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New Hawaii set photos and the possible return of a fan favorite

New photos have emerged from the set of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom at Kualoa Ranch and a photo of a set piece that will drive fans out of their mind has also surfaced. So please beware of possible spoilers within this article. If you wish to remain completely unspoiled for the upcoming sequel do not continue below.

Still here? Ok, lets continue on to the set photos that contain possible spoilers. The 9 photos you see below were taken at the Kualoa Ranch and you can make out some skeletons of what appears to be a Triceratops and an Apatosaurus. Also the one photo shows the wreckage of a Gyrosphere. Heavy fog continues to be pumped into the filming area indicating some big natural event could be occurring on the island.

These images come courtesy of Ken brewer, the @SmokingGoose on Twitter:



More behind the scenes set photos from the ranch are also available on Dread Central, so make sure to check those out also.

Now for the big possible spoiler.

The original Jurassic Park ford explorer had been spotted in Los Angeles (being prepped to ship to Hawaii) over a month ago, and appears to be set to return to the big screen in the sequel! As you will notice in the photo below from Slash Film the number on the explorer is “04”. Jurassic fans will remember this as the explorer that was destroyed by the T-Rex in the original film.

If this explorer is returning in the sequel, could it be in a flash back segment? Perhaps there were two “04” vehicles on the island or maybe production is going to crush the car before filming to recreate the wreckage. As it stands in the image, the vehicle is not 100% accurate as it’s missing the glass domed roof. However, this is likely before the art department finished with it, and judging by the image below, it was altered and weathered quite a bit! Lots of questions but it is exciting that is appears this classic vehicle will be returning just like the jeep returned in Jurassic World.

Moving on, Twitter user hawaii_isla808 also posted some photos on Twitter of a Stegosaurus prop that was featured on KITV News.

Finally, a few more peaks of the dinosaur stand-ins on site at Heeia Kea harbour:


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What do you think of these new set photos from Hawaii and are you excited to possibly see the return of the original Jurassic Park ford explorer? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Sources: Slash Film, Dread Central, hawaii isla 808 on Twitter, cocoandmaulove on Instagram, and iamamberose on Instagram



18 thoughts on “New Hawaii set photos and the possible return of a fan favorite

  1. I heard that ford explorer is not actually the prop but is a vehicle used for displays. Notice that it lacks the glass roofing of the original. It would be awesome but I don’t think it is for the film.

  2. I see you actuallyention the missing glass, and the teaser image that was released actually makes me think this could be a possibility. I guess we will know for sure when the movie releases.

    1. In my browser, there’s a block of 8 photos. The Gyrosphere wreckage is in the top right photo. The one with the guys standing in the road with the side-by-side to the left.

  3. Glass or no glass the car was upside down on a root and the view would be obscured. Still a possible prop I think.

  4. Considering one of the earlier leaks of someone dangling from a helicoptor in a rain storm at night while wearing a distinctive yellow Jurassic Park raincoat, I would say that this image of the intact (and unaged) explorer pretty much confirms that a sequence of the film will take place during the events of the first movie. It will likely be the opening to the new film and will setup the plot. My guess; it’s another Biosyn employee retriving the barbersol can (since Telltale’s JP isn’t canon).

    1. That would be lovely having a flashback but I think it seems doubtful.
      Wouldn’t the roof of the explorer be glass like in the original? I think we will only be seeing it flipped over all mangled. Still it’s exciting to think we will have another look at the t rex pen from JP.
      I really wish they would rebuild the visitor center on the original property that it once stood on and keep it there as a movie tour or something.

      1. Today it’s probably cheaper to c.g the glass roof. That kind of work is expensive. Even the real Gyrosphere lacked glass.

        1. The gyrosphere is a completely fictional of course it was CGI and actually they did use real glass in some scenes. Go check out some behind the scenes pics

  5. After seeing the skeletons – maybe they are triceratops and brachiosaur from the original JP? This could be in line with Explorer.

  6. If this vehicle is being used in the’s very likely the glass dome would be CG created in post. Just like the gyrosphere, for example.

  7. Lol noooo. It clearly is being used for a scene. Bayona already shared a pic of it all distressed. There is no need for CGI because the car is flipped over and the roof is shattered.

  8. I know the can of Barbasol is something many fans (and Spielberg!) wanted to go back to, but it wasn’t even necessary. Nedry tells Dogson that the embryos are going to save his company (Biosyn) 10 years of research… it’s been well over 20 years so, in theory, Biosyn should be capable of cloning their own dinosaurs by now. Unless they halted research once Ingen failed. Then again, if Jurassic World had been operational for 10 years, it’s amazing that no rival parks started to pop up around the world. Former Ingen personnel joining the competition, and all that.

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