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Preparation Begins for New Roller Coaster and Rumored Jurassic World Overhaul at Islands of Adventure Florida

Hold on to your butts, big changes are coming.

Jurassic Park is a staple of blockbuster filmmaking, awing and inspiring audiences of all ages across the world to this day – not to mention its huge impact in 1993, redefining what can be achieved with visual effects and paving the way for CG to become commonplace in today’s movies. Jurassic Park’s impact is long lasting, and wide reaching – but its name is soon to just be a distant memory, as Jurassic World roars in as the new permanent franchise moniker.

While it’s yet to be officially confirmed, the rumor mill has long pointed to Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure for an upcoming Jurassic World retheme. Reportedly, Universal Parks teetered back and forth on the idea, considering Jurassic World for their upcoming ‘fourth gate’ in Orlando and saving Jurassic Park at IOA. However, Universal has apparently opted NOT to include Jurassic in any capacity within the upcoming new park (barring major last minute changes) and will put their focus on Islands of Adventure for everyone’s dinosaur needs.

This equates a re-theme to Jurassic World – and is backed by new trademarks for ‘Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous‘, the suspected ‘Camp Jurassic‘ rebrand.

Objectively, a ‘Jurassic World’ rebrand isn’t a bad thing (although I find the more adventure infused safari resort look of Park to be more unique, compared to World which reflects Universal’s City Walk) – it makes sense, as it’s the name the current film saga and merchandising all share. While Jurassic Park certainly isn’t unfamiliar to younger fans, World is the more relevant brand identifier at this time. In fact, Universal Studios Beijing is doing some incredible things with the Jurassic World branding – building a replica of Main Street, the Innovation Center, Aviary, and heavily themed innovative roller coaster that will cut through Jurassic themed mountainsides – check out the artwork below!

However, the plans for Islands of Adventure are far more limited – primarily due to the Jurassic Park land being blocked in by the new Harry Potter and Kong sections, both of which took expansion plots originally planned for Jurassic. This limited space has created the inability to create all new Jurassic attractions at the scale of other headlining properties, like those seen within the Wizarding World rides. As such, the roller coaster coming to Islands of Adventure (which has yet to be officially announced) is reportedly not a heavily themed coaster, simply putting the focus on thrills over an authentic dinosaur filled movie based experience.

In fact, you can learn a lot more about the upcoming coaster from theme park enthusiast Alicia Stella within this video!

While that video is a few months old, the information is believed to be accurate – and now work within the park corroborates it, albeit circumstantially.

Essentially, we’re looking at a steel coaster with numerous tight twists and turns to make use of the smaller area it can expand across. Its starting location will see the coaster launching and intersecting itself numerous times before it shoots out in front of the Discover Center, over the lagoon and then eventually loops back again. While the track layout is far more complex, the rough surface area can be observed here:

As stated earlier, the upcoming coasters theming is rumored to be minimal to nonexistent – which is too bad, as it was originally concepted as a coaster that would traverse through mountainsides, with the insides themed to amber mines. That idea could easily be applied to Fallen Kingdom’s volcanic disaster theme, taking inspiration from Disney’s Expedition Everest ride, all while using the current track layout as we’ve roughed together in this mock-up down below:

While these new changes coming to Jurassic Park are exciting as the area itself is in desperate need of a modern makeover and new attractions, it’s hard not to be a little bit disappointed by what’s been reported. I can travel to any park and experience a great roller coaster – but the Universal Parks are the only place that can truly offer a chance to step inside the diverse an exciting Jurassic World, and bring dinosaur thrills to life within state of the art rides, making us believe those animals are alive once again – and ready to eat us if we’re not careful.

If there was room for further expansion, I’d more accepting of a thrill coaster with minimal theming coming to Jurassic – but fans of all ages who love the films, or simply want a authentic adventure alongside prehistoric flora and fauna are sure to be left wanting more if the plans carry forward as is. Fingers crossed this coaster surprises, and infuses itself the state of the art dark ride elements for the ultimate Jurassic experience.

Be sure to stay tuned for all the latest Jurassic news, and as always, sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think about the changes coming to Islands of Adventure!


17 thoughts on “Preparation Begins for New Roller Coaster and Rumored Jurassic World Overhaul at Islands of Adventure Florida

  1. I’ll never understand why they continue to phone in Jurassic Park at Universal Studios. It should be immersive, and innovate like Harry Potter, Avatar, and Star Wars land!

    I do appreciate the Expedition Everest callout in the article – it would be the perfect ride and theme inspiration for Jurassic World! Imagine a coaster evading dinosaur animatronics and escaping lava!

  2. Very dissapointing…while I was expecting a Jurassic world makeover I was almost hoping that it would be featured at a new park and Jurassic Park would stay in tact.

    Was hoping for something gyrosphere related not a no theme coaster.

  3. NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
    i’m fine with a new coster but i don’t want a JW rebranding of the whole damn park! honestly id perfer another dinosaur encounter to go along with the raptor encounter… bringing back the triceratops encounter in some form or fasion….

    honestly i would be find with just the coster being JW inspired.

    1. I wouldn’t expect the old Jurassic Park area to change dramatically to be in the style of Jurassic World, it’s not as though they’re going to build Main Street and cut down all of the trees.

    2. Hell, they could use a few of those Walking With Dinosaurs animatronics they appropriated for that Jurassic World museum tour they’ve been doing. Just imagine the old Tricereatops Encounter tour, but at one of the stations you see a hadrosaur or a stegosaurus wander by the perimeter fence on one side. The foliage could be expertly placed to hide the pilot underneath.

  4. This is really disappointing.

    I hope they leave Camp Jurrassic. That is one of, if not my favorite area of the park. You feel like you are in Jurassic Park.

    Also, the Jurassic World movies are dumb. Great CG but horrible plot and characters… Michael Crichton must be rolling over in his grave.

    A basic coaster is very disappointing too. Heavy theming is necessary for JP.

    1. I hope they do change it, or better yet, get rid of it! Camp Jurassic is just an adventure playground with an impressive looking, but utterly worthless roller coaster in the middle. Literally anything else would be a better replacement; a rollercoaster like what’s talked about in this article or a digital Gyrosphere ride similar to Spider-Man or Skull Island: Reign of Kong.

  5. I hope they leave Camp Jurrassic. That is one of, if not my favorite area of the park. You feel like you are in Jurassic Park.

    Also, the Jurassic World movies are dumb. Great CG but horrible plot and characters… Michael Crichton must be rolling over in his grave.

    A basic coaster is very disappointing too. Heavy theming is necessary for JP.

    Are they going to refurbish the River Adventure? That’s where they should focus their efforts.

  6. All of the wonder, uniqueness and beauty of Jurassic Park will be stripped away for the bland, sterile, generic, insincerity that is Jurassic World. Fantastic. I hope to god I can see the Jurassic Park area for the first time before it’s demolished and replaced with Universal’s latest cash grab.

  7. Well, from what I’ve heard: The term “Jurassic Park” goes back to the Crichton Foundation come the year JW3/JP6 comes around, so that may be a sticky legal mess only Gennaro would love if Jurassic Park was used elsewhere.

    Now, I do not agree with any of this retheming, as it is nothing but a bland, generic, sterile, modern design, but I am trying to see the reasoning.


  8. This better not be true, they know audiences did not like Fallen Kingdom and forcing another failed franchise onto an existing property never works! Look at how awful the Transformer movies are, yet they have lazy rides!

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