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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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All New Official Jurassic World Short-film ‘Battle at Big Rock’ Now Available to Watch!

It’s finally here – Jurassic World now has an expanded universe. ‘Battle at Big Rock’, and all new Jurassic World short film set one year after the events of Fallen Kingdom, just made its debut on FX. Set in the Californian wilderness, a family of four encounter more than they bargained for as dinosaurs turn their fun into a situation of survival.

‘Battle at Big Rock’ features the never before seen Nasutoceratops (and baby), and introduces the adult Allosaurus (with an animatronic from Legacy Effects), which was previously seen in Fallen Kingdom as a juvenile. ‘Big Rock’ was written by Emily Carmichael and directed by Colin Trevorrow, with Larry Fong as the cinematographer. The short follows an all new cast consisting of André Holland (Moonlight), Natalie Martinez (Under the Dome), Melody Hurd (Fatherhood) and Pierson Salvador. Music is by Jurassic newcomer Amie Doherty.

Watch the short film below!

Warning – detailed spoilers for Battle at Big Rock below:

Battle at Big Rock opens with an ominous newscast reporting on numerous dinosaur sightings in the Californian countryside, before opening on a family camping in a public campground. Shortly after being introduced to our characters, some Nasutoceratops wonder into the campsite inflicting fear and distaste, sparking remarks along the lines of “Oh no, it’s one of them” “What is itdoing all the way up here?”. We realize dinosaurs sightings are a thing people know about, are not happy about, but do not fully expect. We also learn there was a recent incident that turned ugly, though it apparently involved carnivores unlike the herbivores in the campsite, as the families daughter confidently states.

But then, not all is as it seems, and a hungry Allosaurus hunting the Nasutoceratops family reveals itself. Carnage ensues. At some point in the fight, a second Nasutoceratops charges in – the father, a buck – sexual dimorphism is apparent in the species, as not only is he larger, with longer horns, but his colors appear slightly different. While Jurassic World features male and female dinosaurs, this the first time since Jurassic Park 3 that sexual dimorphism has been made apparent on screen.

When the short film makes its end, the family shaken but alive, and eerie Jurassic music kicks in. The credits paint a serious picture – dinosaurs are part of our world, and home footage of various dinosaur encounters plays, such as a scenario where Compy’s are attacking a little girl. This is perhaps the clearest look at what Jurassic World 3 will be yet. We’re now living in a new era of wonder and thrills, where dinosaurs and humankind must learn to coexist…

Stay tuned for HD pictures from Battle at Big Rock!

Want more now? The new ‘Battle at Big Rock’ dinosaurs have toys from Mattel available now!

You can order the Dual Attack Allosaurus and Dual Attack Nasutoceratops from Amazon now!

Now that ‘Big Rock’ is here, what are your thoughts on the short film, the dinosaur designs, and what it means for Jurassic Park going forward? Sound off in the comments below and of course, keep your eyes on Jurassic Outpost for all the latest news!


98 thoughts on “All New Official Jurassic World Short-film ‘Battle at Big Rock’ Now Available to Watch!

  1. This was an amazing short. Nothing short of the Jurassic series in its purest form. The credits especially help hit home how humans and dinosaurs (and pterosaurs and Mosa) are being forced to coexist.

    1. I agree it is amazingly awesome! Even if was really short! Man they sure know how to make Jurassic movies even the shortest one like this one we all watched!

  2. The super hero kid with the magic crossbow that can fire two bolts is WORSE than Kelly killing a Raptor in TLW. How’d you manage to make something worse than that!?

    The YouTube videos ripped off and photoshopped with Dinosaurs. I’ve literally seen the car crash one before they super-imposed a Stegosaurus into it lol.

    They’re just not making these things for people like me anymore. I am not the target audience. That is clear as day. Gone is my hope for realism.

    Trevorrow has done to Jurassic Park what Disney did to Star Wars.

    Who’s standards are so low that this keeps happening to beloved franchises?

      1. So there’s this Ben, and then the Ben you’re replying to, and then the all-caps “True JP fan” BEN down below…

        How many Bens do we have around here anyway?!

        1. I’ve been saying this for a long time now, Bens are an invasive species. I tried to tell you but no one listened. Now we have to learn to coexist.

    1. “Trevorrow has done to Jurassic Park what Disney did to Star Wars.”

