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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Watch the Brand New Jurassic World ‘Motion Comic’ that Explores the Events After Fallen Kingdom!

Get ready to journey back into the growing Jurassic World, this time in ‘motion comic’ form. In a surprise release, Universal Pictures unleashed the first episode of an ongoing motion comic series titled ‘A Rising Tide’, following the events at the end of Fallen Kingdom. Much like ‘Battle at Big Rock’, this canon entry explores new content not tied to the core characters of the films, however directly tied to the events they partook in.

Check out the first episode of the series below, and read on for our thoughts!

It’s a new world as humans and dinosaurs are forced to coexist. An unwelcome contestant enters a surf competition in Hawaii.

About Jurassic World:
From Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, Jurassic World immerses audiences of all ages in a new era of wonder and thrills where dinosaurs and humankind must learn to coexist. Jurassic World is set against a global backdrop of diverse locations, with a sprawling story grounded in believable science and populated by distinctive dinosaurs, heroic humans, and cunning villains at both ends of the evolutionary spectrum.

Cinema’s only dinosaur-driven live action franchise, Jurassic World has earned three Academy Awards® and over $3.6 billion worldwide across four films. Its cross- generational appeal can be attributed to audiences’ enduring fascination with dinosaurs and boundless imagination, both nurtured by each new installment. Jurassic World is more than a film franchise. It is a larger-than-life destination for exploration, discovery, and epic adventure. Dinosaurs live again, and they live in Jurassic World.

In the first episode, we’re introduced to who appears to be the core character of this mini-series: Rebecca Ryan. Rebecca is a TV reporter who gives a report on what was ultimately the scene we saw at the end of Fallen Kingdom: the escaped Jurassic World Mosasaurus eating someone during a surf competition in Oahu Hawaii. After we see some first hand accounts of the events, and the report wraps up, Rebecca’s character is seen driving home and making a call to her family.

During the aforementioned call some ominous music plays: the InGen/Mercenary theme from the World films. Is this a hint at her having more ties to Jurassic World beyond simply reporting on the events? O is that music an anthem to her new call to action, unlocking the secrets behind the prehistoric residents of Isla Nublar no longer being contained to the island. Three more episodes will follow today’s installment, and we expect her character to remain an important player throughout (although the series promises unique points of view each episode).

The other obvious question is what does this motion-comic series mean for Jurassic World 3? Could Rebecca in fact be a character from the sequel, which is due to begin filming in a few short months, or could her character stumble upon some larger plot elements (beyond the dinosaurs on mainland) that will come into play? This story already feels like setup for something larger, and we’re excited to see how everything unravels, expands, and connects.

It’s great to see the Jurassic World universe grow, and we’re hopeful more content like this, as well as traditional comics and books will become a regular thing. Truth be told, we’re really keeping our fingers crossed for another live-action short film, and this series certainly has the potential to lead right into one – and of course pave the way to Jurassic World 3.

Let us know what you hope to see from this series as it moves forward and evolves in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to Jurassic Outpost for all the latest news!


18 thoughts on “Watch the Brand New Jurassic World ‘Motion Comic’ that Explores the Events After Fallen Kingdom!

  1. I still refuse to accept that a Helicopter wouldn’t be flown out to send a .50 caliber message straight to this thing’s mind… It is canon that this thing has killed and eaten at least one surfer. In my country, if a Great White kills a man, the tourism industry goes mental and the coast guard goes out and kills 50 of the bloody things in response.

    There would be NO large carnivores remaining on the mainland or in the ocean after a year. The entire premise they’re trying to set up in these films is completely garbage.

    1. The problem is you’re overthinking it.
      Are you wrong? No. There probably would be a military response and for all we know thus far there will be. However not only is this Hollywood but these movies have shown us dinosaurs throw a monkey wrench in the machine that is aggressive force. Just look what happened to the trained individuals in Jurassic World when they met the Indominus- it was a massacre. True they had no live ammo but they also, despite their training, were unprepared for such a monster.
      And that’s the thing, they suddenly dropped who knows how many dinosaurs upon an unsuspecting public- NO ONE is truly prepared for that and there have probably been multiple casualties from people trying what you’ve suggested.
      So while yes, your rant is valid it at the same time isn’t because movies in general like to ignore the rules of the real world. Claiming it’s garbage is a waste of everybody’s time and energy. But hey you do you, I’m just gonna be chill and not overthink things like this- it just adds more stress to life.

