a great family.
    5. The raptors from JP3 would make a comeback, revealed to having been removed from the island by poachers and later escaping into the wild. Blue might even find a mate amongst this new pack. 🙂
    6. That the film doesn’t end with the dinosaurs killing all humans or driving our society underground or whatever. Besides, Jurassic World’s dinosaurs couldn’t breed, could they?
    7. This would be the last of the original Jurassic films. Not that the series is bad or anything. I just think this should be the conclusion of the story that began with Jurassic Park.

    Sorry for the long comment. I have a lot on my mind. 🙂

  9. Saw 1 week ago, plot is nonsensical and full of dumb decisions, the whole time I felt my intelligence was being underestimated. The only time I felt bad was when they cheaply showed Hammonds picture, and that was only because I still grief the passing of Lord Attenborough. Felt nothing on the brachiosaurus scene, and the whole dilemma at the end with the girl felt forced, not to mention they crossed the line with that plot device.
    Also, one thing is releasing one animal into the continent to cause havok, other is being a cheap cliche of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs or The Flintstones.
    I really wanted this movie to be good so I could make a “you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about”, but all in all this movie got another middle finger.

  10. This truly was the biggest disappointment for me in an otherwise almost perfect #FallenKingdom. Why they chose not to include the #Dilophosaurus in the opening scene which was so perfectly made for its appearance is beyond me…This literally was the last chance we had in seeing this fan favourite back on the big screen…teasing us with its undeniably recognisable bird-like call that we remember oh so well from the first movie was really not the screen time this animal deserved…Why @filmbayona??? Why??? 😫

  11. I really liked it,
    -Cheeseball badguy bouncer soldier guys and bidders, like comic book cheeseball.
    -Not enough time on island.
    -Bryce should have had top billing
    -not sure if I saw any character development for Clair in the film?
    -copied Lost World a bit too much
    -Where Did Wu Go?
    -hate that theyre in mainland, dont want dinosaurs in suburbs, eating out of mcdonalds dumpsters

    – touchable dinosaurs!
    – allosaurus!
    – great setting for mainland, better than cities
    – they didnt show either Park remains get destroyed by the volcano, only the northernmost part
    – and lots more

    For people that say its been dumbed into just another action movie: are you are missing a good bit. Definately more mentally challenging than The Lost World.

  12. As a huge fan of the original trilogy, the first Jurassic World disappointed me in some ways. An over reliance on CGI, dull/unbelievable characters and the fact that it completely ignored the events of the sequels put me off a little. So now I try to look at these new movies as more of a reboot. That disconnect enables me to enjoy them more. I see now that Universal wasn’t trying to make a perfect sequel, it was hitting the reset button for today’s younger generation to experience. All nods to the original JP are just there to please the original fans. An example of this is how it is never addressed that the T.Rex is meant to be the same one from JP1. A lot of people actually wern’t aware of that since the script never felt it important enough to address. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom entertained me more. I feel that the special effects were much better, especially with the incorporation of more practical effects and the characters didn’t feel as dull and two dimensional to me this time around. I do kind of wish more of the movie had been set on Isla Nublar. It feels like we arrive at the island and leave again pretty quickly. It’s almost like the movie can’t wait to get to the mansion, which is maybe a little bit too much of horror movie setting cliche. A T.rex and an Apatosaurus caged beneath a large house? Seriously? It’s perhaps a little too much. As much as I really love the Indoraptor, I was surprised to see this hybrid weapon plot element returning to the story. It almost doesn’t make any sense after the Indominous destroyed the park. The Indoraptor does have some excellent scenes though and looks fantastic on screen but the drastic change in environment is a little jolting. The villains are cartoony and some of their motives are questionable. And the plot twist involving Maisie the young girl didn’t quite sit right with me for some reason. I do understand some of the criticism the movie has recieved but comments like “it doesn’t have the awe and wonder of the original JP1” baffle me. Of course it doesn’t, that lightning in a bottle recipe can only happen once and we are five movies in at this point! I did enjoy the new film and I’m looking forward to watching it again at home when it’s released on blu ray. You just need to watch it with your brain switched off and simply enjoy the sight of cool and scary dinosaurs chasing people.

  13. I LOVED it! Shocked by the backlash. Everyone complains that they want something different, but then get upset and say “not THAT different.” Loved that it was emotional and really scary. Some of the imagery was so gorgeous and horrifying. My girlfriend hated it though because she ended up crying through most of the film. She thought it was well made, she just couldn’t stand seeing all that was happening to the dinos. To me, though, it was magnificent.

  14. What I liked:
    – The music. They didn’t focus on the Jurassic Park theme. Instead they realized that this is a “Jurassic World” movie and instead use the theme song from Jurassic World here and there. Also, the heavy choir in the score was beautiful. Michael Giacchino knocked it out of the park
    – Better script than the Jurassic World by at least 2 notches. The first half was great to decent while the second half slumped a bit
    – Good CGI/Better animatronics
    – Fantastic opening scene. Classic Jurassic stuff
    – Change of tones from other Jurassic Park movies

    What I didn’t like:
    – The writing. Can we please have characters that add something to the plot and aren’t annoying? The bad guy, Wheatley, needs a better motivation than money. That is a bad and tired motivation.
    – Mix of locations. So I think the first half (mainland through the island) is the best part of the movie. Once they get off the island… it feels off. For some dumb reason to me, it’s hard to feel like a Jurassic Park movie when you take dinosaurs off the island, even though you can’t keep beating a dead horse (dead horse being running from dinosaurs on the island).
    – Recreations of Jurassic Park shots. It’s ok to nod to the original, but when you have the shot up the brachiosaurus neck (brachiosaurus scene), the indoraptor chasing after the girl in a dumbwaiter trying to pull it down only to have the indoraptor slam into the door (raptors in the kitchen), and the iconic T Rex roar with her tail curled toward the camera (when dinosaurs ruled the earth), it gets bloated. I get it… nostalgia. But COME ON. Be more original
    – The Indoraptor. Now here me out. This is more of a timing issue. I like that they needed a reason for the I-rex and to go back to the island, but the indoraptor isn’t in the movie that much. Unlike the Indominous, the indoratpor is in the movie for the last quarter… if that. It doesn’t feel so much like a bad guy, rather than a nuisance to the main characters.

    Overall I did like this movie. Most of these issues can be fixed very easily. I like that this movie is more serious and gritty… shakes things up. I don’t believe it deserves the harsh criticism it’s getting from both parties. It’s good. Not great. Good.