      No. As someone who recognizes that there has been a definite drop in quality since the first movie (despite me being one of the few “brain-dead, popcorn action-loving sheep” who actually dared to liked JW and JW:FK), I can safely say that JP/JW is nowhere near the levels of decimation that Star Wars has reached.

    2. So a child doing a full gymnastics routine on a bunch of thin pipes (that just so happened to be in a convenient position to do said routine, able to hold the weight of said child and withstand the stresses of someone doing gymnastics) to kick out a Velociraptor. Even though she could have easily done the same thing if she just did a basic swing, is realistic.

      Yet a child picking up and using a repeating crossbow (a weapon that has existed since the 4th Century BC, and can be easily held and fired by anyone!) against a large Allosaurus that’s distracted by her two parents, is impossible.

      God, you really do talk some absolute rubbish Ben!

    3. no shaming star wars on a jp site. that’s just cheap. also i would appreciate it if someone would direct me to the star wars equivalent of this site

    4. 100% correct. It would be nice to be entertained without having to be proselytized with politically correct sensitivity training.

      And come on now…

      Super-girl-baby fires two rapid shots from a crossbow….a crossbow with probably a 150lb draw weight? There is no literal way super-girl-baby would have the physical strength to perform that action.

      1. We are arguing about the weight of a crossbow now? And there’s dinosaurs running around but the weight of the crossbow is unbelievable? Ooooof…. I wish this was rock bottom (battle at big rock bottom lol) but I’m yet to read the comments below. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. Brilliant! but the kid with the crossbow just reminded me of Kelly and the Raptors from The Lost World Jurassic Park and that is never a good thing, that aside Colin did wonders here and I freaking can’t wait for Jurassic World 3.

  4. The shortfilm was everything we could ask for! A world wherr no one is safe not even babies (just like in the book!) We can feel the realism of the situation, the cast was great also the music.i get that this is happening by night but at the same time the darkness didn’t help to appreciate the colors of the dinos. I’ve always been grateful to Colin Trevorrow, without him we wouldn’t have this! He’s the man. Thank You

  5. This short film is a total BETRAYAL of everything Jurassic Park was, is, and could have been. I am sick seeing this buffonish nonsense.

    True JP fans know this.

          1. @Dan I think he’s referring to the idea of dinosaurs running loose on the mainland, which was basically how the first book ended.

  6. I feel bad for being so critical, but I hate this. Sick of the “ramming head in a small space trying to reach the humans” shot, so boring and predictable. Also the allo design looks horrible… like it was made by a super dumb kid who just wants more teeth, claws, spikes and horns… I’m really bummed to see this Legacy take on JW dinos looking so awfull.

    The only good thing about this short film are the end credits… the rest was just, well, one big pile of s***.

    I’m not tryng to piss anyone with this comment, just need to express hoy dissapointed I am in this new take on the franchise… BABR feels like the last nail on this franchise’s coffin. From a cinema’s masterpiece with JP to just another summer blockbuster movie, with no real questions, impact, and lots of cheap philosphy. Again I’m sorry if anyone find this comment harsh, but since JW came out there’s nothing but frustration =(

    1. I find myself hating everything since JW upon my first watch. I nearly cried at how disappointed I was with JW after SO much hype… But after some head-cannoning work and a second watch, it’s not as bad as it seems the first time round. Some concepts and parts are really great. Especially the background explanations in FK, like those little snippets of detail and answered questions the audience has had in the past. But yeah, compared to JP, these are mindless action flicks.

    2. Oh another blind critic who can never be pleased. Allosaurus model in BABR is actually pretty accurate. If you don’t believe me just compare it to the real Allosaurus skeleton.

      PS. I guess if Allosaurus in the film don’t have spike. You will say the design is boring isn’t it lol

    3. Fallen Kingdom was the best film in the franchise since the original. Thank God you AREN’T the final say or voice for us JP fans. How about you take your money and nasty attitude and go away? Your money won’t be missed and neither will you.

      1. @Jason Calling it the best since the first is a bit of a stretch, I think, but there were still a lot of elements about it I enjoyed.

        1. @Dan If nothing else, it at least made an attempt to veer away from the “people-get-chased-by-dinosaurs-on-an-island” formula the last four had, and genuinely tried to move the story forward. Now, I will admit that I have come to see the glaring flaws since I saw it but I can’t find myself to outright hate it.

