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We spent a day at Frontier Developments in Cambridge and played Jurassic World: Evolution!

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Mattel’s ‘Jurassic World’ Toys Now Available In Some Stores!

‘Jurassic World’ toys from Mattel’s new line are beginning to show up in stores! The official release date for the toys is April 16th, but images have been showing up on social media of the toys available for purchase.

Mexico Walmart stores started stocking the toys on their shelves earlier in the week, based on posts from Instagram. The toys are were first spotted at a Walmart in Guadalajara, and many Walmart stores now have ‘Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom’ displays. It’s been reported Walmart in Mexico was given permission to begin sales early ahead of ‘Children’s Day‘ to help ensure availability.

In the US, the toys are now appearing at Toys ‘R’ Us stores. Sadly, Toys ‘R’ Us announced this week that they are going out of business, and the liquidation sales would begin Friday. As such, Toys R Us is officially ignoring street dates. Some stores are still receiving shipments, and some already have the Jurassic World toys in stock! Toy availability will be unpredictable because of the closures, so going on a dino hunting trip to your local Toys ‘R’ Us store would be your best chance at finding them. Employees should be able to tell you whether they have any on the floor, or in the back stockroom.

Ya están a la venta en @walmartmexico

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It’s currently unclear what will happen to ‘Destructsaurs’ SKUs which were meant to be exclusive to Toys R Us. While no pictures have surfaced yet, they’re likely produced and ready to ship if they have not shipped already – perhaps another retailer like Walmart, who already has exclusive ‘Battle Damage’ toys for Jurassic World will pick the items up.

While they have yet to go on sale, check out these new pics of the Target exclusive ‘Jurassic World: Legacy Collection!

If you aren’t lucky enough to find any of the toys in stores near you, we only have a few more weeks to go until the official release! US Walmart and Target stores should have toys available for purchase on April 16th.

Have you found any of the toys where you are? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: USA Today


41 thoughts on “Mattel’s ‘Jurassic World’ Toys Now Available In Some Stores!

  1. I got the r/c gyrosphere, r/c Jeep with raptor, gyrosphere blast vehicle, and the first two 3 packs of the mini Dino’s today! Found them at a Toys R Us in Philadelphia! I was really hoping for some actual dino figures but I’ll take whatever I can early! I LOVE the r/c gyrosphere! This is what we all wanted a few years ago but didn’t get from Hasbro!!

      1. I have actually checked out a few in the area. The TRU I hit the jackpot at was in South Philadelphia. The TRU in King of Prussia also had the rip-run figures and more of the 3-dino packs. Still staking out the rest of the locations! If are you near this region I can let you know which stores had nothing.

          1. I live in Philly and did not get as far north as Montgomeryville over the weekend. The stores I have checked that had nothing are Cherry Hill NJ, Media PA, and Horsham PA. South Philly had a few gyrosphere blast vehicles left (as of yesterday) and King of Prussia had some 3-pack mini dinos and a few rip-run figures. I am planning on checking out the store in Deptford NJ on Friday, along with a few stores in North Philly. I actually am from the Allentown area and heading up there this weekend for the holiday. I might be able to stop at the Montgomeryville store on the way, and check the Allentown store again. If I find any other figures I will definitely share!

          2. I checked Montgomeryville today and nothing. They said they aren’t sure what the warehouse has and how it would be distributed.

          3. Good to know! Yeah I really feel like it is hit or miss right now. I am going to check a few other stores in the area today and tomorrow and I will post if I find anything!

      2. I checked the three stores in Northeast Philly and they all have a mix of the gyrosphere rc, the Wrangler with raptor rc, the gyrosphere blast vehicle, the rip-runs, and the mini three pack Dinos. I was told that most stores are getting large shipments in tomorrow which very well could have some actual dino figures! Fingers crossed!

    1. Doesn’t matter. Like the JW Lego, by the time we get to the stores, they’ll have been snapped up and plastered all over ebay for four times the price…

  2. Whoa, this is really early. Could backfire. You want people to see toys and think of the movie, and vice versa. This doesn’t work so well when the movie isn’t even close to release. Hype machine alert.

  3. I just hope that now Mattel has the license, we start seeing Jurassic toys all year round every year like we do with Star Wars. That always infuriates me. Every store I go to Star Wars is plentiful. Even before the new films, the old 70’s films were still getting F//CK/NG everything from toys to posters to pencil cases…

    I freakin’ HATE Star Wars!

      1. if the paint job sucks just repaint it. give ya another hobby besides ranting your complaints. sides customizings fun. could try for a chaos effect one.

  4. Why, oh why, do I have to be stuck in an area where all the Toys R Us stores, both stock and employees, suck flatulent derriere? : (

  5. I asked a friend who works at Smyths in the UK and he says the warehouse has them set to be delivered to stores in April.

  6. Guys, I’ve got Gryosphere Blaster Vehicle! But was really hoping for the figures, TREX, and dinos. Either way i am happy that I even got one before mid April. The Jurassic Gods have spoken. Checking out other TRU in NYC —wish me luck

  7. Picked up the poseable indoraptor from my local Walmart. They had one more, as well as a couple of the rc gyrospheres.
    Nothing at my local toysrus yet.

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