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New Set Pictures Show Construction Has Begun in Hawaii for Jurassic World 2!

Its time to start speculating as we now have our first look at a set being built for the Jurassic World sequel at the Kualoa Ranch on Oahu, Hawaii. The picture comes from our friends at Reel News Hawaii, who has provided the us with many set construction pictures from Jurassic World and news tid-bits over the past few years.

Looking at the set, it is clear that the team is still fairly early in fully constructing the set. Despite that, we can still begin to take a few guesses as to what it may be.


Some have mentioned that it could be a garage or an entry point to a building that may be added in digitally in post-production. Perhaps it is a shipping container or cage used to transport large dinosaurs or even a container that is being airlifted onto the island that contains vehicles and other equipment that the main characters will be seen using in the movie. These of course are all speculation!

Though it may be hard to accurately judge the size of the set from pictures, we believe that it is fairly large given the fact the picture is taken from a distance and it appears to as large as the crane seen to the left. It should be noted that this set was spotted on the Kualoa Ranch, an area that has been featured in both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.

As we near the start of filming in Hawaii during the summer, we expect more set pictures to undoubtedly find their way online.  Recently, the production held an open casting call in Oahu, Hawaii for extras to appear in the film for an undisclosed reason. Keep your eye out on this website for the latest news on the Jurassic World sequel and let us know what you think this set could be.

Source: Reel News Hawaii


9 thoughts on “New Set Pictures Show Construction Has Begun in Hawaii for Jurassic World 2!

  1. Great stuff. So pleased to see that it is to be based in an isolated location. I was worried they might take it to new york or something terrible like that. A big part of the magic for me in Jurassic movies is the isolated island, the mist, the jungle and of course the (original) dinos and the tech.

  2. News have been slow, after over a month of shooting. It seems this time they really want to keep everything up their sleeves.

  3. At first glance I Immediately thought of the mono rail.
    I really hope they use way way way less CGI. Like even the grass was CGI In Jurassic world 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Exactly as ‘newkemall’ have said, Jurassic films have always been about being in an isolated island, the jungle sounds, waterfall and when you actually watch the movie with a headset, you would be fully immersed into it

  5. I think it’s animal holding pens and or transport cages. If you zoom in, you can see another smaller one to the far side and it almost looks like the guy working on the big one is standing on one himself. Just my 2 cents.

  6. The location looks similar to where the helipad was in JW. Probably unrelated. Curious to see what the final set is going to be.

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