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Claire Dearing is Unrepentant in New Dinosaur Protection Group Updates

When Jurassic World released, the online discussion was mired with debate and controversy – sometimes forced, othertimes earned.

One of the talking points that stuck (other than high heels and Zara’s death) was Clarie Dearing’s (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) ownership of blame for the Jurassic World incident, which led to many civilian, staff, dinosaur, and private military deaths. As the parks Operations Manager, audiences questioned why the movie didn’t end with her being jailed – an argument that at the time I felt was weak, with no real gravitas.

The movie goes out of its way to show that InGen and Simon Masrani were running the show when it came to genetic research plus security controls, and that many less than savory characters were able to back channel their own projects due to Masrani’s eccentric aloofness. Claire’s responsibilities essentially fell into making their workings flow as an entertaining resort for guests and a profitable endeavor for their shareholders. Yes, she was part of the discussions that led to the Indominus Rex, and therefore owns some of the blame of the events that followed – however, she was second fiddle to many higher on the chain of command, and was not a Hammond like entrepreneur and owner.

So when people often called for to be jailed, I found myself going to bat for her character. It seemed most people arguing for her to be behind bars simply didn’t like her as a character, and were using this as an excuse to write her off. I don’t love Owen or Claire, as I felt both played out like comic book heroes, rather than real world people – but I don’t hate them, and feel that there is a story to be told from both players, with Claire offering more humanity than people gave credit.

So why is it that with every Dinosaur Protection Group update, I’m becoming less and less a fan of Claire’s?

In a new happy go lucky video from the DPG, Claire Dearing calls for your support in saving the dinosaurs. Much like the website of the advocacy group, it focuses on a friendly vibe, and pulls on the heartstrings of viewers of their nostalgic dinosaur encounters. While this is reflective of many forms of grassroots activism, it seems to sidestep many pertinent controversies and conflicts, burying them beneath a few layers of friendly gloss.

In the video above, Claire doesn’t remind viewers of the role she played in exploiting these animals herself – something I am readily able to forgive, should she take more ownership. In fact, the entire website paints the DPG as a naive organization, not ready to fully discuss the impact and implications resurrected prehistoric life has on the greater ecosystem. I suppose what really irks me, is that Claire and the DPG seem more interested in preserving the experience of the world being able to enjoy dinosaurs, rather than their value as a lifeform damned by mankinds actions.

The imminent eruption of Mount Sibo appears to be a convenient rallying call, but not the the core ethical dilemma driving the seemingly well meaning, but out of touch organization.

The inability to truly accept responsibility, nor deal with the greater implications and impact her past has had on animal rights was double downed upon with today’s update. In a faux newspaper article titled ‘OPINION: DINOSAUR RIGHTS – BIRTH OF AN ACTIVIST’, the foundation is set upon where the film will pick up. The debate on whether the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar have rights or if their corporate property rages on, and many are pointing fingers.

Perhaps most surprings is that Claire isn’t owning up to her role in the events that came before as way to earn authority over the talking points being presented, but rather shifts blame to Dr. Henry Wu only, painting him as a seedy villain for the press to focus upon. Perhaps Dr. Wu is a villain, or perhaps his role in the events of the past and future are more nuanced – while he certainly has a lot to answer for, Claire pushing that argument so strongly only acts to delegitmize any claim she attempts to showcase that she accepts any responsibility, and has grown as a person because of it.

As a viewer, I want to support the DPG. I want to feel that the organization is able to tackle the larger elements at play, and offer an actual intellectual argument for their cause. Animal rights are important, even within fiction, and the theme behind this film offers a nuanced ethical dilemma playing as the backdrop of the dino carnage that no doubt will play out. However, at this point, it seems the DPG are not prepared for the endeavor they’ve put themselves at forefront of – and perhaps that is an element within the film.

Will the DPG’s well meaning, but ill approached antics be exploited and lead to the death of more people, and the mistreatment of even more prehistoric fauna? It seems likely. I just hope Claire accepts more blame than the website currently implies, as her likability of a character, and believability of growth depends on it.

“Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions.” – Dr. Alan Grant

There is a line in the sand between clear actions of good and evil, but most real world events and individuals never come close to a definitive side, operating unknowingly in a blurred grey area. What makes Jurassic Park so special is its focus and embrace of that concept. As of now, it seems the DPG is attempting to paint Claire as purely good, and Dr. Wu as a malicious counterweight – something that doesn’t sit right with me as a fan of films, nor do I feel the onscreen evidence entirely supports this.

Perhaps I’m asking for more nuance – or perhaps we’re given a peek into the DPG’s bias and Claire’s personality, who still has room to learn and grow. All will be answered this June with the release of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.

Agree – disagree – debate and share your thoughts in the comments below, and as always stay tuned for the latest news!

