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Let’s Talk About That New Hilariously Awkward ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Poster

Sometimes it’s not just the thought that counts, but the Photoshop ability. Sadly, it seems the latter is missing when it comes to Jurassic World.

Hitting a day before the new trailer, the Jurassic World social media accounts shared a explosive new Fallen Kingdom poster with the grim new tagline “The Park is Gone” (though with how small the ‘Fallen Kingdom’ on the logo is, it almost looks like that is the title of the film).

That aside, let’s talk about the composition of the new poster:

The concept of this poster is very solid, and everything including the colors and backdrop are really well done. The Tyrannosaurus looks approriately fearsome, the logo placed strategically with the volcanic explosion. The colors are warm and inviting, but certainly allude to danger (strangely the poster removes the teal color grade from the film many complained about) – that is all aesthetically pleasing.

But then you look to the bottom left, and it all falls apart. The characters are so poorly composited into the shot, you’d be forgiven to think it was a internet meme, placing them in locations they don’t belong. They do not blend with the environment, and the photoshop is clear as day – further, why can you not see what’s behind the glass of the Gyrosphere? Speaking of the Gyrosphere, it’s missing its bottom part, which was to be filled in by CG in the movie, and the glass just blends into the ground.

Also, the eyelines of the characters – where are they even looking? This might seem like nitpicking, but all of these are graphic design staples, and they standout tenfold due to the obvious cut and paste comp.

Of course, it’s not a first for Jurassic – don’t forget the new Blu-ray covers revealed a few months back:

As with the poster, these could have been great, but needed more thought put into the assets used plus better composition.

For a palette cleanse, we’ll leave you with a few fan posters which get the job done:

It’s worth remembering we’re all fans here, and cannot wait for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, but sometimes things need a good candid roasting, and it’s usually in good fun!

What are your thoughts on the new poster, and are you a professional graphic designer? If so, you may want to pass your contact information to Universal Pictures, and whip something up with the quality this series deserves.

Source: Jurassic World Offical Twitter


43 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About That New Hilariously Awkward ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Poster

  1. As i’ve put all over my Jurassic social media: Putting aside the posters rather disappointing editing: the colouring and grading of the poster is the best yet! Showing the Roar sequence without the claimed “Blue teal” makes the scene look very Jurassic Park.

    I do think that editing was utterly disappointing, it’s rather funny that fans can make better posters than the supposed official guys.

    1. agreed. for real though.
      how do we get them to stop horribly color grading Jurassic Movies?
      it only adds to the cartoony comic book look.
      the original trilogy, even the 3rd (which im not much of a fan of) had such a true color pallet.
      it made them seem much more realistic.

  2. I feel a lot of the time nothing is good enough for some on here. Okay sure perhaps the photoshop could be better on the 3 cast members but i didnt even notice until you pointed it out. You can’t even accept the tagline? Jesus. I get this franchise means a great deal to many but sometimes some take it too far (looking at you star wars fans). I think its a perfectly servicable poster. A lot of the fan posters have been great though.

    1. Sorry that some of us have higher standards for a franchise that deserves better than the subpar work that’s being done now.

      1. Maybe your standards are too high.

        Holy fuck am I glad I’m not a hardcore Star Wars fan. If JP fans are this melodramatic I can’t fathom what it’s like being part of that community.

        1. Maybe you’re just a mediocre person who is comfortable with mediocrity?

          If there’s no pushback by a fanbase against subpar or mediocre work, then that subpar work will quickly become the standard. Considering that the JP franchise isn’t something that’s as sustainable as say, Star Wars or Marvel, we’re not going to see much from it outside of the new trilogy. So when we do see it, and it looks bland and poorly done like this, we have every right to critique it. Stop acting like you’re the gatekeeper of the fandom and that anyone who doesn’t like it is ‘melodramatic’ or a ‘rabid fanboy’.

  3. The poster tries to do too much.

    The original movie’s poster was the best. It was minimalist, with great colors. They had the right idea by keeping that theme for both JW and FK, but now they’re just throwing crap together and putting it out there.

    While people are out there making edits, I would love to see an edit of the first FK poster but with the JP logo coloring.

    1. The people demand more nowadays. Instant gratification. They want bigger, louder and more teeth! And they want it yesterday!

      Jurassic fans never needed any of that…

  4. This poster could have been great, yet managed to be awful.

    You didn’t even mention them erasing half of the tail of the Carnotaurus

    It really does look like someone cut the human characters into the poster as a joke, and the real thing is behind them

  5. Yes this poster is badly edited and somewhat awkward.
    But I love the colors in the poster and it is good enough for general audiences.