  15. (Spoiler Warning)

    I overall found a distaste for the film. I liked it better than the first Jurassic World because this time it brought back some horror elements that were missing in the first one but the general story and writing was done poorly in my opinion. The beginning on Nublar was the better half of the film and although the second half could have been interesting it was poorly executed. The story went too cheesy and too super villain like.

    Chris Pratt was more grounded in this film and even made a joke/nod to the first film about him riding the motorcycle. I liked his character even if I felt he was a little too action star material for the series. This movie only lost me when he decided to fight 20 guys effortlessly like a superhero and not once get hit back.

    Bryce Dallas Howard as Clair was much better. Her character had a huge overhaul and it was needed. However I don’t believe that her character from the first film would act as she did in the new one. I don’t see her as the kind of person who would be advocating for saving the animals. The whole first film she refers to them as “assets” (which showed no connection) and then she almost dies by the Carnivores of the first film and although Owen tried to show her some compassion in the first film, I just don’t believe that saving the animals was right for her character. Even Owen was okay with letting Blue die.

    The secondary characters of the film in my mind were pointless. Jeff Goldblum back as Ian Malcolm was a great return for the franchise but his character did nearly nothing. I would have been fine if the story followed him after the court room scene and he took the lead role of the film, It was almost natural. Jeff Goldblum was used for tons of marketing for the film and I find it a shame he was hardly in it as his only scene could have been cut from the film and the story wouldn’t have changed. The characters of Zia and Franklin were just bland with no real character development. The worst of the pair was Franklin who served the only purpose of comedic relief which was already being done with Owen. I don’t understand why he was even involved with the story line, I mean I do but why was he the one that had to go. Franklin obviously didn’t want to go to the island and he had a great fear of planes so I have a hard time believing Clair convinced him to go. Any other technician who worked at the park would have been a better choice. They could have even brought back Lowry from the first film to fill this role. Not to mention Franklins “Scooby-Doo” act where he disappears after being caught by the boat crew and pretends to be one of them to him disappearing for a good chunk of the film just to show up dressed as a lab tech in Wu’s Lab. The little girl Maisy was actually decent and her reveal that she was a clone was a nice add to the series. ( I actually predicted this prior to the film based on the info we had of her and the logical progression of the Jurassic franchise but it was still a nice reveal even if the film gave way too many hints at it) Benjamin Lockwood was a character I felt was underused and poorly executed. In my opinion Lockwood should have been the antagonist of the film and should have resembled that of the novel Hammond. I think his attempt at human cloning should have been one that was used as a moral dilemma on the evolution of cloning rather than the heart felt attempt of bringing his daughter back. Hopefully future films touch on this. I’m also very curious where his character falls into the continuity of the film series as he was not prevalent in any of the previous films. Lastly the villains of the movie should have been completely rewritten. Wheatley the big game hunter was way too over the top as a bad guy and I lost all complete care for the character when he charges in to the building after a dinosaur stampede and demands his bonus, at least his death was satisfying. Mills was the worst character of them all. His trope of being the greedy heir to a family fortune is way overused. To back track on that family fortune, why was he chosen to run Lockwoods money. The excuse that he was a young and upcoming person doesn’t sell it for me. Henry Wu is still as useless and poorly written as he has ever been.

    On to the dinosaurs. I was very glad to see so many new faces to the franchise. The inclusion of the allosaurus, carnosaurus, baryonx and more were spectacular to finally be seen on the big screen. I have always found a fascination to the dinosaurs appearance in the faranchise and to see what these animals look like is awesome. My favorite dinosaur is the dilophosaurus and it seems to have become tradition in the series to not include the animal. We heard it’s hoots in the beginning scene and I became thrilled that we were gonna see it but was quickly disappointed when that thought didn’t come to fruition. The return of the brachiosaurus was majestic and was great to see again. The T-Rex in my option was overused. I felt that the dilophosaurus or even a pack of them would have been a better opener for the film. The T-rex should have been saved for a later scene. The moment from the trailer and a lot of marketing with the T-Rex killing the Carno should have been saved for the film and not shown in any of the marketing. But it’s later fight with the carno again at the end of the film seemed very redundant to me. I think the Compys that were on top of the truck that mills was hiding on should have been the ones to attack mills which he successfully fights off only to be eaten by the Tyrannosaurus instead of scampering off for the carno to move in. For the velociraptorBlue, I have never been a fan of her. Her inclusion in the series is made for a younger audience and completely abandons the idea of the raptors being dangerous. Sure she attacks a few people but in my eyes the velociraptor has become no more different than that of a household dog. I’m fine with the trained raptor idea but I think it should have backfired when they we released in the first film and show they were still as deadly as before. Lastly the Indoraptor was an okay antagonistic dinosaur. The animal which was a prototype which should never have been made if Wu knew the faults with it as well as the faults of its predecessor the I-Rex. The indoraptor was very similar to the indominous but just on a smaller scale. I think it worked plot wise for the film and I’m actually okay with the hybrids in the series. To me the indominous was a high point for Jurassic World.

    The stuff I liked and though worked well.
    I though the destruction of nublar was done well and a good chance to distance the franchise from the trope of being stuck on an island full of dinosaurs. The demise of the brachiosaurus in the smoke on the dock was a powerful and emotional scene and a great send off for the island and the series as we once knew it. The indoraptor was a not needed but well executed creature. The visuals done with this animal were very “alien” like and a great horror element for the franchise. The ending revealing the animals escaped on the mainland sets up for a great sequel that has been missing since the T-Rex incident in San Diego.

    To sum it up I found Fallen kingdom to be a decent sequel to the franchise and much better executed than the previous film. The first half was a decent Jurassic film filled with cheap thrills that worked but a poorly written and made second half which relied too much on super villain esque chapters and jam packed full of nostalgic nods to the previous films that set its set up for another interesting sequel. This film seemed to act as bridge between Jurassic World and the third film of the new trilogy. Although I’m displeased with the new series of Jurassic World films I am glad the Jurassic franchise is back and as big as it ever was and has inspired a new generation to love the films as much as I did growing up.