          If anything, I’d say JP3 is worse. All it really did was bring back Dr. Grant and give us a couple new dinosaurs and a new (and admittedly my favorite) variant of Raptor. But did anything change? Did the overall story advance in any way? Nope. JP3 almost feel like a parody of what people think JP is/was/whatever; people getting chased by dinosaurs on an island. And that’s all it is. There is literally no reason whatsoever for JP3 to exist.

          1. Speaking of parody, that’s exactly how Fallen Kingdom feels, moves the story forward but only because it ignores all laws of physics and relies on ridiculous, outlandish plotconvinience and the total idiocy of all the characters. The story was so silly and forced and on top of that awful annoying side characters, cartoonish villains and forced unnecessary comedy killing moments of potential suspense. UGH…
            You know the dinos in this short film are only a threat because the stupid clone girl in FK released them in one of the cheesiest scenes. Also how come the US government doesn’t order the dinos to be exterminated??

  7. I’m not a huge fan of the JW take on this series HOWEVER I think this is a great little short film. What’s not to love? People think the crossbow was dumb… well you write a better short film and get it made. Everyone’s a critic. I’m excited about the final film in this franchise. It is what it is. If you don’t like it… go watch the original (which is a masterpiece).

  8. I really liked it but there were some bad aspects to it. The Allosaurus trying to get into the camper was a bit weird and the girl shooting the Allo was just outright stupid.
    I did really like the creditscenes and got the feeling these dinosaurs were acting way more like animals instead of the hero/villain crap we got in Fallen Kingdom.
    I’m still skeptical about JW3 but I do have a tiny bit more confidence in it

  9. I know this is just a sci fi fantasy movie. But what has the Allosaurus been living off all this time? Those carnivores need huge amounts of protein daily. Even if these big carnivores remained on the island, they would have eaten up all the herbivores in weeks.

    Also… where do the Nasutoceroptses come from??? They were NOT part of the group of animals held at the auction.

    Lastly… what on earth are the chances of that little girl knowing the names of these two more obscure species of dinosaurs???

    Other than that…. LOVED IT!!!!! 🙂

    1. They did say that just because the camera wasn’t pointing at certain dinosaurs in FK doesn’t mean they weren’t there.

      And maybe the reason the Allosaur attacked something as testy and dangerous as a ceratopsian is specifically BECAUSE it’s been having trouble finding something to sustain it.

  10. Brings a tear to my eye with how much my young son loves Jurassic World (and Park!) , but I think I might finally be getting too old for it. I don’t feel the magic I did with the first and Second films. All I see are weaknesses.

    1. @Ben Then why are you still here? If it bothers you so much, then why haven’t you moved on to something else instead of wasting valuable time complaining about it.

        1. @Ben Something I’ve noticed about people who talk about how pointless we are…they don’t seem to be too terribly keen on leaving themselves.

  11. LOVED this! not just some new material but loved how the music played part, opened with original score parts and in the credits had Lost World Score, loved that carnivores are scary again rather than best friends etc had family, horror, action alot in 8 minutes of footage. Loved seeing how the credits brought the dinosaurs into daily life like wildlife, still hoping for a Dilophosaurus return haha but loved this!

  12. no suspense. corny. the family theme is tiring. if this is what we can expect of JW3 I’m out. the lost world looks are cool though, and the credits too.

  13. This wasn’t anything special, but I thought it was alright. Trevorrow was absolutely right about the Nasutoceratops…truly a beauty to behold. And hey, the Allosaurus has non-pronated hands! So that’s a nice little win there.

    Everyone keeps talking about how that little kid fired off a crossbow, but I’m more bewildered that she knew what a Nasutoceratops was. I mean even I didn’t know what that was until a few years back.

  14. Thought the short was great
    It was intense and it felt natural
    Pretty well made for a short film
    My only problem was a bit of narration over the short battle btw the allosaurus and the nasutoceratops
    I personally didn’t mind the crossbow bit and thought that it was set up pretty well and I liked it
    For me this short felt like classic jurassic park (original trilogy) and it was something that was missing in the first 2 JW films
    If colin can channel this particular feeling into JW3 we might get a pretty good film
    Still sceptical about it
    But this short does help

  15. Why are so many fans of JP, as well as Star Wars, so ungrateful and full of themselves? It’s disgusting. Anyways, I loved the short. 🙂

    1. They want to escape into a world and not be ripped from it with immersion breaking lore errors and nonsense. It’d be like a drug addict having some guy following them around while they’re high and reminding them about their problems. Just let them forget, man. Sheesh!

