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Deleted Scenes

While not included on any DVD or Blu-Ray release, there were some scenes filmed for Jurassic Park that were not included in the final cut. Some are merely shots, like Ellie grabbing the leaf which made it into the trailer, but some are entire sequences that were cut.

Extended Dig Site

Cut due to pacing, the original script described an extended scene which emphasised the relationship between Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler. The scene also including more information about the Velociraptor skeleton and overall provided more background information on the characters, allowing for some foreshadowing of the intelligence seen later in the film with the Velociraptors.

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Ellie Grabs A Leaf

Seen in a trailer for the film but cut from the actual film, this shot shows Ellie in the gas powered Jeep on the way from the Helicopter landing pad to the Brachiosaurus scene, where she grabs the leaf that she is holding later in that scene.


Extended Ford Explorer Intro

Before the tour begins, there was an extended bit of dialogue between Hammond, Gennaro, Grant, Sattler and Malcolm, where Hammond explains that Tim and Lex’s parents are going through a divorce – hence the children being on island to get away from it. Dr. Malcolm makes a cynical comment but Hammond wanted the guests to be understanding of the situation.

Along with this extended scene, we were originally going to see the Ford Explorers actually exiting the underground garage beneath the Visitor’s Center. The cars slowly drive themselves on a semi-circular turn and stop in front of the Visitors Center.


Extended Triceratops Scene

This extended Triceratops scene would have further explained why and how the animals were getting sick. Tim found rounded stones beside the West Indian Lilac plant that we know is toxic to the animals. It is suggested by Ellie and Grant that when the Triceratops eats the gizzard stones, it accidentally eats the berries as well, thus getting sick.


Extended Journey to the Shed

This was an extended version of the scene where Muldoon and Ellie head to the shed to find Arnold/restart the power. Likely cut purely due to timing, the scene appears in a behind the scenes feature on the Beyond Jurassic Park DVD.


Extended Velociraptor in the Shed

We know there was supposed to be other scenes filmed in the Maintenance Shed, and the scene following was also originally longer. Before Ellie shouts the infamous “RUN” line, there is a little bit of dialogue between herself and Dr. Grant, where he is in the compound and recognises Ellie, who calls for him.