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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom scores $15.3 million in domestic Thursday previews

The Park is gone, but the money is still there for the Jurassic franchise. Ahead of its official June 22nd release domestically, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom grossed $15.3 million from Thursday night previews. Early tracking indicated the film was headed to a $130-$150 million three day domestic opening, please check back on Sunday for the official three day estimates.

Universal and Amblin’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom stomped into North American theaters Thursday night, earning a promising $15.3 million in previews. As expected, that’s behind the $18.5 million earned in previews by Jurassic World (2015) but is still a good number on its own. Thursday night’s gross was on par with last summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming ($15.4 million), and ahead of the more recent Solo: A Star Wars Story ($14.1 million).

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Source: Hollywood Reporter


16 thoughts on “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom scores $15.3 million in domestic Thursday previews

  1. Bah…

    Long time JP fan, but it just needs to die a clean death at this point. Maybe we will get a great reboot in a decade or so…

    1. there’s a third one after this. I hope they end it there. It’s overmilked already that I hope it doesn’t get any more.
      Long term JP fan like u 2.

      1. As much as I enjoyed “Fallen Kingdom”, I kind of have to agree. I think JW3 should be the last of the official movies. Maybe we’ll get an expanded series of novels, or an animated series or something. I for one would not like to see a reboot of Jurassic Park, at least not for a very long time.

  2. Just saw the film a few hours ago. It was awesome. Not quite the best of the series, but a very good entry overall. Well done, cast and crew. 🙂

    My only hope so far for Jurassic World 3 is that humanity doesn’t get wiped out or driven underground by the dinosaurs Planet of the Apes-style.

  3. I watched last night. It was a good fun movie but not the movie I was hoping for. Like the commenter before me said im looking forward to a better reboot in the future. This

  4. I honestly really enjoyed myself. It was kind of insanity, but so much better than JW in my opinion. Don’t understand all the hate. Some of the best sequences in the franchise. Not as much character growth as I would have hoped, but I feel like the JW trilogy is a longer, drawn out arc for Claire.

    1. “Don’t understand all the hate. Some of the best sequences in the franchise.”

      Yeah, same here. The dinosaurs were awesome, and I for one thought the story was passable. Not the best, but definitely better than JP3.

      And the Indoraptor’s theme…oh man. Pure. Musical. AWESOMENESS. Really, I liked the Indoraptor better than the Indominus Rex.

  5. Yeah, I think I’m done with the Jurassic Park franchise from here on out. There are always the first two Jurassic Park films. I hesitate to include this Jurassic World trilogy as part of the Jurassic franchise, because it is so far removed from what made Jurassic Park what it is. JA Bayona deserved so much more than what he got, god damn. Colin Trevorrow needs to be fired like he was from Star Wars, or Jurassic World 3 is doomed upon arrival.

    Just… so many stupid, illogical decisions, an overabundance of cheap one liners, clunky dialogue, a muddled tone (that I blame on the script, not the direction), lackluster performances (to be clear, I do not blame the actors, because they were working with awful material and did the best they could with what they got), outlandish moments that ruin any credibility FK might have had, and the list going on and on. I think the only moment that resonated with me was the dock scene – you know the one if you’ve seen the film.

    If I were to offer one compliment: the movie looked beautiful. That’s it. Even the freaking music was bad and I normally like Giacchino!

    To put it politely: Colin Trevorrow (and Derek Connolly) need to be removed from this franchise ASA-freaking-P, because they are running it into the goddamn ground.

  6. It was great. A total popcorn flick with plenty of fan service and totally insane. Jurassic Park films seemed realistic. Jurassic world films are not. Definitely keen for a reboot in 10 years.

  7. I’m trying to fit TLW and JP3 into the canon these new films creates but I can’t. I had no choice but to consider JW and FK to be direct sequels to the original in a Universe where TLW and JP3 don’t exist, but then Sorna is name dropped in FK and all my efforts have been reset.

    The biggest issue is perhaps why Ludlow didn’t simply grab animals from Nublar instead of Sorna?

    If Wu went back to clean up Nublar in ’94, as the DPG states, then why were the animals left there then?

    It only made sense as two separate timelines but after the Sorna name drop in FK, nothing fits anymore.

  8. Fallen Kingdom was much better than Jurassic World, which I actually liked a lot even though the characters were lacking. The characters in FK were much better and the actors just felt a lot more relaxed and open as opposed to their stiffness in the first movie. Maisie is also, in my opinion, the best child character since Lex and Tim, and Zia and Franklin were both very likeable and helpful. J.A. Bayona has an incredible visual eye and some of the scenes in this movie were just drop dead gorgeous! I’m also glad that they didn’t just release wild dinosaurs everywhere and that they also focused on the technology and ability to create dinosaurs have spread across the globe, which I think will be very interesting to explore in the last movie. I know that Trevorrow said there would be no new hybrids but I hope we get another Indoraptor since this one was just a “prototype”.

  9. Saw FK Thursday night. As a die hard JP fan, of course I loved it. However, there is zero character development at all in this movie and everything is pushed through the entire movie. Some of the scenes are by far some of the best in the franchise. Especially the opening scene. The opening scene alone just draws you right into the movie. (If you weren’t drawn in already) Was disappointing to find out Maisie was a Lockwood clone instead of being someone of significance’s daughter from a previous JP movie. I do believe Bayona did this movie justice based on the many of the scenes in this movie. I would go as far to say that this is the 2nd best movie in the franchise and leaps and bounds better than JW. What’s a shame is that I genuinely believe the cast of FK was filled with high quality actors/actresses, however they were never given the opportunity to showcase their true skills with how fast paced this movie is.

  10. Amazing movie with the best directing job since Spielberg. Enjoyed Fallen Kingdom VERY much and exceeded all expectations. Excited to see how the story unfolds from here.

  11. British so I saw it earlier this month. Long term JP fan. Saw the original in the cinema when I was about 5 years old. This series needs to be ended, quickly. Dreadful. Utterly, utterly dreadful.
    JP is a classic masterpiece. TLW:JP was a flawed if passable sequal, at least based on Crichton’s material. JPIII was a silly, loud mess but could at least be enjoyed if you switched off a bit. JW was, if we’re honest, poor but the premise made it intriguing. JWFK is the bullet that’ll kill this franchise. I hope it does. You can only bank on my wistful nostalgia for so long. I think the JP franchise (in its proper spirit) will now continue through video games, fan creations and other media. The mainline film franchise is dead. Appalling, badly conceived, horribly executed, lazy nonsense.

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