      1. You make a fair point. I’m only bothered because the original film followed such a realistic plot and had realistic consequences. It was grounded in reality even though it used fantasy science to achieve it’s existence.
        But with Jurassic World, it feels more like it belongs in the MCU or Indiana Jones Universe. Owen is literally Indiana Jones. Blue is literally a super hero.
        It’s so damn jarring.

        1. I honestly don’t agree that the first movie was ‘realistic’ in any way. The technology of the time just wouldn’t be sufficient to be able to fully clone dinosaurs in my opinion, yes the cause and effect of the movie was spot on but in the end it’s just a good thought provoking sci-fi dinosaur movie.
          And tbh, the thought provoking angle does continues- as does the cause and effect. IF the technology from the first movie were to exist in this day and age what would happen? Exactly what Jurassic World showed- human greed and arrogance cause a catastrophe, if you ignore all the ‘feel good’ Blue and Owen then the underlying messages of both Jurasdic World movies are in the same vein as Jurassic Park. They’re just hidden under layers and layers of goofiness- which to be fair is what the originals did too, but Jurassic World does it at a whole new level.

          1. The message was already sent in the first two films. Fallen Kingdom is literally The Lost World in when it comes to message. Nothing new is being done.

          2. Yes the message is similar however they take it to a higher level- Lost World was more or less a failure on the part of the greedy humans while Fallen Kingdom created a full global catastrophe. One shows the small minded greed of a single trust fund douche while the other shows the full proliferation of a technology the world isn’t ready for.
            Yes just about the same but also from a narrative standpoint the World films make sense, they just enhance the elements of the previous stories because that’s what Hollywood does now. Every story has been told so there’s always going to be similarities now sadly.

  2. I’d love not stuff like this. It’d help flesh out the canon between the films, which always makes a universe feel more alive to me.

  3. So the glutton for all things horror in me loves this, however the rationalist in me is screaming.
    Why the hell is a 15 ton animal continuously going after surfers? It’s lazy writing and is at this point overdone. This beast would consider humans barely a snack it should be out going after whales and other prey worth the effort.
    I also had another thought as to why the military hasn’t been called to put it down- it’s cruising the open ocean, constantly moving, submerging, etc, good luck finding it.
    It feels like we’ve hit a low point sadly, Jurassic Park started so intelligently then just nosedived into pleasing the masses for money- which of course is what a Hollywood does. Which means that the blame for the decrease in intelligent content in the franchise has nothing to do with the writers or actors- it is the fault of the unwashed masses who want their films to be simple and easy to understand and demand to be pandered to.

    1. So true about the dumbing down of stories. The Mosasaurus has a tracking device like all the other dinos. But I bet this will be casually forgotten about in the next film. Although I do wonder if this is why Franklin is returning to JW3. To crack the JW technology and track all the escaped dinos.

    2. Your last paragraph, Gustav, reflects the problem I’ve had with JW from the start. Only I don’t even try to hide my absolute disgust.

      Today’s movies are TERRIBLE… Consider this, Both Heath Ledger’s and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker were applauded by the people… What is the common theme we have with them though? Besides the obvious…

      The actors were actually playing someone other than themselves. This never happens anymore, actors, even top-billed actors, only ever play themselves. So when someone actually acts as an actor should, it is immediately recognized and praised.

      The writing… Nothing has good writing anymore. So when TDK and Joker turned up with great writing, everyone noticed and praised it.

      Look at Heath Ledger as a real person, vs what he became for the Dark Knight… Heath Ledger disappeared. THAT is what an actor should do. That is the definition of what an actor is supposed to be.

      Owen Grady though? He’s just Starlord. And Starlord is just Chris Pratt.

      Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise. The Rock is The Rock. Even Harrison Ford is just Harrison Ford in both Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

      Imagine though if it was the industry standard that these so called actors actually had to put effort into their roles? If it wasn’t so rare that it was just how it was done? I know it is MEANT to be done that way. But it isn’t.


    3. The mosasaurus is hunting humans because we’re comparatively easy prey.

      And contrary to what Ben is shrieking constantly the military does not get called out to deal with wildlife problems. We do not call in air strikes on national forests every time some hiker gets eaten by a bear. Most likely the mosasaur problem is getting shunted between various civilian agencies.

      1. Whenever did I say military? There are civilians with 50. caliber rifles at their homes… I only said someone, likely the Coast Guard would have dealt with it by now.

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