Source: Dinosaur Protection Group


26 thoughts on “Claire Dearing is Unrepentant in New Dinosaur Protection Group Updates

  1. You lost me when you described Owen and Claire as comic book heroes. …….Uhm what is the issue? This is a scifi film. It’s always about larger than life elements people had to deal with. Just because they are not some sort of paleontologist or paleobotanist does not mean their actions or character is “unrealistic”. Hell, they are better qualified in handling the dinos than people who only digged up bones. Still can’t get over how lame a shot Alan is with that shotgun. XD

    1. To it simple in the original 3 Jurassic Park the characters felt like real people especially in first Jurassic park but in Jurassic world thay don’t feel or act real, example is Tim and Lex compared with Zach and Gray.
      Also hitting on Alan Grant like that is really….. wierd.

        1. At least Tim and lex where good characters, Zach And Gray are the most annoying characters in the franchise to me. Also what did Zach and Gray do ”importent” fix a 20 year old jeep?
          Just saying 😏
          But I do love Jurassic world, the story was amazing and I actually like Owen he was actually cool however some of the characters weren’t done very well but I think fallen kingdom might fix that.

      1. Tim and Lex were useless. Oooh, one of them knows how to basically use a computer. Tim not onced grabbed that shotgun and give it to the adults. OR try to use said shotgun himself. He just hop around with hands on his head.

        1. Whether or not you view Tim and Lex as useless is beside the point, which is that they were realistic depictions of how children and pre-teens actually are. If anything, the fact that Tim DIDN’T use the shotgun himself is a testament to that, because how many children his age would?

          “He just hop around with hands on his head.” Yes, as many kids his age would do.

  2. My feelings about Clair’s character are becicaly a “roller coaster”. In the first part of Jurassic World, she was sooo dislikeble, I mean she wasn’t respecting the “spirit” of Jurassic Park at all!!! She was seeing the dinosaurs as assets and source of money.At that point I was like ok now she really starting to get on my nerves. However, it was one point in the movie, I’m talking about the dying apatosaurs scene, in wich her character changed complitely. The evil behavor of the Indominus towards the other dinosaurs, made her see this magnificent creatures as REAL animals. Then she decided to follow a path for redemption. At first she decided to do her best for the elimination of the Indominus. But I feel that , that was not enough for her. She was still feeling guilty for the distruction of Jurassic World and her wrong behavor towards dinosaurs so for her ultimate redemption she decided to create the #DPG. I mean that she cares about the dinosaurs and now see knows their value as a lifeform. Otherwise I’m pretty sure that she and her team whould not put themselves in danger for saving the dinosaurs from M. SIBO if their whole mission was just to preserve the experience of the world being able to enjoy dinosaurs. I think it’s a mix of both….

    I love this type of character in many movie, books e.t.c. It’s soo good to see someone that has made many mistakes in the past and now he/she trying to find the redemption. Is also a good movie lesson. Being wrong in the past, doesn’t mean that there is no way for redemption. That’s why now Clair is one of my favorite JP/W characters…..

  3. Yeah, something tells me that the DPG is just gonna make things worse.

    In fact, is anyone else thinking that by the end of “Fallen Kingdom” every dinosaur except for Blue and maybe Rexie will be dead?

    1. I predict the only extinct species will be the Indoraptor, with the other species loose in the wild on the mainland.

  4. I’ll withhold judgement till the next movie. Although all DPG material goes through Trevorrow, the hired fans responsible for the viral site have had a few slip ups here and there when it comes to film canon (ie: dinosaurs like Proceratosaurus and Metriacanthosaurus definitely having 100% DNA in order for Nedry to steal them). And it’s no big deal if the viral site isn’t the greatest representation of the film canon. It’s just for fun, and it’ll be the films that matter in the end. Besides, the DPG article has a clearly biased journalist. Maybe Claire was repentant, but those quotes weren’t used.

  5. Interesting viewpoint. I guess this justifies chaos theory: there’s bound to be a flaw in the system even with the best of intentions.

  6. To be fair, you are reading the article through the Dinosaur Protection Group website. It’s supposed to be PR for their group, and they’re trying to make themselves and their cause look as noble as possible. If this was supposed to be an unbiased source, like an in-universe NPR article, I’d be much more inclined to agree with you. But how often do causes that show themselves teaching schoolchildren would also be willing to admit, on that same website, that they also had a part to play in a disaster that led to the deaths of dozens of people? They would want the public to forget that they were ever involved and would blame somebody else so the public wouldn’t have to feel troubled about agreeing with their cause. Of course, I agree that the moral choice would be to accept responsibility, but I think it feels much more realistic for the DPG, like real-world political websites, to act innocent and not bring it up. “Burying everything under friendly layers of gloss”, as you said, is exactly what political websites do, and as it’s supposed to be in-universe I think it makes it feel more real.

