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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Action Packed Fallen Kingdom Trailer Coming This Wednesday!

A third trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is arriving this coming Wednesday and will give us an even deeper and more action-packed look at the movie!

If you are looking to avoid spoilers for the movie then now is the time to look away, as the trailer tease posted by the official Jurassic World social media accounts gives us a look at the third act of the movie and shows off a big climatic scene. Check it out below:

Did you catch it? Jurassic World’s Mosasaurus has escaped the confines of it’s enclosure on Isla Nublar and has reached the mainland… This tease alone also gives us an extended look at the IndoRaptor scene that takes place at Lockwood Manor and shows us a new angle of the dinosaur hybrid itself:

Will you be watching the third – and potentially final trailer this coming Wednesday? We will be, and as is tradition will upload a bunch of HD screenshots for your viewing pleasure!


107 thoughts on “Action Packed Fallen Kingdom Trailer Coming This Wednesday!

  1. I want to watch the final trailer next Wednesday, but I feel that I can’t. I want to go into the cinema with virtually no idea what to expect, I want to avoid potential spoilers.

    1. Over the years I often had the same idea but as it turns out as soon as you enter the cinema you don’t remember the short clips that form a trailer, often these trailers contain scenes that were filmed for trailers specifically and are not in the final movie anyway (like in the trailer for JW).

  2. Wow this looks great! I love the violent tearing of metal the Tyrannosaurus Rex does and I can’t wait for the scene with the mosasaurus in the ocean with the surfers!!! Looks so scary! Personally I have a fear for deep oceans and big animals in it, like whales. So this creeps me out so much!

  3. I loved the new teaser but I’m not too sure if I’ll watch the full trailer. It was cool to see that shot of the Mosasaurus but I really feel like that’s one of those things they shouldn’t have shown us.

  4. The indoraptor is looking very much like a raptor rather than a indominus rex as the second trailer showed.
    Very ‘jaws’ like the mosasaurus in the sea after the surfers. Have to do that scene right or it will be very cheesy.

  5. Fark me. Just show us the entire movie now and get it over with. And it looks like I was right, the Indoraptor is falling through that skylight and landing right on the horns of the Triceratops skull… God I hope I’m wrong. If I’m not, then there’s going to be no surprises as everything will be predictable.

    1. I was dead right when predicting how the Indominus would escape in JW, and thanks to the trailers, Masrani’s death came as no surprise either. Time will tell if I am correct again.

      1. If you are correct again than you have no reason at all to follow the production of Jurassic World 3 and watch Jurassic World 3 and you have ALL the reason in the world to leave this community and deliver us from your constant whining about everything!

        Trailers show pieces of movies. If you don’t want to have the movies spoiled these days, just don’t watch the trailers. And if you do watch them, stop whining about it, for f*** sake. You know how trailers are these days.

        1. You lot may be fine with the way things are these days, you’re probably young and don’t know any better, but once upon a time, trailers weren’t spoiler-filled mini-movies. They simply announced a new film. Showed just enough to get people interested. This modern instant gratification needs to be criticized.

          1. Hey Ben,

            in studies it’s shown that showing spoilers or things that are supposed to surprise the viewers in the final movie actually lead to better sales and more coverage.

            There is a reason why companies stopped doing cryptic teasers and trailers and now jam-pack them with so many spoilers and stuff. Because it works. Unfortunately for those who want to go to the movies rather blind, but there is always the possibility to simply refuse to watch a trailer.

            When people see these kinds of spoilers, it’s not about the scene itself they get spoilered, it’s about the “how did it happen”. It’s shown in studies of books and other media that even the endings that people get spoiled, actually lead to more people trying out the story as they want to know how it happened, rather unknowingly get surprised.

          2. Hey Muffin. That may be true but it says a whole lot about society and it’s ways if you ask me. I don’t think the whole ‘instant gratification’ ideology is particularly healthy.

        2. A fan who isn’t simply a mindless sheep will be passionate enough to criticize and hope for a better future for the thing they love.

          1. A better future that is just as the past isn’t a future, it’s a replay of the past. And that is not happening anymore with the film industries these days. Accept it!

            And I’m really curious about YOUR age…. You have no idea how young or old I am. It may surprise you that maybe I’m even older than you and also experienced those ‘devine’ trailers you talk about in the past. But we don’t live in the past anymore. Just accept that things change over time. And if you don’t like some of those changes, quit complain about it in EVERY SINGLE post on this site because man, you’re getting SO annoying and not wanted by anyone on here!

