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RUMOUR: Orlando to Break Ground on New Jurassic Park Ride?

You might be forgiven if you forgot that Universal has a theme park in Orlando, especially with the announcement of a re-theme in their Hollywood Park, a parade debut in Japan and rumours of a Jurassic World section in Beijing. But the largest and most complete Jurassic Park ride has resided at Universal’s Islands of Adventure since 1999 and if rumours are to be believed, it’s finally getting a much needed upgrade!

With the spotlight elsewhere, Universal discretely filed a demolition permit for a 9,100 Square Foot area in the park earlier this month. This could easily be mistaken for the new ‘Harry Potter’ ride, but demolition and construction are already well underway at the site of the former ‘Dragon Challenge’ attraction, which was listed as Project 942. The new permit is listed as Project 741, a distinctly older number. Sources inside the park have hinted that area to be cleared is the former Triceratops Encounter/Discovery Trail, which closed in 2005, but was temporarily reopened in 2011 and 12 as an overflow attraction during the debut of ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’. The size of the area certainly matches to that reported in the permit.

This is not the first time that Universal has filed for permits to modify the Jurassic Park area, though disappointingly those turned out to only be small changes; Carnival style booths in part of the River Adventure’s extended queue, and the Raptor Encounter in the exit to the Triceratops Encounter. Given the scale of the area, is certainly looks as though Universal is finally pushing forward with a new attraction, especially given that the former attraction has previously sat dormant for over 15 years.

At this time we can only speculate what the new attraction will be. Whispers from insiders are hinting at a coaster, perhaps in the style of Japan’s ‘Flying Dinosaur’ though at this early stage all bets are off. Prior to the park’s opening, attractions known as ‘Jeep safari’ and ‘Helicoptours’ were planned for the Jurassic Park area though were eventually written off due to budget constraints. The patches of land reserved for these attractions have since been filled by other IPs but perhaps one of them could have a resurgence on this new plot.

Demolition is set to begin on June 1st with a reported cost of $300,000. Keep your eyes peeled for more info then!


13 thoughts on “RUMOUR: Orlando to Break Ground on New Jurassic Park Ride?

  1. This island is pretty big, so any changes would have to have to be done in phases. I think it would be a mess if altogether they close down the whole island for renovations and just construct a narrow bridge between Hogsmeade and Skull Island.

  2. I’m curious to see what they come up with. Frankly, I’m glad they aren’t (or don’t seem to be) rebranding and changing everything to Jurassic World in Orlando. They can change Hollywood to Jurassic World if they want, but then leave everything in Orlando looking and feeling like the original Jurassic Park so people could visit both places (hypothetically) for two unique experiences. Plus, I’m sure people have preferences – some prefer the original Park, while others may want to visit the new World. That being said, I’m perfectly fine with them updating the skins and animatronics in the Jurassic Park River Adventure. They can update technology and effects, but leave the design elements of the park itself alone.

  3. I went on the RIver Adventure in Orlando a few days ago and I must admit it’s very dated now even compared to the ride in Hollywood. The music cut off too early and was muffled when going through the main gate, the animatronics were alot more stiff than i remember and there was no threatining music while the raft was approaching the Rex and drop, unlike Hollywood where you hear a countdown and the track “Trex rescue and finale” by John Williams to make the moment 10x more terrifying.

    I think the area could be so much more; if you walk in from the Dudley do right ripsaw falls, there is no Jurassic Park Gate (only when coming from Hogsmeade there is a gate) and you just find yourself at King Kong. The carnival type stalls are pretty lame, the raptor encounter is very cool but when I visited the discovery centre the place was pretty dead (I still took a moment walking up the stairs to say “looks like we’re out of a job”)

  4. jeep tour ride please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! personally i want them to plant more trees separating the harry potter section from the jurassic park section. i love both films and their soundtracks with all my heart but 5 years back hearing harrypotters theme blast over Jurassic parks and the missing folliage was awful!!!

    i wana feel like im surounded by jungle and actualy on an island!

  5. I hope we get a dinosaurs that are ten timed more believable and screen accurate. I do fell the need for a similar yet completly different, hopefully including Mt. Sibo and the events of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. If they do something like that, it would be amazing to se Rexy toppling a Carnotaurus, possibly including Mt. Sibo erupting behind her. Do you know how the Jurassic Park river adventure has a great fall and splash at the end? The y could change to be like when claire and the other dude were in the gyrosphere, jumped of the cliff, and landed in the sea below. They should also add gallimimus, allosaurus, apatosaurus, sinoceratops, baryonyx, pteranodon, dimorphodon, Stiggy, the mosasaurus, Blue, brachiosaurus, and maybe dinosaurs that will appear in the movie that we don’t know about yet. I think they should replace the pstitacosaurus with microceratus. They should also include dinosaurs from the other movies in any otger rides they might make. I dont know if they do that if they’ll include the insoraptor or Lockwood estate.

  6. I also want a tropical forest-like enviornment that feels like an actual island with lots of TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!

    1. YEEESSSS!!!!!!!! sadly my vacation plans for universal on my birthday have been derailed due to health concerns…now i can’t ride the jurassic park ride…but i still want to go, because it might be the last time i can go back to universal. i want jurassic park to stay jurassic park.

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