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There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Mattel’s VP of Boys Design Ed Duncan talks Jurassic World toys

If there is one thing most Jurassic fans can agree on is that the new Mattel Jurassic World toys have been a massive upgrade over the Hasbro line for the 2015 film. Long gone are the screw holes and in came human figures, realisitc looking dinosaurs including even some with real feel skin. Ed Duncan, Mattel’s VP of Boys Design is partially to thank as the head of design for the Jurassic World toys. He took some time to answer a few questions about the new toy line on the Mattel website.

When was the first time you saw a Jurassic film, and what was your experience with it?

Jurassic Park came out 25 years ago, and I think that was my first year as a toy designer. Everybody was excited about it because this was the first time you saw photorealistic CG animation in a film, and it was jaw-dropping.

It was a very formative experience seeing Jurassic, and subsequently, I actually worked at [another toy company] on a preschool Jurassic line in the late ‘90s. In fact, I remember the first time I ever came to L.A. was for a meeting with Universal about [the line], and a couple of funny things happened. The first thing was that I was carrying a box of toys in my hands, and I couldn’t open the door. Somebody holds the door open for me, and I glanced over, and it was Steven Spielberg. And then the other thing was I remember thinking, “I wonder if I’ll ever come back to L.A. for anything?” And here I am, 25 years later—I live here, and I’m the head of design for Jurassic World toys.

What do you want kids to experience when they play with this new line?

One of the things that makes dinosaurs cool is their size, and size is displayed relative to other things. If you just make a dinosaur by itself and aren’t paying attention to how big it is compared to anything else in the line, you don’t get the credit for how big or small anything in the story is. So we wanted to make sure that we had a good, compelling action figure representing a six-foot human to scale everything off of, because the size of your T.rex is only impressive if it’s in comparison to something that is recognizable. So being able to make figures and Jeeps, and then show how much bigger your T.rex and your Mosasaurus are to those is what makes those things seem much cooler.

Check out the full interview with Ed Duncan on Mattel’s website. Also, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: Mattel


18 thoughts on “Mattel’s VP of Boys Design Ed Duncan talks Jurassic World toys

  1. he did a great job so far but for the love of Crichton give us a Brachiosaurus in a similar way to the mosasaur but maybe give it a sound gimmick like the iconic bellow from the first film.

  2. I would love if they would make a big play set of the innovation center or Lockwood estate. Or make a fnce sets one small set and big set

  3. maybe a big story pack set called main street chase comes with jack in the start of the movie and a Trex and jack come’s with a tablet!

  4. I love this line so far! Here is my shortened list for what I hope to see next in the line:

    Brachiosaurus (in scale)
    Velociraptor (fully articulated)
    Bull T-Rex (ankle ball joints)

    Ford Explorers
    Mobile Command Center

    Dr Wu
    Sarah Harding
    Nick Van Owen
    Eddie Carr
    Dennis Nedry
    Lex and Tim

  5. Brachiosaurus needed urgently. For crying out loud, it’s only the first Dinosaur we really see and in such a memorable scene too.

    Other than that, fix your Spinosaurus before release as it’s teeth are FAR too large.

  6. Now they need to make figures like Billy Brennan, Roland Tembo, Dennis Nedry, or a very first John Hammond.

    And they need to make brachiasaurus

  7. JP mega-fan but haven’t bought JW Evolution yet as it’s a shameful shadow of what OG was. You’d think a spiritual successor (which it unavoidably is) would at least have what OG did as standard… Waiting for some semblance of ‘A.I’ and better animations. Waiting for actual park simulating too… It failed to capture the majesty of JP and became basically a fighting game.

    1. Wait Ben are you talking about how OG is a fighting game, or JWE, because JWE is definetly not a dino pvp game. It is actually super good. You should buy it. They will update AI and add better animations in time. Hopefully more Dino’s too. The only fighting is when Dino’s get out and you have to suit up in your battle suit and save the world… just kidding lol. It’s only when Dino’s get out and they can be managed easily if you find out what makes them happy. Its really addicting and fun it you spend lots of time on each island instead of rushing through it. I’m still on Matanceros and I want to build the best park possible on all the islands.

  8. Who wants to see Jurassic Park the Game toys? They already made a red Herrerasaurus, but I would like a legacy collection Troodon or a Tylosaurus. I personally love Jurassic Park the Game and it fits into the lore very well, and even has been advanced upon on the DPG website. Who wants to maybe see Dino’s from the game or even figures like Jess or Dr. Harding? Maybe they could squeeze a Dr. Harding figure in with a mini troodon in the legacy collection, kinda like how they did compies. Maybe even a Billy Yoder, Óscar, or D-Caf, or the other woman with a canister and troodon. Maybe a Dr. Sorkin with the Tylosaurus. I own the Herrerasaurus and would love to see these Dino’s in the line. Maybe they could do a Jurassic Park the Game line by itself. Maybe with a Dilo colored like the game or a juvenile Trike or a special Rexy or more old brown velociraptors. Or a parasaurolophus, with Laura Sorkin. Or maybe toys from the game Jurassic World Evolution, like some of the new dinosaurs. This kinda stuff would be cool. Also, who wants to see an update for JWE with the JPTG dinosaurs, with the Herrerasaurus and troodon and Tylosaurus, when they do the Mosasaurus. They should also do the plesiosaurs. I agree with the brachiosaurus. A Ford Explorer for the toy line would be cool. Who likes these ideas?

    1. Not canon. Too many discrepancies. The movie’s retcon it. It is no more canon than the Raptor comics from Topps… Funnily enough, they were also advertised as the ‘official continuation’ of the film… Ha ha ha. Yeah… Muldoon survived in those.

      1. Ben I guess you’re right, but they should at least add the troodon, Tylosaurus and mosasaurus, Herrerasaurus, and dinosaurs from the game to JWE. It’s enough even if toys aren’t made. Also I disagree. JPTG is sort of canon. The only thing that was weird was that Rexy smashed through the front entrance to get to Jess and Harding, but in Jurassic World the doors were fine. What WAS canon was Lauras journal that you unlock pages to. It answered questions that everyone who watches the movies has, like how the strange spitting dilophosaurs who were made up for the movie were a gene error because of the amphibian DNA. Or how the entries address Rexy because of her Nobody Move vision. She thinks this was also because of frog DNA, or how the raptors are three times as large because of an error. This does justify the ways that the dinosaurs are not scientifically accurate. Also what was canon was that Sarah Harding from the Lost World JP was Dr. Hardings daughter and Jess’ sister. I never thought of that until I played the game. It does show what happened to the embryos in barbasol, but the one thing I don’t get was the raptors. Muldoon specifically said that the big one took over the pride and killed all but two of the others. I think it says in Laura’s journal how John Hammond imported more raptors from Isla Sorna, so I guess that is answered. Also whenever you look at the maps that were made for canon of the first movie, the places are accurate. The Herrerasauruses are in the same spot, and so are all the others. The Tylosaurus pen they said was pumped seawater in from the lagoon, MOSASAURUS LAGOON IN JW??? The game has some errors, and The characters aren’t memorable in a big way kinda like Dr Malcom’s daughter in the Lost World, but I would say the majority of it is cannon. I don’t know how the island didn’t get bombed though, because they didn’t call the bombing off, and the island is still good, Rexy is still alive, so maybe Dr. Harding got the military to stop it because Laura Sorkin would have wanted it or it was her last wish or something. So yeah.

      2. I consider myself pretty knowledgable when it comes to the canon, and I can’t think of any discrepancies.

        Any ‘retcon’ you’re referring to is most likely just a lack of acknowledgment of the game’s canon.

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