      1. Apparently criticism isn’t acceptable? As fans we deserve better. We haven’t gotten a good film in this franchise since 1997. The advertising campaign for Fallen Kingdom is terrible. It leads me to believe we’re going to get another terrible movie.

        1. You’re right. Criticism is apparently not allowed. There’s a difference between fans and fanboys. I think there’s quite a few fanboys here all too willing to jump on anyone who offers constructive criticism.

      2. Wake up to yourself champ. Do you honestly think from these spoiler-filled trailers that the finale is going to go down any other way? And if it does go down how I predict, do you really think it’s okay that trailers allow us to do so? Go watch the original film’s trailer again and don’t pretend you’re ‘in’ on my apparent infamy here.

    2. Seems that you are.

      I guess we are both justified here. (Myself personally by being a curmudgeon when it comes to modern movie trailers.)

      What happened to the days of yore when trailers didn’t show jack dirt?

      1. This is my issue. The others don’t get it, they’ve accepted the way things are. These trailers have been nothing but spoiler-filled. It is not that the film may be bad, it is that by the time it is out, nothing will be surprising.

        1. Than just STOP WATCHING THE TRAILERS AND TEASERS!!!! Learn from your mistakes and stop complaining! Or just accept the change.

          Man I wish this site could come up with some sort of system to get annoying sour trolls like you banned.

          The film will have plenty of cool shots and surprises left when it’s out. True fans of this franchise don’t mind some little moments spoiled in trailers (if they choose to watch them on their own risk) because they can watch those moments 10000000000 times and still enjoy it.

          1. Being liked or not is irrelevant. I’m not seeking a fan club…
            And I won’t get banned because my opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s and I don’t actually attack any individual here or make things personal… Can the same be said for you lot?

            If you hate me, ignore me.

        2. Well, you gotta show SOMETHING, and these days you can’t market a movie about rampaging dinosaurs and then not show footage of rampaging dinosaurs in the ad.

          Sure, you could argue that movies these days should stick to one trailer and be done with it. But beyond that I really am not sure what you guys expect them to do.

          Also, just a thought: do the trailers still count as ‘spoiling’ when the only reason someone is starting to make connections is because they’ve watched the trailers repeatedly and dissected them to death with a bunch of internet strangers? And in that case is it really the trailer’s fault?

    3. I should point out that I’m not trying to troll you. I just genuinely don’t like you or your constant whining on this site. You contribute nothing but noise. And frankly even if your guesses are correct don’t post them and spoil things for others? I know you just want attention and you would still come here no matter how much you dislike these new movies, so perhaps trying to persuade you to just leave is pointless.

      But deep down I think you know everything you vent on here is pointless and irritating to others. I think deep down you know most people here don’t like you. I think deep down you know that wasting your time on something you no longer enjoy marks you fairly low on the IQ scale, and in the least, makes you look pretty pathetic. Find a new hobby, Ben. Cus this is getting sad.

      1. It’s been sad for a while.
        There’s no point in telling him off, he’s just a troll, whether unwittingly or not. He loves to look down on anyone who enjoys the new films, and assume that he’s “older” or “wiser” than them just because he has those opinions. I’ve also seen him say that people who like the Jurassic World films don’t “actually like them” and “deep down they know that they’re terrible”. He’s just a toxic presence on this site, the vast majority dislikes him, and I really wish they would ban him, as he contributes nothing but animosity and confrontation to this site.

  6. Exciting, definitely! The colour grading is gorgeous!
    However, I think the framing in some of the CG shots like those with Rexy, could have been less tight. Heads are getting cropped out a lot in 2.39:1. This is why having an IMAX-friendly framing would have helped, in my opinion.

  7. Well, the Mosasaur is dead. When a GW attacks and kills a swimmer, the coast guard hunt down and kill the biggest one they can find in response. This animal doesn’t have a chance.

      1. Once the Japs learn that it’s escaped they’ll head out on another ‘research’ expedition to see if ground Mosasaur teeth makes their penises hard…

        1. Heh..

          I have a better question regarding escaped Mosasaur. Was its lagoon in the middle of the Island to begin with? If yes, how did it end up in the open ocean?

  8. Ahhh now eventually you might have animatronics in your dinosaur movie right?

    I realize they were shown in the behind the scenes feature but the trailers seem to be lacking..

    1. Was thinking the same. The t-rex looks fully CGI in this scene despite being an animatronic in the pictures and behind the scenes. Hopefully the produces didn’t make them paint over the animatronic with CGI. That happened with The Thing prequel.

    2. They use animatronics for more static scenes probably. It would be quite difficult to use trex animatronic for the scene when Owen jump through rexy jaws (it wouldn’t be safe for actor either).

