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The ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Super Bowl Trailer is Here!

Move over Eagles and Patriots, tonight was about Pteranodons and Raptors!

As was reported last weekend, we got a brand new look at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom during Super Bowl LII this evening in the form of a 90 second spot right before kickoff. This is our first look at the new film since the first theatrical trailer dropped on December 7th.

Take a look at the Super Bowl trailer below:

Stay tuned – our in-depth breakdown, HD screencaps, and more will be coming soon. Plus, the fun isn’t over! Another Fallen Kingdom video is airing later this evening.

What did you think of the new looks at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that aired during the Super Bowl? Has your excitment been elevated, decreased or stayed the same? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums!

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141 thoughts on “The ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Super Bowl Trailer is Here!

  1. That was absolutely amazing! JWFK looks awesome. Showed quite a bit though, not sure if that is good or bad but I imagine there will still be some surprises. The movie will be excellent regardless of how much they choose to show though.

  2. This was FAR better than the first trailer, however I really worry that they spoiled most of the movie between the footage shown during these first two trailers. Also, the Indoraptor is WAY bigger than I thought it would be.

    1. That’s what I like about the Indoraptor, it’s basically the Indominus Rex but at a size it can be pretty much anywhere.

  3. *heavy breathing and fanboying intensifies*

    Universal has my money. The previous trailer guaranteed my firstborn. THIS trailer guarantees that Universal gets all of my children after that. XD

  4. I know I probably won’t speak for everyone but I thought the new trailer was pretty bad ads. It felt eerie in a way. The new hybrid is quit literally being given the monster treatment, but this trailer certainly gave a darker tone than the previous trailer. The brontosaurus (I think I got that wrong but I don’t want to mix up the spelling) looked really amazing, the CGI for that creature specifically looked incredible. This film looks very different from previous films in my opinion.

  5. Tense, atmospheric, and haunting, with some stellar looking practical creature effects. I still have my reservations, especially after the abysmal first teaser, but Bayona seems to have injected enough of his fresh style to warranty another trip to Jurassic.

    I’ll avoid viewing any content from this point onward. The film looks like it’s in good hands.

  6. Definitely underwhelming.

    I don’t know, you guys. I was so on board when I watched that great behind-the-scenes video we got a while back, but my excitement has been steadily going down with the release of the incoherent trailer and now this questionable spot. The Lockwood Manor footage is at least somewhat different and exciting, so there is that, but I’m beginning to care less about the on-island venture.

    The CGI looks flat-out awful in some spots. However, I do realize it’s still being worked on heavily in that department, and is (HOPEFULLY) in no way representative of what we’ll likely get in the finished product. But yeah, yikes, I cringed throughout the entire spot because of that alone.

    Still, I’m trying to be hopeful because of JA Bayona, and I hope my worries are thrown out the window when I see this opening day.

      1. I’m rolling eyes at you, Will is right and imo the trailer was mostly trash. The only good cgi was in the brachiosaur scene, the rest is just more generic Legendary cgi with jumpscare spoilers, and don’t make me start about the whole dumb popcorn monster movie with the raptor fighting the indo to appeal the masses, all that was good about this franchise is dead, the only thing left are dinosaurs and fans with nostalgia goggles.

          1. These trailers aren’t exactly inspiring a lot of faith. Jurassic Park deserves better. Hopefully it’s just bad marketing. I’ll be there for the opening, but my expectations have been lowered pretty substantially. The Goldblum commercial was better than the new trailer.

          2. It is just Dinosaurs chasing people again but this time in a scary mansion with a literal monster that comes for you while you sleep…

      2. Careful now, Mike. You want your eyes in good condition for when you see Fallen Kingdom.

        Also, sorry not everyone enjoyed the trailer? Don’t know what to tell you. Not everyone is going to be impressed by a thing, it happens.

        Still, I’ll be there opening night just like you will, hoping I enjoy the actual film, which is what matters most, because I absolutely adore the first two films and want to feel the same about this one. Cheers!