  16. For a short film that was pretty great, and good production values.

    I already made amends with the fact that every JP/JW movie will have kids in it, so…

    Looking forward to JW3.

  17. “The Ranger said to stay calm and wait till it moves, you heard what happened up North”
    Is this supposed to mean the Lockwood Manor? Cause that was Northern California and this isn’t supposed to be far from it, if it’s not the Manor, how far up north? Like Canada? Not many dinosaurs can survive in cold temperatures, and not many can cross a border unseen. **What dinosaur could be there that caused such a mess?**
    Great look on the dinosaurs, you can see an apparent change in the Allosaurus from how it was back in 2018, the Nasutoceratops has a great look and I love the apparent separation in gender. I love the old fashioned JP feeling, felt a bit more like JP3 rather than TLW, looking forward to how this related to JP6. Can’t wait to see what new (or old) dinosaurs are in the next movie, personally I wouldn’t mind a bit more insight on the more….. **venomous dinosaurs ;)**

  18. Assorted Musings…
    I loved the music, especially since it utilized the JP and TLW scores. Dark & ominous, as it should be.

    The acting was really good. The only part that felt superfluous was the “new” family exposition. We get it. We know they’re a family. We don’t need their backstory.

    The dark tone was exactly the shot in the arm JW needed. The intensity and tension was great. Of course we knew these characters weren’t going to die (mayyyybe the dad), but I feel like they didn’t have the metric ton of plot armor that Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have, so I was genuinely concerned for their safety.

    The dinosaurs looked great! It was nice to see some different animals and NOT have them given human(ish) emotions like “Blue and Rexy: A Prehistoric Buddy-Cop Adventure”. This made me AFRAID of these animals for once! Bravo.

    The kid with the crossbow didn’t bother me. There was enough foreshadowing for that to pan out properly (in my opinion). Certainly more believable than Gymnastigirl.

    The end credits really diminished the ominous and foreboding tone of the whole film for me, though. Some of them were cool (like the fishing one, for example), while others felt more like bloopers at the end of a movie (the compys, the wedding). I understand the reason why they went with actual real-life videos (such as the car crash I’ve seen a dozen times), but if they had made their own scenes that showed off the danger of the creatures more, that would have lent itself better to the dark tone of the movie overall. Also, can we all just admit that the mosasaurus is a one-hit wonder? All it ever does is jump, bite something and go back into the water. Do something NEW with it, or just get rid of it already. Make a plesiosaur scene or something.

    This all felt very Jurassic Park/Lost World-esque, which I loved. But, so did the opening scene of FK. We’ve got to remember that this is just a “scene”, and the JW team has been pretty good at crafting “scenes”. Stories, not so much. So, I’m trying not to get my hopes up here. If this is indicative of the tone and tension/terror of JW3, I’m in. There is SO much potential with a “dinosaurs on the mainland” concept. But, if they don’t tighten up their storytelling, well… I’ve had enough stupid moments, I’ve had enough contrived plot points, I’ve had enough paper-thin characters, I’ve had enough action movie stuff. Give me Jurassic Park. These are man-eating creatures on the loose, not the flipping Avengers. I shouldn’t be pumping my fist in the air at how “awesome” a moment is; I should be on the edge of my seat with suspense.

    1. I whole heartedly think Claire and/or Owen should die in Jurassic World 3! In fact, if I had a say, I would have had a raptor kill off Owen in the first JW movie to show that man is NOT in charge of nature!

  19. Honestly, I don’t know why some of you are so knit-picky. These films are never going to be Jurassic Park quality to us. JP was a masterpiece that can’t be topped. Not even Spielberg could do it with TLW (and I loved it when it came out), so how could others? First and foremost, people who are complaining, like me, were children when JP came out. I was 12. I watched the film with Portuguese subtitles and could make nearly nothing of the plot – because I couldn’t read that fast and pay attention to the screen at the same time back then – but I was baffled by the fear, the action, and the dinos. The marvel of what I was seeing, rather then the accuracies or inaccuracies of the plot, was what made me go back to the movies 4 times and re-watch the film over 50 times when the video stores released it later (yes, I kept count of how many times I watched it on a notebook). And do you know why? Because I was a 12-year-old child then and children marvel at the world. When they see something new, they marvel. When something has an impact on them, they marvel. That’s why I still loved TLW when I was 16 but hated JPIII with all my strength, because I was 20. The story was shit, the “talking” raptors were shit, the phone-ringing-in-the-stomach was shit.

