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New set photos from Jurassic World 2 tease Jurassic Park connections!

Jurassic World 2 director JA Bayona took to Twitter today to celebrate being over halfway done filming the latest Jurassic Park sequel with a mysterious new image from the set. Captioned only with “Over half way now! #JW2”, he let the image speak for itself:

The image is immediately recognizable as a amber topped cane, much like that of John Hammond’s in Jurassic Park – however, it is not the same one. John Hammond’s is shaped different (most noticeable on the top of the cane where the amber ‘egg’ attaches), is white rather than dark brown, and of course, features a prehistoric mosquito inside. This mysterious amber piece does not have a mosquito inside but rather something else. While it’s hard to say what exactly is inside, it appears to be plant material, or perhaps damaged soft tissue from a prehistoric creature (such as blood).

Who the cane belongs to is unknown, but we’re willing to bet it’s Benjamin Lockwood played by James Cromwell. Cromwell recently shared details about his character, saying that he was John Hammonds old partner and helped develop the technology to resurrect dinosaurs from extinction. It seems likely that they each had their own unique canes made to commemorate the achievement (of course, we assume their relationship went sour sometime afterwards, because otherwise why have we never heard of Lockwood?)

To further add to the excitement of today, Jurassic World director and JW2 writer/producer Colin Trevorrow took to Twitter to tease the return of Dr. Ian Malcolm:

While the picture doesn’t necessarily mean Jeff Goldblum is filming yet, Frank Marshall’s tweet does seem to allude to his first day of filming on the project being today. And that would make sense, as they wouldn’t need to clutter the set with a chair for a man who has yet to arrive! It seems our favorite mathematician – uh, chaotician – is back in action. I’m not sure what I’m more excited to learn: his role in the story, or if he will steal the show with a randomly dramatic shirtless scene akin to Jurassic Park.

In one other bit of news: yesterday was JA Bayona’s birthday, so wish him a happy belated one if you haven’t already! To celebrate, the Jurassic World crew presented him with a custom cake:

While we can’t glean much from it, it’s interesting they choose a red and orange color pallet rather than JW’s blue. Could this be the direction of the Jurassic World 2 logo – and am I crazy, or does the cake outside of the logo look a little like volcanic rock?

Let us hope the title and logo are revealed soon – the only lead we have is the sequel might have the word ‘Epoch‘ in its name. It would make sense, the return of dinosaurs would mark a significant change, and shift us past the Anthropocene Epoch.

As always, sound off in the comment below and our forums, and stay tuned for the latest news!


4 thoughts on “New set photos from Jurassic World 2 tease Jurassic Park connections!

  1. Hum! Curious that they were careful to make the cake logo with only “Jurassic World” inscribed in it. Of course they already imagined it would go public (even as a marketing move) and were keen on not revealing the new title. They’re holding this new title and logo for so long it’s making me itchy! I wish we could at least know when they’re planning on revealing them.

  2. Hey guys, first post here!
    The first thing that came to mind leaving the theatre after watching JW was ‘what the sequel desperately needs is Jeff Goldblum’. So it’s all the more exciting for me to see it really happening now.

  3. Goldblum had a jazz show in LA the same day they posted that picture, he will have another show next week. I don’t think he will start filming anytime soon. I think his role will be very small unfortunately.

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