        1. Good lord I wasn’t expecting that much response. Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion, no argument here. The eye rolling was more aimed at the comments on ‘the cgi that made you cringe’. I get so f-ing sick of ‘cgi is bad’ comments. Because to me, what they achieve is amazing and some of those shots made me believe i was looking at something real (brachio). Still there will be someone to tell me that – no, that is in fact some of the worst visual effects he’s ever seen, and he would know because ?????

          You are welcome to your doubts, we all want a good movie. But some will bitch about things like cgi, never happy, forever nostalgic for the days of JP, even though a lot of that cgi looks dated now (watch the raptor kitchen scene).

      3. “What does he think he’s doing?”
        “When gotta roll eyes you gotta roll eyes.”
        Joking aside, the trailer was okay. Quick cuts only reveal so much. Still, this’ll be it for me.

    1. AAAAAAnd once again somebody complaining about not only a movie that is coming out in like, 4 months but also has nothing to back it up *rolling eys is right.

      Firstly the CGI is insane, I would like to see you do it, and also it is far better than Jurassic World’s and that was some of the best CGI I have EVER seen.


  7. The first trailer made me doubt Fallen Kingdoms ability to reel fans lost by JW back in, but the atmosphere, the cinematography and presentation of the Indoraptor, and the little bits of the shady corporate stuff at the end give me high hopes that Fallen Kingdom will bring everyone back in.

  8. Kills everything else incredibly fast. Yet creeps up on the kid like a character from a 1922 horror film…

    STOP STALLING! JUST KILL THEM! You’re not a super-villain who’s just captured James Bond FFS!

    1. Ben, I think this scene Is Maisie’s dream. A nightmare about the indoraptor.
      Monsters in dreams always stalk/kill/eat you slowly.

        1. The trailer is edited to come across that way, but if we pay closer attention to the shots it doesn’t appear she’s present at all in that moment. Just a shot of her edited in.
          Time will tell.

    2. Regardless, I think it works. The Indoraptor seems like its intended to be more monstrous than the Indominus. Being, hopefully, the last gasp of military hybridization in the World trilogy, best to make the final straw the least like a natural animal. Something that is not like a Godzilla, but more like a Michael Myers character.

  9. SUPER BLOWS, this trailer… although not as ridiculous as the first one.

    Very dissapointing, the opening looks like something out of a Harry Potter Dementor scene. It looks like a ghost… not an animal.

    Why does every dinosaur get lighted up with artificial sunbeams.

    Where are the new characters like Lockwood? I did catch Rafe and Dobey in there.

    These pteranodons are doing the same thing again… why is there no larger specimen like a Quetzalcoatlus or something. These are so underwhelming.

    Where is the mystery and sense of discovery… the brachiosaurus shot from below is an exact copy of the original (and there was at least another ODE TO JP in there)

  10. That opening with the Indo reaching for the girl looks absolutely fucking ridiculous. How Goddamn fake. That Indo would need crazy long arms to reach that far out in front of it. This didn’t feel Jurassic at all.

    And enough with the stupid flying reptiles picking people up. That was only good in JP3.

    Man, I had such high hopes for JWFK. I have no doubt this movie is exactly the rumors we all read a few weeks to a month back. Who knows maybe it’ll still be good.

  11. Speaking of, I’m hoping I’m able to see both this and the new Halloween film soon. I love both franchises so hopefully they are both good installments.

  12. I’m shook. So shook. This is like, what I always wanted out of Jurassic Park. This is hitting the franchies’ potential to the max.

    1. Then you are a part of the problem. This is the same plot as the first World film. Just in the cliche’ scary mansion.

      It’s literally just escaped Dinosaurs terrorising people again.

      1. It’s happening to all the great franchises Ben. SJW forcefeeding or mindless crap like this.
        Each year that passes the closer the world resembles Idiocracy…

        1. The freakasaur being designed. The freakasaur getting loose. The freakasaur killing everyone except the main characters who have plot armour. The freakasaur being fought by Owen and his Raptor…

          I was hoping they’d go somewhere intelligent with it this time. A Jurassic movie WITHOUT escaped Dinosaurs terrorising people. But no. They’re not clever enough to write a story without that.

          1. Gee man, do you know what movie franchise this is? Besides the psuedo-science and wonder of the first film, theres really no other way to make a Jurassic film witbout dinosaurs terrorizing people. You want something different, something to tickle your brain, watch Chased by Dinosaurs. Its educational, though a bit old.