    But, with maturity, I came to terms with even JPIII. I realized nothing is going to marvel me anymore as JP did because I can’t be turned 12 again, no matter what anyone does. And, with that in mind, I loved JW and appreciated FK (not so much as loved): because they made me remember what I felt when I was 12 – mind you: they did not make me feel the same thing. They just reminded me of what I felt. And of course that would be impossible: I was 34 when JW came out and 37 when FK came out. I’m nearly 39 today, as I watch BABR and, hopefully, I’ll be 40 when I watch the third JW installment, and obviously I won’t be able to feel the same because, if I do, I might worry about anything being wrong with my mental development. Of course that now I pay attention to plot, to slip-ups in the story, to weak screenplays and, YEAH, no matter what I do, I know those dinos aren’t real. I can’t suspend disbelief anymore, as I so easily could when I was 12. That explains why some friends here say their children are crazy about these films but they aren’t anymore. That’s easy to understand. And that alone should prove to us that Colin IS making a nice job. If he couldn’t mesmerize children, then he would just be pissing all over JP.

    I have loved horror films since I was a child, because they made me fear going to bed at night and finding something in the darkness, behind the door, under my bed, and – go figure – I LOVED that feeling. I have become an adult who goes to every horror movie premiere, but not one of them has made me feel the same. And it’s natural, because I have become an adult. Every time I get out of a session I crave for that feeling again but it’s never there. I get home, go to bed, close my eyes and sleep. But, as I am a teacher, I talk to my students and I get their feedback on these same movies I watch and, guess what, they are terrified. Of course they are! They haven’t seen as much of life as I have.

    So, obviously, I am never going to watch another Jurassic Park/World movie with the same eyes I did when I was 12 and that’s OK. I’m going to find the flaws, I’m going to be critical, I’m going to be disappointed. (God, not even when I rewatch JP do I feel the same things). But I’m deeply grateful for Universal, Spielberg and Colin for keeping the torch lit. I will always love to hear snippets of that memorable soundtrack on the new films; I will always love seeing Rexy and recognizing her scars from 1993; I will always love finding out the title of the new installment and feeling the butterflies in my stomach to see the posters, the trailers, the merchandise, even if I know I will get out of the movies disappointed because I am not 12 anymore and I will never be.

    1. This, sir, is probably the most rational, mature, and level-headed response I have seen out of any Jurassic Outpost comments section.

      Well done. 🙂

  20. Sorry for the mistakes I made in my comment: “then” instead of “than” and “making a nice job” instead of “doing a nice job”. My fingers couldn’t keep up with the pace of my heart as I was typing.

  21. this is truejpfan, just thought this name was funny. i really liked it, tho the battle commentary and crossbow was pretty cringy. liked the music, except for the end when the end of the piano jurassic park theme sounded like a shed door opening. that was a poor decision. new allo design is great, wish it was in JWE so we could see it in daylight

  22. I mean, no one wants to see a baby die… But. Well, there’s no tension if you KNOW they’re gonna be okay, right? You just watch it to see HOW they end up okay. Why should a baby Dinosaur get attacked and nearly killed, but a baby Human can’t? Considering they literally said “it’s just nature”. Why is a Human baby set apart from this so-called “nature”? Have some balls! Shock us!

  23. The more I watch it, the more I actually really like it and the direction they’re going in. I just want TWO things. An on-film explanation for Sorna and an explanation as to why the government hasn’t killed that Allosaurus (and everything else).

      1. @Ryan See, that’s something I want to see in JW3. Have the “antagonists” not be outright evil, just on the opposing side of the argument. Make them sympathetic, understandable, likable even. Something like Roland Tembo. I mean, he wanted to kill the Tyrannosaur Buck in TLW, but we can all agree that he was the best character in the whole movie.

        1. It has to happen. In the real world, if a Shark or a Bear kills a person, it is killed.
          It’s not hard to stalk and trap or kill a creature that large, they’d all be dead in a Month. And the Mosasaurus…
          The plain truth is, these creatures can ONLY exist either on an island or in a zoo. There’s no other option. They can enjoy their romp around the mainland, but it can’t last.