    1. While iteally loved the bombastic climax of the fourth film, there is something that feels unique to a Jurassic park film in it’s use of a rather creepy mansion as part of it’s setting. I had a nightmare before the fourth film came out that involved a mansion (for some odd reason) and it was very similar to the one in this new film, which for me makes this much more frightening in tone because it so closely resembles a nightmare I had. In very curious from the tone of this part of the movie.

  9. Teaser is definitely intense. The colour grading is gorgeous!
    However, the framing in many dinosaur shots seem too tight within the 2.39:1 frame. Half of Rexy’s head remains cropped out throughout that shot we saw. This is also true to a lesser extent, with the Indoraptor scenes.
    This movie will have a major world-wide release in 3D. There’s going to be many window violations in those scenes. This is why 2.39:1 is not that versatile when it comes to headroom. An IMAX-friendly ratio would have been better in my opinion.
    I’m excited about the movie anyway.

  10. This is where I’m gonna have to stop watching promo material, aside from interviews. I want to experience the thrill of seeing a new JP movie at the theater.

    Also, maybe this is a mistake, but the article tells readers to look away to avoid 3rd Act spoilers AFTER a screenshot of the 3rd Act above it.

  11. Something about the trex scene feels so off, the cgi quality is good as lighting goes but the animation seems too fast and unnatural. Also the perspective in the shot of Owen behind the trex’s mouth looks so weird like the trex is really small or juct copy pasted into the shot without taking into account the scale of the dinosaur.

    I dont want to knit pick but in some scenes the cgi looks really cheap.

    1. Yes, sure random guy from internet knows better how it should look, than people who are making visual effects almost every day … 😛
      The movement are very natural, for an animal in a not very big cage.

    2. it´s probably because everything looks green in that scene, and in the real world there are more colors. color grading to the top. looks like an IG filter

        1. In other words: you don’t enjoy a single movie these days because of the green filter that is in every movie (in your opinion). Your life must be so terrible… Sounds like you can’t enjoy anything.

          1. They overuse filters in the movies, that’s a fact. In that particular scene with Owen jumping through Trex jaw the filter is so strong it makes dinosaur looking out of place. Ben’s comment is valid.

  12. I love this little trailer,can’t wait for the full trailer.

    By the way, who else thinks that bryce looks smoking hot in this movie? Haha

    1. She did in JW as well. I just hope that they don’t portray her as a militant vegan, given all the animal activist twist they put into the new film. Lol

  13. Holy carp that Mosasaur scene absolutely drove me insane. That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my life.

  14. Okay but really though…. why is the MAIN thumbnail for the article a shot we’ve never seen before?! Some people want to visit this site for news updates and don’t want to be spoiled by new footage, can we at LEAST leave the new content for AFTER you’ve clicked on the article?… this is a page for fans, by fans, so please… respect fellow fans that don’t want to be spoiled! Thank you!

    1. I just lack the self discipline. I mean I have discipline in other areas being in the military, but when it comes to Jurassic park trailers my discipline goes out the window. I just can’t help myself. I even know how the opening scene of the movie is because I read way too far into stuff. Hopefully there will still be some surprises. Of course seeing it all in sequence will still be a ton of fun.

  15. -The shot of the Mosasaur is terrifying. It goes beyond what we normally see when various dinos are chomping down on feckless humans. The surfer is someone who is unaware that they’re being hunted and about to endure a horrifying death, in a place that’s supposed to be fun and safe(for the most part). Great shot, and great framing.

    -The scene of Owen and Rexy looks good, but I still can’t help but feel that Rexy just looks wrong. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t get the sense that this is the same Rex from JP.

    -Indoraptor CGI looks awful. I hate critiquing everything, but that scene would’ve been a perfect setup to use an animatronic. It’s at night, and it’s raining, just like the breakout scene in JP. I find it hard to believe that animatronics haven’t advanced enough in 25 years that they couldn’t pull off a believable dinosaur.

      1. The CGI actually looks great! I don’t even know what people like you expect (CGI-wise) from movies these days….. How much more real do you want the indoraptor to look? It already looks real and great.

        1. ‘I don’t even know what people like you expect (CGI-wise) from movies these days’

          I expect CGI that doesn’t immediately scream ‘THIS IS CGI’ the second you see it on the screen. Thought that was pretty obvious.

    1. They are trying to hard to feature the animal using unnatural lighting. I feel that is s big contribution to why the CGI looks poor. Indodoraptor is black and in reality it’s features would be a lot more obscured, like the T-Rex in the original. I feel the creature would be much scarier if they didn’t feel we needed to still be able to see all the details in the dark and rain.

