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Trevorrow teases Claire’s shoe choice in upcoming sequel

One of the biggest complaints people seemed to have about Jurassic World was that Bryce Dallas Howard’s character of Claire wore high heels throughout the entire movie. Running through the jungle and even out running a T-Rex in route to saving the day.

Most fans just roll their eyes now when people and articles still bring up this supposed “controversy” but Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow decided to poke some fun at it today when he revealed the shoes that Claire will be wearing in the upcoming sequel.


Included with the above photo, Trevorrow simply tweeted:

See you soon, @BryceDHoward

Are you happy that Claire will be trading in the high heels for boots in the upcoming sequel due on June 22, 2018? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and on our forums.

Source: Colin Trevorrow on Twitter


6 thoughts on “Trevorrow teases Claire’s shoe choice in upcoming sequel

  1. I saw that and I laughed out loud at Trevorrow’s sense of humor.

    As for the heels issue, I couldn’t care less. Don’t understand how people can be so adamant about verosimilitude of this sort in a movie that portrays real living dinosaurs. Cross my heart, Claire’s shoes was the very last thing that came to my mind when I watched JW. But, to each their own.

  2. Some of those still don’t look appropriate as jungle-wear, but they are far more sensible than high heels, so I’m for it. Though I’m sure she will be, there’s no confirmation Claire will even step into a jungle, so there’s also that to consider.

    That said, I really hope Colin isn’t under the impression that swapping high heels for more sensible foot wear = issues of sexism in Jurassic World solved! Because… no, Colin, no.

  3. Are we going to the Congo to see if Mokele-mbembe is a surviving dino or one escaped off the islands? Actually it’d be pretty cool to see the park investigating dinosaur-like cryptids.

  4. Colin nails it again with style. The whole shoe issue was only a problem to people with a case of excess oversensitivity. Certainly not the film’s biggest issue. But each to his own, at least now those people can remain quiet……….until someone comes up with the next detail to complain about. *roll eyes*

  5. I thought she was great in the heels! I mean, she was an office jockey / pretty face, yet she rose to the occasion and showed that she could still do what it takes to save her little corner of the world! Any office jockey who can run while leading a T-Rex while in heels is totally awesome in my book. For me it was actually part of the story and part of her character development to show her change from office jokey to essentially a Wonder Woman while protecting her nephews and everyone else! It was all the better that she did it in heels. My sons and I agreed that we will never have what it takes to save the world in heels! . . . Let us not forget that Kate Beckett on “Castle” saved the world for eight seasons while in heels. . . . That said, she has my permission to save the world in something more practical in the next movie.

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