  13. I came up with a idea for a comic book of events that happend after both films which takes place in the year 2035 . It introduces new species of dinosaurs and prehistoric beast. There will be some new characters. I also came up with a new hybrid call spinomosasaurus which is half -spinosaurus and half-mosasaurus. The title is jurassic world: invasion.

    1. I don’t know how old you are but here, I’ll save you some hassle. That is a terrible idea. Fan-fiction is always cheesy and terrible. Avoid it.

      1. Why do you have to be so mean?
        If you started working on an idea and then all you get back from it is hate. You wouldn’t like that.

        Just stop.

          1. Aegh aegh… now now spongebob get back in the kitchen and make some more crabby patties…. leave the lad alone

      2. “Fan-fiction is always cheesy and terrible. Avoid it.”

        For some of them, yes. But of course, there are a few out there that are legitimately good. It all depends on the skill of the author.

          1. We should start a petiton to ban “Ben” for being rude to others.

            He is bringing the quality of this amazing website down.

          1. You are only negative in your comments and being rude to people. Why do you trash this site and the people on here so much? Just be gone with your negative vibes, you and your comments are no fun at all this way.

          2. I haven’t once trashed this site. Only the content it shares on behalf of Universal studios. Also who said all comments must be fun? We’re all commenting on subjective material. It can be good or bad and inspire positivity or negativity depending on the individual.

          3. No one is saying you always have to be positive. It’s not black-and-white like that. You are PURELY NEGATIVE with your commenting, which wouldn’t be as much of a problem if you weren’t so condescending and rude to people whose opinions differ from yours. You always think your opinion is objective truth and that if someone has a different one, they’re wrong. It’s very narcissistic of you, and your mentality of “I AM THE EXPERT ON HOW THESE MOVIES SHOULD BE, AND EVERYONE WHO DISAGREES IS BENEATH ME” is quite toxic and off-putting. Just thought I’d let you know.

          4. Well, based on the majority of comments these articles get, I would say I am far more mature and level-headed about the franchise and where it should go than most. My criticisms are valid. But I suppose majority of the commenters here are children so, there’s that. In any case the general consensus among you lot seems to be the ridiculous tagline ‘Bigger, badder, MOAR teeth’ Which is exactly what made JW weaker than it could have been.

            There’s commenters here asking for Dinosaurs that weren’t even on Nublar, ever. Ridiculous things like Quetzalcoatlus. There’s others showing pride in fan-fiction or dreaming up new hybrids, which is absurd. And then there’s others actually wanting the new films to be straight up monster flicks.

            I think these articles NEED me…

  14. Tired of these trailers spoiling the movie. Now I know the Baronyx gets captured(hanging from Helicopter) .

    Although I wonder if they turn it into the Indoraptor somehow. If you notice the Indoraptor has feet like a Baronyx with a mutated like raptor claw.. and we saw them taking blue’s blood in trailer. One of the themes to the movie is supposively animal abuse.

        1. Buddy with your kinda attitude you ought to save yourself and everyone else the trouble and avoid getting out of bed anymore, at all costs.

          What an ugly soul you must have.


  15. It is literally a monster movie now. Complete with the big, scary mansion. Are you kidding me?

    The exact same plot as the first World film too. People make frankensaurus, frankensaurus escapes and kills people (except the kids and the main characters).

    1. Alan Grant: “Genetically engineered theme park monsters. Nothing more, nothing less.”

      The franchise has always been a monster film franchise. 8/

    2. Wow, everything you just said was false.

      Jurassic Park was ALWAYS a monster movie, no matter how many sub-plots.

      And the plot of this film is NOTHING (sorry I don’t think I made that clear) NOOOOTHHING
      Like Jurassic world. whatsoever.

    3. Alan holds a very cynical attitude toward the animals because they’ve basically ruined his life. While he is correct that they aren’t true Dinosaurs, they also are not monsters.

        1. DPG group can say whatever they like. There’s no reason why the Spino shouldn’t have been used in JW to bolster ticket sales and there’s no reason the Dinosaurs in FK shouldn’t be taken to Sorna.

