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First Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Merchandise Begins Roaring In!

Next year we will be celebrating 25 years of Jurassic Park. From roughly January to April 2018, Universal Pictures will actively promote and celebrate the original movie, with the later months of the year being dedicated to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which releases June 22 2018!

You may remember earlier in the year we discovered the official 25th Anniversary logo on an Amazon listing for a wall calendar, and now, thanks to the wonders of the world wide web, we are beginning to see more of the new products and collectables that will drain our bank accounts next year!

First up from Iron Gut Publishing we have this Jurassic Park Collectable Coin 25th Anniversary (silver plated). This piece is numbered and embossed on both sides and is limited to 5000 pieces. The coin releases this November – check out more here!

Also from Iron Gut Publishing is this collection of Jurassic Park art prints – they average around $10, and can be purchased from web stores such as SmartArts.Gallery!

Beautiful new artwork by Golden Books will front the Jurassic Park Little Golden Book which is an age-appropriate book adaptation of Jurassic Park! This fully illustrated book is 24-pages long, and releases in February of next year and will sell for $4.99

Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Jurassic Park with this amazing Little Golden Book adaptation!

In 1993 Academy Award®-winning director Steven Spielberg introduced audiences everywhere to Jurassic Park, which instantly became a worldwide phenomenon that is still regarded as one of the greatest blockbuster films of all time. Now, the movie’s youngest fans and dinosaur enthusiasts can relive the movie in this fun, action-packed–and age-appropriate–Little Golden Book adaptation of Jurassic Park!

Next up we have Jurassic Park: The Deluxe Junior Novelization! This is a hard cover book which releases in February of next year. While it is a reissue of the original junior novelization, it does include new ‘full color scenes’!

Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Jurassic Park with this amazing novelization!

In 1993 Academy Award®-winning director Steven Spielberg introduced audiences everywhere to Jurassic Park, which instantly became a worldwide phenomenon that is still regarded as one of the greatest blockbuster films of all time. This deluxe hardcover reissue of the original novelization retells the whole exciting story of dinosaurs run amok and features an expanded insert of full-color scenes from the movie!

The next three products discovered are for Jurassic World, and quite possibly Fallen Kingdom; Owen’s Guide to Survival (Lego Jurassic World), and Reader with Stickers (Lego Jurassic World). Owen’s Guide for Survival is 128-pages loing, is being released by Scholastic Inc., and has the following synopsis:

A guide from Owen’s point of view, all about surviving Jurassic World and being a great dino trainer! This funny guide features dinos, characters, and locations from LEGO(R)Jurassic World(TM), and is narrated by Owen himself. If you’re looking to survive (and thrive) in LEGO Jurassic World, then this is the guide for you!

Something slightly more exciting are the ‘IncrediBuilds’ lineup: the IncrediBuilds Jurassic World: Raptor Deluxe Book and Model Set! With this kit, you can build your own Velociraptor and read facts and trivia about the species in the companion full colour book.

Build your own Velociraptor with this IncrediBuilds™ Jurassic World model kit, featuring a deluxe full-color book with facts and trivia on one of the most iconic dinosaurs in movie history.

Go wild for the Velociraptor with this authentic Jurassic World wood model set. The 16-page hardcover book is packed with information on the carnivorous hunting dinosaur, from interesting fun facts to its history in the Jurassic Park film universe. Featuring behind-the-scenes content, this deluxe book and model set is a must-have for Jurassic Park fans. The wood model is easy to assemble and snaps together to form a dynamic, 3D version of the Velociraptor that is perfect for customizing and displaying.

The final product is another IncrediBuilds set, this one circling back to the Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary theme:Jurassic Park: Tour Vehicle Deluxe Book and Model Set! While no photos or covers have been discovered for these items, we can hope they receive artwork treatment as inspired as the Little Golden Book seen above!

We’re expecting to see much more as we head into 2018 (perhaps a new Blu Ray set?) but for now it’s great to see that Universal will promote the original movie! Be sure to let us know what you think of the products above, and what you hope to see in the future in the comments below!


13 thoughts on “First Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Merchandise Begins Roaring In!

  1. I am excited for these products! But I hate that the Guide for Survival book is distributed by Lego… Ugh, I would prefer comic-like illustrations..

  2. I cannot believe that they are making a Golden Books version of Jurassic Park. What’s next, a Golden Books version of Alien?

    I’m just kidding. It’s actually kinda cute.

  3. The LEGO book will probably come with an exclusive minifigure, not the stickerbook though. And I certainly hope LEGO will release some special Jurassic Park sets instead of FK only.

  4. What are the limited edition (to a thousand world wide) gold Jurassic park coins worth one just came into my possession but JP not my thing so looking to sell just can’t find any to compare it to it’s unopened never touched so grade a mint condition

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