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There’s an INSANE new Jurassic World 2 story rumor – but we don’t believe it

Everyone. Remain. Calm. Despite conflicting reports, we’re fairly certain there are no assets out of containment. I know what you’re thinking: “When Claire Dearing said that a bunch of people got eaten!” Well, fair enough. But this time will be different… at least so we hope.

Remain Calm

Dish Nation is reporting that they have an exclusive story scoop for the Jurassic World sequel.. and it gets a little bit weird. According to them, the creative team is gunning for a ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ type of story where the dinosaurs eventually reclaim the Earth. Oh, and they will apparently talk and wield machine guns?

Here’s what their LA based source had to say:

“The team at Universal feel that this rebooted Jurassic Park concept can really take things to a new level.The development team feel that a great way for the dinosaurs to be an even greater threat to the humans is for their intelligence to increase. At this stage, their plan to work on a plot where the raptors can converse with Chris’ character Owen. But while their intelligence levels are high, they are still stuck in the mindset of a little children.”

“Coupled with that the military have also developed ideas for the killers to have weapons automatically fitted to their arms. But like all things the ploy will go wrong and once again Owen will have to save the world.”

“These plans are being developed for the sequels as they work on wowing fans following the first film’s success. Their track record is amazing given what they did with Fast And Furious.”


Ok. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this news is false. Beyond it being absurd, and the type of stuff that will kill the franchise, I have some solid reasons why:

First of all, the source being LA based doesn’t add up. This movies plot is under lock and key, and only a few VIP players are privy to the information surrounding it – and their HQ is situated in London. I’m having a tough time believing that a LA based source managed to uncover such detailed plans – and supposedly knowing how it will play into future films as well? That just reeks of assumption.

Further, while next to nothing is known about the plot, Colin Trevorrow has suggested it may be moving away from the militarization of Dinosaurs. Speaking to Wired, he had this to say:

“I feel like the idea that this isn’t always going to be limited to theme parks, and there are applications for this science that reach far beyond entertainment. And when you look back at nuclear power and how that started, the first instinct was to weaponise it and later on we found it could be used for energy.”

The latter part of that quote suggests a different direction for the story, considering the weaponization aspect was already explored in Jurassic World.

Assuming there is some validity to the source and the report, I do have a theory on what caused it. The 2017 merchandise theme for Jurassic World is ‘Raptor Squad’ – much like ‘Dino Hybrid’ for 2016, this is a shared branding theme for license partners.

A small glimpse at 'Raptor Squad' merchandise from Licensing Expo 2016
A small glimpse at ‘Raptor Squad’ merchandise from Licensing Expo 2016

Essentially, the idea is that toys, clothes, and other merchandise can share a unified creative theme even when there are no new films for basis. The concept – which shares a lot in common with the rumor above – was developed in house at Universal by their brand division, who were not privileged to Jurassic World 2 story beats during its creation. Coincidentally, this team operates out of LA – the alleged origin of the rumor above.

On that note: the albino Velociraptor with the DBZ style ‘Scouter Visor’ is kinda awesome. I don’t really want to see that in the movies, but it would make a fun toy! Just don’t permanently weld it to the toy, dinosaurs without gear are the best kind of dinosaur. But I digress, let’s wrap this up.

Long story short: put down the torches and pitchforks, and call off the ACU. I think we’re safe.. for now.

Source: Dish Nation


6 thoughts on “There’s an INSANE new Jurassic World 2 story rumor – but we don’t believe it

  1. Surely the part about the team’s track record on Fast & Furious is a giveaway for this to be a lie? Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Trevorrow or Bayona had anything to do with those movies.

  2. “following the first film’s success”-at what point did the fourth film become the first film? oh thats right, jurassic world is a spin off, not a sequel. i forgot. lol. idk…it just totally seemed like a sequel when i watched it.

  3. oh and this idea sounds insanely terrible. but it wont surprise me at all. as outlandish and stupid as the plot sounds, lets all keep in mind they originally planned this horrible idea for jurassic park 4…er…i mean jurassic spin off, whatever they were going to do with it. they should have just left it off with the last movie. they are going to veer off into really bad ideas after this and people are going to wish they left on a relatively high note.

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