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Universal Pictures trademarks new Video Game ‘Jurassic World Survivor’!

In June 2015, a rumor had surfaced that the recently closed Cryptic Studios Seattle location was working on a secret Jurassic World video game. In November of that year, we shared screenshots and art from the game posted by artists who had worked on the project – they had thought their contract was voided as the studio closed, but soon after the publisher Perfect World went after them. We had removed the pictures as a favor to the artists, but as many of you know, the story had already went viral.


Some time went by without an update, and most assumed the project was extinct – but in June of this year we had heard the project was still alive, and being developed at another studio. Today this news has been confirmed with recent trademark applications of the games title: Jurassic World Survivor.


The trademarks were applied for on December 24th, 2016 – so it’s likely an announcement is right around the corner. Doing further digging, I discovered was purchased by Perfect World Entertainment, the projects publisher, in October of this year. The game was initially planned for release on Steam Early Access before going wide on consoles in 2015 – and while the development has changed hands, and the project no doubt evolved, perhaps a similiar roll-out will occur.

The game itself is shrouded in mystery, though it was reported to be an open world third person survival game taking place on Isla Nublar. Similar to titles such as H1Z1, crafting and player interaction was to play a role – though it was apparently light on story. However, since its delay it is likely the scope of the title has continued to expand and evolve in the hands of its new developer (likely Cryptic Studios California). All we know is the play style and story concept are married with the title: survival. Reportedly, it takes place during or shortly after the events of the Jurassic World movie, and centers around player created characters simply trying to outlast the subsequent carnage.

Whether or not the upcoming title will have any easter eggs or tie-ins to the currently untitled Jurassic World sequel remains unclear. However, this game definitely presents an opportunity to do so, and as the upcoming IDW comic series will tie-in to the 2018 film, it’s not improbable this will as well.

Stay tuned: an official announcement of the game is surely coming soon! While it remains unconfirmed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the title is released some time in early, or mid 2017. As always, sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you want from the game!

Source: Trademark Applications, Domain Registry


15 thoughts on “Universal Pictures trademarks new Video Game ‘Jurassic World Survivor’!

  1. It’s confirmed: good things come to those who wait. 🙂

    What I’d want from JW: Survivor is definitely an immersive playing experience. What I mean with immersive; imagine yourself stepping into a humid jungle with saying vegatation and lighting that changes so rapidly that it passes for a lifeform on it’s own right, a place that oozes atmosphere so unnerving that you could cut it with a knife. Noises of something of undetermined size is heard stalking you. Before you know it a Raptor appears to the clearing just ahead of you. At that moment all you can choose to do is your best assessments about the predicament you’re in. Should you try to avoid being detected? Go in guns blazing with the limited ammo you got? You don’t even know whether the Raptor is alone or setting you up to be attacked by a whole pack. It is that uncertainty that puts you at the edge.

  2. I would like to see a Jurassic Park game that has the same gameplay as Alien Isolation. Were the aliens are the dinosaurs. That would be the ultimate dino game!

    1. this is exactly what i was thinking. especially with “survivor” in the title. an alien isolation style game would fit perfectly for jurassic park/ jurassic world. even if it doesnt happen here, i really hope they see the potential in that some day and make it happen. especially if the same studio responsible for alien isolation gets behind it.

  3. I really hope it won’t be human side only, as a lot of games do this. I expect it to, but I do have a bit of hope left that dinossaurs will be playable.

    1. That being said, if dinosaurs will be playable, I can see it become a multiplayer RP open world type of game, where you can choose to become dinosaurs or humans when you begin. If you choose to be a human, you have to search other players, food and ammunation and weapons to defend yourself. If you become a dinosaur, you have to choose between herbivore and carnivore. Carnivores have to feed on random NPC herbivores, player herbivores and human players. Herbivores, on the other hand, need to eat leaves and plants ( you wouldn’t be able to eat all plants) and survive the carnivores on the island. All dinosaurs would each have individual stats and have their own special skills, such as the pounce for the velociraptor, tail whip for the stegosaurus, smell blood for the tyrannosaurus (spot bleeding players), etc.

  4. i want multiplayer and scary things at nights like raptor packs attacking at dark and vehicles and is there going to be dinosaur families with nest pls let me know

  5. I wonder if this game will have us go through all 4 of the movies, or is it like big open world free roam with all of the sites, like site B and such :v

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