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Jurassic World rumored to be coming to Universal Studios Beijing in 2021!

Universal Studios Beijing is set to open in 2021 and one of the main sections of the 300-acre theme park is rumored to be themed to Jurassic World. This report comes as Universal Studios Hollywood announced Jurassic Park: The Ride is closing in September to be re-themed to Jurassic World for 2019.

The blog Disney and More has some screenshots from an apparent video of new artisitc renders for the main lands including Jurassic World. While the screenshots don’t show much it does fuel the speculation that Jurassic World is coming to the Universal Studios Beijing theme park. Check out the renders below.

There is no word on what the attractions might be in the Jurassic World section, but a good bet would be some sort of ride based on the Gyrosphere technology in the new films. In 2014, Slash Film visited the set of Jurassic World and producer Frank Marshall mentioned the Gyrosphere as a potential new ride at the theme parks.

Producer Frank Marshall told us that Universal Studios theme park is developing stuff that should be current with the movie when it’s finally released. The theme park was really curious about what they were doing; Marshall thinks they might be making a ride version of the gyrosphere for one of the theme parks as the theme park guys were very excited when they saw them on set

What are your thoughts on a Jurassic World area at the new Universal Studios Beijing park? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: Disney and More, Slash Film


10 thoughts on “Jurassic World rumored to be coming to Universal Studios Beijing in 2021!

  1. Why does the company making Jurassic World seem to think that Jurassic World is a thing? The films are vastly inferior to the original and only exist to be exploited for revenue. The general population still only respects Jurassic Park as the main thought when discussing dinosaurs and movies. Jurassic World just comes off as a kind of knock off riding on the coat tails of a far superior parent.

    1. “The general population still only respects Jurassic Park as the main thought when discussing dinosaurs and movies.”

      Well, someone’s a delusional shut-in.

    2. Probably because they might not be able to use the Jurassic Park name in a few years time, there are strong rumours that after JW3 the rights to Jurassic Park revert back to the Crichton Estate. However through the use of the Jurassic World brand, it’s both still keeping within the established Jurassic universe and Universal Studios is still able to create products based on the license with little to no problem.

      1. I’d that were true I would think they would try to push out a lot more than 3 films in the Jurassic World Series

    3. “…Only exist to be exploited for revenue.”

      Jurassic World summed up in seven words.


      (And true.)

  2. If Universal Orlando does anything in the future, I wonder how they’re going to handle crowd control. It’s going to be a really big project to remodel a whole Island At Islands of Adventure, which I’m sure would have to extend to the summer months if it were to occur.

  3. I really hope it comes to Orlando, since it’s the closest Universal I can go to. I don’t mind waiting a few years though, because I want to ride Jurassic Park: River Adventure one last time..

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