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New Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Clips Hit the Web

First off, slight spoiler alert. Most of these clips are simply extensions of scenes already released through trailers and TV spots. However, the last clip of the bunch contains a brand new scene not shown through the marketing thus far.

We are less than a month away from the release of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and the marketing campaign has hit full steam. Several new clips from the upcoming film have found their way online and from the looks of them, audiences are in for a treat. The first one is an extended scene of the Carnotaurus attacking Claire, Franklin, and Owen as they retreat to an abandoned gyrosphere on Isla Nublar. Take a look below.

We get to see Rexy in her full glory triumphantly take down the charging Carno and give Owen, Claire, and Franklin their opportunity to escape. The next clip, released more recently, also gives us an extended look into some previously released footage of Owen escaping from the jaws of the T-Rex caged in the back of a cargo truck. Listen for a brief bit of new music from Michael Giacchino’s Fallen Kingdom score.

Exciting stuff! The CGI in this clip seems extremely well done. Plus, we know that this scene will also utilize a full scale animatronic Rex head and body. From the previous clips of this scene, that animatronic looks outstanding. What do you think leads Claire and Owen to interact with the mighty caged Rex?

Last, but certainly not least, is a clip that should tug on the heartstrings of audiences everywhere. This scene shows Claire and Owen locked up in some sort of cage or cell discussing the first time they saw a dinosaur and what led them to this moment. A baby triceratops snuggles with an adult in a nearby cage. Listen to the familiar tune in the background as our beloved characters come to terms with their situation.

This clip gives off a strong “Petticoat Lane” sentiment. Just like Hammond and Ellie discussing the implications of the park in the first movie, this shows Claire and Owen having to face the consequences from abandoning Jurassic World, and eventually Isla Nublar. To me, some of the best parts of the films have always been watching the characters struggle with the real-world implications of their actions, and it looks like Fallen Kingdom is not going to shy away from those tough reality checks.

What do you think of the clips? Do you think Rexy will break her chains for another heroic rescue at Lockwood Manor? Will Owen and Claire face the consequences for helping to get dinosaurs off an exploding Isla Nublar? Will the baby trike be the actual hero of Fallen Kingdom? Sound off in the comments below.



12 thoughts on “New Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Clips Hit the Web

  1. These clips are a lot stronger than the ones they gave when JW was being promoted. Though, it’s very obvious that the carno clip was edited to hide the sinoceratops fight.

  2. I’m seriously hating on this marketing campaign, they have shown so much footage in the trailers/spots/clips they could just throw the movie online for everyone to see…

    1. I think “Wow, way to show more spoilers,” and “Might as well just show the whole movie in the trailers,” might be this movie’s “Gosh, that CGI is TERRIBLE!” – to reference the online grub from JW.

  3. Lol wow I wish I didn’t watch that carno fight. It was way better in the trailer. I really hate the “hero music” as the camera turns to the T. rex. How cheesy.

  4. I’m done with the hero T. rex. It worked in Jurassic Park. Quit trying to make it happen again. I hope rex dies.

  5. Man I clicked the first video & then immediately stopped it! Whew, showing some will power as to not see anything, anymore till I’ve sat in the cinema! Also avoided th last post showing Claire at the mansion. This is too hard!

  6. The only clip I enjoyed was the third. I want more quiet moments like that one where the characters can actually develop and offer interesting perspectives. Part of the reason I love Jurassic Park so much is that it doesn’t rely purely on thrills and dinosaur mayhem. It takes its time building up to the big moments, so when they do happen, it feels earned and even a little magical; the characters are developed through intimate moments that make us sympathize with them and the situation they have fallen into, and it doesn’t feel like it’s desperately catering to viewers by attempting to cram as many dinosaurs into each scene as it can (I don’t mind having a lot of dinosaurs, but my concern develops when it seems like the film is tossing in dinosaurs everywhere to distract from a lackluster narrative). Jurassic Park works because it feels genuine and has heart put into every frame.

    I just don’t get that from what I’ve seen here and it’s frustrating. BUT I can only judge the film based on the footage I’ve seen, which means I can’t make a full judgement, and I hope to God that it surprises me in a really good way, because I can’t take another colossal disappointment like Jurassic World. I am both excited and worried about the Lockwood Manor premise. I’m excited, because it provides a *huge* opportunity to expand the Jurassic Park narrative beyond what we have seen before, not to mention the potential commentary and ethical discussions involving dinosaurs and their place in the world and our connection to them. On the other hand, I’m worried, because I fear that Trevorrow couldn’t give a damn to truly delve into those elements, as he has has shown himself to be a director who cares about action/spectacle first and story second, at least when it comes to this franchise (and let’s also be real, his dialogue leaves a lot to be desired and the discussions, should he actually include them, might not be so impressive).

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