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Rumor: Jurassic World 2 titled ‘Jurassic World: Epoch’?

Jurassic World 2 began filming over a week ago, and while a few pictures have been shared from the shoot, nothing too substantial has hit. However, today we have a fairly big (albeit unverified) rumor: allegedly the Universal Pictures website temporarily unveiled the title of Jurassic World 2 according to Twitter user @matthewjn:

Now, by the time we caught wind of this, the website listing already changed back to  ‘Jurassic World Sequel’ – as we were unable to verify the veracity of this claim, we suggest everyone take this news with the appropriate grain of salt. With the internet it’s far too easy to spread fake rumors, and we always take leaks like this with a healthy dose of skepticism, no matter the source. That said, this isn’t the first time the word ‘EPOCH’ has been associated with Jurassic World 2.

Back in November, Ryan (who is part of our news and podcast team) caught a temporary update to – in one of the news nodes was the word EPOCH with the silhouette of a Volcano behind it. He clicked the link, which brought him to a nonexistent page, and upon returning the node was gone. This led us to speculate about the plot of Jurassic World 2, meshing the volcano bit with recently purchased domains (,, and

Those domains purchased were recently corroborated by a set pictured shared by Frank Marshall:

Take note of the poster on the wall titled “#WeCanSaveThem” – seemingly showcasing the raising of funds for some unknown purpose, and then the homemade Tyrannosaur holding a sign saying “Save Our Saurs”. While we can’t be sure what the full purpose of this dinosaur protection activism and fundraising is for, it does seem to be something critical to the plot judging by the domains. Could it be to save the dinosaurs from an imminent volcanic eruption?

If so, perhaps the eruption is a significant enough event to earn the title EPOCH – defined as “The beginning of a distinctive period in the history of someone or something.” Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the title – as it stands it sounds incomplete, and doesn’t flow off of the tongue easily. However, it could make sense depending on the plot of the film (it’s worth noting it also may just be an internal placeholder name to avoid major leaks.)

The Jurassic Park franchise has been nothing if not inconsistent in titling its films, but I’m a fan of anything over simple numbering (as seen with Jurassic Park 3). Are you a fan of ‘Jurassic World: Epoch’ – and do you think it’s the actual title of the upcoming sequel? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: @matthewjn


22 thoughts on “Rumor: Jurassic World 2 titled ‘Jurassic World: Epoch’?

  1. I very much think the Universal website has always listed Jurassic World Sequel, and that someone fabricated that list with identical font to create the “title.” I don’t think Universal is that lazy to title this sequel as if it was a Resident Evil film, a la RE: Apocalypse or RE: Extinction. Jurassic Epoch would work fine, or The Next, or New, or Last Epoch: Jurassic Park (or World) would work so much better. Personally, Jurassic Park/Jurassic World is the only subtitle it should have. The main title itself should describe a ‘place’. i.e. The Lost World. Hopefully all will be revealed soon!

  2. Well saving dinosaurs from a volcano eruption in Isla Nublar is the exact plot of the arcade video game I played this week-end in a luna park.

  3. This is disapponting if it turns out to be True. I would have liked the series to have new titles for each film, using a subtitle only for the marketting.

    So the films would be called:
    1. Jurassic Park
    2. The Lost World
    3. Something creative
    4. Jurassic World
    5. Something creative
    6. Something creative

    And on the posters of the movies 2/3 would have the subtitle “Jurassic Park,” 5/6 would have the subtitle “Jurassic World.” But maybe I ask too much, I would’ve prefered if they’d kept the orange / yellow text for the titlecards too. And I’m also hopinb for a comeback of the red/ yellow logo. Creativity is nice, but consistency is too, and the fact is the blue theme for Jurassic World just did not work.

  4. I don’t mind the title if it turns out to be true. We all didn’t really like the title Jurassic World at first.

  5. Personally I don’t think they should name it a Jurassic World movie. I think they should go back to a Jurassic Park movie. Jurassic World is done, it now belongs to the dinosaurs. But, Jurassic Park is as we think will be involved in the movie. So they should pull a Alien: Covenant you know? Jurassic World should only be a one time movie, just like Prometheus.

    1. Jurassic World was a Jurassic Park movie. It was the fourth film. Somehow, despite how painfully obvious it is that the film is a sequel, everyone thinks it is some sort of spin off. It wasn’t a separate film. I do agree they should go back to calling it Jurassic Park though. I’m tired of people randomly considering it to be a sequel to a sequel

  6. I hope that this is not the title for Jurassic Park 5. I mainly just don’t want Jurassic “World” as the title. I think that the title Jurassic World should be JP4’s title and only that.

    1. Exactly. But everyone is trying to turn Jurassic World into a spin off film even though it was very clearly JP4 with a title that simply reflected the new park.

  7. Ugh…I just wish they would stop referring to Jurassic world as a spin off, rather than a sequel. Why not allow the next film to simply be the fifth entry rather than the “second” entry (despite being the fifth film)

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