  16. #JurassicWorldFallenKingdom🦖 is the WORTHIEST successor thus far to the Original Jurassic Park. The movie is EXCELLENT when it comes to Business perspective. Congratulations to JA Beyona! However the story even if it is very interesting, it’s 50/50 between the people who LOVED it and the people who HATED it. I belong to the first category but I respect a majority of people who hated it because they have sensible proofs to why they disliked the movie. The writters of the movie take a very CRITICAL move to lead the future of the franchise wich will influence the way people see the dinosaurs. I personaly have no problem with that because I knew and I’m pretty sure you also knew that the franchise had to take a different route to continiou the story because the old classic island theme, as well as the park theme is now same old same old, and that is a major reason why I loved this movie. In other words, a majority of dislikes is clearly each one’s opinion on whether or not they like the new route the story has take. I personaly like how the story is progressing to a new level turning this time literely Jurassic Park into Jurassic World and I can’t wait to see what follows in Jurassic World 3.

    I give to Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom an A or 9️/10

  17. So, the little girl whose mother died in a crash… I think that little girl is a clone of the mom. I don’t know why I think that, but there was a look she gave that made me ponder the idea at the moment. Loved the movie so much!!! I can’t wait to see it again.

  18. Set four years after the tragic events unfolded at ‘Jurassic World’, the theme-park island setting of Isla Nublar is under threat from an active volcano that is due to erupt imminently.
    With the dinosaurs under threat of mass extinction once again, the question is asked, ‘Do dinosaurs deserve the same protection as other endangered species?’
    Enlisting the help of Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) and animal behavioralist, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), so begins a daring rescue operation funded by multi-billionaire, Benjamin Lockwood (James Cromwell)… but once again, mankind’s total disregard towards life over money destroys the best of intentions…

    Directed by J. A. Bayona, this Jurassic entry is brave… Very brave. ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ takes viewers to a completely new environment.
    Gone is the luscious tropical greens of mountainous landscape which we have become accustomed to and in is a much darker, gothic-horror setting which may unsettle some younger viewers. The final act echoes ALIEN-esque claustrophobic horror which honours the 12A (PG13) rating.

    All in all, Jurassic fans will not be dissapointed with this entry. In my opinion, this is where the series has had to head in order to remain a success.
    The mix of animatronic and CGI is blended beautifully within the dino-action-set-pieces, almost recreating the nostalgic amazement of what I felt when first watching the original film.

    And for those who don’t want to miss anything, be sure to remain until after the credits roll…

  19. I thought it was awesome. the indoraptor should have had more screen time and we could see more of what it can do.

  20. For a start, it wasn’t cheesy at all. Not like JW was. The dialogue fit nicely everywhere. Many people make jokes in stressful situations. Some even laugh at funerals. There was no OTT dialogue in this film at all. The behaviour of the characters was very realistic.

    Sure it was fast paced, barely any breathing room. But that fit with the plot. It was a race against the clock to save the animals! Real life doesn’t wait for anything, especially romantic goodbyes, and I think the film nailed that.

    My only gripe really is the lack of official closure regarding Sorna. Half the audience could be overheard asking about ‘the other island’ when the credits rolled. The DPG is all well and good but unless it is in the films itself, 90% of people are still going to be wondering. This is something JW3 needs to deal with.

  21. I would rather watch Jurassic Park 3. This film was just a stark reminder that people suck (which we all know – watch the news) and felt like it had very little to do with the actual dinosaurs themselves, unless we were just killing them for “shock” and “thrill” factors. Very disappointing. Action sucked, suspense scenes sucked, and did Claire even talk during the second half of the movie? Oh and the thing with the kid had me eyerolling so hard I could literally see the disappointment welling in the back of my brain. I was so excited for this movie and annoyed my coworkers about it for weeks. I left very disappointed and sad. Wasted potential.

  22. After watching it 2 times, I think I throughly enjoy about 85-90% of this movie.

    The problems as I see them:

    -The dialogue from the first half of the bar scene.

    (Not funny, don’t care, could’ve been better written I think.
    The second half get’s to the point and what I want to hear about.)

    -Franklins dialogue to Owen on the plane.

    (Comparing a plane to a abused animal? Ok..
    “We’re not compatible.” why do you have to be? why not “You did WHAT?!?”)

    -Owen waking up after getting shot.

    (The Sinoceratops wakes him up? Ok..
    It licks him? WHY? It doesn’t walk on him? Why not?
    Isn’t it running away from lava?
    Then Owen, he can move his legs but can’t stand up?
    He just narrowly gets away from lava because of a log? Really?)

    -Carno Sino & Rex fleeing?

    (What is going on there? Really, why aren’t they just running away like all the other dinosaurs?
    I don’t get it.)

    -Owen in the water

    (Upon first viewing it wasn’t clear why Owen didn’t break out his knife after the second bullet. Or what happen after he shot the second bullet. But I assume it was because he needed to go up for air, why he swam away, but then he comes back really what seems too fast. Ok..)

    Maybe it’s just me nitpicking, but maybe it’s just the things that hold it back from being that much closer to perfect film.
    Oh well, I can overlook these small things and since everything after and before these parts is amazing. I will see it once again next week. Better then JW & JP3 I think.

  23. Liked it. BUT, I have to give it a step down from the first only because the first half was rushed and not give much stuff on Nublars final moments. The 2nd half I adored. Dark and cool stuff. Fallen Kingdom is 3rd best film by far.

  24. This film was Jurassic Park for the Transformers crowd and it broke my heart a bit. It’s my least favorite Jurassic Park film in the series. The film is directed amazingly but what a lazy, lazy mess of a script.

    Also: the film had a lighter touch than expected. The first 4 minutes were PERFECT. Then it went downhill. This film was paced too quickly and the film suffered for it.

    A quick example: (SPOILERS)

    Owen finds Blue next to the Explorer that Dr. Grant and Tim barely escaped in the first film. Why not have a scene of Owen walking down the tour road and seeing the battered fence and rusted Explorer from the T-Rex attack? Claire could have mentioned that he needed to keep moving and Owen could have climbed down the wall of the Rex paddock into the area below to have his encounter with Blue.

    Watching the film, I was BOGGLED at the amount of undercooked plots and characters and missed opportunities. The film was so dumb, as well. The first film was a taut, intelligent thriller, this was a big, loud, dumb action movie.

    I like the new Star Trek films, but I imagine I’m feeling what fans of original Trek feel when they watch the new films and dislike them. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom looks and sounds like a Jurassic Park film but it doesn’t have the soul of Jurassic Park. I mean, I was entertained but man, I’m conflicted. Does anyone feel the same way?

