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New Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Banner Premieres at Brand Licensing Expo

The marketing campaign for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is finally kicking into gear. Last night Universal Pictures held private parties to kick off BLE 2017 celebrating their numerous brands and upcoming films, Jurassic World being one of them. These parties were held at the Aqua Kyoto and London Palladium, both in London. Word is both Colin Trevorrow and Bryce Dallas Howard made a surprise visit, and one would presume showed off footage from the latest sequel, perhaps even an early cut of the trailer – however, that was all behind closed doors, and will remain a mystery.

Thankfully, the public show floor of Brand Licensing Europe in the Olympia London has been decked out with Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom displays, and we can take a look in all its glory!

The incredible promotional banner above comes courtesy of @MegaPowerBrasil on Twitter, and features a great look at the new Fallen Kingdom Tyrannosaurus Rex and Blue. While the image of Owen is a cool inclusion, it’s actually a picure from the first Jurassic World, reused in this new banner. Odds are if a similar banner hits theaters, it will feature Owen in his new Fallen Kingdom costume instead.

This isn’t the first time we have seen that Tyrannosaurus render – it’s been spotted on recent merchandise items from catalogs that we previously reported on. However, this is certainly our best look at it – and look at all that detail! It seems Universal is also offering a photo-op with the keyart via a green screen, which is demonstrated by this post on Instagram:

That background is looking quite ominous and volcanic. Speaking of which, another trade show recently occurred, and while no images surfaced from the show floor, this post did surface via Karton PP. There is no mistaking that artwork as anything but an erupting volcano!

Digression aside, we’re not done with what BLE 2017 has to offer. Universal’s booth features another Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom display, and this one is epic. Universal Pictures have offered a very cool photo opportunity, recreating a small diorama of the first promotional still from the film, bringing in a large Ceratopsian skull for maximum wow factor!

What’s curious, is the skull is different than the one on display in the official still – while that one was a “Fake-a-saurus” version of Triceratops, this seems to very much be a real dinosaur, perhaps a Pentaceratops. Did they change the skull on display in the film – or was that unique skull simply not available to put on display? Either way, this is a very cool setup and I would love to see this used widespread as a promotional standee. The photo-op potential is fantastic!

Of course, as of now no new Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Merchandise has been revealed, nor has anything for Jurassic Park 25th anniversary. However, Universal just announced they are partnering with Funko, Build a Bear, and many other vendors for the Jurassic brand, and it’s quite possible Brand Licensing Europe may still bring an official first look.

Stay tuned for the latest news, and as always, let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: @MegaPowerBrasil


11 thoughts on “New Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Banner Premieres at Brand Licensing Expo

  1. Ok, I’m not gonna Lie. That poster with Rexy made me Low key pee my pants. I hope the animatronics in the movie ar this cool!

  2. I foresee one massive issue I hope they don’t overlook… Rexy was scarred by the Big One in the original film, scars which Decades later still show clearly. Her fight with Indy had her slashed up pretty badly too. Will they incorporate her new injuries onto her look? I mean, she copped three good slashes from Indy’s claws across her face just before she was slammed to the ground for a start.

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