  16. We all tried our hardest (a lot of us still are) to like JW. But when we’re honest with ourselves we have to admit that it was bad. It wasn’t Jurassic at all. We have to admit that we only like the original trilogy but because the new films are the same franchise, we struggle to trick ourselves into loving them out of… What? Habit? Because we’re worried we wont be considered fans or will be left behind if we don’t? I hated JW on my first viewing. I thought it was cheesy. I cringed when the animals nodded at each other. I cringed at the bad CGI in the opening scenes. Especially the bird… Oh God. The bird. I cringed at the military sub-plot. And I cringed at Chris Pratt’s character.

    But guilt made me go back and force myself to like it. Truth is though, I just don’t. It is too different. The Jurassic feel isn’t there.

    You know you feel the same way, deep down.

    1. Remember the dream where the raptor was on the airplane and said “Alan!” In the third film? Or the gymnastics scene in TLW, or the 76 gas station ball rolling by the car, or the parents screaming at the dinosaur in the backyard? Or the group of Japanese guys yelling in Japanese “I left Japan to get away from this!” As they are being chased by a dinosaur? Have people forgotten how cheesy the other sequels got at certain moments? Once they left the island in TLW it was like a different movie. There were a ton of extremely cheesy moments. Really only the first film (by first film I mean Jurassic Park) was entirely serious from start to finish. All of the sequels had cheesy moments.

      1. Oh many of us remember all the cheesy scenes of the sequels. That’s one reason why many of us are fans of the first film only.

      2. Exactly, and even then Jurassic Park also had its fair share of cheesy moments; “the interactive CD rom” and “I like cows”.

    2. Exactly!! I’m a massive, massive fan of the first JP movie. I wish it never had any sequels. There is a huge difference between JP fans and JW fans.

      I’ve been saying it since JW came out. Many people are forcing themselves to like JW when in reality, they don’t. JW is a bad movie. I cringed throughout the whole thing. The 4 raptors were the absolute worst part of JW. I will say though, I do like that they used the bird scene in the beginning. That was cool and a nice nod to the bird connection.

      After seeing this new trailer for JWFK, one can’t help but feel that there is nothing Jurassic about it. Yes, I will go see tis film, but my hopes for it being good have gone way down.

      1. I’m a JP fan AND a JW fan. I just see them as seperate trilogy’s with both there own style. I like them both but in different ways. To me, the JP trilogy will always be the best because that’s the one I grew up with (although JP3 was really terrible for the most part compared to the other two, and in my opinion, shouldn’t have been made at all), but I like the JW trilogy in a different way. I think JW was a nice reboot of the franchise with lots of nods to the first film. And I think JWFK has potential to be a worthy, more scary sequel to JW, kind of in the same style, with nods to TLW.

        These films will never again be like the original 3 JP movies (just see the JW movies as different trilogy, not a continuation of the first three (style-wise)). When will people finally accept this and stop crying over it or just don’t go to see them in the theatres when they can’t cope with the new direction of the JW trilogy?????

          1. “My opinion is the only one that holds any semblence of truth and anyone who thinks otherwise is a sheep that isn’t as much of an intellectual as i am”

          2. Wow… after reading some of your comments I m speachless. Why would you spend so much time in here to talk about a movie that has not been released but that you obviously already have seen and hated. You make… no sense at all… do you have a really boring life? I saw JPIII when I was a kid the day of the premiere ans I hated it. I was no sheep cause there was no internet for me to be pissed at a movie I hadn’t seen yet… maybe you are the sheep, sheep!

          3. Ugh, I can’t even stand you. You’re just ridiculous. The sarcasm you exhibit is deplorable. I’m sure you’re probably laughing like an idiot reading this, too. All of your comments are subjective, but you act like you’re the authority on all things Jurassic Park. Just leave, dude.

    3. Wow, Ben, we all have opinions but yours truly are the loudest and most frequent.

      Look, Buddy. Not everyone is the same. A lot of people genuinely love JW. Not angry, lonely people online who are so enclosed in their private bubbles that they lose it when things aren’t to their liking. But everyday real people. Anyone I know who’s seen JW loves it and is excited for the sequel. My sister – who couldnt give two shits about the last 3 JP films – loved JW.

