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Jurassic World Prequel Novel ‘The Evolution of Claire’ Cover & Synopsis Revealed – Now Available to Pre-Order!

Jurassic Park fans are in for a huge treat this year, with the release of the wide range of toys, LEGO, comics, books, and of course, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Perhaps one of the most exciting and unique outings is the upcoming young adult novel by Tess Sharpe, titled ‘The Evolution of Claire‘, which focuses on the character played by Bryce Dallas Howard in her early years at Jurassic World. At 400 pages, this marks the first true canonical expansion to the Jurassic expanded universe, and is sure to excite fans of all ages.

Check out the cover and read the synopsis below!

Don’t miss this pulse-pounding prequel to the Jurassic World movies that reveals the never-before-seen backstory of beloved film character Claire Dearing.

Freshman year in college is full of obstacles–there are messy roommates, cranky professors, and disgusting dining halls. But for Claire Dearing, add “How to properly avoid being eaten by a dinosaur” to that list.

The year is 2004, and Claire has been given the chance of a lifetime: the opportunity to intern at the Jurassic World theme park less than a year before it opens to the public. She is laser-focused, with her sights set on bettering the lives of all animals worldwide. But life at the park isn’t all test-driving gyrospheres and falling head over heels for a fellow student named Justin . . . though she does that too. Rumors and suspicions flood the island, and Claire is determined to unravel the truth.

As Claire searches for answers, she and Justin find themselves thrust into a sinister plot that will leave Claire forever changed, forcing her to question everything she thought she knew and bringing her one step closer to the Claire viewers met in Jurassic World and who they’ll return to in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

It sounds like even before the Indominus Rex, InGen was up to some nefarious schemes under the charismatic yet aloof leadership of Simon Masrani. Whatever story elements this book introduces is sure to spawn some intriguing discussion and debate on how it ties into the events of Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom, and future films.

Perhaps most intriguingly is the inclusion of the male subspecies of Velociraptor only seen on Isla Sorna – as the Dinosaur Protection Group website says the dinosaurs were taken from there to Nublar, it seems safe to bet both islands will make an appearance in this book!

‘The Evolution of Claire’ releases Junes 26th, 2018 and is available for pre-order on Amazon now!

Are you excited for the books release, and what do you hope the story focuses on? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for everything Jurassic!

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51 thoughts on “Jurassic World Prequel Novel ‘The Evolution of Claire’ Cover & Synopsis Revealed – Now Available to Pre-Order!

  1. I’m glad they seem to be trying to explain the seemingly odd transition from the stiff, unconcerned-about-dinos Claire in JW to the compassionate, dino-advocate Claire in JW:FK as her losing sight of her ideals in and before JW.

    And Justin? What about Owen!

    1. I know, right? Is Justin the guy he went for when she and Owen didn’t have that second date?


    2. I know, right? Is Justin the guy he went for when she and Owen didn’t have that second date?

      Also, JPIII RAPTORS!!!

  2. Well, if that Justin is her love interest I guess chances are big he will die. Or she just doesn’t care about him anymore in JW and they’ve both gone they’re seperate ways. We’ll have to wait and see!

  3. I am getting this book because of the (yet unknown) inclusion of Isla Nublar AND Isla Sorna.

    P.S. Is Owen (Chris Pratt) going to be included in the book?

  4. Isla Sorna Raptor?

    Count me in.

    I’ll definitely give it a read, as I love the character of Claire and Bryce’s portrayal of her.

    And can I just say, aesthetically, that that is a beautiful cover? 😀

  5. “falling head over heels for a fellow student named Justin”

    Aaaaaand without even reading the author’s name, I know a female wrote this. Also could the synopsis sound anymore young adult?

    1. Also I think the Raptor is just a random image ripped off some kid’s JP3 party plates. Don’t expect too much in the way of sub-pecies explanations.

        1. Second agreed! This looks like the worst kind of expanded universe content. I’m not sure it is going to add anything of interest to anyone who is a fan of the Jurassic franchise. Nor fans of Claire Deering (Are there any by the way?) Ian Malcolm she is not!

          Why couldn’t they do some kind of Isla Sorna novel. Some other person/s that end up on the island. Despite being derivative of what JP3 was, that would be infinitely more interesting than this.

      1. As sour as he is, I think we should all consider this. The description says otherwise, but it is a possibility.

        1. I’m the muddy puddle at the end of the rainbow. There never was a pot of gold. Everyone who rides the pretty rainbow winds up here in the end to find all the colours are gone.

        1. Which was inspired by Twilight… Another fine example of the female species’ inability to write anything without over-emotional, touchy-feely nonsense.

          1. You seem to know a lot about “the female species” for a guy who I’m pretty sure has never even spoken to one without stuttering and going red in the face. Isn’t there any other place you could go be a neckbeard?

          2. Ben says:
            10th April 2018 at 10:34 pm

            ^This guy… Were you team Edward or team Jacob?

            Hilarious response that also avoids getting into a too heated argument haha.

            I don’t agree that a Female can’t write anything good (you may not do either, and may just be toying) but 50 Shades and Twilight sure are total garbage. Whoever wrote those shouldn’t have been allowed near the typewriter! And the hilariously simplistic bunch of cliches that the Twilight films were, the studios must have been laughing.