    1. I think the problem is the story and dialogue are not up to snuff. They really have the opportunity to go into interesting discussions which the have on a very surface level in both Jurassic world and this one but it doesn’t really go much deeper than than the surface and really become the story. I think Jurassic World did it better than this film . I still enjoy these movies for what they are the are fun dinosaur films. We just need to make our voice heard that we want a really deep and cohesive story.

    2. Totally agree. If you’re going to do fan service don’t just dump the old explorer into a scene for no reason. I would’ve loved to see the scene with Owen walking down the old road that you described.

  25. The Negative part: All the problems of this movie came ffrom the plot: the cartoonish characters, (what a waste of what could have been some great ones) the uninteresting dialogs, many plot holes and totally ignored things (hello empty Cinco Muertes)… and it felt too rush, too much action and not space to breathe..
    it’s specially disappointing since this one was the second.. we were expecting them to do it better, but they made many of the same mistakes again… only that this time with a great director that did what he best could with a poor screenplay. The worse of all? all those unnecesary obvious call backs.. really, that was cool for the fist movie of this trylogy… it’s not necesary to replicate scenes from the previous movies all the time!

    The Good part: it’s a stunning movie, entertaining and have some really cool momments. great score and it also tried something new

  26. Look, it was a fantastic monster movie, but the Jurassic Franchise is much more than that. It’s about the human characters too. The opening scene was, in my opinion, the best opening to any Jurassic Movie. It was suspenseful, it was filmed amazingly and I was hoping that the rest of the movie felt that way, but it just kinda tittered off in the second half. It felt too rushed on the island. I wanted to see more of Owen exploring the island trying to find Blue. I wanted more tense scenes on the island, but it was just rushed.

    Bayona defentially made his own stamp on the franchise which is still a memorable and fun movie, but it wasn’t what I was wanting as a fan boy. I’d give it 7/10

    P.S more they need to bring back Dr Alan Grant, Dr Ellie Satler and tell us what happens with Sarah Harding and Ian Malcom!!

    Ben, Gold Coast, Australia 🇦🇺

  27. Overall, I thought the movie was pretty good. JA did a great job and I think the movie is substantially better than JW and JP3. I think this negativity is all due to critic reviews, which . . . who cares?

    The plot was structurally sound. I agree with many people here that I wish Isla Nublar got a better send off, with more destructive imagery. I also found the lava/Sinoceratops scene with Owen to be a little . . . goofy? From the East Dock scene on, I thought the movie really took form. That scene though . . . I still tear up every time I see it and I’ve seen the movie 3 times!

    There’s plenty of emotional moments throughout, and I adored how JA, Colin and Co. left Maisie (as fantastic of a character as she was) out of the action for a good chunk of the film. With regards to JW, there’s no way Zach or Grey was going to get eaten by the Indominus Rex in any scene they were in, so I appreciate the lack of “putting kids at risk” filler constantly throughout the film.

    I do think the transition from the island to the mainland was more seamless than TLW. The dialogue was better than JW, but still a little cheesy and cliche in parts. Can’t go without, “You gotta’ come see this!” . . . or the worst . . . “CHAIR!!!”

    Character wise, I actually expected to dislike Franklin and I didn’t. I really thought Ted Levine was under-utilized. What a great actor with a villainous look, and just as I was beginning to hate him, well, yeah. Toby Jones was just annoying as Mr. Eversoll.

    So, here’s the thing about Rafe Spall/Eli Mills. Eli is such a stereotypical greedy bad guy, but not the type of bad guy you’d see in a JP/JW film – more of a Bond villain. Some of his decisions/personality traits, I thought, were actually delivered well. Rafe did excellent with what he was given. I still stand tall that one of the most important pieces of dialogue in the film was delivered by him – when Owen and Claire were locked up. “Parents of the new world” scene. Surprisingly, I loved Rafe’s depiction of Eli and never thought in a million years I’d say Rafe did a better job at being a villain than Vincent D’Onofrio.

    I went into this movie 1: expecting a big, shiny blockbuster, 2: expecting a Jurassic WORLD movie, not Jurassic PARK, and 3: expecting there to be flaws every 10 minutes.

    Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed!

    1. “I think this negativity is all due to critic reviews, which . . . who cares?”

      *claps in approval* 🙂

      Really, your whole comment is kind of similar to mine.

      1. It astonishes me how much power critics have on a film’s success, when at the end of the day, their opinion is there as part of a paycheck. I mean, I’m sure they like what they do but it’s a job.

        We agree on lots!!! Especially the portrayal of Claire. I love how her character has developed but especially how Mills calls her out for exploiting the dinosaurs the same way he did. It was one of those lines that kind of humbled her character a bit and showed some intelligence on Mills’ behalf – something we saw very little (if any) of with Ludlow or Hoskins.


    Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom feels like it is maximized for profit, much in the same vein as the Fast and Furious series.

    The story has been dumbed down so even children can easily comprehend it, removing any sort of “boring adult talk” about science and distilling characters to easily identifiable good guys and bad guys instead of just people with their own motives. As a viewer, you have to make so many mental leaps for the plot to make any sense whatsoever. It doesn’t add up that Claire would see a single dying Apatosaurus in JW1 and then pull a 180 to leading a bunch of millennials to fight for dinosaur rights. For some reason Chris Pratt (who is just Chris Pratt, Owen Grady doesn’t even really exist as a character), who raised these animals from birth suddenly doesn’t care whether they live or die? Aside from being an ex-Navy man and dinosaur wrangler, he also happens to be a master carpenter, the savior of every situation, and is great with kids. Must be nice to not have a character flaw!

    The following is a list of things that also do not make sense:

    – In the opening scene, the submersible has to wait for the underwater gates to open (which eventually releases the Mosasaurus)…why wouldn’t they just drop them inside of the enclosure?
    – When loading up the dinosaurs on the boat, they aren’t tranquilized? They are flailing around in the air snapping at guys on the ground.
    – Franklin (the nerdy computer guy) is mistaken for a dock worker?
    – You have a laser on a gun that you can aim at a person to have a dinosaur kill them…or just pull the trigger maybe?
    – Eli decides to kill Lockwood…DURING THE AUCTION? If he is in control of his estate anyway, why not do this way beforehand and make it easy?
    – Wheatley is collecting dinosaur teeth, not to sell for millions of dollars…but to make a cool necklace? (I get the nod to the Evil Raiders Skinner action figure)
    – A non-hybrid living dinosaur is only worth around 4 million dollars? This film is going to make more in ticket sales than those idiots made selling dinosaurs on the black market.