      It is OK that it didn’t work for you. It is OK you don’t like how this new film looks. You don’t have to waste your money on it. But don’t you dare tell others ‘how they really secretly feel’ or that they’re ‘part of the problem’.

      Because you look like an idiot.

      1. He doesn’t even realize that he’s part of a bigger and more glaring problem. His toxic self-entitlement and a ridiculous ‘holier-than-thou’ mentality is a plague on this comments section.

          1. Do you honestly really believe that your opinion, over everyone else’s (including those who are in charge of this website), is the most important? The only opinion that really matters, the one where we should marvel at your “insightfulness”.

  17. I say Fallen Kingdom has hit the ball out of the park with this trailer, the release date can’t come soon enough! Despite my reservations, I loved Jurassic World when it was released and still do to this day. I’m cautiously optimistic that Fallen Kingdom will be another satisfying sequel for this franchise.

  18. The indoraptor parts in the girls bedroom seem like a dream especially because of the blue lighting they hinted at a dream with the props and the fact that the opening legendary logo had stars behind it just like a dream

  19. That trailer was scary amazing! Everything the first trailer should have been! I do feel like I saw too much and Ill do my best to forget what I saw. Unlikely.

  20. Really enjoyed this trailer…and with that out of the way-.

    This whole JW Fan and JP fan thing is silly. It’s as silly as being True Terminator fans like only T1 and T2…if you even smiled or enjoyed any of the others then sorry you aren’t a true Terminator fan.

    All of the films in either franchise have weaknesses, that doesn’t however mean that they cannot be enjoyed, and doesn’t make anyone who enjoys the “lesser films” any less of a fan.

    It’s quite possible to happily be both and not looked on as a fool.

    If there was one fanbase that I thought wouldn’t go down such roads of lunacy I thought I could trust the Jurassic fanbase. I guess not.

    Disappointed in some of the Jurassic Fanbase…not this upcoming film.

    1. Every Terminator after the first two was pretty terrible. I’m starting to feel the same way about the Jurassic Park franchise. You can’t blame people for having different opinions. I’m hoping Fallen Kingdom delivers, but these trailers aren’t doing it for me.

    2. Let’s not forget that the word “fan” comes from fanatic… I don’t think anyone sane in his mind wants to be fanatic of something. So that makes this little “I m a real fan” war really insane or really childish. I totally agree with you!

  21. Maybe the Indoraptor is finally well commanded and might ”know” the little girl thats why didnt kill her, after all she knows the Indoraptor was ”made”. Also why there is a dude inside the cage with the Indoraptor? In the auction? Maybe too show how well commanded the Indoraptor is ”Hey look, it is inside the cage with a human and not eating him. Place your bids and take it with you. Best guard dog ever.”. Nevertheless i enjoyed the trailer and im curious to see how everything conects.

  22. Hey all – learn to debate without going ad hominem.

    If you want your points to be taken with serious consideration, especially from those with a contrasting viewpoint, it really helps. Constructive criticism really is important, but it’s often ignored due to its hyperbolic presentation.

    We all care about Jurassic Park, and want the best sequel possible.

    1. The Indoraptor is real!!!! I’m so not surprised yet quite disappointed. It’s like a 12 year old fanboy with ADHD got into the writing room.

  23. I think you need to have have dinoaurs attacking people in the Jurassic movies but it needs to be a balance between that and science and ethics. As long as it incorporates those things an a good way then it is a win for me. I dis not watch the trailer cause I want to go into the film without seeing as much footage in motion at possible but from the couple of images I have seen it looks like it is at least has amazing cinematography and CGI.

  24. Ever wonder why Masrani’s surprised comment on the I. rex being white was ignored by the world… Yet if it was black and he said that everyone would have lost their minds?

    I wonder why he made such a comment over it’s colour. Was he expecting something else?

    1. Maybe because it’s just a surprising colour for such a creature? As all others dinosaurs or monsters are always kinda green, brown, grey or any darker colours? The real question is why we commonly associate white to purity and black to evil? “Devil is living everywhere only if you look for it, but most of the time it’s in our heads.”

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