    1. I thought this would be the last scene of Fallen Kingdom, serving as our teaser for the final film. What a great concept, proving Malcom was right. They cannot be contained. Dinosaurs slowly start taking over our world… beyond terrifying.

      1. If you really do know what the opening scene, you’re inadvertently giving a sort of spoiler by said “but…. you aren’t wrong” at the end of your comment. Please, keep the spoilers out of it, it’s not cool.

  16. Did they digitally paint over Rexy when they PROMISED more practical effects!? It’s The Thing 2011 all over again!!

    1. Dude I thought the exact same thing!!! I sure hope not but it does look that way. But they may have cut back and forth from animatronic to CGI. We may see more of the animatronic in the film. They did do exactly that with the thing 2011, it was originally all practical effects until the producers decided to literally paint over every practical effect with CGI. Worst decision…

  17. Meh. i was looking forward to this. been a JP fan since i was 10. but this new direction is too “michael bay” for me. just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and the CGI of Indo reminds me too much of Godzilla with Matthew Broderick. don’t get me wrong, i’ll still see it, but it feels like a cheap made-for-TV Jurassic knock-off.

    maybe the movie will deliver, but the trailers are too action focused, and it just doesn’t seem right.

      1. the whole movie looks to be one big action set-piece. what happened to the quiet moments offered in JP & TLW?. this movie also seems to be way too aware of itself – with too many winks to the previous movies.

        so many explosions……..i’ll wait for the trailer tmr, but right now, this seems to be way too big and action oriented.

        also, my guess with the mososaur shot – it’s gonna be the last shot of the picture, and then it goes to black before it eats the surfer (with that daunting music that JA shared before)

  18. I dunno, this makes me nervous. I’m excited, but already scenes like the Mosasaurus with the surfers and the Indoraptor on the skylight seem to be pushing into “revealing too much” territory. I’ll probably just check the comments before I view the trailer to gauge if I should watch it or not.

  19. I was more hyped with the second trailer than now with these two new shoots.. not because they are not good, but because they are so good that I which I saw them in the cinema for the first time.
    Now I am kind of angry and disappointed because I feel like even if I avoid watching this trailer on wednesday ,I will start seeing images from it everywhere anyways

  20. Awesome tease! Though I feel the eyes of the rex are a bit off at one point, but I can’t really complain about the intensity of that scene. Although they did the same mistake of revealing the big bad, but it is valid that the idea of watching trailers spoils us anyway. But i’m still looking forward to June and this trailer’s going to look intense when I see it with Infinity War in IMAX!

  21. Omg I really wish I didn’t click on this and see the screen shots. This looks soooo good but I really feel like I know what’s gonna happen throughout the movie. This is gonna be a good movie. Love that mosa snene omg

  22. The mosasaur shot is incredible. Truly the best looking shot I’ve seen yet from the advertising campaign. The mosa wins the day w/ money shots from both films now. That said, everything else has looked terrible. I’m really done with hybrids. This Indoraptor thing looks silly and completely out of place. I really hope this thing isn’t in the movie much. Terrible design.

  23. So now they’re going to spoil the “secretive” third act as well? Why can’t movie studios keep themselves from revealing too much of the movie? Guess they’re just concerned with getting Jurassic World out there and cash in on the theme park options than actually delivering something the fans care for.

    Anyway, will hold my breath until the trailer is actually out. I prefer trailers that tease enough to get audiences excited while holding off plenty for people to enjoy on the big screen. Let’s see how this trailer turns out.

  24. Despite the vehement wishes of the immature and ADHD, a true ‘Jurassic World’ cannot realistically be. Ever. Humans are just too good at killing and there are so very few Dinosaurs…If there were unwanted Dinosaurs on the mainland, all one would have to do is put out a bounty of $100 per animal and they’d be extinct again in 48 hours.

  25. they really blew it with that ridiculously huge mosasaur. that’s more like an asylum flick rather than an meticulously planned hollywood blockbuster.
    the rest looks nice.

  26. In the description you warn of spoilers regarding a big climactic scene..but you’ve already posted a screenshot of it on the frontpage thumbnail.


  27. These films take too long to release and the marketing has already spoiled all the big twists. What is the point of spending money to go see it now? You can figure out the whole story from the trailers! Plus… this is not going to be a good film. The first Jurassic World was an easy sell – to finally experience a really functioning park. What is this movie offering that is genuinely going to hook you in… that the original sequel The Lost World didn’t ALREADY do?

  28. In the scene where the Indodoraptor is on the roof with it’s head turned back toward the camera it appears to be communicating. Maybe Blue comes back to save the day again?

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