    It’s a dumb fun summer blockbuster that feels like it could be in the same category as Deep Blue Sea 2 and maybe should have gone straight to DVD. I have often joked that the next trilogy will be Jurassic Universe and take place on a space station with a cyborg Ian Malcolm…I am now convinced that it could happen.

    As a lifelong fan of Jurassic Park, this direction leaves me feeling really disappointed.

    To try and end on a high note, the cinematography and set dressing is great and there are some really beautiful moments. It also made me actually feel for the dinosaurs and fear for the lives of some of the humans, which JW1 did not.

  29. I was satisfied only thanks to my very high suspension of disbelief prepared for Fallen Kingdom.

    Opening scene will be in the gallery of the best moments of JP franchise. 10/10 opening scene. Bayona did his job regarding suspense and scenes shots overall. Maise beina a clone was really surprising and it is a huge deal for this franchise. Dinosaurs CGI is simply incerdible. I would say the best dinosaurs up to date. Animatronics are fantastic and they did wonders on screen. Owen and Claire were charming characters and the best in the movie. I like Dr.Wu learnt something from JW park fall and he mentions an matter taken straight from The Lost World by Micheal Crichton. Every animal needs a parent to teach it social skills, in the novel velociraptors were insane, because they had no parents to teach them living in group. Bayona direction is remarkable and it’s shame he got such weak script to work with. I do love what the ending hints for JW3.

    However. Movie is messy. This movie requires putting your suspense of disbelief on high level and then you can enjoy the movie. The script was weak, predictable which is proofed by one demensional villans, meh dialogues and a need of adding a lot of backstory to sell to us FK’s Blue. What they showed regarding her would have been more belivable if they built that up from Jurassic World to give the rest in Fallen Kingdom. In JW she showed no damn affection towards Owen at the beginning of that movie making her change of hear by the end unbelievable. Owing to the fact they had to put her entire backstory in this movie, proved me that Colin Trevorrow adds things as he writes in the flow and he does not plan things in advance. It was like: “Damn. Without explaining that here, that would not work at all, because I neglected her backstory in JW. (His weak writting is also proofed by sudden appearience of lake gate, even though the lake was in the middle of the Island with no access to the ocean in JW). Don’t get me wrong, I like FK’s Blue, because I adore Owen and Blue bond, but it could have been executed better starting from JW.

    Another issue I have is the movie jumps from one scene to another extremely fast that it felt like a check list. Ian Malcom character potential was wasted. Indoraptor at one point broke a 4th Wall like Deadpool (after watching the movie you will know what I’m talking about) and it broke my suspension of disbelief. Indominus Rex had more presonality than Indoraptor. Indoraptor was just an insane monster to push story forward.

    A few words about characters: Villans are so cartoonish that blew my mind up. Terribly written with terrible dialogue. Franklin… The. Most. Annoying. Character in the history of JP franchise ever. I really wished he would have died. He has no motivation to go to the Island, he is scared of everything and fails as being a comic relief. At his place should have been Lowery as a tech guy. Lowery has a reasons why he would protect dinosaurs and he knows all security systems in the park. Zia Rodriguez… She was overconfident and unecessarylu rude to everyone and there is no good explanation why. We only know she is paleo-vet and that doesn’t explain her rude behaviour. I only tolerated her thanks to surgery scene. What on the Earth happened to Owen? He liked those animals, respected them and here at the beginning he doesn’t care about the animal that saved his, Claire’s and thousands of people lifes in JW? I expected him to outburst during bar scene brining up his sarrow that even though he cares about his Blue he couldn’t do nothing about it. I’m disappointed that Owen and Blue parted their ways again and Owen did not even try to coax her to stay with him considering she might still hurt innocent people and she will be in a huge danger on main land.

    I really dislike plot holes in this movie such us: No one from guards noticed T-rex roaring and waking up on the boat, even though just a minute ago there was a guard that closed opened cage. No one noticed a truck driving to the ship at the last moment and no one checked who was that. T-rex Ex Machina during carnotaurus scene. Blue Ex Machina, I wouldn’t mind that BUT movie did not even bother to show Blue hearing that Owen is in danger instead she just spawned in Maise room. I’m not biologist, but since when you can take a blood from different species to transfuse it to another species and not have a problem with organism rejecting that blood? Since when collecting blood from humans is transferable to a taking blood from Trex with thick skin? Blue was shot and suffer from 1 bullet through half of the movie, but when she is in the mansion she moves like nothing happened to her.

    And for god sake, Colin Trevorrow must stop ripping off scenes or entire sequences from previous Jurassic Park movies! I don’t mind 1 or 2 nods to old movies, but in Fallen Kingdom we have a big chunks of scenes taken from JP1 including: T-rex winning pose from the end of JP1, kitchen with raptors from JP1, Brachiosaurus scene from JP1, Indoraptor reflection on the glass taken from JW, instead of I-rex we have her smaller brother. It’s high time to make own and unique scenes during this trylogy!

    All in all movie has a good stuff and a little more bad stuff than good ones. I enjoyed my time in the cinema mostly due to Owen’s and Blue’s bond development and dinosaurs and I would give it 6,5 /10. I left me with wanting more and I hope Universal would fire Colin Trevorrow and hands the script to someone else. I like what Colin wants to do with franchise (minus overused militarised dinosaurs theme) but the problem I had with sctipt is that: great idea, terribly executed.

  30. My full review will come later today, as it’s 4 am here in the UK, but I wanted to join in right now and say, Fallen Kingdom is legendary.

  31. So I’m not loving JWFK. Here is what I would have done with the trilogy:

    JW1 – Reclaim the island and capture dinosaurs from both islands, build the new park, breed new raptors and show baby blues intelligence, establish corporate espionage and other companies attempting to create dinosaurs

    JW2 – Pretty much keep the Jurassic World movie the way it is but introduce the dinosaur virus from some of the books and Henry Wu’s attempts to contain it with genetic manipulation

    JW3 – JW is now closed, dinosaurs have been stolen off the island for years, other companies have finally succeeded in recreating their own dinosaurs but don’t have Wu’s knowledge of the virus and how to manage it. As a result the virus mutates giving dinosaurs super immunity while killing off most livestock and natural living animals. Humanity now in chaos with a huge food shortage, turns to companies to create even more immune dinosaurs and it gets even more out of hand. Thus actually creating a….Jurassic World.