    2. It’s about time they had more female voices in the world of JP than just Amanda Silver and the recently added Emily Carmichael. The screenwriters have created some of the most badass, science-loving, female action heroes in film, but books are different than films and writing about the inner life of a young college-aged Claire will probably be better handled by a female writer. Also, this has been advertised extensively as a YA novel…so yeah, that’s probably why it seems like one.

      1. More females? Majority of animals in the films are female. That’s why they’re always screaming and fighting and breaking things.

  6. I’m definitely going to buy that and I’m not a complainer, but this title is so un-Jurassic. Anyway, can’t wait to read the novel.

  7. I don’t buy it. The Claire in Jurassic World was career driven and self focused. She saw the dinosaurs as “theme park monsters” like Grant called them in I’m JP3. That much is literally and blatantly called out in JW.

    No animal lover pushing for all animal rights would ever become that person at all. There damn sure would never be a ‘all animals matter to ‘these animals are just assets’ back to ‘all animals matter’.

    Crap publicity stunt for dumb girls that don’t have enough intellect to find interest in anything beyond their moron ideas of romance. No wonder women aren’t taken seriously in the real world – and I say that as a female that’s tired of this crap.

    1. I fully agree what you said. Even Claire change of heart for sake of Fallen Kingdom plot is unconviencing (we will see how they are going to sell that to us in the movie). One can discuss that Colin did not do good enough job to prepare viewers for Claire’s change. I mean, has she never been close to those animals and never felt something to them? Only death of apatosaurus changed that? I guess Owen has something to comment about during that meeting in the pub, considering things didn’t go well between after JW them in the end.

      On the side note, I wonder if Owen attempted to go back to the Island to find Blue before FK? Tho, that’s topic for another discussion.

    2. Claire’s change from JW to FK comes about through guilt. Her eyes were opened and she is trying to make amends. Too little too late if you ask me. But this book is just going to confuse her character unnecessarily.

    3. Rainxdog and Piotr, I have been thinking the exact same thing about the character change ever since I seen the first details about the film, but I was a bit more soft about it! Haha!

      It strikes me as being a new idea, they got inspired and thought it would be a good idea and make an interesting story, so they have changed the characters direction half way through the Trilogy! Indeed it feels a bit forced. That being said, it is a good idea, so I’ve gone with it!

      Reminds me of The Force Awakens, how I thought Rey and Finn were too attached and emotional with each other when he was going to leave in the bar. It seemed like the writers just wanted to have that kind of relationship but it was too much too soon. Too forced. Star Wars: The Forced Relationship.

  8. Wtf is this ? a coming of age book for girl teens ? And “the evolution of Claire” ?? for real, what does this have to do with Jurassic Park/World is beyond me, the idiot at Universal who thought it to be a good idea is a f*cking moron ! What we want is actionpacked books like JP/Lost World or are we supposed to believe there are no capable authors to pen a prequel/sequel with all the JP material already at hand ? Whats next, a Harry Potter prequel about the love life of Professor McGonagall ??

    1. Maybe a love story about how the two Tyrannosaurs got together on Sorna would be more to your liking. I tell you, that story contains plenty of violence and Dinosaur action.

  9. They are really pushing this franchise to it’s limits since JW’s unexpected succes aren’t they? Can’t blame ‘em but I still have to adapt a little to this franchises massive expansion. Does that make sense?

  10. Could it be the death of Justin turns her into the cold bitch we see in Jurassic World, then she gets back together with Owen, has the experience with the apatasaurus and the true Claire comes flooding back leading to DPG Claire in fallen kingdom?

  11. Booooooring.
    Cover looks like crap, and Claires background is perhaps the least interesting background story they possibly could’ve made in the Jurassic franchise.

  12. I’m sorry but this is kind of dumb. The synopsis isn’t interesting in the slightest. It does somewhat peak me interest when it talks about dark secrets or whatever but that’s it. It just seems to target younger audiences. Which is fine when it comes to young adults. However I’d like to point out that most likely whoever wrote this didn’t even think for one second that there was any difference between the male JP3 raptor on the cover and any other raptor in the films so they added it to the cover because it was a raptor. I’m still going to read it in case that it’s just terrible artwork and synopsis because I remember reading Jurassic Park Adventures Survivor and loving it when I was younger.

    1. Why do people keep bringing up the fact that it’s for young adults at all, when they have said that immediately upon releasing any details for it!?

      I would like to make two important points in regards to this cover.
      First of all, what makes you think the writer of the book even designed the cover? Someone else probably did. So that doesn’t discredit the writing in the book. My second point is, as a lifelong Jurassic Park fan, as deep into everything Jurassic as anyone here, I still think it’s sad that anyone would get even somewhat annoyed about someone not giving a great deal of attention to which Raptor went on the cover. Anyway, when you first seen the Raptors in JP3 did you complain? Because you could have blamed someone for being ignorant then too, because they looked totally different to all other Raptors. Excuse me if I sound a little harsh here, I don’t mean any harm. Just some points to take into account.

  13. Too many grumps here!
    I’m probably going to get the book when it comes out. Whether it turns out to be great or not so great, it will probably be entertaining in some way! I think the fact they are doing this kind of thing anyway is fun and interesting. People should give it a chance, or at least stop taking it too seriously!
    I will be reading the book comfy on my bed, by the candle light, with my Claire Barbie doll at my side.

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