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Official Images of the Mattel Jurassic World Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus Have Stomped Online!

This has been an exciting week to be a Jurassic Park fan, with news roaring online in abundance, Camp Cretaceous (an upcoming Jurassic World animated series) as the star attraction. While the week is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean the fun is quite over – at least not for fans of the Mattel toy line!

Straight from the official Mattel website, we have our first real look at the Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus!

Measuring upwards of 36 inches tall, and roughly 28 – 42+ inches long, this toy is a behemoth! With articulation on each leg, tail, and neck, it has a wide range of motion allowing for lots of fun play opportunities. In the US it is releasing under the Jurassic World Legacy Collection label later this Fall for $49.99, exclusively at Target. International market availability will vary, but mainline releases in some markets will exist to help get this item to as many fans as possible!

At this time, its exact release date is unknown, as is its release pattern. With any luck, it will not follow the lead of Targets bizarre strategy for the Legacy Collection Spinosaurus (releasing the bulk at around 3am EST without warning, and selling out by morning). While the Spinosaurus was an online exclusive in the US, we’re hoping the Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus will be carried in stores for better availability options.

For those who want all the information possible, the Mattel item number for the Brachiosaurus is GFH12.

Will you be picking up the Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus, and do you think Target will do a better job with distribution this time around? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to Jurassic Outpost!


33 thoughts on “Official Images of the Mattel Jurassic World Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus Have Stomped Online!

  1. Wonderfully amazing!!!!! And beautiful in honor of the one who lost her life in that volcanic cloud!!!!!! Her memory will be remembered along with Alan Elle and Ian first saw hew !!!!!!

  2. None of these Legacy items are available in Australia. I have to pay scalpers triple the price on ebay. May they get testicular cancer, survive, but lose one nut.

      1. I said they survive… Geez!
        I just want them to know what they’ve done every time they take a step and feel the gap…

  3. It all looks a bit off to me. Not bad, but not too great either.
    Several aspects of it’s form look a bit dodgy, and I’m not too keen on the look of the face.

    With some, well, few exceptions, I’m not impressed with Mattel’s efforts.
    When you compare the quality and detail, and articulation to a lot of figures that have come out over the years, it’s just not that great.

    I really like some of them though. The Mosasaur, T-Rex, Dimorphodon, Baryonyx, to name some examples.

  4. Looks great but I still lament the fact that it is 100% plastic and segmented, but I have to praise it just on the notion that it is something that should have been around since 1993. Blows my mind it took this long for a Brachy toy.

  5. I hope i can eventually get one! But i recently found out that it has been released overseas first & still not available in the US yet. I sure hope this don’t end up the same route as the Spino. Trying to buy from Target online or in stores is a joke. They dropped the ball last year with the whole Legacy line.

  6. In Mexico is available at Liverpool stores at $67 dlls , sometimes they run out of stock , but it’s look that every tuesday they restock.

    I get 2 , and they’re beautiful.

  7. Does anyone know when it will be released? It was on for a few weeks but labeled out of stock and now it’s removed from the site.

  8. Has anyone seen any recent news about the release date? It was up on for a while. I wish I’d taken a picture of the dcpi number. It said not sold in stores and now has disappeared (very similarly) to the Spinosaurus. It’s popping up on eBay but mostly from Mexico.

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