  32. Well, I watched it. I must say – and it hurts to say this – that I have more respect for JP3 than this one. So sad. For me this was no Jurassic film but rather a basic cable knockoff with a big budget. Soooooooo absolutely cringeworthy, but it fits the culture these days…

    2 / 5, and I’m being lenient…

  33. Sorry for long post but I wanted to share my thoughts.

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    I liked the first Jurassic World even when it had some dumb moments, it was a worthy sequel to the series as a whole and it was awesome seeing a functioning park. I was pretty excited going into Fallen Kingdom, you have JA Bayona directing and he is a really good Horror director, I was ready for moving past the island and getting to the meat and potatoes of the series ultimate question! What do you do now that genetic power is unleashed? The setup had me ready to enjoy a movie that I thought could be really damn good. Alas, it is the worst one since JP3, not as bad as JP3 but this movie is pretty bad imho.

    There are good things in this movie, the camerawork is beautiful at times on par with JP1, Bayona knows how to frame a camera really damn well. The genetic sub-plot is really good and still has me interested to see where they go in JW3. But that’s about where all my positive feelings end.

    Once again the Rex is underutilized and is now somehow a fucking hero, what the fuck? I swear it’s like the people involved have only watched the ending to JP1 and assumed that the Rex just saves the day. That was one scenario and now with this film she saves the heroes almost every time she shows up. I know this sounds horrible but I wanted to see the Rex hunt and eat people. You have the first half of this film on Isla Nublar (Original JP and JW1 setting) and throughout that entire time while they’re all on the island, no one is being hunted by the Rex? What the fuck? lmao it’s so dumb. The opening of the film is great and the Rex is acting like a threat but once the main characters get to Nublar somehow the Rex is just not even addressed (until captured by the mercs) so the entire time they are on the Island it just feels so weightless.

    There is hardly any consistent Dino encounters at all when they are on the Island. The Carnivores that do show up are such short scenes that it makes me question why they are even there to begin with? The problem with this film is that it handles the Dinosaurs so damn poorly. They didn’t let any of the these threats stay somewhat persistent. As soon as one Carnivore is introduced, it’s dealt with in the same exact sequence. Baryonyx? Introduced and escaped from pretty quickly. Carnotaurus? Introduced and killed off almost as soon as it showed up. There are literally too many Dinosaurs in this film and it ends up meaning that none of these Carnivores get to stay with us for extended periods of time. Whereas you go to JW1 at least the Indominus Rex was a constant threat through the entire run-time of the film.

    Once we get off the Island I thought it would get better but once again, it just feels paced so wrong. There’s still some good stuff here, I love Lockwoods Estate and the little girl is the best kid actor in a JP movie in a long time but that’s not saying much. The Indoraptor the replacement for the Indominus looks cool and moves really eerily but again, we don’t spend enough time with it for it to be even remotely threatening. The film is entertaining and you could probably list most of my perceived flaws as “nit-picking” but I can’t help but feel this way. I’ve loved this series since I was a kid. I’m hoping that JW3 at least ends this new Trilogy on a high note cause this film left me pretty mixed.

  34. Did the bloody thing SMILE!? Or did it just look like it? I’ll admit, although Apes can smile, this seems a bit of a stretch.

    1. Yes, he did. A stretch? What about Blue who sheded a tear in the movie? Only humans shed tears to express strong emotions. Blue, Indominus Rex and Indoraptor have to have human DNA inside them, the only explanation why they do things exclusive to human species I can think about. I’d be quite disappointed if it was not be mentioned in JW3.

  35. I love the movie. If they didn’t remove the Dilophosaurus, I’ll love it even more. If your going to see it in the movie theater, always expect jumpscares. 10/10

  36. I really enjoyed it, not as much as Jurassic World though. I found the structure a little odd, the directing of the actors was not as good as Jurassic world and I prefer the gritty tactile feel of the that film more. But I still really like this one just not as good as the first in my opinion. Very enjoyable, will watch this one over and over also.

  37. Just like in JW, my favourite scenes involve Henry Wu. I really miss the sci-fi aspect of Jurassic. And Wu’s dialogue is always so intriguing.

    1. WU was extremely bad, BD Wong couldn’t deliver his lines convincingly imo and went out in a very slapsticky way…

      1. Agreed, also he isn’t some monologuing super villain. He’s just a scientist who wants funding to continue research. No idea how he ended up like this compared to JP1.

    I’m a 25 year fan of Jurassic Park and watch the movie constantly. This movie hurt and not in a good way either. I was expecting something like the Planet of the Apes reboot and we got a movie that was unintelligent and was too fast paced for its own good. They really blew up the island that I grew up with as a kid? And I’m the process, they didn’t show them capturing any of the other dinosaurs besides Blue, who I’m kind of tired of being the center of attention. Now, we can never go back to Jurassic Park. Ugh. No revisiting the T-Rex paddock, visitor center, raptor pen, or seeing the rest of Jurassic World, no more dilophosaurs, no more brachiosaurs! And Isla Sorna has no dinosaurs on it to have an adventure on, so that is truly it. A small heard of 1 or 2 of each of the dinosaurs that are all female are loose in the woods. It took them all of 10 minutes to capture them at the beginning of the movie. It’s not going to be that hard to rangle them all back up…or just wait for them to die off because the can’t even breed. I was hoping that the movie would have bigger stakes and really make me think about the grander implications to life on our planet. Instead, we have a small heard of a few dinosaurs running loose. It hurts that Jurassic Park has been reduced to this…a bland summer action movie like Transformers. I just wish they would have planned out this trilogy very differently.

  39. Next time they should have the Rex and Blue wear capes. They’ve been elevated to superheroes at this point. This franchise has jumped the shark. It’s officially time to retire the franchise until someone with sense can reboot it properly. Can we just forget that every sequel after Lost World never happened and pick up from there?

  40. I liked it. As good as they could get. Of course nothing will ever beat the original but a least we got a movie worth going to see. Especially that part where the indoraptor did a little smirk. Lol.😂overall 9/10 would watch again.

  41. Ok, the Akita is here, where do I begin!?
    I was so excited as it was getting closer and closer to me seeing the film, at the height of my anticipation, someone would probably think it wasn’t healthy for me xD like the first Jurassic World, after years of reading about the making of the film and following the whole production process, your heart is pounding by the time you are in that seat ready to watch the film. It’s not a feeling alot of people will understand unless they are into something as much as alot of us here on this site are into Jurassic.
    Well, with that said, as you may have read, I was not disappointed.