    Gonna transition to some character analysis for a bit. Assuming this was intentional, I like this approach. It’s an interesting take on Claire, a reminder that she’s still dedicated to getting public approval. She’s changed in that her priorities have shifted (from corporate greed to animal activism), but she’s achieving her goals in, at their core, the same way. She’s a better person than before in that she’s doing the right thing, but her methods are still questionable. She’s ultimately still dedicated towards getting the public’s approval by any means necessary, be that white lies or a white dinosaur. (BOOM. that terrible sentence is the only reason this entire paragraph exists)

    So yeah, I’m with you on them dancing around their involvement makes it a bit harder to side with them, but I think that’s a good thing. It makes Claire and the DPG more complex than just “the good guys”. They’re not perfect, even if they want to seem that way. They even might be acting a little slimy. But ultimately, they’re still working to do the right thing, and I think that’s enough for me to support them.

  7. My main issue is how Isla Sorna seems to have been written out as a quick solution because it isn’t very exciting.

    Claire is a cool character, it’s nice to see that she didn’t handle her time at Jurassic World the best regarding her treating the animals as assets, and now she’s doing what she can to right a wrong. It’s good drama. I’m so excited for this film. I want a Jurassic Park Cinematic Universe so bad! I want more novels and video games!

    1. What the heck are you talking about? It hasn’t been written out, the DPG site literally talks about the events that happened with it after the 2nd movie and before the 4th. They may bring it up in the movie by ether Ian Malcom bringing it up in court of his past experience on Sorna or and Claire and her group (at least the ones who are with saving the dinosaurs and taking them to safe haven) may want to transport the dinos they rescued to Site B. We may even see it again in the third JW film, you just got to be patient and not assume the worst when we haven’t seen the film yet. As for the games and books, we are getting The Evolution Of Claire book in May as well Jurassic World Evolution game in June and both of those do well I have no doubt that we’ll be getting more Jurassic Park/World Books and games in the future.

  8. I’ve said earlier also that the DPG aren’t doing the greatest job at world building. Too many things being glossed over. My big gripe is the fast, throwaway statement that claims Sorna is Dinosaur free… Finding that a hard pill to swallow.

    1. I agree, it shouldn’t be written out as a viable location. For now I’ll assume that Claire is planning to move the animals back to Site B before Lockwood’s team hijacks the operation and takes them to the mainland instead.

      1. I definitely think this is part of what happens. I wouldn’t be surprised if the people hired to help DPG are actually Lockwood’s henchman. We know the island rescue is the first half of the film before it heads to the mainland and some seriously dark and horror-like territory. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Isla Sorna.

    2. I agree, there were just too many dinosaurs on Sorna to just all of sudden been rounded up leaving the island completely empty. Unless they took enough animals to cause some sort negative impact to the ecosystem, that at least sounds more realistic then all of the dinos being captured and shipped to Nublar.

  9. Here’s the deal. As far as Claire knows, Isla Sorna is completely dinosaur free and abandoned…however, this is InGen and Masrani Global we are talking about. Who knows if everything she knows is complete truth. Let’s also not forget that InGen leased the entire archipelago. Who knows what could be brewing on the other islands.

    It makes most sense the plan was to move the rescued dinosaurs to one of the other islands. However, I don’t think that happens and something (most iikely Wu or Lockwood related) brings them back to the mainland.

  10. Maybe, It’s a bit of a long shot though, but maybe Jurassic World Evolution can shed some light on what could be going on the other 5 deaths and maybe info on Sorna’s current condition. We will be discovering lore and easter eggs as we progress through the games campaign mode, and with this being a movie tie in game and the events of this taking place a bit after the events of the 4th movie but sometime before the events of the 5th. We may discover somethings about what Ingen and Masrani Global had been up to.

  11. One thing I really like about this site is its willingness to be critical of the franchise, and not just accept every little detail with rose-colored glasses. I may not agree with every single point-of-view this site shares, but in a landscape where fans seem to accept every single thing and lash out at other fans who dare show any opposition, it’s refreshing and always welcome.

    As for the article, I agree with much of what Chris has to say regarding Claire. While I disliked most of the characters in Jurassic World, including Claire and Owen, I still saw a potential for growth in Claire that I didn’t see in the other characters. After all, Trevorrow said that Claire, above any other character, as well as her progression, would be one of the main focal points of this trilogy. But the released material doesn’t exemplify that.

    However, as Chris briefly mentioned, there is always the chance that this is intentional, and the actual film will have Claire called out for her inability to accept any responsibility. I think it would be quite interesting if her relationship with Owen ended due to this exact scenario, because she became an activist and leader without truly considering what it means to have dinosaurs on this planet and the intentions that went into resurrecting them. If this turns out to be the case, then excellent, but my biggest fear is that Trevorrow wrote this new entry as just another fun romp with minimal character layers, much like he did with the first of his trilogy.

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