  24. Not bad for a low budget short film. Acting of the wife is not so strong. I liked best that the allosaur is pretty agressive in how it tries to get to the family!! The ending with the arrows is a little bit cheesy but my only thoughts at that point were, damn those 8 minutes are over fast!!

    Im curious for the third JW.

  25. This feels Michael Chrichton’s Jurassic instead of Spielberg’s Jurassic. I loved it. Also stop lingering in nostalgia land with the original JP, it can not be matched. JW is for the new generation, heck my 7 year old nephew doesn’t like the original JP but loves everything JW. We get old, lets get over it and enjoy what we get. There is a lot of love and labour poured into the Jurassic brand, we should be grateful instead.

  26. I like this short film, the only thing I found stupid is that the parents did not have the reflex to silence their child, who cries, by covering him directly the mouth rather than to reassure him by singing him a lullaby. For the next short films, I would like so much that it takes place between JP3 and JW, TLW and JP3, JW and JWFK, and even after, whose most stories will be based on deleted scenes: the mosasaur attacking and killing the whalers, the t-rex Buck from “The Lost World Jurassic Park” passing his head through the window of Benjamin’s bedroom and scary his family, what attacked the boat “Dino-Soar” in the mist at the beginning of Jurassic Park 3 (spinosaurus, …?), How Ben Hildebrand died, how Rexy/Roberta was rescued by helicopter from the eruption of the Isla Nublar volcano; what is causing the other scars located on the right side of Rexy/Roberta (since Jurassic World) view that she was not injured on that side at the end of Jurassic Park except for the neck and lower jaw, which means she got them after her fight against the 2 raptors in Jurassic Park and before the Jurassic World events.
    -I would like to see so much: Suchomimus, Deinonychus, Utahraptor, Teratophoneus, Tarbosaurus, Deinosuchus, Sarcosuchus, Ornithocheirus (perhaps 12 meters wingspan), Brachiosaurus in a similar scene to Jurassic Park 3 “Brachiosaurus on the Bank ” , perhaps also the T-rex fight and defeat the Spinosaurus of JP3, and after defeating it he roared victoriously as at the final scene of Jurassic Park. But especially no dying t-rex, and no t-rex killed by another carnivorous dinosaur. The return of the old characters from the Jurassic Park trilogy with the new Jurassic World characters:
    Allan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Tim and Alex Murphy, Ian Malcom, Kelly Malcom, Sarah Harding, Nick Van Owen, Billy Brennan, and Barry from Jurassic World; and these musics: Jurassic Park “Journey to the island” and “End Credits” , main theme “The Lost World Jurassic Park” , Jurassic Park 3 “Udesky, Nash and Cooper” and “Dinosaur Fly-By” .

    1. This would be a cool short–or even an opening scene for JW3–that would tie up some loose ends while also tying some movies together and even progressing the story (you’re welcome Mr Trevorrow) :

      It’s 1997.
      The S.S. Venture has just loaded the tranquilized T. Rex and is bound for San Diego.

      We see the Rex sleeping away in the hold and the camera takes us to a secluded part of the ship where we see the shadow, or maybe the toe-claw, of a couple of stowaway raptors.

      After the crew bumbles the dosage, almost killing the Rex and then awakening it, the raptors attack. All those little “how’d the Rex manage to kill those people, even in small spaces, without causing much damage, and then get back into the cargo hold?” questions immediately answered.

      Then we see the ship crash, and during the confusion the raptors escape. We know what happens to the Rex, but now we follow the raptors through the city and into the wild.

      Modern day.
      Blue is streaking across the western U.S. wilderness. Perhaps just finishing up a meal. Suddenly head jerks up, eyes wide, nostrils flared. She’s not alone. She takes off with intent, careful and cautious. She’s brought face to face with a ‘wild’ raptor. They stare, maybe bark. (Maybe fight?) But in the end, we discover a community of wild raptors.

      They’ve been among us the whole time.

  27. I liked the return to the idea of Dinosaurs being animals. Not monsters. That was the weak part of the hybrids. Not that they weren’t beautiful and awesome, but they clearly had a LOT more going on upstairs than we were told on screen. They were legit monsters. But here. The Allo, even though it is large, flees from the little girl’s “sting”. Which is realistic, considering a Bear will flee from less.

    1. Indeed. I liked the hybrids too (and the Indoraptor in particular), but it is nice to see them trying to portray dinosaurs as more than just movie monsters.

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