    The opening, was everything that people were saying it was. I’m thrilled just sitting here thinking about it. The atmosphere and the growing tension in that scene, it’s just magnificent. What a way to open a film!

    The Nublar part of the film, you really get a sense urgency the moment they arrive. That feeling of peril and excitement doesn’t stop from then onwards, and I love how it all feels so flowing, and not disconnected, so it grows and grows till they are off the island, and the characters and individual roles, the way they all come together before getting of the island was very effective. Some have complained that they would of wanted to have seen some more moments on the island, longer exploration of Nublar etc, but if they did that, that building excitement and fast pace all coming to the great climax, that would of been lost! The eruption and Dinosaur stampede was a complete thrill from start to finish! And you can laugh, but I had tears in my eyes and almost cried when the Tyrannosaurus appeared! Tears of joy and awe, it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life. And of course, you all know the Brachiosaurus scene is making everyone cry! I was struggling to try and control myself, and my sister had to look away!

    The Lockwood part of the film, was an interesting contrast from the island, and I was looking forward to that unique feel of two very different locations in the one film. And it was just like I hoped it would be.

    The new characters were great, I can’t stress that enough! I’m sick of the Franklin bullies! He was a nice guy, funny, and you can respect his cautious attitude, he was no fool, don’t take no chances on Isla Nublar! And as I have said elsewhere, he saved Zia! And speaking of Zia, she is to me one of the very greatest characters of the Jurassic saga. Daniella is very charismatic and acted all her scenes so well. Maisie was lovely, and I’m so happy that Owen and Claire taken her with them away from the horror she was in the hands of, after Lockwood was killed. This collection of characters all together is my favorite set of characters of all the films.

    I could write for hours, but my fingers wont allow it xD left hand tired from playing the guitar, right from so much typing, but Fallen Kingdom was a magical, awe inspiring film, I cant wait to see it again, I’m just…in a state I can’t really describe whenever I think about, which is all the time right now! But it’s very special. Thank you to everyone who made this masterpiece, it’s a gift to all that can receive it.

    I have total faith the third film will be a classic too, making a legendary trilogy! 🙂

    1. Your review, I can only describe with a quote of the great Ian Malcolm:

      “That is one big pile of shit.”

      Coincidentally, it fits the movie as well.

      1. I believe that Lone Akita is on some happy-powderlike substance that makes him/her see everything in pink with fairies flying all around and the world is just a fantastic place and all moviecharacters are amazing.
        The only thing missing was “and the screenplay was pure Shakespeare !”.

  42. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the best of the sequels is a largely empty declaration, equivalent to opining that a Hostess Twinkie is the best of the largely inedible sugary.

  43. I liked it more than I expected to. Keeping my expectations low helped. I had high hopes for Jurassic World, and left that film feeling disappointed. I went into this film expecting it to be worse than Jurassic World, and perhaps that’s why I left feeling pleasantly surprised.

    I thought the dinosaurs looked great – consistently better than Jurassic World. Really good cinematography, and I appreciate the filmmakers trying to do something different with the series. Best opening scene of any Jurassic film. The way that the flashing lights illuminated the T-Rex for a second at a time as it approached the guy in the opening scene was SO well done. Such great suspense. I agree with others who say that they wish this suspense would have been carried throughout the rest of the film. Still, I though Bayona played with color and light in really beautiful ways throughout the entire movie. I want him to direct the next Jurassic film too!

    I had tears in my eyes as the characters were leaving the island, which is the first time that I felt an emotional connection with any scene from a Jurassic movie since the original. I also felt like the film did a good job of making the audience emotionally connect with the dinosaurs to the point that we empathize with Maisie’s decision to release them at the end of the film.

    Yes, many of the human characters were cartoonish and two-dimensional, including all the stereotypical “military bad guys with guns” and “evil selfish rich people.” But I actually liked Franklin and, unlike most here, thought he was pretty funny and not annoying. I though Zia was a strong bad-ass female character, and I want her in the next film. Owen and Claire were more likeable than in the past film. Maisie was one of the franchise’s better child characters.

    As many of you have mentioned, the film has MAJOR plot holes, characters making stupid decisions, difficulties finding the right tone throughout, and a script that pales in comparison to the original. This movie does not capture the magic, wonder, and excitement of the original, a film that literally changed people’s lives. But have we not learned this lesson already? Have we not been disappointed enough by the other three sequels to learn that we are not getting another excellent Jurassic film again?

    What we can hope for is a film with cool-looking dinosaurs that takes us on a fun ride, with a somewhat interesting story and characters that we at least care a little bit about. I think we mostly got that here. Overall, I liked Fallen Kimgdom about as much as Jurassic World and The Lost World (I still think Jurassic Park 3 is by far the worst film in the series). This may even be my favorite Jurassic sequel.

    1. Actually, JP2 was a mess, the way Spielberg decided – during filming ! – to go to the mainland and wreak havoc around the harbor with the T-rex, it was all so unnecessary. When it comes to adventure & suspense, JP3 is a MUCH better Jurassic movie than most give it credit for. The spinosaur with the swallowed Nokia phone staring at the treeline .. The pteranodon attack in the aviary .. Joe Johnston is a far better director than that assclown Trevorrow.

      1. No, like I’ve said before, Jurassic Park 3 could easily be called TOTAL trash, was it not for some great Dinosaur moments. The Lost World does much better than that.

        Jurassic Park 3 is like a horrendous b-movie with a huge budget. Totally no effort with the story and the script, stupid characters and silly situations like the jungle commando kid. And the pathetic non-ending, no climax at all. What a sad sorry ending that was with the Raptors. The whole movie, these Raptors were on the hunt for their eggs, then, what does it all come to? “thanks for the eggs, bye” awful, awful, movie. The original plot that was abandoned would of been much better.

        Colin Trevorrow directed Jurassic World. Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom are no doubt the best Jurassic films, and Colin wrote both of them, with Derek. That makes him better than Spielberg, and makes him soar skyward beyond Joe Johnston. Deal with the facts!

  44. I loved the movie a lot because of the Dinosaurs and that they saved them and the ending which was Raptor Blue roaring on the cliff in Simi Valley.

  45. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it.

    I thought the music was worst then the prequels, and the character development was not very good. New characters seemed completely unnecessary, especially since they didn’t really have importance to the storyline. The overall feeling of the movie wasn’t good.

    Great visual aspects, though.