  6. Really expected more from this poster after such a long wait. I dunno what Universal is doing with their artists over there. Between this and the new Bluray covers. It baffles me why they aren’t trying to do something more unique or striking. Will have to wait on the mondo poster to even see something interesting it seems.

  7. As far as fan posters go, Neemz did a fantastic job. This new one felt a little uninspired. Hopefully Universal reveals more posters like they did with Jurassic World marketing. My favorite was the poster with the mosasaur and the shark. I wonder what the slogan for JW3 will be, maybe “Their Park is our World”.

  8. All of you, stop rotting this fanbase. You’re turning Jp into a Star Wars-like controversy. Be greatful that there’s more films; especially with that dreaded 14 year wait for the 4th installment.

  9. I have to be honest here, the opinion articles are less fun and kind of put a damper on this site. I thought this poster was great, this came along, and was kind of irritating. This used to be a fun place to see Jurassic news and breakdowns of theories, but now divisive opinions are all over the place and overall ruin the experience. Opinions are great to discuss, but to me, they make more sense to talk about within the forums. Rather than the main section of this site. I don’t feel like dividing your readers is a very good idea.

  10. Piss-poor. I think how much money someone was paid to produce that, and how much their superior was paid to okay it, and just shake my head. Let’s hope those who made the movie cared more than the people who put this crap poster together did…

  11. AND if you actually look at the shot in the trailer, Owen, Claire and Franklin are on the left side, but Claire and Franklin are sitting in the gyrosphere.

  12. “The park is gone” has got to be one of the worst blockbuster taglines I’ve ever heard.

    But it gets its message across, and does parallel the simplicity of Jurassic Worlds tagline…so there’s that at least.

  13. I actually think this one is very good. Unlike the Blu-ray covers which I could tell right off the bat, even with this one I have a really hard time finding what you are talking about.

  14. I don’t think it’s as bad as people are making it out to be, but I also feel the marketing for this film has missed the mark over and over. I love the tagline: THE PARK IS GONE. However, all the marketing seems to focus on the rescue and destruction of Isla Nublar when it has been confirmed that is literally the first 50 minutes of the film and at 128 minutes, that leaves an hour and 18 minutes, the majority of the film off the island.

    We know this movie is going for more of a horror approach and darker mood, yet the first trailer and marketing totally didn’t give that vibe, leading to speculation this was a LOST WORLD 2.0. The second trailer rectified this, but still was so choppily cut together, you still have no idea the plot of the movie.

    Now, I know. Too much spoil things, but it would be nice to know the tone and basic plot of the film through the marketing. My only conclusion is that the first half and the second half feel like two completely different movies entirely and they can’t cohesively cut a trailer or the interwoven conspiracy plot that bridges the two they don’t want to spoil.

    I am hoping the full final trailer tomorrow finally is a home run and gives us a good look at what this movie is and gets people excited. I feel the marketing has been so misleading and mismanaged it’s doing the film a disservice because I truly feel Bayona has created a dark and beautiful movie and the general public have been given the misrepresentation its a cheesy disaster flick.

    Correct this now, Universal.

  15. Uh Oh! This article is negative. Quick! Assemble the usual suspects and begin the attack!

    As for me? It’s just a poster. Remember the poster from JW where Claire is looking into the face of Godz… I mean, Indominus rex?

  16. The framing of the T-rex turns her head, open mouth, eyeline etc. into an arrow that our eyes follow straight off and away from the poster. It’s like it’s designed to make you not look at it, haha!

  17. I don’t even care for this shot of the Rex in the trailer … everything looks so artificial it’s not even funny.

    This poster is absolutely ridiculous, everything cramped up in there and they also decided to put a full JW logo in there so even Stevie Wonder will know which movie this is.

  18. I Love the art, but… I mean. It would take them less than 3 hours to Professionally Photoshop the gyro-sphere in. Why can’t they do it right for once? This franchise earns a pretty penny. Why are they being so cheap?

  19. what do we need to do to get some skilled fans to do an edited download release of JW and JWFK (when it comes out) with fixed color grading.
    i swear the teal RUINS these movies.
    it takes you out of the film and kills any hint of realism that may have existed.

  20. If you take the whole composition seriously it’s hilarious where owen, claire and franklin have chosen to hide themselves. given the fact a pyroclastic cloud is just seconds away.

  21. It’d be funny to see someone do a Star Wars, Avengers kind of poster. One with the T-Rex in the middle surrounded by Blue, the indoraptor, Mosasaur, and any other dinosaur.

  22. Let’s be honest here: It’s a good poster. There’s nothing really wrong with it. They’re clearly looking at the t-Rex and anyone looking at this poster like a regular person wouldn’t notice the photoshop job. Yes it could be better but really who cares? It’s good enough. Have some respect for the people who work together on this amazing franchise and just appreciate what they are doing.

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