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New Jurassic World concept art paints a very different picture!

Jurassic World released in theaters over 1 year ago, and since then we have received many small glimpses at the making of  via artists portfolios and the Blu-ray release. Today, concept artist Seth Engstrom updated his blog showcasing select portfolio pieces he did for the film.

While some of these are very close to the final film, many are brand new – such as a different version of the Pteranodon Attack and final battle climax. One of the most noteworthy is the image of the Indominus Rex attacking people on a bridge, as a volcano erupts in the background while Velociraptors look on and attack!  (above)

Check out the rest below.

JurassicWorld_Pteradactyl_Attack JurassicWorld_PteridactylAttackJurassicWorld_Gates_SE JurassicWorld_IndominusRex_Albino_Jungle JurassicWorld_RaptorStadium_IndominusRex_DestroyesMechanicalRex JurassicWorld_MosasaurusEatsIndominusRexVisitorCenter_SE_v08 JurassicWorld_ParkLagoon JurassicWorld_Park_FromHelipadJurassicWorld_Gates

That’s a lot to take in – Brachiosaur shaped gates, robo-tyrannosaurs, volcanoes in the park and more! Through the art shared here and elsewhere, we can see how Jurassic World evolved over its development to the final film!

It’s a mystery why Universal never released a Jurassic World ‘Art and Making Of’ book – Jurassic Park 4 was in development for over 14 years, and is the number 4 film of all time in with its box-office. It only would have made sense, and there are clearly tons of great pieces from numerous artists warranting its existence.

Be sure to hit Seth’s blog, which has even more great artwork, and stay tuned for all the latest news! Like what you see? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Seth Engstrom


7 thoughts on “New Jurassic World concept art paints a very different picture!

  1. Awesome art! Note that the park was still called Jurassic Park even though it’s still very similar looking to the final product! With some differences of course.

  2. Where the f*$# is our art/making of book?! There is so much content and I find it hard to believe that the demand isn’t there.

  3. I find it interesting that, supposedly, up until the last month of pre-production the name was still going to be Jurassic Park. These concept arts seem to support that story. Shame they didn’t end up using g these scenes in the final film. The visitor center looks much better not being crowded by shops and the gyros here being on a track would have made more sense. I will always hold onto a tiny pill of resentment that they changed the name to Jurassic World last minute, but it was still a great moviE and my second favorite in the series.

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