  46. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a comic book movie. And I say that positively.
    Remembering the Jurassic Park comic books by Topps Comics from the 90s, there were storylines with sinister, moustache-twirling villains who wanted either money or power (usually power), and lots of outrageous jungle action, while still continuing the themes of chaos and scientific hubris from the original novel and film.
    Fallen Kingdom basically plays out like a storyline from the comics. Lots of people criticize the unevenness of something as silly as a dinosaur auction and the dozens of plot holes that came with that, while bookending the film with ethical diatribes by Dr. Malcolm. But in the comics, there were villains like the drug lord Rafael who used the raptors as attack dogs, Dr. Fischer who wanted the control the raptors because he was power-hungry, and things like Muldoon inexplicably coming back to life. And those moral lectures from Dr. Malcolm were still there, and it worked because it was a comic book.
    In the age of comic book movies, it makes sense that Universal wanted to give the new JP films a comic book flair, and decided to pull from the Topps Comics storylines for JW1 and JW2. It’s just that people (and even JP fans) aren’t aware of these comic books’ existence, since the franchise started in novel format and then movie format, whereas franchises like the MCU started in comic book format. If more people were aware of the comics, it’d be easier to see where Fallen Kingdom’s crazy story came from, and the villains’ motivations wouldn’t be so hard to digest.
    For me, looking at Fallen Kingdom from the perspective of the comics as well as the original novel and film makes the movie immensely fun. I think if people rewatch the movie with that mindset, they’ll enjoy it a lot more.

    1. This take on the film actually makes me like it more. I remember reading those as a kid and some of the others that have come out since (Devils in the Desert for example). Thinking of JW1 and JW2 as true sequels is tough to swallow, but imagining it more like the Star Wars Stories that Disney is doing or more like high-budget fan fiction spin offs makes it easier to digest.

      Thanks, might give it another shot!

      1. And don’t forget, they’re also pulling from the Indiana Jones films with the action and how they’ve written Owen and Claire. And let’s be honest, even the first Indiana Jones film is quite silly and has some pretty amateurish writing and laughable villains. But if they were going to combine the Jurassic Park style with another style, I’m glad they combined it with another Spielberg adventure property. At least there’s some synergy there.
        Of course, if I were in charge of making these new JP films, I would make it 100% Jurassic Park, with all the science and philosophical jargon, slow-burn suspense and actual dinosaur violence. But this is the route they’ve chosen to take, so we need to judge it based on that, not on what we wish it was.

  47. I’ve seen it twice and can honestly say that I enjoyed it alot. I’ll admit that the acting is clunky some of the time, specifically Chris Pratt’s, which gave us some almost goofy deliveries and a bit too much ‘Chris Pratt-ness’ at a few points in the movie. Another gripe of mine was that on Nublar the action never really lets up and makes for a somewhat rushed farewell to the island. And speaking of islands, Sorna is completely ignored which is odd when the plot is focused around saving the dinosaurs and where they could stick em once Nublar goes. By the way, the Brachiosaur bit got me both times I saw it. The movie’s intro is phenomenal, I can see myself watching it over and over again by itself. In between it and the Lockwood Manor half of the movie is the area that I found tough to sit through. On the subject of Lockwood Manor is Maisie, a character I initially wasn’t sold on but grew to be arguably my favorite part of the movie. Most people seem to think she contributes nothing to the plot, existing as something of a B plot. I personally think that her presence was an A plot in itself, though. She’s introduced into the spotlight near the beginning and stays there, as any main castmember would. Maisie’s story is also that of Benjamin Lockwood’s and the history of Lovkwood Manor itself. Benjamin’s character is in turn fleshed out as something of a damned soul. Although to be honest I think this would have had more oomph if he was focused on as much as Maisie was outside of a few foreboding limes of dialogue on his part. Incidentally, Claire should have had that same treatment outside of her exchange with Evil Business Man in her prison cell.
    Anyway, my unfocused review is over with. In short, it’s an entertaining movie with a flawed beginning and a spectacular second half. Another complaint is no Dilophosaur after it was showcased so much in merchandise. If you listen closely though, I think you’re able to hear its trill in the opening when something runs through the brush at the docks. I give it a 7/10.

  48. This review is a little unfocused so stick with me.

    I saw it before its American release thanks to a brave guy posting it on Putlocker, and of course, went to see it in theaters, and many more times online to get my thoughts straight so I would not have the bias theater emotions. And I have to say, I honestly think it is my second favorite in the film franchise. Why?

    First of all, there are some plotholes in this. Not a lot, but there are a few that come to mind. Like, why is the Explorer far away from the tree like in JP1? How did that trip from Nublar to Nothern California take one night when it could take a much longer time? Why did no one think of Rexy roaring in the container when they shut her door? Many of these, even when I first watched it online came to my mind. But, there were a small bunch of them, and they didn’t overtake my brain when watching it. The script was the same way. Had some problems, but was not that big of an overtaker. The music was probably my second favorite part in this besides cinemtaography. Especially some tracks like the choir version of the “As the Jurassic World Turns”, “Volcano to Death”, the Indoraptor theme and “The Neo Jurassic Age” were my favorites that I have found myself listening to when I wasn’t watching the movie.

    Bayona’s directing is another highlight. The first half is Classic Jurassic, but whenever we got to the Indoraptor, I felt a lot of the tension and suspense he was able to create, even when some things didn’t make sense, I still was on the edge of my seat. Ian Malcolm is also a nice thing to see, and honestly did not think he was underused, as he was more or less like how Hammond was like in The Lost World. The ending too made me so excited for how this film franchise that has been soley focused on islands for so long, now has finally started manifesting what Crichton wrote and dreamed of in the original book, dinosaurs getting off the mainland and becoming once again a major player in the Earth’s ecosystem.

    All in all, while it did have some problems, I cannot find a problem with “Kingdom” that the original “Jurassic Park” when looked at a citical point of view, already had. Both have some small, yet still obvious plotholes and script problems, villian cheesiness, and even some times when the special effects didn’t look as good. The trailers did NOT do this film justice. So, Universal, please fire your marketing team. They suck. Colin, keep Bayona as director. Or at the very least hire a director who would have an idea of what Crichton had in mind, and also keep the dignity of the franchise for our final horrah in 2021. While on the other hand, the music, cinematography, the cameos, callbacks, humor, suspense, everything else in this movie, I would not ask for more.

    8.5/10. Takes the franchise in new directions. Has some problems, but not problems not seen in the original.

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