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Did World Famous DJ Dimitri Vegas Just Land a Role in Jurassic World 2?

The Jurassic Park franchise has never been known for cameos and bit parts for celebrities, but that may be changing with the latest casting rumour. We Got This Covered is reporting that world famous DJ Dimitri Vegas has landed a role in the sequel.

Yesterday, the DJ tweeted a photo of himself with producer Frank Marshall with the caption: “Meeting with one of my heroes today @LeDoctor #JurassicWorld”

Frank Marshall later retweeted the photo with his own caption: “DJ Master Frank meets with one of his heroes. Who knows where this will lead?”

While the tweets don’t mention casting, the website’s source revealed that Vegas and Marshall did indeed meet to discuss a role in the sequel. With this information in mind, it’s interesting to note #JurassicWorld and “Who knows where this will lead?” in their tweets.

The photo itself also appears to be taken in the Kennedy/Marshall offices; the photographs behind the pair can be found on the Kennedy/Marshall website.

According to the article, Dimitri Vegas (real name Dimitri Thivaios), has recently signed with CAA and is hoping to break into the industry as an actor. Their source claims that he wouldn’t have a large role in the sequel, and without any acting experience under his belt that’s probably a safe option. However, judging by the positive messages both he and Frank Marshall tweeted, it’s likely the meeting went well.

Could Dimitri Vegas be joining Daniella Pineda, Justice Smith, Toby Jones, and Rafe Spall as newcomers to the Jurassic franchise? While we have no official confirmation, with everything considered above it certainly seems likely.

Oh, and Dimitri also picked up Chronicle Collectibles The Lost World: Jurassic Park T-Rex bust, and there’s a Jurassic Park sequence in one of his music videos (skip to 00:55):

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: We Got This Covered


3 thoughts on “Did World Famous DJ Dimitri Vegas Just Land a Role in Jurassic World 2?

  1. No, I don’t think so could be discussing the franchise and having an inside look at it or something other than being apart of it…celebrities are not known in the franchise.

  2. If he is in it he should be Owen’s brother ..
    Dr. Odis Grady

    He similar to Sarah Harding in a tiny way but more like Owen, also a former Military member but served in the US Army in thr state of Texas

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